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love over blood 2 episode 9

©Sir Zach


He left the hospital in an instant. Ethan is supposed to meet a client from Europe when Larry showed him the live news. Aisha was surrounded by the reporters asking a lot of questions. What the hell?! He cursed.

So Ethan ordered Larry to head directly to the hospital as soon as possible. He was planning to take the spotlight instead of Aisha being on air. As far as Ethan knows, Aisha still have a lot of enemies everywhere. Once they learn about her or Stacy, their enemies will definitely find ways to target them. he can’t compromise their safety.

He was supposed to warn Aisha but things turned out differently. In fact, their relationship ended. It hurts Ethan and he knew that Aisha felt the same way. But then, guess it’s better that way so he could protect both the sisters from the upcoming harm.

He left the hospital with a heavy heart. But he made sure to instruct the hospital personnel to banned reporters moving forward.

“Larry, are you sure that you saw those people around her lately?” he asked as soon as he entered the car.

“Yes, they were prowling around and had been following Miss Aisha the other day.” Larry responded.

Ethan was in profound thought for a while. Then after a few minutes, he called Shawn.

“Where are you right now?”

“I’m at the base sir. Is something wrong?” Shawn replied.

“Ehm.” His tone was serious. “Shawn, I have an a-ssignment for you.”

“What is it?”

“Please watch over Aisha starting today. but don’t let her see you. follow her wherever she goes.” Shawn can s£nse the gravity of the situation through his voice so he didn’t hesitate to agree.

“Okay, I’ll be there in a minute.” He answered then he hung up.

Ethan sighed. Even if they broke up, the love is still there. he still cares about Aisha and he will always do. For now, he needs to protect the woman he loves silently. He doesn’t want to tell her about those goons because he wants her to spend her time with Stacy for now.

He’ll tell her once everything was neutralized for her and Stacy’s sake.

One more thing, he also got some reports that someone was trying to acquire his company and now he was on the verge of winning the boards of trustees. Although it was just a rumors but Ethan can let his guard down. The company is on his name, however, if he lost the golden egg or if someone got their hands on it, the company will definitely be snatch out of his hands instantly. He needs to protect that.

The Golden Egg. The rule is, whoever has it, owns everything and controls almost anything. The owner is above anyone in the business world. He is untouchable. Whether the people like it or not, everyone must kneel before the person who has it and almost a lot of people had been eyeing it for centuries now. And everyone knew that the golden egg was in the possession of Master Omni, but some believed that he already pa-ssed it down to his grandson—Ethan Saphiro Williams.

Ethan must protect the company at all cost. His parents died protecting it so he must do his fair share. He can’t let anyone steal his parent’s sacrifices.

Meanwhile, Aisha opened the door to Stacy’s room and entered with a smile on her face. To her surprise, the people suddenly looked at her intently. they look like hungry tigers waiting for a prey..

“Dad? Uncle Archie?” she was startled. “What are you doing here?” she fakes a smile.

“Aisha, we saw the news. It’s all over the internet now.” Johnny spoke with worry.

“Ahh, that…” she waved her hands as if nothing is wrong. “That will pa-ss sooner or later.” She smiled. then she went near the gla-ssy window and looked at Stacy.

“Did you talk to Sherry about it?” Rio suddenly asked. He went to stand beside her.

“I didn’t have a chance to talk to her.” she lied, then her mind drifted to what Silver had said.


“Do you really want to save your sister?” Silver smi-rked. “I can tell Sherry to do so but I have one condition before that.”

“You’re evil!” Aisha yelped. “Stacy treated you well and even adheres to your order of marrying Ethan. Don’t you care about her at all?” she was aggravated.

“She is merely a tool for all my plans. She owes me her life so I am just collecting the interest.” He chuckled.

“You!” Aisha was itching to strangle the man but she controlled her urge.

“Aisha, if you really want to save your sister, you must do what I told you to.” he continued.

“What is it?”

“I want the golden egg.” he leered.

“Are you kidding me? golden egg? I wish I could lay some.” she chuckled mockingly.

“You think I am joking?” he smi-rked. “The golden egg was a symbolical item in the business world. If you have it, you’re a king. Everyone believes that the old man, Omni, is safekeeping it but I think he already handed it to Ethan.” He faced the woman who was in daze. Guess she already knew what Silver is up to.

“You want to have it.” Aisha looked at him with contempt.

“Yes. that’s right. I want you to hand it to me. as soon as I have it in my hand, I will s£nd Sherry to you.”

“Huh!” she scoffed. “What made you think that I will do that?”

Then Silver looked at her with a meaningful gaze.

“Miss Mikasa, I know who you really are. Aren’t you Rio’s adopted daughter?” he whispered in her ear. She je-rked.

“You!” her eyes widened.

“I believe that you are not just a simple woman. you were highly trained by that mafia man. And I believe you can do more than what I am asking.” He laughed hilariously.

“In this world, you can only choose one, Love or Blood?” Silver’s laughed echoed in the house as he strides towards the staircase.

Rio saw that she spaced out so he tou-ched her shoulder.

“Are you okay?” he was worried. Aisha looked at him and then smiled.

“Ehm, I am okay.” she responded.

Rio knew something is wrong. he knew this woman very well. he knew if she’s hiding something and he definitely knew if she is lying. He didn’t raised her carelessly. He raised her as if she was his own.

“Something happened at Silver’s house, isn’t it?” Rio suddenly spoke out of nowhere. Aisha was startled but she kept her composure.

“N-nothing…” she faked a smile. “Why do you say so?”

“Aisha, I didn’t raise you blindly.”

Then Aisha lowered her head in frustration then she heaved a heavy sigh.

“Dad, have you ever seen the golden egg? what does it look like?”

Rio suddenly shuddered. How did she even know about that? only people who has gone to the un-derworld knew about that thing. He raised his brow. “Aisha, how did you know about the golden egg?” he asked in perplexity.

Meanwhile, Caleb didn’t have a choice but to tell Lisa everything about Elise and Sahaya. He didn’t leave any information but disclosed everything, even Elise’s sickness. There’s no point in hiding things now. he won’t even blame her if she decided to leave him because of what he did.

“I’m very sorry for not telling you about them. It’s just that, I don’t know how to explain everything.” Caleb informed her.

Lisa was rendered speechless. She really doesn’t know how to respond. she just received a full b!0w for the day and her mind was still processing everything.

“Caleb give me time to process the whole thing.” Lisa faintly responded. “I need to go home.” Lisa stood up and she was about to leave but Caleb held her arm.

“Lisa…” he stood up but she shrugged his hands on her.

“Caleb, go back. Sahaya must have been waiting for you.” then she hurried outside the hospital. as soon as she reached where her car is, she fell on her knees and cried. What will she supposed to do?

She drove to Ethan’s residence. Since they already broke up, she doesn’t have any reason to stay with him anymore. she decided to pack her things and stay with Rio for the meantime.

It was already six and she bet Ethan wasn’t home yet. she slowly parked her car in the garage and went directly to their room. as soon as she opened the door, the familiar scent entered her nose at once. ah, this smell, she feels at home. she was smiling at the thought but after she reached the bed, she frowned. She remembered that night when she and Ethan had that intimate moment. Her heart itched once again as she caressed her belly.

“Little pumpkin, don’t worry, we’ll gonna survive this together.” She gave out a painful smile. Then she started packing her things.

After an hour of fixing her stuffs, she sat on the edge of the bed. She lightly run her palms on the mattress. She will surely miss this man. and then her eyes examine the room for the last time. she had already made herself at home but too bad, it will just end like this. a tear escaped her eyes.

After a few more minutes, her mind remembered what Silver said. The golden egg! her eyes widened. What if she’ll try to look for it? yes!

She stood up and went to Ethan’s drawer looking for whatever golden egg there is. She had tried to open every drawer inside the room but to no avail. But as she was looking, she came across a secret volt.

Gotcha! She exclaimed. She’s sure that if that golden egg was as special as they say it is, then a secret vault is the safest place to hide it. but how will she open it when in fact, she doesn’t know the pa-ssword? She sighed. she doesn’t have a choice but to do her usual spy method.

She was trying to figure out how to open the vault when the door opened unexpectedly. She je-rked and as she turned around, she found Ethan staring at her.

“Ethan!” she was startled. “I-I… I just dropped by to take my things.” She mumbled.

Ethan entered and placed his suit on the couch then he started removing his shirt just like he always does. Aisha turned around when she accidentally saw his toned body. It reminds her of that night that they both delight in. she gulped.

“I-I’m going.” Then she took her luggage and started her way to the door.

“Aisha…” Ethan finally spoke but their backs were facing each other. she halted. She was still hoping for Ethan to stop her, although she knew that it won’t happen.

“About what happened to us…”

“Shhh! Stop right there!” Aisha interrupted him. it looks like he is going to apologize but Aisha doesn’t want to hear him say sorry. She doesn’t want to think that Ethan might probably regret it. “About that, just forget about it. don’t ever say you’re sorry.” She paused since her heart was aching again. “Just think about it as a memory or better yet, forget about it as if nothing happens between us. Let’s just forget each other.” Then she exited the room instantly.

Ethan was taken aback. As soon as he heard the door closed, he threw the shirt that he was holding on the floor. he cursed.

Aisha headed to her father’s mansion. As soon as she entered her room, she locked herself inside, laid her body on the soft bed and allowed her tears to flow freely. She just wants to release all her burdens in one b!0w, hoping that after this night, she’ll be able to get back up and continue living.

After a few minutes, she heard a knock. “Aisha, dinner is ready. come down.”

It was her father Rio. she wanted to open the door for him but she doesn’t want him to see how desolate she is right now. she never wanted to burden the old man. although he was so kind to him, Aisha never opened up even if she was having a [email protected] patch, even when she was young. she learnt to deal with her own personal matters alone.

After some few knocks, Rio gave up. he knew that Aisha doesn’t want him to worry about her. whatever burden she is carrying right now, she’ll soon sort it out. Rio trust her. Yes, he must think that way..

“Love or blood?” Silver’s statement ringed in her mind. Then Aisha recalled Stacy’s situation, she’s already having a [email protected] time and the pain is becoming worst as times pa-sses by. she might die if they won’t find a donor. But if she follows Silver’s advice, Ethan will be put in danger as well. ah! She’s wracking her brain now.

After some careful thoughts, she sat on the edge of the bed, open her luggage and brought out her old outfit. she stared at it for so long then made up her mind. Aisha can’t risk to see her sister die without doing anything. She must get that golden egg no matter what happen.
Here is the title of the story came from, LOVE OVER BLOOD. Love is sweet but can be poisonous at times. When facing a dilemma, would love be blind and turn into betrayal?


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