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it’s complicated episode 61 & 62

🤦 It’s complicated 🤦

🔥 Revenge

🙆 was

the plan 😡
Episodes 61 & 62

Lucas kept going in and out of her not minding her pain till she couldn’t take it anymore and lost consciousness

He grabbed one of her bo-obs and squeeze it roughly, he kept banging dee-per and dee-per till he reached an [email protected] and slowly pulled out after pouring all his seed into her

then it dawns on him. He quickly pulled away and looked at her unbelievable, how did she end up here,” he thought

“No no no Lucy, oh no, what have I done?” He said and falls to his knees beside her

*How did this happen, and how did she end up here? He took her as a sister and never dream of a day like this* he mumbled

“Lucy, please wake up, will you ever forgive me,” he pleaded to weep slowly

The ringing phone of the recorder brings him out from the imaginary world, of course, he was imagining things. He quickly picked up the call

“How is it going?” Came a voice from the other end

“Just as you want it, still keeping an eye on them,” he replied

“Good, don’t make any mistake,” the caller said and ended the call

*Back to reality* Lucas dragged Lucy inside the nearby bush and forcefully made her lay on grand

“Lucas, please don’t do this am begging you,” she pleaded as tears build up in her eyes

She can’t see herself being Fu-cked by two brothers, she struggled to break free but he was way too strong for her

He made to grab one of her bo-obs but was knocked out by Chelsea, Lucy quick get up and rushed to her, hugging her ti-ght and refusing to let go

Chelsea smiled lightly, the first time in a very long time someone gave her a friendly ti-ght huge, she gently pets Lucy’s shoulder

“How did you find us? I mean when did you get here?” Lucy asked as she broke the huge. Chelsea smiled lightly before speaking up

“I followed him,” she replied and looked around, she have the feeling that they were being watched

“You always follow him around?” Lucy said more light a question

“Not really, but I have my ways! Are you alright?” she asked calmly

“Yes, thanks a lot, thanks for saving me,” Lucy replied

“You saved yourself, so I should be the one saying that to you,” she said softly

“No you did, if it wasn’t for you I don’t know what would have become of me. Can’t imagine I will be Fu-cked by two brothers,” Lucy said but didn’t know when she said the last one as she quickly covered her mouth cos Chelsea’s eyes were already on her

“Emm… I… I mean……”

“Got anyone to call,” Chelsea asked interrupting her

“Yes yes.. where is my phone,” she said and looked around but couldn’t find it

“I… I think I lost it,” Lucy said calmly

“Here you can have mine,” she said and gave it to her, she took it and made to turn but Chelsea spoke up

“Stay here I will be back,” She said and walked out

The spy saw that someone was coming his way and took to his hills, she runs after him but he took a turn and disappeared

She runs as fast as she could but didn’t see any trace of him anywhere* today is your lucky day* she mumbled going back to Lucy

“Where were you off to,” Lucy asked

“Oh, went to take care of some business, are you done,” she said

“Not really, I will do it just now,” Lucy replied

“About Lucas,” she suddenly said and Lucy divert her gaze to her

“Please don’t hate him! He’s not in his right s£nses,” she said Calmly, Lucy looked at her for a while before replying

“I no, and am not angry besides he didn’t do it,” Lucy replied

“You knew,” she asked a little surprised, how did she know about that*

“Yeah, Lucas is not someone that can do that,” Lucy replied before walking a few meters away from her

Lucy thought of who to call but didn’t know, the only person she had his number off-hand is Jason and she decided to call him


Chelsea dropped Lucas 3 miters away from the smith’s mansion before s£nding a punch on his way

She punched his stomach very [email protected] that he came back to his s£nses that instant, she pushed him down before facing him

“What is wrong with you, why can’t you for once not put the people that love you in pain… You nearly ra-pe d that girl today and guess what she said!!! Well, she will be the one to tell you that” Chelsea shouted

“But I didn’t do it,” he replied still tipsy, she suddenly look calm and said to him

“I love you, Lucas, so very much! Even when you hated me I still loved you, even when we were kids. That’s why I choose to be your guardian… But it seems I made a great mistake by doing that, but one can’t tell the heart who to love,” she spoke calmly for the first time, her voice was filled with emotions and sadness

“You might not know me too well cos your father paps never allowed you to visit the cartels, but I know everything about you, ”

“Never knew about that, ” Lucas replied

“You nearly made yourself a rapist today, bravo!!! Have tried all I could but it seems I will never have a place in your heart… Lemme tell you something that might interest you,” she said and Lucas stared at her confused, thinking what it might be

” that boy you are fighting is your long-lost brother and he’s being used as a tool against you all, there is another little secret I would have also loved to tell you but….. I can’t” she said and walked up to Lucas who was still surprised and confused at the same time

“Wait… What? How did you no about that, did [email protected] know about this?” Lucas asked, she walked closer to him and whispered

” That’s left for you to find out, so quit fighting the wrong enemy and think, loving you was a waste of time,” she whispered in his ear and zoom off





“My men are ready,” Mr brooks said as he sit down beside Julia

“That’s good, my men are also ready. Since [email protected] is dead we are going with PLANET B” she replied with a sm-irk

* Once we get the rear diamonds I wouldn’t think twice before eliminating you* Julia thought silently

*Can’t wait to kill you all once we get the rear diamonds* Mr. Brooks thought and chuckled

“So what’s the plan” Mr brooks asked looking desperately at her

“We are abducting Hillary, with her blood we are sure to open the box,” Julia said smiling widely

“Are you sure,” brooks asked

“Don’t doubt my personality,” she added and Mr brooks kept quiet

“I haven’t seen my brother since I came back, did he travel,” Julia asked just then her spy walked in

“Sorry to interrupt you, madam,” he said and bowled his head down

“What’s the news?” She asked looking at him

“We nearly succeeded but someone get in the way,” he said

“And who is this someone?” She asked

“It’s a woman I don’t see her face clearly but she saw me and I manage to escape from her and …”

“Get out coward, you run away from a lady fool, I will see you when am done here,” she yelled with so much anger

“What were you saying Brooks,” she asked

“Am sorry to inform you that he is dead,” brooks said as the gla-ss Julia was holding fell from her

“What! How?” She asked

“He died at the smith mansion, he sold drugs to one of his son’s and the refused to pay. He went there to get the money himself and the boys killed him with a knife……. Their father told the reporters that he died by accident but it was all Smith doing,” Mr. Brooks said and looked at her expression

Julia folded her fist and grins her teeth together, those fools! Do they think they can do this to my brother and go Scott-free? Never, they all will pay* she muttered and brooks smiled

*Just what he wanted, now he’s going to pressure her till they get what he wants*

*Your death is near* he mumbled within

TBC 😁😀😍

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