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love over blood 2 episode 8


©Sir Zach


She’s been calling Caleb for how many times now. he said that he will only get something in his car real quick but he’s not back yet.

Lisa was thinking a lot of things. What if something bad happened to him? what if their enemies were lurking around the hospital, tailing him and what if — she held her breath. No! she shrugged that negative thought. maybe he went somewhere instead. Yes, maybe. Lisa encourage herself.

After another hour, she received a call from Caleb. Finally!

“Where are you?” She raised her voice.

“Lisa, I’m sorry. I won’t be coming back until tonight. I just need to sort something right now.” Caleb faintly answered. Lisa can s£nse something on his tone but she didn’t inquire further. Besides, she trust him.

“Okay. as long as you’re alright that’s fine with me.” she @ssured him then he hung up.

Caleb exhaled an amount of air. He doesn’t know how to tell Lisa about Sahaya and Elise. Maybe, he’ll figure out a way later. For now, he wants to be with Elise and Sahaya.

Once again, he looked at the woman who was sleeping at the moment. Although they had clarified all the misunderstandings in the past, Caleb can’t cope up with all the truth yet. Guilt and regrets envelope him right now.

Yeah. Why? why didn’t he show up before? why now? maybe because when he finally decided to show himself, that was the moment that they vanished in thin air. Yes, he’s been searching for them everywhere but to no avail.

“Daddy…” Caleb heard the young lad’s tiny voice whispering as soon as she entered the room. then he saw Tommy came in after. She was smiling wide at him.

He knelt to welcome her in his arms then he cuddled her joyfully. He was even tickling her sides so she would giggle nonstop. And sure enough, her ecstatic laugh echoed in the room. Caleb couldn’t be happier than anyone else in the world right now since one of his dilemmas before has been answered. Although, he asked someone to search for Elise and Sahaya before but his been anxious of meeting them. how will he possibly introduce himself as Sahaya’s father when in fact, he wasn’t beside her when she was growing up. He suddenly smiled while looking at his daughter’s cheerful face.

So it means that Elise did a great job in rearing Sahaya alone. With that thought, Caleb frowned. How [email protected] it is for Elise to raise her single-handedly? His heart ached then suddenly his gazed landed on Tommy who was fixing Elise’s mattress.

“Sahaya? Can you join mommy for a while? I just want to talk to your dad.” Tommy gently asked. Sahaya pouted as she crossed her arms then her brow raises.

“Why is everyone wants to talk to my dad? Can’t I have my moment with him too?” she talked like a grown up . Caleb jerked when he heard Sahaya then he chuckled. indeed, Sahaya is his daughter. Flesh and blood, there’s no doubt in that. not only her physical appearance but also her attitude. Caleb was amazed.

“Sahaya, let the grown-ups talk first. Don’t worry, we’ll have more time later.” Caleb placed her on the floor.

“Promise you’re not going anywhere?” Sahaya stared at him reluctantly.

“I won’t go anywhere, I promise.” He smiled.

“Okay.” Sahaya klzzed him on the cheek before she ran towards her mother. Then Tommy and Caleb went outside the hospital.

As soon as they reached one of the benches, Tommy, who was facing his back on Caleb spoke..

“Caleb, I’m sorry about this.” then instantly he turn around and hit Caleb on the face. It was a [email protected] punch since Caleb fell on his feet.

“Ah, I didn’t know it was this good to punch such an imprudent man!” Tommy yelped. Slowly, Caleb stood up as he wiped the small blood that erupt on his l!ps. Well, he can take as many as he can. he understands how Tommy is feeling right now. According to Elise, Tommy had been a great help to her when she was raising Sahaya so he is willing to take all his disappointments at the moment.

“Tommy, I’m sorry.” Caleb doesn’t know how and where to begin then suddenly, he heard him sighed.

“She’s been fighting her sickness for years now—for Sahaya’s sake. And just before you showed up, she asked me to find your family so she could hand Sahaya to them.” he uttered in despair. “Do you know how much she suffered all these years? The thought of you dying five years ago… she shut herself to the world when she thought she lost you. But she never forgets to tell Sahaya about you.”

Caleb’s heart itched at his revelation.

Meanwhile, Aisha drove back to the hospital but her mind was clouded with the conversation that she had with Silver. She just can’t believe what had transpired that moment. how could he disregard Stacy’s situation over his selfish goals? Dang! her hands were itching to strangle that selfish old man earlier.

As soon as she got off her car, she was stunned to be surrounded by different media folks. Microphones were overlapping in front of her and questions over questions were being asked. She was caught off guard for a moment but when she finally got back to her s£nses, she tried to break away from them.

Who are you? how are you related to Miss Stacy Hertiz Williams? What is your relationship with the great CEO Ethan Saphiro Williams? Could it be that you are the real wife? Why did you show up just now? can you give us a quick introduction about you? those were just some of their questions that Aisha heard but refused to answer.

“Excuse me. I need to [email protected]” Her tone was more of an order and not a petition. Her face was firm and she looks like someone whom you shouldn’t mess with. Some of the reporters stepped back but some seems to be shrewd.

“Are you perhaps hiding something Miss?” A brave man among the crowd spoke up. Aisha was stunned but she tried to maintain her composure. She can’t possibly show them something they’ll be suspicious about. Guess she’ll need to be tough right now.

In the interim, Caleb and Tommy were busy having their deep conversation as they sat on the benches at the back of the hospital. they didn’t even notice Lisa standing at a distance listening to them attentively.

Earlier, Lisa decided to get some fresh air and was told that a beautiful garden was located at the back of the hospital so she went there. to her surprise, she saw a man knocked Caleb on the face. She was about to scamper towards him but she halted. She was stunned to see Caleb apologized to the man who just punched him so she chose to stand by. But after few minutes of listening to their profound dialogue, her heart suddenly sank.

What? Caleb has a wife and a daughter? She gulped as she widened her eyes in dread. So what does it mean? Suddenly she fell on her knees which caught Caleb and Tommy’s attention. She was sniffling when Caleb got a full view of her.

“Lisa?!” Caleb exclaimed in fright.

She has to be tough. She needs to show resilience and audacity. If not, these media folks might overwhelm her. they do not need to know who she is. She knew that they are just trying to find holes against Ethan.

“How about you mister? Don’t you have some things you are hiding as well?” Aisha threw him his own inquiry. “I believe my life is not an open book. Besides, I am not a celebrity nor a business tycoon so I hope you’ll respect my privacy.” She arduously stated.

“The questions that we are asking were few and easy ones. Are you perhaps covering up something?” the man doesn’t have any plans to back out. “aren’t you afraid that someone might expose your little dirty and dark secrets?” his tone seems to know something.

“Mister, are you threatening me?” she tuned a murderous tone. “One advice, be careful with your words especially if you do not know the person you are talking to. You might regret it in the latter.” She warned. “My identity is not your concern. So please, stop messing around.”

The man stepped back. Dang! this woman looks so gentle on the outside but she is a lioness in the inside. He thought.

Aisha was about to walk when she saw the media folks rushed past her. Her eyes followed them and spotted a familiar man. Ethan! Her eyes widened. Then she heard them asked the same question they inquired a while ago. why are they asking him about her? as if Ethan will tell them the truth.

“She is indeed Stacy’s twin sister. but we don’t have any relationship.” He stated then he walked past through Aisha as if she didn’t exist. The reporters can’t ask him any further since his security guards and the hospital personnel stopped them from entering.

Aisha was rooted to where she was standing. Although she knew that Ethan has to say such but can’t he at least look at her in the eyes? Dang! what’s with this guy, seriously?

Then Aisha entered the hospital premises after Ethan went in. She wanted to chase him so she could talk to him but almost all the hospital staff’s attentions were on them. she needs to act right. she needs to pretend that they don’t know each other, that they just met because of Stacy. Ah! How [email protected] it is for her. now that the people knew about her existence, she must be very vigilant on her surroundings every time.

She saw Ethan entered the elevator so she waited for it to close. She’ll just wait for the next one.

“Aren’t you coming in?” Ethan raised his brow after pressing the elevator on to prevent it from closing. She was taken aback. She thought Ethan wouldn’t want her to go with him. “I believe you’re going to see your sister too.”

“Ehm.” Aisha nodded then entered immediately. It was just the two of them inside and it was hell silent so Aisha tried to speak up. “Ethan…” she mumbles. However, she didn’t hear any response. She was upset. So she faced him and unconsciously, she held his arm.

“Ethan, can you tell me what’s wrong? If it was about our argument before, didn’t I say sorry about that? How long are you planning to ignore me, huh?” She burst out.

“Miss Mikasa, isn’t this what you’ve asked? And now I’m giving you the space that you want.” Ethan replied while looking at her coldly. Her heart ached. He called her miss Mikasa, is it the end of their relationship? Then her mind recalled all the things that she said that day. she gulped at her memory.

“E-Ethan, you know that I didn’t mean any of those words. I’m sorry!” a tear escaped from her eyes. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t on my right mind that time.” she held his arm even tighter. Then they heard the elevator beep before it opened. Ethan immediately step out, Aisha followed.

“Ethan!” she cried at his retreating figure then she fell on her knees. She was crying. Ethan can hear her sobbing along the hall so he halted. His heart stings as he listens to her wailings.

“Aisha, I’m sorry but I think we have to end whatever we have right now.” Aisha suddenly jerked when she heard his preposition. Wait, is he breaking up with her? she looks up but she can only see his back.

“Besides, Stacy is already here. I don’t want you to have any misunderstanding because of our relationship. Stacy and I are still married in the eyes of the people even if the marriage certificate is fake. And since they have discovered your identity, you will definitely be subject to their ridicule. If people sees us together, they won’t just destroy me, they will also drag you down.” he paused then he faced the woman.

“Don’t get me wrong Aisha, but I’m doing this for your sake and for the people around you. don’t worry, I’ll talk to Stacy soon.” He continued..

“E-Ethan… are you breaking up with me?” she was rattling as she speaks. Ethan suddenly looked away. Although he won’t speak, Aisha already knew the answer to it.

A few minutes engulfed them both.

That moment, Aisha was thinking. Ethan was right, he is still married to Stacy in the eyes of the people. if they discovered about their relationship, he will be ruined for sure. then she touched her belly. “I’m sorry little pumpkin, I’m sorry.” She whispered silently. After some careful considerations, she stood up, wiped her tears and faced Ethan. She tried to mask her sadness with a bright smile as she looks at Ethan who seems to be in daze as well.

“Ethan.” She tried to get his attention. If they will end their relationship here and now, they must do it the right way. Surprisingly, Ethan saw the woman smiling when he stared back at her. Is he really ready to let this woman go? after everything they’ve been through? He doesn’t want to but he needs to protect her and Stacy as well.

“Ethan. Although we only had a few months together, I still want to thank you for all the things you did for me especially the unconditional love you gave me. meeting you and Eli was one of the greatest blessings I ever had.” She was trying to hold her tears.

“I just want to tell you that I’m sorry for everything. Sorry about those painful words. Please know that I didn’t mean any of them.” she exhaled an amount of air.

Ethan on the other hand, was listening intently. seeing her smiling while saying those words brought him restlessness. Seems like he knew where she’s going.

“Ethan, let’s break up. Let’s end whatever relationship we have right here, right now.” She was breaking inside while saying those words. A single tear trickled down her cheek. So before she even breaks down, she strides past through him.

“Aisha…” Ethan mumbled but he dares not stopped her. He knew it was coming but he never expected it to cause him great distress. His heart was shattered with the thought that their relationship ended just like that.

His heart squeezed as his eyes followed her retreating figure. Damn! He cursed then he harshly kicked the wall that it nearly sprained his foot. Dang! it hurts like hell. His heart was shattered but all he can do is to restrain himself. This is for her sake anyway. yes. he must think that way. It’s for Aisha and Stacy’s sake. He thought then after a few minutes, he left the hospital premises.
One of the [email protected] lessons in life is letting go. whether it’s guilt, anger, love, loss and betrayal. Change is never easy. We fight to hold on and we fight to let you. — Unknown



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