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the heir and his heiress episode 9


(From a nobody to a Billionare)

⚡Chapter 9⚡

Unknown POV

I stared at Kathryn’s bare skin and licked my l!ps over and over again. She’s so beautiful that just staring at her nude pictures is getting me turned on.

Who could have done this? The person must be so powerful that he was able to upload Kathryn Eduardo’s picture on net.

Wait! I shouldn’t even think too far! The one and only person that is capable of doing this is no one else but Kevin Russell. Why didn’t I think of that?

He’s a big time [email protected] and se-x freak. There’s no day that [email protected] by without him having se-x and I sometimes wonder what ladies see in him.

I’m also very handsome but they still pick Kevin over me again and again. And now, he got to spend a night with the most popular model in America and even published her nude online.

He’s as heartless as they describe him to be. Not like I also care about anyone’s feelings but I feel he went too far and he isn’t even bothered about it.

Well, I guess it’s time to finally introduce myself. I’m Ronald Edward, leader of the second most powerful mafia gang with one of the most biggest cartels.

Kevin Russell has always been the number one even though I’ve tried my best to supersede him but he still ends up being at the top.

I know I’m going to be at the top soon because Mitchell has him wrapped around her f!ng£rs already. It was evident in his eyes that day. Besides, my men told me he was at a restaurant few minutes ago with Mitchell.

He will soon forget his duty as mafia lord and then, I will have the chance to step in. The first thing now is to get Kathryn in bed, she’ll be so sweet!

Mitchell’s POV

I took long deep breaths to calm myself with my hands on my chest as I sat still in the car. For goodness sake, Kevin is a [email protected] and I’m well aware of that so why am I having these strange feelings towards him?

If I hadn’t ran out of the restaurant just now, I will probably have said yes to his proposal. Why would a [email protected] ask me to be his girlfriend?

I looked at my side and saw him walking towards the parking lot. Oh no, this is bad! I instantly ignited my car and drove speedily out of the restaurant.

I spoke to an architect yesterday and we decided to meet today just before I leave for my training. I don’t even know if Kathryn will come to the company today.

Her nude pictures are still trending online so she probably won’t be able to step out of her house.

“Hello sir! Can we meet now?” I asked the architect on phone

“Yes ma’am! Where is the location?” he asked politely

“I’ll text it to you, come over as soon as possible” I said and hanged up

I texted the address to him and drove there slowly. Soon, I arrived there and waited for him to arrive while sipping a [email protected] of juice.

“I’m sorry for keeping you waiting ma’am, I had a lot of things to take care off” he apologized as soon as he got in

“It’s fine, I just got here few minutes ago” I said with a gentle smile

“You said you want to build a company right?” he asked while I nodded my head

“Okay. I brought some samples here with me so check it out and tell me which one you like best” he said stretching out a book to me

I took the book and opened it slowly as I went through the pictures of the buildings. Everyone of them were beautiful that I didn’t know which one to pick.

In the end, I settled for one of the largest buildings with many rooms.

“I love this one but I will love to add some things to it” I said showing him

“Sure! What do you want to add to it?” he asked

“Well, my office should be the biggest because I will put couches and some other things that’ll make me comfortable. Besides that, I will also need a room in that same office.

I might feel stressed and decide to take a nap so the room is important. Then, I want the cafeteria to be a bit bigger than what is here also. I also want you to add two more buildings inside that same compound making it look like an estate” I explained

“Ohh! You have a great taste, I wasn’t expecting this from a young lady” he complemented

“I’m flattered” I said with a small smile

“So, have you bought a land already?” he asked

“No, I haven’t! Can you help me check it out and inform me when you see any?”

“Okay! About how many plots of land are we talking about?”

“Plots? We should be talking about acres! You’re the architect so you should know how many acres of land I’ll be needing for such a huge building” I said with a shrug

“Okay, I will look into it for you” he @ssured


“I have to go now, I need to be in a meeting right now” he said standing up

“Alright, have a wonderful day” I said with a smile

Few minutes later, I also left the restaurant and got into my car. Along the way, I saw that same guy I came across the other day but he was looking kind of different today.

He wasn’t wearing poor clothes and his haircut was awesome. The slight changes made him look more handsome that I couldn’t help but fall for him.

I just wish there’s a way we can get to know each other and probably go into a relationship. I can’t possibly walk up to him and tell him I like him. It doesn’t make s£nse right? What am I supposed to do now?

I drove off after some minutes and just when I was about getting home, my phone started ringing. I parked my car and took out my phone to see it was Kevin calling.

“Mitchell?” he called immediately


“Sorry, I just wanted to be sure you were the one that answered the call. I’m really sorry about today, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable around me” he apologized

“It’s fine” I said simply

“But don’t I stand a chance with you? I know you see me as a [email protected] but I’ve fallen for you and I’m serious about it. I know you might not believe me but my heart flutters anytime I’m around you, will you please be my girlfriend?” he asked making me gulp nervously


“I know I don’t deserve a beautiful girl like you so I won’t rush it. I will give you some time to think about it. Two days is enough right?” he asked

“Kevin, I…”

“Alright then! I will ask you about it again after two days. Take care of yourself, I love you” he said and hanged up

Why is he making things difficult for me? It seems like I have feelings for him too but I can’t date a [email protected] His past will definitely have an effect on him and I’m not someone that wants problems.

I really don’t know what to do because I’ve never been in this kind of situation. I’m twenty two years old already so if I go into any relationship now, it might lead to marriage. I can’t make the wrong choice since it’s together forever.

Besides, I’m still a Virg-in. I don’t want to make the mistake of giving my Virg-inity to someone else, I want my first time to be with someone I love and cherish.

Gosh!! I’m going crazy already! I really shouldn’t be thinking about this. My answer to Kevin is no and that’s final!

Chris POV

The hospital Mr Williams asked me to meet him wasn’t far from my house so I just decided to go there on foot.

I arrived there within few minutes and met him waiting already.

“Good afternoon sir! Sorry for keeping you waiting” I apologized

“It’s fine, I just got here too” he said with a smile

“Is this the young man you’re talking about?” the doctor whom I didn’t notice asked

“Good afternoon sir” I quickly greeted him

“Yes, he’s the one I was referring to” Mr Williams answered

“Afternoon young man! What’s your name?” the doctor asked with a smile

“Chris Rodriguez sir!” I answered politely

“Rodriguez? It sounds familiar, where have I heard it before?” the doctor said placing his hand on his chin

“Yes! I remember! The Rodriguez were extremely rich but all of a sudden, we didn’t hear anything about them anymore. Every information about them was taken down from the net. No one knows why and no one dared to ask.

They were really nice people but they suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth. Are you one of those Rodriguez?” the doctor asked gesturing at me

“I….. don’t think so” I said confusedly

“Alright, let’s get down to business! I told you he kind of has a memory loss and it’s affecting him. Can you help us check what’s wrong with him?” Mr Williams asked

“Sure. Follow me!” he said to me and led the way

We soon arrived at a private ward and I was asked to lay on the bed. He carried out a test on me and was done in no time.

“The result of the test will be out soon, you can wait at the reception with Mr Williams” the doctor said smiling

“Thank you sir” I bowed my head and went to meet Mr Williams

“How was it?” he asked as soon as he saw me

“The doctor said the result of the test will be out soon, I have to wait” I explained shortly

“Ohh! Alright then, let’s wait!”

“Let’s wait? Shouldn’t you be at work now sir?” I asked turning to him

“I cancelled my appointment. You’re like a son to me so I want to be there for you like a father would. Just relax, I won’t ask for anything in return” he @ssured

I knew Mr Williams is a nice man but I wasn’t expecting him to be this considerate. I don’t know how my parents looked like but at least I have someone to call “dad” now. I will cherish this moment forever.

“Doctor Tom asked you to see him in his office” a nurse came to us after about forty-five minutes

We stood up and followed the nurse until she stopped at a particular door and gestured us to go in.

“Have your seat” doctor Tom said but his face was looking kind of gloomy, it wasn’t the smiling face I saw moments ago

“What’s the result of the test?” Mr Williams asked anxiously

“Well, you’ll have to brace yourselves for this news. This young man…. Chris here was injected with a very powerful drug when he was just five years old. The drug was to make him lose is memory but it was too dangerous for him.

Right now, we can only hope for a miracle when it comes to recovering his memory. He needs to stay in the environment where he grew up when he was between three to five years old” the doctor concluded

“But he doesn’t even know where he lived during that period” Mr Williams spoke up for me

“You will have to find that out, I don’t think that should be a problem for you. That’s the only thing that can help him for now. Don’t try to force the memories okay? The drug you were injected with is very dangerous so you can only wait patiently for your memories to come themselves” the doctor said referring to me

“Alright doctor, thank you” I said gently

“What’s that necklace you’re wearing?” the doctor asked pointing at my neck

“It has been on my neck ever since I was a child so I guess my parents gave it to me” I said clutching it tightly

“You can look into the necklace also, maybe you will find a clue or something” the doctor said to Mr Williams

“Alright, we will do exactly as you’ve told us. Thank you” they shook hands and we left the hospital

“I will come over in the evening so we can talk about this, I have an important meeting now” Mr Williams said to me

“Thanks sir, I’m grateful” I said with a small smile

I really don’t know what to think anymore. I have a phone now so maybe I should try searching for the Rodriguez doctor Tom was talking about when I get home.

I just feel so tired already because I never even imagined that someone would try to inject me. I was just a five-year old boy so what could I have done wrong?

I guess my life is more complicated than I thought.


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