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the heir and his heiress episode 12


(From a nobody to a Billionaire)

⚡Chapter 12⚡

Mitchell’s POV

I paced around my room anxiously as I awaited the horn of a car. It’s time for dinner already but Dad isn’t here yet, I really don’t know what to do.

I heard a knock on the door and my heartbeat increa-sed rapidly.

“Who is there?” I asked nervously

“It’s me Young Miss. My Queen s£nds for you” the maid said

“Alright, I’ll be there in a jiffy” I said and took in a de-eper breath

Grandmother is the one she referred to as “My Queen”. She specifically told the maids to call her that.

I waited for about five minutes before opening the door and went downstairs. Everyone were seated around the table already and grandma stared ate scornfully.

“Why didn’t you come downstairs for dinner until I s£nt a maid to get you?” she asked

“She’s awaiting the arrival of her imaginary fiancee” John, her cousin mocked while the rest bursted into laughter

“Do you really have a fiancee?” Grandma asked sternly

“Of course! Dad went to bring him over!” I said frustratedly

“I don’t think so! I’ll call Kevin now and tell him to prepare for the wedding” she said and picked up her phone

Just as she was about dialing his number, we heard the horn of a car.

“That’s Dad and my fiancé!” I said happily with a giggle

I noticed the angry look on grandma’s face but I cared less. The most important thing is that Dad fulfilled his promise to me and that’s what matters.

The door opened and it was as if time stopped for a moment. A guy walked in and I figured out he was my fiancé.

He had dark shades on and was looking so hot in the clothes he wore. His hair was neatly cut and his face was sp-otless that I fell in love immediately.

The ladies in the room had their mouths agape while they stared at him as he walked forward. He looks hot but I don’t think he will be handsome. I mean, it’s [email protected] to find someone as handsome as Kevin anyway.

He slowly took off his shades when he got to us and greeted everyone politely. That was when the real gawping began!

Like what the hell?!! How can just one person be so handsome? Is he wearing a facial mask or what? He’s too handsome to exist in this world, but…….his face looks familiar. Where have I seen him before?

I thought [email protected] and then, it finally clic-ked. He was the poor looking guy I saw few days ago. Now this is unbelievable!

They say money can do everything but I never believed it until now. I know he looked handsome when I saw him but it’s nothing compared to his.

It’s as if he transformed to a different being entirely and so far, I haven’t seen a guy that will be a match for him.

“You are the son-in-law?” Grandma asked mockingly

“Yes ma’am” he answered politely

“Have dinner with us” she said after staring at him for a while

“How have you been baby?” he asked hugging me lightly

Right! I forgot to put on an act because I got lost in his handsome face. Thank goodness he saved the day!

“I missed you so much, why did you take this long to arrive?” I asked playing along

“There was traffic on the way so I had to come late, forgive me” he said and gently pulled away from the hug

“It’s fine, let’s eat first” I said walking to the table

We sat beside each other and I couldn’t help the bu-tterflies that danced in my tummy. He’s just too handsome for anyone to ignore.

I looked over at Hazel and saw her still gawping at Chris. Wow! Just wow! I cleared my throat and she turned to look at me.

I smi-rked at her mockingly while she rolled her eyes and focused on her meal. She has always looked down on me but now, I will put her in her place.

“So, what’s your name young man?” Grandma asked

“Chris Rodriguez ma’am” he answered

“Rodriguez? Is your family perhaps related to the Rodriguez we knew few years ago?” Grandpa asked

“No sir, I don’t think so!” Chris shrugged

“You don’t think so? So you don’t even know anything about your family?”Grandma scoffed

“Of course he knows his family! He might be related to the Rodriguez we knew and he might not be. It’s not a must he knows that” I chipped in

“Well, I wasn’t talking to you right?” Grandma asked

I rolled my eyes and picked up my spoon as I slowly started eating.

“What’s your occu-pation young man?” Grandma asked with a sweet smile

“I work online for now but my company is in progress, I’m building it already” Chris said exactly what Dad told me

“You’re just building it? And you want to get married already? Are you planning to use my daughter’s money to complete your company?” Grandma ranted while I rolled my eyes

“You’re getting it wrong ma’am! I never intended to get married this year. I wanted to wait until I’m done with my company but then, Mitchell told me you would marry her off to someone else and I can’t bear that.

I love her a lot and I don’t think I will be able to survive if she’s taken away from me. I had no choice but to do this, but I promise that I will never use Mitchell’s money in the completion of my company” he concluded and I couldn’t stop staring at him

For a moment, I thought our relationship was real with the way he spoke with so much emotions, but I realize he had to do that so grandma won’t suspect anything.

This is honestly making me go crazy. I never imagined that pauper I saw would be the one to save me from this huge mess. Money really isn’t the solution to every problems like Dad told me.

“Okay, let’s eat for now. We’ll continue our discussion later” grandma said

I got lost staring at Chris handsome face until his eyes met mine. I looked down in embarra-ssment and continued with my food until we were done with dinner.

“So Chris, you know you will be getting married to Mitchell by weekend right?” Grandma asked Chris

We were all seated in the seating room now and the TV was on.

“Yes ma’am” he answered politely

“When will your family be here to do the necessary things then?” she asked again

“I’m an orphan ma’am, I don’t have a family” Chris answered sadly

“You’re an orphan? An orphan wants to get married to my granddaughter? What the hell!!”

“Mom please! He’s an orphan doesn’t make him less human. What matters is the mutual feeling between he and Mitchell” Dad chipped in

“Fine then, it’s not like I have a say anyway. Young man, we’re done for today so you can leave. Make sure you prepare for the wedding before Saturday. Good day!” Grandma and grandpa stood up and went to their rooms while I heaved a sigh of relief

I’m so happy right now that I won’t be getting married to Kevin and it’s all thanks to Chris.

“We can’t talk here because it’s not safe. Let’s meet at this restaurant tomorrow” I stretched the paper to him with a smile and saw him off to the parking lot

I waved at him with a smile on my face until he drove out of the gate and when I turned around, I saw Hazel standing before me.

“What do you want?” I asked folding my hands

“Who is that guy and how much did you pay him to act as your fiance?” she asked

“How much did I pay him? You think I will just pay a random person to act as my fiance? We’re talking about the rest of my life here, do you think I’m as dumb as you are?” I asked trying to cover up

“We both know you never had a boyfriend not to talk of a fiancé so I’ll suggest you think twice before you carry on with your plan” she warned

“When you’re done ranting, you can come back in” I said and pushed her out of the way before walking to my room.

Why does that girl keep getting on my nerves everytime? She’s only a year older than I am, so is that enough reason to behave like a bitc-h? I’m going to put her in her place very soon.

Chris POV

I parked my car in the garage or the new house Mr Williams gave to me and went in quickly. The first thing I did was take a shower to calm myself after which I wore my nightwear.

Mitchell is the definition of beauty, what other word can I use in place of beauty? Gorgeous? I don’t know!

I was completely stunned when I saw her but I couldn’t stare at her for too long so her parents won’t suspect anything.

She doesn’t just have a beautiful face and great body, her voice is mesmerizing and hypnotic. If this wasn’t a plan, I probably would have kis-sed her pretty li-ps.

I’ve never wanted a girl so badly, Mitchell is the first. Even when I saw the top one model, Kathryn Eduardo, I never felt this way.

Mitchell has completely stolen my heart but sadly, our marriage is only on a contract basis so I can’t fall in love no matter what.

I have to get rid of all my feelings for her and focus on how I’ll be able to cope during this six months.

She asked us to meet at the cafeteria tomorrow and I guess it’s just for us to know more about each other. I will be able to stare at her as I want during the date but after that, I’d make sure I get rid of my feelings for her.

*Next morning*

I had the best sleep of my life last night and I’m guessing it’s because I met an angel yesterday. I literally slept like a baby.

I slowly got down from my bed and went into the bathroom to wash my teeth and take my bath. I still have about 2 hours before the date and it’s more than enough.

After taking my bath, I wore my clothes and styled my hair in another way making a part of it cover my face. Okay, this is the definition of looking “hot”.

Should I just change it? I’ll leave it like this so Mitchell will at least like me. I don’t want us to have any feelings attached during the period we’re going to be together but I want us to at least be friends.

Enough of the talking! I need to arrive at the restaurant before Mitchell and make her impressed. That’s the first step to becoming friends with her.

My stomach rumbled when I was almost at the door and I stopped for a while. I’m so hungry right now, I need to get to the restaurant quickly.

I got into my car and drove a bit fas-ter than usual and I arrived at the restaurant in no time. I still have thirty minutes until the agreed time so I’ll eat for fifteen minutes and clear the plates before Mitchell arrives.

As soon as I got into the restaurant, all eyes were on me and I had to bow my head in embarra-ssment. The ladies were shamelessly gawking at me while the guys stared at me with envy and hatred.

“What would you like to order sir?” a waiter came to me as soon as I sat down

She already pulled her gown up a little and was obviously trying to hit on me.

“Can I see the menu please?” I asked ignoring all her moves

“Sure!” she said with a smile and handed it over to me

I picked the dishes I wanted and they were served in no time. I ate the food hurriedly and asked them to clear the plates as soon as I was done.

I took out my phone and decided to pa-ss time with it. I was de-eperly engrossed in it until I heard “wows” and “ohhs” and I was for-ced to raise my head. Did the President come or what?

I turned towards the entrance where everyone’s gaze was and my mouth instantly dropped open. Did I say I was trying to make Mitchell like me? I think I’ve failed woefully.

My phone fell from my hands but I was to hypnotized to pick it up. This angel standing before me is definitely the most beautiful thing one can ever come across.

Each step she took made my heartbeat increa-sed rapidly that I didn’t even know when she was standing before me.

“Hey handsome!” she called out and I gulped down nothing

This is going to be [email protected]!


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