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it’s complicated episode 59 & 60

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EPISODE 59 & 60



“Now that [email protected] is out of the way, what’s the next step,” Mr brooks asked

“We go with PLAN B, I still can’t believe that [email protected] is dead,” Julia replied

“Me too, his cops wasn’t found and the reporters said it get burnt inside the building,” Mr. Brooks said

“But who could have done that! Did you perhaps make enemies for him,” Julia asked

“Well I have many enemies, he should have been careful, am only angry cos our project will be delayed but the person did a good job by killing him for me,” Mr. Brooks said sarcastically

“You hate that boy, anyway bring your men to me we need to the alley as one! So they could get to know my men too before we strick,” Julia said

“Sure I will bring them tomorrow evening,” Mr. Brooks said



Jason walked into a room and smiled as he watched the person laying on the bed sleep soundly

* Can’t wait to tell you the good news, you’re gonna be high about it* he thought and smirked

The person suddenly shifted his hands, Jason looked closely to make sure he was not seeing things. Then the person snaps his eyes open

“Where are my?” Was the first question the person asked as he tried to sit up but felt pain in his leg and hand

“Calm down,” Jason said as he pushed him back a little

“Are my dead,” the person asked looking around the room and Also trying to adjust

“Silly you, yes you are in hell cos heaven doesn’t suit you,” he replied, and the person lookup at him

“Jason,” he called weakly

“Surprised, am your Angel so you better get back to hell,” Jason replied

“Where are my, where is Lucas?” He asked again

* So it was Lucas* Jason thought silently

“Well, you are in my house and as for Lucas, he’s not here. Well I have good news, so guess what it might be,” Jason asked

“And what’s that,” [email protected] asked

” I bought your company,” Jason said as his eyes widen

“You what?” The person asked trying to understand what he was saying

“Bought your company, you’re happy right,” Jason asked smirking wickedly at him

*His not the only one that has the upper hand in tormenting others, his sure gonna frustrate his life here till he runs away* Jason thought

“What….. How could you do that,” he asked, Jason was about to reply when the door opened and Mrs. Hillary stepped in

[email protected], you’re awake,” she said And walked fully into the room

“For how long have I been sleeping?” He asked

“Three days,” Jason was quick to reply

“Go call the doctor, quickly,” Mrs. Hillary said, Jason looked at [email protected] before living the room he

“How did I end up here,” [email protected] asked

“A stranger dropped you here saying……”

She was interrupted by Mr. Smith, who cleared his throat at the door


Chelsea throw him down through the window and made to jump but a piece of paper laying on the ground got her attention

She went back and picked the paper up before jumping down, just then the whole building blasted

The flame from the house helped throws her far away from the house and she landed on [email protected] who was lying unconsciously on the floor

At first, she thought she was dead cos she couldn’t move, not even a f!ng£r. She stayed there for some minutes before regaining a little strength

She thought for a while before carrying the unconscious [email protected] to her bike, she reached the smith mansion and thought of telling them the truth about [email protected] once and for all, but she didn’t have much time

So she drop it on top of him before knocking on their gate, she hides behind a tree and watch as they carried him inside before zooming off


Jason walked into the room to see [email protected] sitting on the bed, the doctor has already checked on him and his parents are not there either

He decided to make [email protected] test a bit of his own medicine, he purposely walked towards him and hit him on his wounded hand, more like a tap

“Ouch,” [email protected] shouted and looked at him angry

“Does it hurt,” Jason said with a smirk

[email protected] just glared at him without uttering a word

“Oh, poor guy, it must have hurt a lot, let me check it,” Jason Said and purposely stepped on his bandaged leg… A loud cry came from him immediately

“argh!! Fine just get out” he yelled but Jason refused to live so he dragged himself out of the room… Living Jason who was laughing so [email protected],


“You like it here right?” Jason asked as he walked toward him

[email protected] was sitting close to the pool, he touches the water slowly and enjoyed the view from there

“So how about a quick swim, show me what you have got,” Jason added before [email protected] could object he already pushed him inside the pool




“Somebody help!!!” He shouted inside the pool drinking a large quantity of pool water

He wasn’t able to swim cos of his wounded hand and bandaged leg, he struggled in the water as he drinks a large quantity of it

Jason on the other hand couldn’t hide his excitement as he Burst into serious laughter, he laughed so [email protected] till he heard his mother’s voice

“Oh my, [email protected]! Something help” Mrs. Hillary shouted and came running towards the pool

Jason saw this and jumped into the pool immediately and help [email protected]

“Why did you go into the Pool when you know that your wounds can’t let you swim?” Jason asked pretending to be concerned, he secretly smirked at [email protected]

“Are you alright,” Mrs. Hillary asked looking worriedly at him

He wanted to talk but Jason didn’t let him

“You could have drowned if not that mum and I came for your rescue,” Jason added

“Please don’t do that again you scared us,” he added

*Can’t believe this guy has a Ph.D. in lying, such a lying brain, I will surely get back to him* [email protected] thought

[email protected] just stared at them not knowing what to say,





Lucas and his men walked into the club, he looked around and find a better spot for them to stay

A Walter [email protected] by and gave him a drink, they were busy watching the shameless stripper that they didn’t notice anything

He started feeling weird after drinking the wine, his whole body suddenly became hurt. He ordered his men to get him that Walter for questioning

Just then a call came on his phone, he checked it and see an unknown number then Decide to pick up it

“Hey,” the caller said

“How may I help you,” he asked Instantly

“I need a deal with you, have got cash being the drugs to this location or s£nd your men,” the caller said

The hotness inside his body didn’t let him think straight and none of his boys was around, he picked up his gun and walked outgoing in the direction the caller s£nd to him

He didn’t bother to go in his car since the place was close to the club, he was far from the club then suddenly felt like f*cking someone

He looked around but couldn’t see anyone, if only this person didn’t call him he would have been down with a bitch by now


Lucy was going home from a friend’s house when she saw Lucas, she asked the cabman to stop, she paid him before walking towards Lucas

“Lucas,” she called, Lucas turned and see Lucy running toward him

“What are you doing here alone, don’t tell me you’re drunk?” She added as she checked him out

He suddenly grabbed her by her hand and start heading inside a nearby bush, Lucy was shocked cos she didn’t know what he was doing

“Lucas, are you alright, what are you doing?” She asked but got no reply from him

She try to free herself from him but he was too strong for her, he pushed her down and stare lvstfully at her

“What are you doing, let me go,” she shouted and hit his shoulder

With his £r0ti¢ d*ck, he didn’t know what he was doing anymore, with just a swift move Lucy’s clothes were already on the ground

“Lucas, please don’t do this,” she cried as Lucas forced her legs wide open. Without a warning, he shoved his large d*ck into her roughly, without knowing that someone was watching and also making a video of them

“Arghhhhh!!!” Came the loud cry of Lucy as Lucas banged in and out of her roughly

“Please stop……”


“Please Lucas, am begging you” she cried, hot tears streaming down her cheeks

“No please stop..” she cried weakly

Lucas kept going in and out of her not minding her pain till she couldn’t take it anymore and lost consciousness

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Lucy 😩

[email protected] 😂

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