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the heir and his heiress episode 10


(From a nobody to a Billionaire)

⚡Chapter 10⚡

Kathryn’s POV

I picked up my car keys and got into my car driving straight to the hospital to meet the doctor who asked to see me.

I’m going to make Kevin pay for what he has done but first, I need to get myself treated.

I arrived at the hospital in no time and was attended to by the doctor.

“You can rest here for a few minutes, the result of the test will be out soon” the doctor said politely while I only nodded my head

After waiting for a few minutes like the doctor said, the result of the tests arrived. For some reasons which I don’t know, I had a bad feeling about opening the test right away.

“Can I take the test home and check it at my leisure time?” I asked the doctor

“Yes, you can. If you feel pains anywhere, you are always welcome to come here” he said with a gentle smile

“Thank you doctor” I said and stood up to leave

“Ma’am Kathryn” the doctor called just when I was about turning the doorknob

“After checking the result of that test, you might need to see a therapist, I will advise you not to force it. It’s fine if you think you won’t be needing a therapist but I think you should get one” he advised

“Thanks” I said with a faux smile and left the ward

I might need to see a therapist? For what reason? Does this mean the result of the test is going to break me? Oh my goodness!

What am I supposed to do now? I need to check the result so I can know what’s up with me but I’m really scared after what the doctor said. I will check the result of the test next week.

During this one week I have left, I will leave a carefree life and be happy for a while at least.

“Hello! I need twenty able bodyguards in my mansion right away” I said into the phone

“On it ma’am” the person replied from the other end and I ended the call

I need bodyguards from now on to protect myself from harm. If I had bodyguards, Kevin wouldn’t have been able to kidnap me and I wouldn’t have gotten used like a nobody.

I wiped the tears off my face and decided to focus on driving. The deed has been done already and there’s nothing I can do about it.

I think I will need to see a therapist for just this one reason alone, it’ll be [email protected] to get over such a cruel experience.

Kevin’s POV

Today is the day Mitchell will be giving me her response concerning my proposal and I’m so nervous. My heart has never beaten for any girl this much, Mitchell is the first and I hope she doesn’t reject me.

After wearing my clothes, I got into my car and drove to the restaurant we agreed to meet. When I arrived, she wasn’t there yet so I decided to wait patiently for her.

Few minutes later, she came into the restaurant in all her glory. She looked so beautiful that every guy in the restaurant couldn’t take their eyes off her.

They shouldn’t be staring at what belongs to me, I might just make them go blind so they won’t be able to look on.

“Good afternoon! I’m sorry for making you wait, I have a lot of things to deal with” she apologized as soon as she sat down

“It’s fine, you don’t need to apologize. I also arrived here not too long ago” I said with a warm smile

“Thank you” she mumbled

“What would you like to order? Here is the menu” I said and handed it to her

She settled for a light food and I also did the same after which we started eating in earnest.

“So, have you thought about it?” I asked in the midst of eating

“Yes” she shrugged

“Okay? So…. what’s your answer?” I asked nervously

“Uhhm! I’m sorry to say this, but I’m not interested in a relationship right now” she said gently with her head bowed

She’s not interested in a relationship right now? Really? I slowly dropped the spoon I was holding and raised my head to stare at her.

“What did you say?” I asked hoping I was wrong

“I’m really sorry Kevin. I know you really do like me but I’m sorry. I have a lot of work to do right now so going into a relationship is a no for me. I’m sorry” she apologized

“Alright” I said simply and stood up

After paying for our food, I headed to the parking lot without saying a word to her. Just when I was about igniting the car, she came over and I sighed deeply

“I swear Kevin, I’m so sorry. We can still be friends, it won’t change anything” she said hopefully

I gave her one long stare and finally drove out of the restaurant still without saying anything to her.

She’s not interested in a relationship at this age? Does she think she’s getting younger? I checked her biography and so far, no one has ever claimed to be her boyfriend.

The first thing I did when I got home was took a cool shower to calm my nerves. I know I can’t do what I did to Kathryn to Michell because they are two different people.

Kathryn lives a carefree life and doesn’t move around with guards even though her family is currently the richest in America but Mitchell is the complete opposite of her.

She doesn’t live a carefree life because her movement is being limited and controlled. Besides that, her able bodied guards are always around her secretly and that’s the major reason why I can’t do anything to her.

It doesn’t even matter though because I’m a Mafia Lord and I can definitely get what I want.

Why is Mitchell making me go through so much difficulty? I really don’t know why she would say no to me.

I’m handsome right? I checked the mirror before me and saw my face still looked young and captivating. Why isn’t Mitchell moved then?

Oh Mitchell Campbell! What have you done to me that I can’t think of anything or anyone else but you?

Mitchell’s POV

I breathed out in relief as soon as Kevin’s car left the restaurant. That was easier than I thought. Kevin is mad at me now but I’m sure he will come around sooner or later.

I got into my car and drove home slowly. On the way, I thought about Kathryn and my new trainer, Crystal Allan.

She’s different from Kathryn in many ways. She’s very nice and humble too unlike Kathryn who is so arrogant. But besides that, I’m also worried about Kathryn.

I haven’t seen her for a few days now and the manager also wasn’t able to get through to her. He even s£nt people to her mansion but there was still nothing.

Although she was very rude and mean to me, it still doesn’t change the fact that she was once my role model. I just hope she’s fine wherever she is especially now that her nude pictures were released online.

I soon arrived home and I sighed frustratedly knowing I will have to face my grandparents again especially my grandma.

“Good afternoon” I mumbled a greeting and walked past them but my grandma called me back as usual

Rolling my eyes, I walked back and stood in front of them waiting patiently for whatever it is they have to say.

“Where are you coming from?” Grandma asked

“I went to see a friend” I said plainly

“Really? You went to see a friend or you went for your training?” Grandpa asked with a smirk

What the hell? How did they find out about my training? Goodness! This is bad! I haven’t even gone there today but they managed to find out.

I looked at my left and saw John, the only son of my grandparents eldest child. He had a victorious smirk on his face and I knew instantly that he told my grandparents about this.

How dare he? I will definitely make him pay for doing this to me!

“Cat got your tongue?” Grandma asked mockingly

“You know I’ve always loved modeling, please just let me do what I love” I said pleadingly even though I knew it wouldn’t work

They are the most wicked people I’ve ever come across in this world and sometimes, I doubt if they even have a heart.

“What you love? I clearly warned you not to go into modelling but you refused. You want to ruin our image right?” Grandpa asked angrily

“It really isn’t like…..” I tried to say but grandma cut me off

“You want to become a model and start sleeping around right? Well, you are free to become a model but just have this at the back of your mind. You will be getting married in a few days and it’s to no other person but Kevin Russell” Grandma said shocking the hell out of me

“What?!!” I asked taken aback

“What did you just say?” Dad asked coming inside the house, seems he just arrived

“You both heard me right. She will be getting married to Kevin in a week, I will talk to him about it tomorrow”

“What are you saying? This is marriage we are talking about and it’s together forever. How can you choose someone for her without even asking for her opinion?” Dad asked and tears rolled down my cheeks

“She never asked about our opinion when she went into modelling, did she?” Grandma asked

“If she had asked you, would you have let her go into it?” Dad asked

“Of course not!” Grandma scoffed

“She will get married to whoever she wants to, please don’t force marriage on her” Dad pleaded

“Are you trying to go against my order?” Grandma asked sternly

“No, but she has a fiance already. I planned to introduce him to you in two days time but you brought this up” Dad said and I snapped my eyes to him

A fiance? What is he talking about? I don’t even have a boyfriend so which fiance…?

“Wow! She has a fiance? Then bring him over for dinner tomorrow. After dinner tomorrow, they will get married by weekend” Grandma said with a huge smile

“Married by weekend?” Dad stuttered

“Yes! He’s already her fiance so there’s no need to delay the marriage anymore. I don’t want her to sleep around just because she’s a model” she said still smiling

“Okay, we will do just that” Dad said and turned to leave but he was stopped

“Which family does he belong to?” Grandpa asked this time

“Family?” Dad asked nervously

“Well, he’s not from a rich family like ours. His parents were a little bit rich when they were alive so they left some properties for him. He’s trying to build his own company now” Dad lied

Wow! I never knew my Dad was a great liar, how is he able to lie smoothly like this?

“What’s his family name?” Grandpa asked again

“Uhhm! It’s….. Rodriguez” Dad said after a while

“It’s a nice name. Besides, that family was once the richest family in America. I don’t know if it’s the same Rodriguez though” Grandma said

“We will take our leave now” Dad said and pulled me up the stairs with him untill we got to my room

“Dad?” I called out after a few minutes of silence

“Y….yes?” he said with a startle

“What was that about?” I asked folding my hands

“Believe me, I didn’t want to do that but I had no choice! I can’t watch you get married to that [email protected] How can I watch my only daughter’s life get ruined?” he asked sadly

“I understand you Dad, you are doing all this for me and I really appreciate it. By the way, who is this Rodriguez?” I asked curiously and Dad became extremely quiet

Why is he so quiet? He couldn’t have just formed the name in his head, could he?


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