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love over blood 2 episode 6


©Sir Zach


“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom –Anais Nin.”

She was lost on her own thoughts while looking at her twin sister lying unconsciously at the other side of the wall. once again, she entered another dimension not minding the people around her. She only got back this morning but she already had enough b!0w for the day. Stacy, having stage four leukemia, her- being pregnant for four weeks now, Ethan being distant from her and now Sherry as the only donor to extend Stacy’s life. What in the world is happening around her?

“Aisha, it’s almost nighttime. Aren’t you going home?” Lisa approached her.

Aisha suddenly gazed at Ethan’s direction who was standing near the window, looking at the vast sky. She loves to go home but looks like Ethan is still mad at her. Or probably—- she jerked with her thoughts. Since Stacy is already here, does she even have the right to go home with Ethan? Wait! could that be the reason why Ethan was maintaining his distance from her? her heart ached.

Yes, everyone knows that Stacy was his legal wife although Ethan said that their marriage paper was fake to begin with. But what if Ethan wants to take Stacy back now that he knew the whole reason why she left them. What if? Besides, they were married for almost four years. That isn’t an easy number to break. Thinking about it pricks Aisha’s heart. Dang!

Aisha was still looking at Ethan when he suddenly stared at her. they locked eyes. She was searching him for an answer. however, his eyes were a bit aloof and emotionless. Still, Aisha was searching for her Ethan, the sweet and loving Ethan. If only he would show up, then it will ease her anxieties a bit. But his nowhere to be found. The Ethan that she’s seeing right now was the same man she met during their first meeting. Cold, detached, hateful.

What happened? What did she do to him? How did things end up like this? Or is this a dream perhaps? if it is, she wanted to wake up as soon as possible! But it’s not. Nothing before her was a dream.

She’s losing heart. Is this how pregnant women usually feels? Are they truly that ? Imaginative? Doubtful? Insecure? Aisha averted her gaze as she heaves a sigh. If she goes home with Ethan, the whole drive will be as awkward as hell.

“I’ll stay here. Besides, there are available rooms here.” She faked a smile. “Why don’t you go home first? You too Johnny, I’ll stay with her tonight.”

“Okay. we will go ahead then.” Lisa bid farewell as well as Johnny. Ethan was left all alone with Aisha but after an uncomfortable silence, he decided to go home without a word.

“Ethan…” Aisha called out when she s£nsed that he’s about to exit the door. Ethan was about to turn the doorknob when he suddenly halted.

“Thank you… for everything.” She mumbled, their backs facing each other.

“Ehm.” It was the only word that he said before exiting the room.

As soon as Ethan walked out the room, Aisha fell on her knees and cried. Is this the end of their relationship? Then she touched her belly. But how about their baby? Aisha sobs as she thought about the baby on her stomach.

When Ethan step out the room, he brought his phone out and dialed the number of the head facility. He ordered them to bring comforter and change the bedsheets on the VVIP room where Stacy was and to make sure that healthy food will be served on every meal. Although, he was a bit icy to Aisha, he still cares. He just wants to give her the space that she asked before.

Ethan was definitely upset at Aisha’s sudden change of behavior during their argument when he called her to tell her about Stacy’s condition. And he was hurt at her words of insult but he decided to give her the space that she was asking. Is it really his fault that Stacy was terminally ill right now? Dang! that accusation killed his heart instantly that time.

He can take Aisha’s anger that moment because he prepared himself for it. however, blaming him for what happened to Stacy was a bit off. if only they didn’t meet before. if only he wasn’t that selfish to take Stacy as his wife forcefully, if only he didn’t enter their life then maybe things like this didn’t happen to Stacy. Those were just some of her verses that time. the last thing was asking for space.

However, Aisha didn’t know how her careless remarks hurts Ethan. She didn’t know that the damage was more than what she thought it was. In fact, she even forgot about the speeches she gave him. yes, Aisha was caught by her emotion that moment. Is that even normal for pregnant people? she didn’t know because she doesn’t have a mother who would educate her about such things.

Aisha sat beside her sister’s bed. She looks so frail and thin. Then Aisha held her hand and placed it close to her heart.

“Stacy, I’m sorry!” she started to cry. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were suffering like this. instead of looking for you, I have coveted your husband. I’m sorry!” she lowered her head.

“Stacy. I need to tell you something. I sinned against you. I’m sorry that I have loved Ethan- your husband and now I’m pregnant.” She stooped.

“I’m pregnant with his baby! I’m sorry!” she sobs continually.

Unknown to her, Stacy was conscious, listening to her every words. However, her weak body couldn’t response to what her mind wants to do. Stacy wanted to open her eyes and move her hands to hold and comfort her but she can’t lift even a f!ng£r. She cursed within. How she wanted to tell Aisha about their mom and to tell her that it’s okay to love Ethan as long as they genuinely love each other.

“Sissy, please save our mom from that evil man!” Stacy’s thoughts yelled but no words could come out from her mouth.

He was pacing back and forth. Restlessly, he looked at the dark sky. What will he do? will he keep silent? How will he tell her about Stacy’s discovery about their mom? About Sherry?

Johnny sat on the edge of his bed with his hands on his face. Stacy said to let her be the one to tell her sister about their mother. But with her condition right now, it seems impossible. Waiting for her might cause her life so soon that’s why Johnny decided to tell Aisha about Sherry first thing in the morning. Yes, he must tell Aisha about their mother.

Meanwhile, Aisha decided to swallow her pride and talk with Sherry. Her sister’s life comes first before her. come what may but she has to do it.

“Hello?” Aisha answered her phone which was ringing for a few seconds now.

“Aisha, where are you right now? I heard everything from Caleb. why didn’t you call me?” Demetrius calmly asked Aisha.

“Dad…” Aisha uttered. Rio can s£nse Aisha’s teary tone and he was deeply worried. “I’m sorry I didn’t call you right away.” She continued.

“I understand. So I bet you’re with Ethan right now?” he asked but he didn’t hear any confirmation on the other line.

“Aisha, is everything alright?” he asked once again.

“Ehm, Yes dad. But I’m not with Ethan right now. I’m in the hospital, watching over Stacy.” She reported.

“And how is she right now?”

“Dad, she needs to undergo bone marrow transplant as soon as possible.” She paused. “And you know what’s funny? The woman I hated the most was the only person who could save her.” she chuckled frantically. “Isn’t it ironic?”

“What do you mean?” Rio inquired. “The woman that you hate, is it …”

Aisha interrupted him. “Yes dad. It’s her. Sherry Silver.” She sobs.

“Are you sure about that?” he asked further.

“Yes. doctor Sonny told us about it. isn’t it amazing? Ha-ha!” She faked a laugh.

Demetrius went silent for a while. He was in deep thought. Sherry Silver? A match for Stacy? Hmm… What a coincidence. Is it? or what if… he suddenly paused.

“Dad, are you still there?” Aisha probed when he didn’t hear any response.

“Yes dear, I’m still here. Don’t worry, I’ll try to convince her.”

“No dad. Don’t!”

“But Aisha…”.

“It’s okay dad. I know about your conflicts with Silver and I don’t want any bloodshed along the way. I will go to her as early as tomorrow. Let me be the one to do this.” she ured him.

“No! you don’t know what Silver can do. you can’t go alone. I’ll s£nd some men with y— .”

“That’s not necessary dad. I’m sure he won’t hurt me. Having men is more dangerous than going alone.”

Aisha heard a heavy sigh on the other line. She knew that her father understood her point.

“I understand. Just be safe. I’ll be dropping there to see you in the afternoon.” Rio replied.

After their conversation, Rio hung up but his thoughts were afar. He’s now sure that Sherry Silver was Cherry-Ann Lee but his not yet sure if she was able to regain her full memory. If she did, then she won’t hesitate to look for her child. But could it be that Aisha and Stacy was Sherry’s child to begin with? He doesn’t know. he didn’t even bother to check on Sherry when he heard of her giving birth to Cole’s spawn. He doesn’t have any idea if she has a son or a daughter. Worst.

Then Rio suddenly shrugged his thoughts. There’s only one way to find out, let Aisha and Sherry meet. Only Sherry would confirm who her child is or probably children– maybe?

Morning came, Johnny prepared to go to the hospital early to see Aisha. he decided to tell her about Sherry. However, to his surprise, Aisha isn’t in the hospital either. But where could she possibly be? He thought. after an hour, Lisa came in carrying a food box.

“Johnny? Where is Aisha?” Lisa asked when she didn’t see her anywhere the room.

“I don’t know. I came in with the room empty except for Stacy.” Johnny replied. Then Lisa took her phone and called Aisha. she picked up!

“Aisha! where are you?” She was worried.

“Ah, sorry I didn’t tell you. I’m going to see someone for a bit. I’ll be back later this afternoon.” Aisha @ssured on the other line.

“Where are you going?” Lisa was curious.

“I’ll tell you later. I have to go, bye.” Then the call got disconnected.

Aisha dropped the call as soon as possible. She doesn’t want to tell them that she’ll be seeing Sherry today. they will definitely get worried and worst, s£nd some backups. After a few minutes, she arrived at the gray residence. She exhaled a heavy breath when the gatekeepers stop her.

The gatekeepers were stunned to see her. wait, isn’t this woman Stacy? The woman who escaped from Silver? And what is she doing here? They were confused but they still manage to notify Silver about it.

“Who? Stacy?” Silver himself was surprise when he heard the gatekeeper’s report. This is quite impossible, he thought but he ordered them to let her in.

Unknown to him, Sherry heard the reports as well but she still chose to asked him. “What is it? is someone coming over?”

“Ah, nothing special.” Silver faced her. “Don’t ever come down for a while, okay?” he commanded.

“Okay.” Sherry answered but at the back of her mind, she will definitely follow him down. if Stacy did really come back, then she needs to confirm it as well.

They heard the screeching of the car tires. The woman has arrived so Silver went down to meet her. he was descending the staircase when he got a full view of his visitor. No, it’s definitely not Stacy. He smirked. What could her sister be doing here?

“Oh what a surprise to see you here.” He uttered sarcastically. “How can I help you?”

“I want to talk to Sherry.” Aisha was direct with her main goal.

“May I know why?” he probed.

“Please I need to talk to your wife.” Silver can s£nse the urgency in her tone.

“Unfortunately, my wife is not available right now.” he answered. “but you can tell me your concern. I’ll make sure to let her know.” he was sitting on the couch opposite her like a mighty king.

“Please… I know she’s here—-”

Aisha was interrupted by a voice coming from above the staircase. They look up to see Sherry coming down.

“Yes? What can I do for you?” Sherry showed a pretty tough aura. she already knew that the woman was not Stacy but the other one. She can’t be wrong, she’s Erika. Although she wanted to talk normally but she can’t let her guard down. Silver can’t find out about her.

Aisha jolted in surprise and in a moment, she felt her tongue tied up and can’t say any words.

“Yes? are you going to speak? If not, then please get out.” she implored. Sherry must ensure her safety first.

“Miss Sherry, if it is okay, I would like to speak to you in private.” She asked. Silver and Sherry were a bit surprise.

“Unfortunately, whatever you want to tell her, you must also tell it to me as well.” Silver spoke. Sherry smiled nervously as she nodded. However, the woman in front of them was not speaking.

“I think we are wasting our time here. Please go home Miss.” Silver stood up holding Sherry’s waist and they’re about to leave her.

“Please!” Aisha yelled so they stopped on their tracks. “Please save my sister Miss Sherry or else… or else, she’ll die…” she was breaking as she pleads. “Please, save Stacy!”

Sherry was not expecting to hear that nor Silver. Also, she was caught off guard and she was about to turn her back but Silver stopped her. the next thing she knew was that some of Silver’s men forced her to go upstairs and locked her in her room. Dang! she cursed in her mind.


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