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the reward 2 episode 15


From U.S Bah ❤ ✌🏽

No bro, I will be calling with our land line. I lied to avoid @ssan from b!0wing up my cover to Buba.

That reminds me Zach, Buba came here few days ago and I must say he’s looking awesome.
I’ve always trusted Buba to make it big in life. And I will surely follow his footsteps to be like him. @ssan spoke boastfully.

Make sure whatever footsteps you are following is in the good direction, or else, you will be as good as dead. I advised.

I hear you Mr know it all. Thanks for your empty advice. I much appreciate it. He responded and walked out on me into Naana’s room again.

I bid Mama goodbye and left there.
What is happening to my brothers? So Buba has succeeded in influencing @ssan to sleep with someone’s wife.
Just because Mama Becky is paying him for the se-x services, @ssan has also decided to embark on the same evil action. I thought worriedly as I walked back home.

Welcome back Zach, how is your mother? Mr Owusu asked.

She’s doing very well daddy. She extends her greetings. She was so happy to have the phone and she extends her gratitude. I responded.

Days [email protected] and it was time for Junior’s arrival. Mr Owusu travelled to the city to bring him home from the airport.

In the evening, I decided to monitor Mama Becky and Buba to see what they were up to.

Buba tiptoed into Mama’s room while I stood in my room watching him from the window.
Minutes later, I walked out to spy on them.

I picked up my phone to see if I could record or video them.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t video them because they had covered the door hole.
I set the phone on record and stood there waiting.

Buba, unfortunately my son is coming and we need to be very careful. Mama cautioned.

Mama, are you saying we are not going to make love anymore? How can I cope without tasting your se-xy body? Buba asked seductively.

Mmmm Buba, you are even turning me on with this your voice.
I never said we are not going to make love, what I’m saying is that, my son is very smart unlike Mabel.
In a nutshell, I will be calling the shots. I will call you anytime I need you. She explained.

That is not fair Mama, that means when I’m horny, I can’t satisfy myself unless you are ready.
Now, I’ve gradually gotten Add!¢ted to the p®rnographic movies too. I have series of them on my phone now.
How then am I going to control my libido? Buba asked.

Buba, you worry too much. My son is smart like I said and he’s always hovering around me and his father. I don’t know how I can satisfy you when you need me. Please understand. She said.

Eheh, there is something you can do when you are horny, I will teach how to masturbate. Mum added.

Teach me now Mama, I can’t wait.
You’ve spoilt me to an extent that, I feel like making love to you everyday. He responded.

I could hear Mama Becky booting her laptop. Soon, they started watching one of their p®rnographic movies because I could hear the sound.

Mmmm Mama, this one is too much. Look at how the man is rubbing his di-ck . Buba exclaimed in excitement.

Yes Buba, that is what we call masturbation. Mama responded happily.

They watched it for a while and and they started making love.
I could hear Mama Becky moaning like crazy.
Aaaaahhh Buba, fu-ck me. fu-ck the hell out of me. Aaaaaaaahhhhh! Mmmmmmmmm! Don’t stop baby, fill me up.
I stood quietly behind the in anger recording them.
An hour later, they were done.

Wow Buba, this is a great one. Have you been taking aphrodisiacs lately? Mama asked happily.

Yes my horny se-xy Mama. Since this is what I can do to make you happy, why not? I’ve gotten some drugs that is helping me fu-ck your boredom. Buba responded.

Eheh Buba, that reminds me. Are you very sure Zach still knows nothing about us? Mama inquired.

He’s as stupid as hell. He doesn’t know anything. I’ve personally confronted him about us but he seem green about it. He was rather blinded by your daughter Mabel, he wanted to fu-ck her before she leaves for the States. Buba responded with confidence.

Really? I s£nsed it so I was not giving him space at all. Thank God Mabel is no more in this house and thank God Zach is also not having a phone to communicate with her. Mama responded.

Mama, the kind of penis Zach is possessing, if he had succeeded in penetrating your daughter, that would have been the end of her life. Buba teased.

Zach has a crazy Penis that my parents are even afraid of. It’s so huge and long. He added.

They both laughed over it.
Buba, keep monitoring his movements so that he won’t suspect us. Mama Becky said.

Don’t worry Mama, even if it takes me killing him to hide the truth, I will do it. The day he will find out about us, will be his last day on earth. Buba threatened.


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