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the heir and his heiress episode 11


(From a nobody to a Billionaire)

⚡Chapter 11⚡

Mr Williams POV

I mentioned Chris name just now without thinking twice about what the outcome will be. Mom and Dad will never forget the name so there’s no way we can introduce someone else to them.

“Dad” Mitchell called snapping me out of my thoughts

“Uhhm! Yes?” I answered

“Who is Rodriguez? You haven’t answered my question” she whined

“Rodriguez is like a son to me. I met him on my way home a few times and he’s a very nice guy. He was the only one I could think of at that moment” I said apologetically

“Okay Dad, but how do we deal with grandma and grandpa?” she asked with a sigh

“I’m also confused to be honest. You know they will definitely remember the surname Rodriguez so we have to find someone with the name Rodriguez” I said thoughtfully

“We can’t just find a random person with the name Rodriguez. We’re talking about marriage here, it’s together forever and that’s why I can’t accept Kevin. He’s a [email protected] as you know” she said frustratedly

“How about this? You go on a contract marriage with anyone with the surname Rodriguez until Mom and Dad forgets the issue” I suggested

“A contract marriage? It means we won’t do anything together right?” she asked

“Of course! He only has to pretend to be your fiance pending the time Mom and Dad calm down” I explained

“Okay! It won’t be easy to find someone with the name Rodriguez, can’t we just ask that guy instead?” she asked referring to Chris

“No, I don’t want it to seem like I’m taking advantage of him because I helped him”

“Ohh… How do we find someone with that name then? You know tomorrow is the deadline” she sighed

“Don’t worry, I’ll find someone else” I @ssured her

“Okay Dad, I will also try to find someone” she said too

*Next day*

My men has been searching non-stop for anyone with the name Rodriguez but so far, they haven’t found anyone.

The Rodriguez were very powerful people when they were alive so it’s [email protected] to come across someone with the name.

I have just four hours left before the time Mom and Dad set for dinner and I haven’t gotten any clue yet. What am I supposed to do now?

The ringing of my phone jolted me out of my thoughts and when I checked the caller, it turned out to be Chris.

“Good afternoon sir” he greeted politely immediately I answered the call

“Afternoon! How are you doing?” I asked warmly

“I’m doing fine but you sir….. You’re sounding somehow, I hope all is well?” he asked concerned

“I guess so” I said sighing softly

“Now I’m sure something is definitely wrong, is there anyway I can be of help sir?”

“Not really, I’ll sort it out” I said

“Can I know what exactly is wrong sir? I will meet you wherever you are, please text me the address sir” he said and hanged up before I could say anything

Why is he making things difficult for me? I’m trying so [email protected] not to involve him in this case because I don’t want it to seem like I’m asking for something in return of what I did for him.

I texted him the address to a restaurant nearby and waited for him to show up.

Few minutes later, he came into the restaurant and I couldn’t help but notice how ladies gawped at him. I can’t blame them though.

Chris has transformed to a different person entirely after that day at the mall. Poverty is truly the worst thing that can befall anyone.

“Good afternoon sir!” he greeted politely before sitting

“Afternoon Chris! You didn’t go to work today?” I asked him

“I went, but I had to leave due to the way you sounded. Can you now tell me what’s wrong sir?” he asked politely

Honestly, this is the kind of son-in-law I want but I can’t take advantage of Chris. He’s a really good guy and he at least deserves to choose whatever he wants.

“My parents have always been in control of everything. They’re old now but they still won’t give up. When my daughter wanted to go to the university, her dream was to become a model but my parents told her to study business instead.

She had no choice but to obey their will unless she wants to be disowned. Few days ago, she became a trainee for a modelling company and my parents managed to find out.

They were furious and decided to marry her off right away but I pleaded with them. I told them she had a fiance and when they asked for his family name, your name was the only one I could think of.

Now, I have to find a guy with the name Rodriguez so he can go into a contract marriage with my daughter for about six months” I concluded and waited for his reaction

Chris POV

I stared at Mr Williams in disbelief after he told me his story. What the hell? So, even rich families have problems?

“It’s not going to be easy to find a person with the name Rodriguez. You have until when?” I asked him

“I have about three hours and few minutes left” he said sadly

“If I don’t find someone before then, my daughter will be married of to Kevin Russell and I don’t want that. Kevin is a [email protected] so he’s definitely not the best for Mitchell” he added

“This is serious! It’s just for six months right?” I asked again

“Yes” he answered abs£ntmindedly

“I will do it” I said and he instantly snapped his head up


“I said I will do it. I will go into a contract marriage with your daughter for six months” I repeated

“No! You can’t do that! I only told you about this because you were being stubborn, I can’t take advantage of you” he said and looked away

“Do you have a better idea?” I asked folding my hands

“How about I find just anyone and tell him to use Rodriguez as his family name for those six months?” he asked happily

“It won’t work. Your parents will definitely carry out a background check on whoever you introduce to them and once they find out you lied, Mitchell will be married to Kevin right away” I said thoughtfully

“That’s true! But I still can’t take advantage of you, I can’t do it” he shook his head

“You’re not taking advantage of me. This is the least I can do to repay your kindness towards me”

“Chris….” he called slowly

“Please let me, okay? I’ll take that as a yes” I said smiling lightly

“I really don’t know how to thank you Chris, you’re one in a million” he said close to tears

“Men who shed tears are considered to be weak” I said teasingly

“It doesn’t matter, I’m just so happy right now. Let me call my daughter” he said happily and dialed her number

“Mitchell, guess what?” he said excitedly as soon as she answered the call

“You found a man with the name Rodriguez?” she asked

“Not really! The Rodriguez I told you about offered to help me out so we’ll be home soon” he said

“Really? I thought you said you didn’t want it to seem like you’re taking advantage of him?” she asked confusedly

“Yes, and I didn’t. He insisted on helping me and I have no choice. We couldn’t find anyone with that name and we have just few hours left”

“Ohh…. okay! But we haven’t met before and you know grandma and grandpa. They will definitely ask me questions about him, how do I deal with that?” she asked helplessly

“It’s part of the reasons why I called you. Chris works as a waiter in a restaurant but we can’t tell them that. We will tell them he has started the construction of his company already.

If they ask you how he manages to survive, tell them his parents left some properties for him and he also does some work online.

You’ll say you guys have been together for over six months now. Chris will answer any other question they ask you” Mr Williams concluded

“Alright Dad, thanks! But….I hope this guy is at least handsome?” she asked lowering her voice

“He’s more than handsome, you’ll be shocked when you see him. Bye!” he said and ended the call

“Your daughter has a beautiful voice, I can bet she’s extremely pretty” I said smiling lightly

“Yeah, she is. I won’t show you her picture now so I don’t ruin the surprise. Let’s get you dressed up!” he said and stood up

We both went to a spa where I was taken care of and I looked more handsome than before. Mr Williams got me new clothes and a shade which made me look really cool.

“Can you drive a car?” he asked

“Yes sir, I can”

“Wow! That’s great! Take this, it’s yours from now on” he stretched a car key to me

“I’m sorry sir but can’t accept this” I refused immediately

“You’ve offered to help my daughter already, do you want to back out now?” he asked sadly

“It’s not that sir! I’m going to fulfill my promise but I can’t take this. You’ve done a lot for me already so accepting this won’t be right” I insisted

“If my parents discover you’re a pauper, they won’t let you be with Mitchell for even a second. Please just accept this okay? I promise not to do any other thing apart from this” he said pleadingly

“Okay then. You’ve made a promise and you can’t go back on your word” I said

He nodded his head reluctantly and gave me the car keys before leaving.

My life has taken a drastic turn during the short period of time I met Mr Williams. I don’t know if I should be happy or sad.

Kevin’s POV

I sat down in my mansion dejectedly as I stared at nothing in particular. Ever since Mitchell and I parted ways that day, I haven’t been myself.

I see her everywhere I go and I can’t stop thinking about her. I don’t know if I’ve fallen in love with her, if I’m obsessed with her or lvsting after her.

What matters most is that I want to have her in my bed, even if it’s just once. I want to feel her body against mine and I want to get rid of this urge I’m having for her?

“What if she’s a Virg-in?” my subconscious asked

No! There’s no way she could be a Virg-in. She’s pretty and she’s no longer a teenager, so why would she be a Virg-in?

I was still battling with my thoughts when I heard my phone ring. That must be Mitchell!

I hurriedly took my phone but I was disappointed when I saw it was an unsaved contact. Who could this be? I slowly placed the phone against my ear waiting for the person to speak up.

“Good afternoon! Am I speaking with Kevin Russell?” came the female voice

It was obviously the voice of an old woman but how did she get my contact and who is she?

“Yes ma’am! May I ask whom I’m speaking with?” I asked politely

“Have you ever heard the name Mitchell?” she asked

“Yes ma’am” I answered with a sigh

What exactly is she driving at? I’m going to delete this contact once I drop the call.

“Good! I’m her grandmother and I want to discuss something with you. Mitchell has been given me problems lately so I want to marry her off to you.

She claims to have a fiance but I know it’s a lie, she’s only looking for a way to avoid getting married. Please prepare for your wedding with her by weekend, I will give you anything at all to make you accept her” she concluded

OMFG!! This is huge! I hope I didn’t sound rude to her right? Right!

“There’s no need for that ma’am! Even if the wedding is to take place tomorrow, I’ll be fully prepared for it” I said with a smile

“Thank you so much son, hoping to see more of you” she said and ended the call

Yes!! Victory at last! I can’t believe I’m going to get married to Mitchell. Isn’t this wonderful? I should get prepared!


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