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it’s complicated episode 57 & 58

🤦 It’s complicated 🤦

🔥 Revenge

🙆 was

the plan 😡

EPISODES 57 & 58

“Let him die, ion care about any sh*t, I want him dead anyway,” Chelsea replied and walked back into the fighting ground

Bush rushed to her and dragged her back making her face him

“What are you doing, you have a wounded arm. You can’t fight with it,” He shouted

“Will you pay my bills,” she inquired as she takes her hands from him

“Am not rich,” he replied, she made to walk back in again but he blocked her way

“Then f*CK off,” she said and made to [email protected] again but he still didn’t let her

“Chelsea, the time is ticking you need to start going now,” Bush said as he checked his wristwatch

“Go f*ck yourself, I owe nobody any sh*t,” she said and yacked her hand free from his hold

“Listen, Chelsea, it’s like I have been easy on you. You no the rules! If that boy dies that means our money dies… You can’t just give up now, you’ve come a long way to quiet,” Bush said

“But still…”

“No, but, you’re going there to save his a**, and if your refuse, during discipline I will make sure to f*ck your p**sy [email protected] until your cl*t bleeds,” bush threatened

“You won’t dare,” she said meaning every bit of her words

“Try me” bush replied staring directly into her eyes

Since she joined the cartels, she has never been f*cked by anyone, bush has f*cked all the girls in the cartels except her. She always avoids doing anything that will lead to it

Bush noticed that as her weakness and always use it against her cos he knows at the mention of *** she will give in no matter how risky it might be

“I hate your bush, I hate you all,” she shouted

“You don’t mean that, right?” Bush asked but she ignored him

“How many more minutes did he have left,” she asked, he checked his wristwatch

“Less than 10 minutes,” he replied

She walked to her bike and climbed o it, she looked back to see the bush still staring at her and show him her middle f!ng£r before hitting the road




it’s been a while since Sandra went into her room, she refused to talk to anyone. Steve didn’t even know what to do at that moment

He blamed himself for not telling her the truth on time, if only he told her just like Chelsea advised all this wouldn’t have happened,” he thought silently

Jason and his mum just kept quiet the whole time not knowing what to say, Mr. Smith was also dumbfounded, like what the hell

Sandra suddenly walked out of her room and walked towards Steve who was sitting down on the couch

Steve looked up to see Sandra approaching him and stood up immediately

“Sandy” Steve called looking at her

“What more are you hiding?” Sandra demanded

“Look, I didn’t mean for you to find out this way,” Steve said gently

“Then what’s all this all about, you’re an imposter! I thought I could trust you, how could you,” she yelled

“Am sorry,” Steve said and bowled his head

“Who are you?” She asked calmly, they stared at her like a crazy person

*Is this not the same Sandra that was angry a few minutes ago how come she became gently all of a sudden,” Jason thought

“Emm… My name is Derek and I….” She didn’t let him complete his statement before interrupting

“Oh, please save it, quite the pretense, and tell us who you are, what more are you hiding? Are you trying to make up another story?” She said

Steve don’t just know what to say for her to calm down and listen, he wasn’t even thinking straight

“Dad, you’re not saying anything?” Sandra asks looking at her father

“I knew about it,” Mr. Smith said shocking everyone

“Dad, you what?” Sandra called astonished, she can’t believe her family will hide something like this from her

“You knew?” Steve asked Also shocked

“Are my even a member of this family,” Sandra mumbled but they heard her

“Yes, your uncle called and told me everything. I wanted to inform you at first but I noticed the way you both behave like siblings, I just want you to be happy that’s why I couldn’t bring myself to tell you about it… I thought he was gonna open up and say the truth someday,” Mr. Smith said calmly

Yeah, his very observant! He noticed something strange about Steve but decided not to confront him till he get a piece of solid evidence, he was still spying on Steve when Steve’s uncle called telling him about Steve… He was angry at first but after Steve’s uncle explained everything to him, he decided to stay calm and act as if he knows nothing about it

Besides, the two were acting like siblings, and Sandra can’t do without him

“Can’t believe this,” Sandra shouted as she rushed upstairs



Chelsea drove like a crazy driver down the road, so many thoughts were going on in her mind

*For how long will she keep doing this! For how long will she keep saving this person that doesn’t even give a sh*t about her* she thought silently as she heats the road at full speed

* She remembered the promise she made at the age of 15, she only wanted to prove herself. That’s why she made that promise and now she can’t back out cos paps is no more*

The more she thought the more tears build up in her eyes, she took out all her frustration on the road and drives like crazy till she reached her destination

She looked at her wristwatch then at the house, she only have five minutes left, she thought and run into the burning building

“Damn me, I didn’t even ask which room he was,” she thought as she walked carefully past a room and then went to another one

She doesn’t have time to check the rooms here, RULE NO 9: is better not to come than to come and not achieve anything, she remembered it and hit her forehead lightly

She walked [email protected] another room and the house was going down slowly, she suddenly come across a door that was slightly opened and pushed it wide open

Only to behold [email protected] being tied in a chair, the room is already covered with Smoke how she Manages to know that his the one is still surprising

She walked towards him and touched his face but he wasn’t responding, she didn’t have time to check him. She untied the ropes immediately and carried the unconscious [email protected] on her shoulder before going outside

She stepped close to the door and heard the beeping of the bomb then she checked her wristwatch, it was then it dawn on her that she didn’t have much time again

She quickly rushed back and throws him out through the Window without looking down, she made to jump Also but something got her attention

She stopped and bend to pick the pepper, almost immediately the whole house blasted


Lucas who was watching from his laptop smiled in satisfaction……

TBC 😊😀

What just happened 🙄

What did you think guys 🤔

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