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love over blood 2 episode 7


©Sir Zach


There is no need to know the reason for why everything happens the way it does. We never question the good, so we mustn’t question the bad. Just trust that what’s meant to happen, did, for a reason, and keep moving on. — Kylie Francis.

She was hopping and dancing while humming cheerfully as she holds her uncle’s hands while they trek the hall to where her mom’s room was. It has been a few months now that her mom was confine to the hospital and her uncle Tommy had been taking care of her. her uncle was holding a small cake on his other hand as they both hum a familiar children song.

Sahaya was more than blissful that she would get to see her mom after a week. It was her birthday today and she wants to celebrate it with her mom who’s in the hospital. Her uncle Tommy had agreed since it has been a week that they haven’t seen each other. Elise will definitely smile when she’ll get a glimpse of her daughter who just turned five this day.

“Mommy!” Sahaya ran towards her mom as soon as they entered her room. with her full smile, she climbs up the bed only to hug her mom.

“Happy birthday baby!” Elise yelped as she cuddled her daughter but she didn’t miss to greet Tommy.

“She was so excited to come here that she even woke up at four.” Tommy chuckled. “Just imagine her knocking on my room at 4am?” then they both laughed

“Tommy, thank you so much for taking care of Sahaya. And I’m sorry that I have caused you another burden.” She gratefully said.

“You two were never a burden to me. you should know that.” he smiled lovingly.

Elise looked at him with eyes full of gratitude. Tommy never married until now. are they possibly the reason to it? then she sighed. Since the man whom she deeply loved and the father of her child died, she promised not to let another man in her life again. Tommy was her best friend but once was her suitor also. Good thing Tommy was an understanding guy and chose to be friends rather.

“Okay, let’s set up your candle pumpkin so you could b!0w it.” Tommy opened the small cake and placed the candle in the middle. Then they sang a birthday song before Sahaya wished and b!0w the candle.

“So what did you wish baby?” Elise asked her daughter who was smiling from ear to ear.

“I only said a silent prayer for you, mom. I asked God to remove the pain in your body. also, I asked God to let me see daddy just once. it’s okay if I can only dream about him because I want to tell him something too.” She smiled innocently.

Elise yelped. Her daughter is still young and she doesn’t understand a lot of things right now. she already lost her father and now she’s about to die in a couple months. How will Sahaya cope with all her loses soon? Her heart ached while watching her. although her uncle tommy will surely take care of her but what if tommy decided to get marry sooner or later? Will the wife treat her daughter kindly? Yes, it was one of her dilemmas.

What if she’ll just find Caleb’s family? Maybe his father, mother or any of his siblings could give her all the things she needed. They might treat her well since he is Caleb’s flesh and blood anyway. but she doesn’t know anything about Caleb’s family background and she never met any of his family members before. Where will she start then? Well, who knows Tommy might be able to help her.

Meanwhile, Lisa and Johnny was at Stacy’s room when Lisa’s phone rings. She immediately picked it up when she saw the caller id. Caleb!

“Where are you right now?” she heard Caleb asked.

“I’m at the hospital right now. Why?” she replied.

“Ah, I was just wondering if you are with Aisha because I can’t get through her cellphone.”

“Ah no. she said she’s going to see someone today but she’ll be back this afternoon.” She replied.

“Oh I see. well, thanks then.” Caleb uttered. After a few more conversation, Lisa stood up to open the door since Johnny was inside Stacy’s room and someone is knocking on the door. It might be Aisha. however, Lisa dropped her phone instantly when she saw the person standing in front of her. her tears started to flow unknowingly. Oh how she missed this man!.

“Caleb!?” she was stunned and can’t even believe her eyes.

“Surprise!” Caleb was smiling lovingly. Then after a few seconds, Lisa suddenly embraced him while she sobbed

“I miss you too.” Caleb whispered as she caressed her back. It’s obvious that she missed him so much that she can’t even speak clearly.

After a few minutes, Lisa welcomed him inside. Then she brought him some snacks.

“Why didn’t you call me?” Lisa pouted.

“I just did.” Caleb chuckled nonstop. When Johnny heard an unfamiliar laugh, he exited at Stacy’s room and head directly to the sofa.

“Ah by the way, this is Johnny. He was the one who brought Stacy to the hospital. Johnny, this is Caleb, my boyfriend.” Lisa introduced each other.

“Ah, the one you’re talking about.” Johnny chuckled but Lisa eyed him murderously. “Nice meeting you Caleb.” He continued.

“Nice meeting you too bro.” They shook hands. Then after the introductions, they had a little chitchat over a cup of coffee.

“Ah I remember, I forgot something in my car. I’ll be right back.” Caleb apologized before walking towards the door and went directly to the garage.

Caleb left the final report in his car. He needs to show it to Aisha first before he totally submits it to Rio. As per Lisa, Aisha should be here by now and so she needs to see it right away so Caleb would be able to s£nd it to Rio asap. He rode the elevator going to the parking lot.

Caleb was walking towards his car that was park on the right side when he suddenly heard a young girl screaming desperately at the left wing side. Then the next thing he knew, his feet automatically turned around. It looks like his body has their own mind dictating his feet where to go to.

He was searching the voice that he heard. All of a sudden, he heard a tiny voice crying in despair. He rushed to the scene only to find a little girl crying with her head stooped touching her knees. Guess she was crying over a broken [email protected] that she must have accidentally sl!pped on her hands.

“Young lady, are you okay?” Caleb knelt in front of her. then he saw her head shook to let him know that she’s not.

“Young lady, where is your mother or your father?” he asked. He was planning to s£nd her to where her parents are.

Then slowly, the young girl lifted her eyes to see the man talking to her. but surprisingly, they both stared at each other unbelievingly. Both their eyes widened in horror as they locked gaze. they were both inspecting each other.

Caleb was stunned to see a young girl who possesses eyes like him. same color, same size. She looks like a girl version of him when he was young like her age.

“Daddy? Is that you?” Caleb heard the young girl exclaimed. Then all the more, his eyes reddened, ready to burst when he realized who the young girl was. Sahaya!? He doubted his instinct.

She happily exited the room and took the elevator going to the parking lot. She told her mom that she made her a flower made of [email protected] and she was excited to show it to her. As soon as Sahaya exited the room, Elise gazed at Tommy seriously.

“Tommy, as you know I only have a few months to live and I don’t want to burden you with Sahaya. With that I would like to asked a favor from you, would that be okay?”

“Elise, I have never considered you a burden in my life, ever. In fact, you and Sahaya were two great blessings in my life.” Tommy answered.

“I know, I know. But Tommy, I hope you’ll consider my last wish. I want you to be happy. If possible I would like you to find someone whom you can marry. Someone who will love you more than you love her because you deserve to be loved. And I’m sorry that I couldn’t be that person Tom.” She lowered her head.


“Also, I would like to ask one last favor from you Tom.” She lifted her head to meet his eyes. “Can you find Caleb’s family for me? maybe his parents or any of his siblings perhaps?”

“Elise, are you planning to hand Sahaya to them?” He was surprised.

“Tom, Although I know that you’ll want to keep her but I want Caleb’s family to know about Sahaya’s existence too.” She uttered.

“But Elise…”

“Please Tom. I could only trust you to do it since I can’t do it on my own. Please.” She was begging.

Tommy sighed. “Fine. I’ll try to find them.” he @ssured her.

“Thank you Tom!” She shed a tear. After a few minutes, they heard some footprints dashing to the room. It’s Sahaya that’s for sure. they have the same thoughts.

“Mom! Mom! You won’t believe what I just found!” Her eyes were glimmering with joy as she entered the room and hops on the bed.

“Sahaya, careful.” Elise prompt her. “What is it that you want to tell mom?”

“Mom, you won’t believe it! I saw daddy! I found him!” Elise and Tommy can see the confidence of the young lad.

“Sahaya sweetheart, you know where your dad is right?” Elise looked at her in the eyes intently.

“Mom! Uncle! Daddy is here! He’s not in heaven!” she was trying to convince them.

“Sahaya! That’s not a good joke, you know that right?!” Elise grounded her daughter. Sahaya was saddened at the thought that no one believes her so she run outside the door. Elise and Tommy thought that she was just upset but to their surprise, she came back shoving a familiar man inside the room. suddenly, Elise’ eyes widened in horror when she was able to see who just came in.

She can’t believe her eyes. is she seeing a ghost right now? even Tommy was rooted to where he was standing..

Caleb slowly stared at Elise who was sitting on the hospital bed. She was so thin and frail that one lift might break her bones. What happened to her? he thought. he inspected her from head to toe and he can see the shock all over her face. She’s obviously holding back her tears.

“C-Caleb?” she rattled. Young Sahaya was standing beside her father holding his big hand with a wide smile.

“I told you, daddy is here.” She giggled.

“Caleb? is that really you?” Tommy was dumbfounded too but as soon as he felt the situation, he excused himself and took Sahaya outside for a while.

“Sahaya, let mom and dad talk for a while, okay?” Tommy encouraged Sahaya then they both went out the room.

As soon as the door closed, Elise finally released the tears that she has been holding back as she covered her face with her palms. Her crying was filled with devastation and it pained Caleb to see her in a wretched guise so he went near her and embraced her tight.

After thirty minutes of crying time, Elise tried to calm herself.

“I-I thought you were dead! They said you didn’t survive. Where have you been all these years?” she was breaking, sobbing nonstop. “Don’t you know how [email protected] it is to raise Sahaya without a father?”

Caleb jerked at what he heard. “I-I Thought you married Tommy.” He mumbles.

“Why didn’t you asked me personally?” Elise started to tear up once again. “Is that the reason why you didn’t try to find us? Not to come back for us? For your daughter?” that thought itself grieves Elise. Then she started to hit Caleb’s weakly.

“Why? why?! why do you have to show up just now?” Caleb himself was astonished at her revelation. So all these time, Elise had been living as a single mom? Oh, how foolish it is for him not to show up before? how he wanted to punish himself right now.

“I’m sorry, Elise. I’m sorry.” It’s the only words he could say at the moment cause he himself doesn’t know what to say.

Elise was able to stop her tears after. though her eyes were both swollen from her weeping. However, she doesn’t even want to look at Caleb right now. she’s mad, disappointed, hurt, upset but she’s also happy to know that he’s alive. It was a mix emotion she can’t barely manage for the moment.

“How did you meet Sahaya?” Elise calmly asked not looking at him.

“I accidentally met her at the parking lot. She called me dad.” Caleb told her the story on how they met.

“How ironic. It seemed God has answered one of her birthday wish instantly.’ She leered sarcastically. “At least I can rest in peace now.” a single tear trickled from her eye but she wiped it immediately.

“Elise, don’t say such thing!”

“Caleb, I’m not just blabbering nons£nse things here. It’s the truth. I only have a few months to live.” Elise exposed. “And now that I know you’re alive, I am more than ready to leave the world anytime soon.” Then once again, tears take up again. Caleb didn’t know what to say. He himself can’t believe what he heard. Just a few months to live? No!.
You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.


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