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sin episode 1





The greatest sin was said to be pride, lvst, envy, murder and sloth but have anyone ever thought of greed? The sin that makes one to be obsessed over one’s possession?

Mammon was an angel, thrown from heaven alongside Lucifer, an angel that shoulder the sin of greed, an angel who roam round the earth, refer to as the demon of greed, a selfish being.

He is rumored to have long white shiny hair, blue eyes that occasionally changes to red, it is said that his smiles could bring women to their knees, a glance from him can make people bow and praise him.

Known to have two wives and twenty concubines, a country which lives in peace but all these are just rumors, if only people learn the truth and know the real Mammon.

The Mammon who rejoice in bloodshed, who love to listen to the screams of his offenders, who smiles at danger and welcome destruction.

His fake smiles and fake laughter has been what he use to fool the people around him, deceiving the eyes of humans who try to look further.

And Just like destruction she came into his life, dark hair, dark eyes, average height…..surely no one will see anything especial in this concubine but as time files by, flowers bloom, stars got brighter, smiles and laughter become real and their love also bloom.

Once again destruction came, her happiness he desire but his sin has blinded his eyes.





A huge hall filled with one Lord, a huge sculpture of a demon, five council members, a ruler and his wife begging, a child brought forth to be used as an alliance means.

Mammon watch them carefully, their pleading eyes, knees on the floor, heads bowed, gently his eyes moved to the little girl brought to him, her eyes roaming round his palace, her hair dark and long, eyes black just like fine wool.

My eyes watch her carefully, how her nose move trying to get a specific scent, her hands playing with her hair, this continue for two more minutes before our eyes meet, I frowned upon that.

She should be bowing her head, not looking at me but then human children are always foolish ” to what do I owe this unpleasant visit ”

” My Lord ”

” Surely you do not think that begging will stop this war, do you?”

He lifted his head ” of course not my Lord ” I watched how he tremble in fear ” I have come with an offering, hoping you will accept it and take the small country un-der your wings ”

” Speak on ”

” this is my daughter, she can be your concubine ” after those words the whole throne room became quiet, few minutes pa-ssed before my councils burst into laughter, anyone could think we were listening to a comedian in here.

My gaze travel back to the child ” you bring a child to me” I mumble, she smile not knowing what her parents are planning.

” How insulting ” baron my personal advisor groa-n ” he expects you to bed a child!”

” My Lord” he fall to the floor ” this is my only child ”

” Nons£nse ” Asodeus groa-n, one of the council member ” you are known to have two daughters, your first child currently seventeen and……” Lifting my hand I stop him from speaking further.

” You have committed two offense” I stand to my feet, a smile still place on my face ” first was to bring a child to me, trying to belittle me and secondly was to lie to me ” I walk towards his direction ” I can see you find your first child precious compare to this and for that I will punish her in your very eyes then take this child into my care ”

” Forgive me milord, I have committed a great sin ”

” No milord ” for the first time, the woman open her mouth and lift her head ” kill me instead, do not touch my child ” before I could mutter more, the door open once more, two guards dragging the girl to my direction.

Surprise were registered on their face ” surely you do not think I had no idea of your plan” smiling at the man, I stare at the daughter, her hair blond just like the sun, eyes blue as the ocean.

Compare to this child, she must have been the pride of the family, a beauty to stare at ” I see ” turning back, I move to my throne, have a seat and exhale ” the war will stop, this child will grow to be my concubine” I smile then look at the elder daughter ” move forward ”

She did exactly what I told her, her gaze burning into mine “I will use you to teach parents a lesson”

” My Lord….” She start speaking but I shake my head, shutting her up, my gaze move to baron, he nod and hand the bottle of acid to me, before she could react to anything I pour it right on her face.

The silent room became a delight, I watch her parents scream but the child doesn’t look bothered, she just rise to her feet and watch all the drama unfold in her very eyes.

Little lily watch uncle and aunty cry over wicked jasmine but what intrigued lily most was the drawing on the palace walls, the horns and wings of the demon look pretty real.

She knew that the reason of her being here is to be this man concubine and that is something any normal girl will reject but I rather live here with this king than to return ” how old are you little one ” his voice husky as he asked, his smiles seem fake but perfected.

” Twelve my Lord ” I bow down just like aunty taught me res£ntly to do.

“Do you know why you’re here ”

” Yes milord ” I nod then look at him, just like I heard girls of jasmine age gossip about the king, those words were true, his hair is white and shiny with blue sparkly eyes ” to be your concubine my Lord ”

My gaze move to uncle and aunty who hold jasmine in their arms, crying bitterly ” do you wish to return to your family or service my bed ”

They stare at me, from the look in their eyes I know fully well they want me to service his bed, I may still be little but no fool ” yes milord, I choose to stay here ”

” I see ” Lord Mammon mumble ” discard this people, the meeting is over ” I watch him stand up, looking so tall, he walk towards my direction and I try hiding my fear ” you will grow to service me in bed little one ” he look at me with one of those smiles of his, slowly the throne room become empty, leaving me and him alone.

Rumors always said the king is kind and respectful to those who he seem worthy, I hope he doesn’t kill me in the near future” yes milord ” I force the words out of my l!ps, trying to stop the wrong ones from Bursting out ” I promise not to disappoint ” once again he gave one of his fake laughs.

” What do a child know about se-x ”

” I can learn milord ” I mumble smiling ” you can teach me and then when am all grown up, I will do as you taught ” I watch how the Lord bend to my level, his face incredibly close to mine, I could feel his breath on my face and to be sincere it’s itching and suffocating.

Too close but then I can’t push him away, I mean he is a king.

” You want me to teach you the act of love making ”

I nod ” yes milord, am a fast learner” Lord Mammon remain quiet his eyes watching mine carefully, I remain still with a fake smile, I watch him lift his hand and touch my cheek, those f!ng£rs move to my nose, l!ps and then he run them through my hair.

He title his head to his left, gave me a long stare, freaking me out before he finally stand to his feet and mumble ” Eyesore ” that was his last word before leaving me alone in the throne room, even a little girl like me knows that it means ugly.


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