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the heir and his heiress episode 15


(From a nobody to a Billionaire)

⚡Chapter 15⚡

I slowly alighted from the car like the great model I was and the air hit my face as soon as I was out.

I changed my style completely this time and I must say this hair color fits me perfectly. I didn’t just dye my hair and styled it, I also changed my mode of dressing and tried a new set of make up on.

When I looked at my face in the mirror this morning, I looked completely different and I was sure that people will almost not recognize me when they see me.

I looked at my right hand and I saw Crystal and Mitchell standing side by side as they stared at my new transformation in awe.

Their li-ps were slightly parted and I couldn’t help the sm-irk that curved up my li-ps. So this is what it feels like to become extremely beautiful?

I walked up to them with a mocking smile on my face and I stopped when I was few feets away from them.

“Why are both of you staring at me like that? You didn’t want me to return here anymore right?” I asked sm-irking

“What are you talking about? Why will we not want you to return? I think you’re mistaken” Mitchell spoke up

“Wow! Wonderful! So you think you can talk back at me because Crystal is now your mentor? You bitc-h, have you lost it? Do you have a death wish?” I asked yanking her hair so [email protected]

“We all know you are a bitc-h but do you have to show that to us all the time? You think she’s talking back at you because she answered your question?

For goodness sake, your nude pictures are all over the net and I honestly thought you would have changed even a little bit but I was wrong.

You’re still that same Kathryn that acts all bitc-hy and mighty and I hope you don’t regret your actions too late” she concluded and slapped my hands away as she took Mitchell with her and went in.

Tears gathered at the corner of my eyes but I swallowed it in. I shouldn’t be moved by a bitc-h like her because she has absolutely no idea of what I went through.

I wore my shades as I stepped into the company majestically. I already created a huge scandal that is going to turn the public’s eyes away from my nude pictures completely.

“Kathryn?” the manager called in shock as soon as I got into his office

“Surprised to see me?” I smi-rked and sat on a chair

“I…I just didn’t expect to see you anytime soon. Your nude pictures are trending so much and I don’t even know what to do” he stuttered

“Don’t worry! If I haven’t done anything, I won’t be here so you can be rest a-ssured. This is going to die down and I’ll be in the limelight once again” I said

“What did you do?” the manager asked suspiciously

“Just something simple that money can do. You don’t need to be suspicious, I didn’t do anything bad” I winked and left his office

Kevin Russell! I can imagine the look on your face now but I actually don’t care. I’ve just started with you and I’m going to make you go through twice the pain you put me through.

Kevin’s POV

I threw my phone against the wall after checking the video that was uploaded by an anonymous person. How the hell did they get to find out such information?

I managed to hide this from the public for years but now, the secret is known and I’m sure this is going to trend for a while.

Who the hell did this to me? It couldn’t have been my enemies in the Mafia group because I made sure to hide it carefully from them so they won’t be able to use it against me. Which other enemy do I have?

This is honestly making me go crazy to be sincere. Mitchell’s wedding is coming up tomorrow and this had to happen. Why am I so unfortunate?

Could it be that Mitchell uploaded the video in order to distract me after I threatened her? I mean, the video could have been leaked some other time but it had to be a day before her wedding.

Is it just a coincidence or is this her plan? Ever since I got involved with Mitchell, I’ve only got myself into trouble. She’s going to pay dearly for all this in bed.

I know you are curious to know what’s in the video, I’ll tell you about it.

There’s a secret about me which no one knows. When the media asked me about my family, I told them I was an orphan without relatives but that was a lie.

My Dad and sister are dead and that only happened because of my mom. Her greed cost my Dad and sister’s life and I’ve promised myself never to forgive her no matter what happens.

As soon as Dad died, I took over his companies and I left Mom alone. She was managing to live in our mansion for years but she had to live in the slums with the little amount of money she had left with her and that’s the last I heard about her.

How could someone even have found out about this? The person must have been making research about me for a long time to be able to find out this secret.

I can’t even go out now because the media is all over my mansion. Can’t those people find something important to do for once?

No matter what happens, I have to be at Mitchell’s wedding tomorrow to stop the wedding from taking place. I can’t let Mitchell get married to anyone else because she belongs to me.

Even if she wants to get married to anyone, I must have a taste of her first. I want her and I’ll surely get her.

Mitchell’s POV

It’s nighttime already and I’m so excited about tomorrow that I can’t even fall asleep. What will it be like after getting married to Chris?

What am I even saying? It’s a contract marriage and we’re not even allowed to kis-s unless there’s a need for it. Am I beginning to like Chris?

“Snap out of it Mitchell! Chris is only going to be here for six months after which you both will go your separate ways” my subconscious said to me

I need to get my mind off all this. That reminds me, I heard some people talking about Kevin today but I didn’t pay much attention.

I was too busy thinking about my wedding that I ignored everything else going on around me. I will just check online to see what exactly is happening.

What?!! Kevin’s mother lives in the slums? But how is that possible? He told the media that he’s an orphan and that he doesn’t has any relatives so how come his mother is alive and she lives in the slums?

Could there have been some sort of misun-derstanding? I mean, why would he let his mother live in such horrible place when he has billions of money? Isn’t this just stupid?

Kevin hasn’t said a word about it yet so I don’t know if it’s true or not. But if he’s keeping quiet about this, isn’t that supposed to mean it’s true?

So this is the kind of guy he is! He’s not just a ca-ssanova, he’s also an unfilial son. How could he do that to his birth mother?

This is the guy grandma wanted me to get married to? I’m glad Chris came into the picture and saved me from the hands of that monster.

I can only imagine what he will do to me if I ever get married to him. He could let his mother live in such disgusting place, how much more a stranger like me?

I shouldn’t even be stressing myself with this horrible thoughts. My wedding is just a few hours again so I need to have a good night sleep.

“Goodnight Mitchell” I said to myself and turned off the lights

*Next morning*

I woke up to the scent of so many beautiful things and I had to open my eyes instantly. The room was beautifully decorated and I could see the maids doing one thing or the other.

A smile curved on my li-ps when I realized I will be getting married today. The marriage will be fake, the papers will be fake. Every single thing about this marriage will be fake and it makes me sad.

Why am I feeling sad all of a sudden? I agreed to this from the start and besides, it’s the only way to get rid of Kevin. I shouldn’t develop feelings for anyone now, I might just get hurt in the end.

“Ma’am, it’s time to take your bath” a maid said bringing me out of my dream world

“Sure!” I mumbled and followed her

The milk bath was filled with rose petals and the scent filled the bathroom. As soon as I sat in the bathtub, I inhaled the beautiful scent with my eyes closed for a while before I started bathing.

After I was done bathing, the maids took me to a room where a stylist was waiting for my arrival. She immediately began her work as soon as I sat.

When I looked at the mirror after she was done, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I looked like an entirely different person and there’s no way people won’t mistake me for miss world.

I never knew make up was this good. I always like going out with my natural face or just a light make up so this is strange to me.

“Time isn’t on our side ma’am, we need to be fast” one of the maids said and soon started wearing my clothes for me

Within forty-five minutes, I was done wearing my clothes and shoes and I must admit that I look pretty and extremely different today.

I walked out of the room slowly until I got to the parking lot. The car door was opened for me already so I just got in and we drove to the church where we’ll take our wedding vows before going to the reception.

This wedding has to be an elaborate one because I’m the only child of my parents and also the youngest grandchild of my family.

I got down from the car and went to meet Mom and Dad since Dad will be the one to take me into the church.

“Wow! Is this really my daughter?” Dad exclaimed completely surprised

“If not for the wedding dress you are wearing, I definitely wouldn’t have recognized you so soon. Make up looks good on you, I think you should use it more often to win Chris heart. He’s a good man!” Mom winked at me

“Mom!” I whined covering my cheeks with my palm

“Oh my! And she’s blushing! Tell me, do you like Chris?” Mom asked curiously

“Dad, we need to leave now. The priest is going to call us in soon and we don’t want to keep them waiting right?” I asked turning to leave but Mom stopped me

“You can’t leave until you answer my question. Do you have feelings for Chris?” she asked seriously

“Mom, I….I don’t know what you’re talking about” I managed to stutter

“Of course you know what I’m talking about. You just blushed when I talked about him now. If you like him, we can make the papers original instead of a fake one” Mom suggested

“No Mom, please! Chris has a say in this too. You can’t just do things based on my feelings alone. The only reason why Chris did this in the first place is because he feels he owes Dad a lot for helping him.

I’m already grateful that he decided to sacrifice six months for me. I can’t be selfish and make him feel like he made a mistake helping me in the first place” I said

“So I was right? You really do have feelings for him. Well, it’s okay! If you guys can develop feelings for each other during this six months, then you can have a real wedding. For now, we’ll just proceed with the plan” Mom shrugged

“Let the bride come in!” I heard the priest say from the church and I instantly had goosebumps

“Shall we?” Dad asked smiling at me while I nodded my head gently

How [email protected] can it be? The wedding will be over very soon so I just need to be calm until then.


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