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the reward 3 episode 3


From U.S Bah ❤ ✌🏽

Well, let’s all go there and see. Mr Owusu instructed.

I quickly carried the bags and took the lead. Daddy will slap the hell out Buba and a-ssan today. I thought.

Just when I entered the house with the bags, Buba and a-ssan run upstairs to hide in Buba’s room.
Mama was also seated in one of the couch’s with her legs crossed, sipping wine as she looked on.

Becky, what is happening here? Why this loud music? Mr Owusu asked in a bit of anger.

Come on here my son, she stood up and embraced her son instead of responding to Mr Owusu’s question.

Becky, I asked a question. Mr Owusu asked again angrily.

Calm down my husband, can’t you see my son’s arrival is the reason behind my merry making? She asked.

That is too much, don’t you think? You are disturbing the entire neighborhood. Mr Owusu responded.

Chill daddy, allow the old girl to have fun. She deserves it. Junior cut in.

Mama Becky lowered the music volume and came to hug his son in happiness again.

What are you still doing here Zach, ain’t you done with the bags? She asked angrily.

Who’s this nigga mum? Junior inquired.

Ask your father, he knows him better. Mama responded.

How can you be this mean Becky? What sort of answer is that? Mr Owusu responded in disappointment.

Yo! You guys should chill. This broke dude is not worth your quarrel.
Daddy, who’s he? Junior inquired.

He’s Zach, the guy I told you about some months back. He’s the security guard. Mr Owusu responded.

That reminds me, where is Buba? He added.

He’s upstairs taking a nap. Mama responded in lies.

Zach call him for me. Mr Owusu said.

I quickly climbed up and called Buba.

Eheh Junior, this is Buba, Zach’s brother.
Your mother seem to like him more than Zach and I’m yet to find out what her reasons are. Mr Owusu introduced.

Oh really? Wow! Junior said whiles staring at Buba from head to toe.

What do you mean by that my husband? What else is there to find out? Isn’t the writing so clear on the wall that Buba is [email protected] than Zach? I hate lazy boys like Zach. Mama fambled with words.

Like really mum? He’s more [email protected] yeah? I can see that.
Anyway, enough of this wretchs, I got to get some rest. Junior said and climbed up to his room unhappily.

Buba quickly entered the kitchen and started his fake services as a chef while I walked back to the gate.

I sat down quietly thinking through what had just transpired in the house.
Mr Owusu pa-ssed an innocent comment about Mama Becky and Buba but Junior seem to have taken it serious. That means Junior is extremely smart as his mother keeps saying.
And now that Buba is not ready to let go of Mama, it means Junior will by all means catch them.
Wow! This house is going to be on fire because Junior seem to be a no nons£nse guy. I thought happily.

Zach, why are you beaming with smiles? a-ssan disrupted my thoughts and asked.

Eeeiii lucky boy, are you still in this house? I thought you had jumped through the window. I teased.

I will never jump through the window when my brother is a potential owner of this house. He responded.

Well, I didn’t b!0w your cover because you are my mother’s keeper. Now that you’ve escaped unnoticed, kindly walk out of this house before the American dude comes out to murder your stupid self confidence. I teased.

Zach, you are just jealous. I a-ssure you, poverty is going to kill you with this primitive attitude of yours.
As for me, I don’t guard gates ooo, I guard se-xy bodies, and I get paid for it. He teased back and walked out.

I burst into laughter as I looked on.
Wow, look at that pathetic temporal guard who will soon dine with karma. I pity your pathetic soul. I soliloquised.


From U.S Bah ❤ ✌🏽

I pity your pathetic soul. I soliloquised.

The next morning, I was guarding the gate with the hope that, Ganja will return from his trip to help me out retrieve the recording from my phone.
Before I could think further, I heard someone knocking on the gate.

I opened, and it was Ganja.
Hey ma guy, longest time. I hear say you come look for me yestee. He said happily.

Thank God you are here Ganja, I need your help. I said.

Ganja please, I recorded a conversation and I want you to retrieve it for me. I stated and handed over the phone to him.

Minutes later, he handed the phone back to me.
Ma guy, you didn’t save the recording. It is not on the phone. He said.

Oh! You mean all my efforts are in vain? Whaaaat! I exclaimed in disappointment.

Ma guy wait a minute. Who are the people you recorded? He inquired.

Ganja, I will tell you some other time but not now. I said sadly.

Zach, you need to be careful. It is not easy to get evidence to back claims. It is a very dangerous thing, you can be killed for it. He cautioned.

Thanks Ganja. I will be careful next time but I must get this evidence or else, my future is at stake. I responded.

Alright ma guy. I wish you the best but let me know when you need help. He said.

Wait a minute Ganja, I want you to teach me how to do it. I said.

He took the phone and taught me all I needed to know about it.
I rehearsed it with him and indeed, I pa-ssed.
You are such a fast learner ma guy. Your smartness will take you far, I swear. Ganja complimented.

Thanks Ganja. God bless you.
Please you must get going before daddy comes out. I said.

Ganja left and I beamed with smiles over his help.
Should I involve Ganja? No! That will be a disgrace to Mr Owusu. That man is too good to suffer shame. I can’t drag his reputation into the mud. I thought.

Zach, who was at the gate? Mr Owusu asked from behind.

He was a begger daddy. I dashed him some coins before he walked away. I lied.

That’s good of you. You are really doing well at the gate.
Anyway, I’m waiting for Buba to come so that we go to the supermarket to get provisions, since he’s the chef of this house. Mr Owusu stated sarcastically.

Just then, Buba came out wearing his favourite shirt. He joined the car and Mr Owusu started the engine.

That reminds me Zach, I brought some shirts for you and your brother. Get inside and tell Mama to give them to you. Tell her they are in my traveling bag. He instructed and drove away.

I run into the house in ecstasy. New shirts? Wow!
Just before I got to the door, I overheard Junior and his mother engaged in hot argument.

Junior, please un-derstand me, it is not what you think. Buba and I have nothing going on between us. Mama convinced.

I don’t believe that mummy! Look at how he was staring at you seductively. I ain’t any kid, I know it when two people are sharing a bed. Junior responded angrily.

Junior, before you left this house, I promised to stay committed to you. And truly, I have. What else do you want me to do?
It is your father who brought those riff raffs into the house. I don’t have any business with them. Mama explained.

Mummy, I went to the States and I didn’t pick any girlfriend because of you. I can’t afford to share your pu-ssy with anybody. Not even daddy, I’m matured now, and I’m ready to hunt down any vagabond that tries sharing your pu-ssy with me.
I swear, daddy is my first target. Junior threatened.

Instantly, I fell down on the floor.
God! So Junior is also sleeping with his mother! Eeeeiiiiiii! I thought in tears.

Who’s behind the door? Who’s there? Zach! Zach! I heard Mama screaming.

I run back to the gate as quickly as possible.
Minutes later, I saw Mama Becky approaching me.
Zach, who entered the house? She asked.

Nobody Mama. I’ve been here since morning and no stranger has entered the house. I responded with confidence.

Are you sure? Are you very sure? She asked with all seriousness.

Trust me Mama. Daddy even said I should come for some shirts but I haven’t been there yet. I was waiting for him to return so that he will personally give them to me. I responded.

If you say so.
That reminds me Zach, I learnt you have a huge di-ck that can fulfill my purpose on earth, yet, you are refusing to allow me taste it. She shamelessly said.

Mama, did you say you learnt? From which school? I asked cheekily.

Zach, when are you going to include some decency in your utterances? How can you give me that cheeky answer?
Anyway, forget it. I only said it for fun. Chew Your Own di-ck ! Useless boy. She said and walked away.

God! That was close.
This house is gradually becoming scary. What at all does Mama Becky have, that her own son is dying for?
Now, Buba is willing to kill me for Mama Becky, and her son is willing to kill his father for her.
God, please protect me.
I need to do everything possible to protect Mr Owusu too. He has done enough for me and my family. I thought.

To be continued…

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