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it’s complicated episode 55 & 56

🤦 It’s complicated 🤦

🔥 Revenge

🙆 was

the plan 😡

EPISODE 55 & 56

“I think I will just get going, thanks for the meal Mrs Hillary. See you guys tomorrow,” he said and winked at Steve before living

[email protected] laughed as he went to his car, they are sure gonna kick him out…. Then the next step will be Sandra,” he thought

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“Are you sure you’re not going a little too far,” his subconscious mind said

“No am not, this is the only way to get them,” he replied as he drive home happily

Getting to his house, he didn’t even notice the number of guards outside, he went in straight still jubilating his victory

He didn’t even notice the person sitting in his room waiting for him, until the person speak up

“Welcome home [email protected],” the person greeted, [email protected] flinched and try running out but the door has already been locked from outside

“Who are you? Where are the guards? How did you get here!” He asked trembling in fear

The person laughed so [email protected] that [email protected] became confused, thought his a kidnaper why is he laughing? If this is a prank I swear am gonna kill him,” he thought silently

“Can’t believe you are this scared” the person said still laughing

[email protected] looked at the guy in front of him, even if he can’t see the guys face he swear to kill him if the guy is playing with him

But of course the guy is not someone that likes playing games

“Back to business,” the person said and turned on the light so [email protected] could see his face clearly

“Lucas!” [email protected] called shocked, like what the f*ck. How did he get here,” he thought

“Surprised,” Lucas said and took few steps towards him

Seeing that it was Lucas [email protected] became scared instantly, but decided not to let it show, he steps backwards a little

“How did you get here, what the f*ck did you want with me, and where are my guards,” [email protected] yelled making Lucas scoffed

“You still have nervous, but I will tell you your crime…first was trying to sell me to a foreigner, second was trying to kill my mum, and third was killing my paps which is the number one reason I will will be burning you alive,” Lucas replied

Remembering paps alone making him more angry, he missed every minute they spent together, he should have still been here if not for this son of a b*tch

And they want him to forgive, why will he even think of forgiving him when the bastard is full of evil,” Lucas thought

“Crime,” [email protected] repeated making Lucas scoffed

“Have you suddenly gone deaf?” Lucas asked walking towards him and [email protected] keep moving backwards

[email protected] saw a knife on the table not far from him and rushed to it, but Lucas beat him to get. He draged him out before he could touch the knife s£nding a punch of his face immediately

“You son of a b*tch” Lucas yelled as he made to punch him again but [email protected] ducked

[email protected] gathered some strength and Decide to fight back but he was no match for Lucas

He rushed towards Lucas and made to punch him but he ducked with a karate which s£nd [email protected] flying to the wall

Lucas jumped on him and start s£nding punches to his face, he punched him repeatedly til his satisfied. He let go of [email protected] and went back to his bag where he get a rope and come back to him

By then [email protected] breathing has quickened, he has many bruises both on his face and a very deep cuts on his mouth

“Is that all you have got,” he asked as Lucas approach him with the rope

“Not really, I have got something better than what you’re seeing now,” Lucas replied as she punched his stomach this time making him vomit blood

“Arhh,” he groans in pain

“Killing me will do you no good you no,” [email protected] said as Lucas tied him to a chair

“We’ll see about that,” Lucas replied as he finally tied him to the chair, he clapped his hands together and four of his men rush in

“Is everything ready,” he asked

“All don boss,” one of them replied

“Light it up,” Lucas said and [email protected] eyes widen

“Wait… What! You can’t do that, let me out please,” [email protected] shouted as Lucas walked out from the room

He watched as one of Lucas men light the house up, he struggled to break free but he couldn’t cos the rope was too tight

“Oh, God please I don’t wanna die now,” he mumbled still struggling to break free



The madam’s resident*

“You still haven’t told me why you want that boy alive,” brooks asked, his currently at Julia’s house who happens to be the mastermind behind everything

“That boy is the key to our wealth,” she said

“How? cos I don’t understand” Mr Brooks asked

“Remember that box that is hidden in the middle of the school ground,” she asked and brooks nodded

“The one that it’s code haven’t been found,” brooks asked

“Yes that’s it, I meet a doctor from UK and he said he has seen something like that before, that the only thing that can open it is blood,” she replied


“Not just any blood, but one of the Smiths bloods. Which means that boy is the key,” she said and brooks eyes widen

“Did you really think I will ask you to kidnap him for nothing? Of course I have my reasons, once we get a drop of his blood we will become the richest after the president,” she added and brooks jumped up in excitement

“We are freaking rich,” brooks shouted



Fighting ground*

Who’s it gonna be! Who’s gonna be the tough guy! Huh, how about you pretty boy? Who’s in?…. You, you gonna be the tough guy,” the coach asked looking around

Chelsea who was standing among the crowd steps out

“It keeps getting better, you got, like a fighting name or something?” The coach asked

“Daughter of the dragon,” Chelsea replied

“She calls herself, DAUGHTER OF THE DRAGON,” the coach shouted and the whole crowd laughed

“Sure you wanna do this honey,” he asked

“Call me honey again, I dare you,” Chelsea replied

“I like it when the talk dirty,” he said and turned to the crowd

“We got a Challenger huh, who’s gonna take on the little lady!” He asked and a guy steps out

“Rusty, ah… That’s not fair,” he said to the well built guy in front of him

“I paid my entry fee same as her,” the guy replied

“Alright let’s do this, place your bet.” He said to the crowd then turn to the fighters and whispers

“I don’t wanna call an ambulance,”

“For him?” Chelsea asked

“Oh, cut the bullsh*t, hit him over your head you tap out, and you rusty, I warned you about the biting, do it again and I will hit you 86 I swear,” he said

“I [email protected] you,” the guy replied

“Alrighg here you go, Fight,” he said as he rushed outside and lock them inside the fighting ground that looks like a cage

The guy throws few punches at Chelsea but she ducked it, and run to a safer side

“Stop running around like an a**………. Argh,” the guy shouted as a kick landed on his face

He became angry immediately and rushed towards her, she s£nd a punch on his face which makes him staggered back. She tried punching him again but he fling her away

bouncing on her, she struggles to break free but the guy didn’t let go, he made to punch her wounded arm but she was fast enough to push him out and jump on him

She disfigured one of his hands before s£nding punches to his face, as if fighting With hundred men’s power, within a short period the guy lay lifeless on the ground

She was declared the winner, she steps down from the ring and meet bush who was waiting for her

“What are you doing here, thought you will be with your boss,” she asked

“Yeah but he set [email protected]’s house on fire so I decided to come let you no, you need to save [email protected] before the bomb I set in room b!0w up” bush said

“Why will you do that, did you really like suffering me,” Chelsea asked

“Lucas orders,”

“Ion care, they can do what they want,” Chelsea replied


“I said ion care, am tired of involving my self with them when they don’t even regard me, that same boy was the one who ra-pe d me at the age of ten, his father killed my parents making me an orphan,” Chelsea yelled

“You promised, remember,” bush said

“I did that when i was only 15, not anymore cos am sick of it,” Chelsea shouted

“You no the rules, just do it, he don’t have much time left the house will soon b!0w up,” bush said and she signed

“I hate you bush…… I hate you… I hate you, I hate all of you,” she shouted

“You can tell him that not me, pretty please get going you have less than 10 minutes before the house b!0w’s up,” bush said

“Let him die, ion care about any sh*t, I want him dead anyway,” Chelsea replied and walked back into the fighting ground

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Chelsea 🤔

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