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his short girlfriend episode 60

🌸 His short girlfriend 🌺

| A beautiful love story |

By melody


__Chapter sixty__


With anger,

Erica picked her pillow and began to stride towards the bed with a warrior confidence.

She wasn’t scared to the size of pinch of salt even though she knew what was coming her way from justin.

She knew she was his wife and she deserved to be treated like one!.

She had said from the beginning that she wouldn’t make justin last for the little Anna no matter what.

She stopped just a feet away from the bed and threw her pillow on the duvet.

She was about to pull herself on the bed but something stopped her defiant leg from crossing over.

She slowly dropped her legs.

She stared down at justin and saw he was randomly leaning his head on the headboard.

He was lazily waiting to watch her next move before he would then give her something worthwhile.

His de-eper eyes were eluding some sort of cold blood filled with hundred of ringing alarms.

When he saw that she had stopped herself from going further pa-ss the bed, his li-ps curved up in a mimcry smile.

” Why are you here?” He asked, he was smiling mischievously but his dim eyes was just the opposite.

” To sleep next to you, of course. This bed here,…it’s mine and it ours!. Yet you bring in someone else to spend the night with you. Isn’t it so unfair?” She ranted, glaring [email protected] at anna.

” Then It would be unfair for me…to spend the night with a garbage meant to be thrown out the door.” Justin replied, his voice was like a de-eper sinking boat.

” if I’m a garbage, that okay. I don’t care what you call me. I just need anna out of our bed this instant!” She yelled, her hands turned into a fist.

Justin turned to look at anna who had been clunging on to his arm like he was now her protective shield.

She also turned to look into his dark blue desperate eyes waiting to hear what he would say.

” Anna. Leave the bed for her.” Justin ordered, he was as serious as a fed up and overworked lecturer.

” Leave?” Anna frased, she raised her head up to look at him with wide big eyes.

She was beginning to doubt if justin was in his right s£nses or erica had supernaturally done something fishy.

” Yes. Leave” He repeated, his eyes didn’t leave her shocked and pained face.

” But..i..i..”

” Just do as i say, anna.” He said, his face became ripped and fiery.

” Fine.” She mouthed.

Her li-ps turned into a thin line as she slowly crawled her cute bu-tt on the duvet.

She stopped once she got to the edge of the bed and looked up at Erica.

However, inside Erica’s head, a club party was going on as they rejoiced on the victory she had made.

She never believed she could convince a guy like justin, it felt so easy and it was getting better for her every seconds.

” You are wasting my time, anna. I want to go to bed now.” Erica hastily probbed, her hands got crossed around her che-st.

Anna’s cheek fell as she made way to the ground. Her small feet tou-ched the ground and she quickly stood on her feet.

Before justin could say any more words, She had ran out of the room, slamming the door behind her with a large deafening thud.

Justin threw his head back on the headboard, his f!ng£rs ran into his hair as he gave a hot peppering sigh.


Erica instantly took over, crawling towards the headboard to meet her heartthrob who was leaning gracefully on the bed.

She stationed her pillows to rest perfectly on the duvet before turning to look at justin.

” Baby..” she traced her f!ng£rs on his tattooed ne-ck towards his perfect and well sculptured four squared che-st.

” I’m sure you are satisfied?” Justin asked turning to look at her. She chuckled, her hands threw to her excited li-ps.

” Do you need a cuddle while we sleep, baby?” She asked, her eyes shimmering like all the diamonds in the universe.

” Tsh!” Justin muttered un-der his breath. He grabbed her shaky f!ng£rs and threw them down.

He quickly dropped his legs and picked up his pillow along with his sweat shirt.

He didn’t know why he his whole body felt like it was swimming inside a pot of poop while he was sitting next to her.

He found her so disgusting and irritating that he couldn’t spend more than a second with her or else his ne-ck would be tangled.

” W..where are you going..?” She asked, her head geared up and began to silently panic.

” I had made Anna leave the bed just like how you wanted. I hope i made you happy now after i had been selfish to the one i loved. Have fun sleeping here.” He stated, he wore his shirt and began to stride away towards the door.

” Huh?..Ugh!..” she screamed.

She scrimmaged out of the bed and ran towards the door blocking his exit.

Unfortunately for justin, She got to the door before him but that could only make justin fume with more anger.

He didn’t know what exactly he could do to this guy.

He did’nt want to hurt her because of her social status but once again, she was driving him insane.

” You’re not leaving this room, justin. It’s going to be you and i who will be having fun here. i won’t let you go meet that witch. I’m yours now..let it stick to your__”

” Idiot!” Justin gritted, his hands had gripped a fist hold of her long thin ne-ck.

She couldn’t speak again. It felt as if she had swallowed her warm tongue.

She held his fierce arm and tried to pull him off but she realised he was just too strong, more than her imagination.

She wondered what this man had done to his hand that could have made it strong and stiff like that of a robot.

As his fist pressed her to the door, she continued with her struggle…not wanting to give up.

” Erica. I thought that by now you should have known that i don’t have interest in you, Forget the fact that we are betrothed. I don’t love you and i don’t have plans on loving you in the future. Do me a favour and just stay away from me and my wife. okay?!”

”” she stuttered, her eyes had turned really teary and bloated, and her li-ps had began to taste a hint of soar blood.

Yet, She was still finding every way to get his hands off her without a need to apologise.

Justin was left bedazzled by this girl. She seemed not to be affected by his overpowering act.

She must have been a fighting machine, he thought. Yet, he didn’t want to harm her or else that might end him in more trouble.

He threw her ne-ck to the wall next to him and left hold of her there.

Her thin bony legs trembled and she squabbled to the ground heaving with pain.

Before she could return back to her pres£nt s£nses, Justin had left the room and the door had been closed up with a bang.


Justin heaved a tired sigh as he angrily slammed back the door to Anna’s room.

He couldn’t find her there or any where.

Tho, he had only searched her room but he couldn’t figure out another place she must have gone to.

He leaned his back on the wall with his hands folding itself around his che-st.

He realised he had hurt her, not by his own purpose or will, it was that Erica!.

Tsk. He hate that girl now.

His little anna..

His sweet little anna.

What could he possibly do to cheer her broken sweet heart now.

He looked down the distant large corridor and began to hear echoes of soft sobs coming from the first right turn.

He listened carefully, his earlobe stood up like a motioned antenna and he realised it wasn’t just an ordinary sound.

It was the sound of someone weeping out her eyes. Of course, he already guessed who it was.

He quickly stood to his feet and hastily walked towards the direction of the sound.

Solemnly, there he met anna standing next to the large view window, covering her palm on her face.

She was crying and not just crying..

It was the most shadiest and emotional view he had seen in his entire life.

This was the first time he had seen her sob this way and he had started to feel devasted as well.

He felt like all the working system inside him began to malfunction badly.

His hands got ti-ghted in a fist and he began to curse himself inwardly.

Why could he have acted so selfish. Will anna actually to listen to his ‘behind the scene’ explanation.

Meanwhile, Anna had run to this particular sp-ot because she thought this was the best view for her to express her emotion.

With the big large window like that of a castle and the beautiful stars and alluring view of the city.

She kept on sobbing on her palm hoping an wishing there would be someone’s shoulder to cry on.

Hoping that there was a che-st to bury her face on and feel sober. But there was none…

She had felt so shameful when justin chosed Erica over her.

Perhaps, being just his fiancée was nothing compared to being his betrothed wife.

She felt so…empty.

She was the feeling the same way she felt when justin left her on that day of their graduation.

She remembered how the night felt so long..she remembered her eyes couldn’t stop brewing tears.

She was feeling the same emotion right now.

She cleaned her cheeks with her knuckles and kept on sobbing, her dry eyes were slowly turning sleepy.

She felt a hand crawl around her wai-st from behind and a [email protected] chiselled che-st was pinned on her back.

She freezed…her hand also freezed midway. Her s£nses slowly waking up.

” Anna. I’m so sorry..” justin whispered, his hot tingling breath brushed on her s£n-sitive pale skin.

He gently kis-sed and lic-ked her ne-ck, the right sp-ot just below her nape.

Anna pressed her li-ps ti-ght to prevent the silly moa-ns that were about to fraze out of her mouth.

He su-ck ed her jawline tenderly and her s£nses began to yell hallelujah.

Her heart began to hit like a misplaced drumset inside her che-st.

She had been yearning for this touch for so long that it made her want to turn around and grab him and kis-s him as [email protected] as she can.

But the anger she felt a while ago flashed through her mind and it took control over her completely.

She roughed turned and glared up at justin.

” Why did you come here!. Tsk!..i don’t need you or want to see your ugly face!. Just Go, a-sshole!” She yelled pushing his che-st away.

She looked up at him, her breathing got really tensed and fast as she stared at him.

Justin looked down at his che-st that was being pushed.

it had cause some bu-ttons of his shirt to open up and set a glance at his body but he didn’t mind.

He turned to stare at anna and his face whelmed up into a smile.

” I think i totally deserved that rough push. And the name..a-sshole, simply suit me alot.” He winked his eyes at her.

Anna’s face dropped down to zero as she stared at him blankly.

She had expected him to walk away or scare her with his harsh words but instead he was making a joke out of it.

She crossed her arm and put on a sturbborn face, taking her gaze somewhere else.

” I just want to be on my own. You can..probably go meet your betrothed wife and sleep next to her!” She spat, her big eyes w-etting up with tears again.

She sniffed her red nose with her knuckles, her li-ps spawned into a pout.

” I can’t believe you chosed her over me. I..i..thought…i..”

” don’t un-der__”

” I dont want to un-derstand!. I feel like she’s more special to you now. I feel..i feel..degraded. I feel like you wont like me any more…”

” I do Like you. A crazy…i love you more than you can ever imagine anna but just hear me out and__”

” Why don’t you hear me out instead. Huh?..I’m pained..i don’t even know what to say to you.”

” Anna__”

” When I cheat, you get all su-ck ed up. But when you do, you expect me to stupidly lie on it. How can i possibly forget this and__”

He grabbed her fragile arm and leaned her to his che-st, and then he kis-sed her very pa-ssionatly.

Anna’s eyes widened the moment she felt his hot tongue touch hers.

She forgot to breath, placing all her concentration on her moving li-ps.

He leaned into her and de-eperened his kis-s into her mouth, and anna found herself slowly shutting down her eyes as well.

She followed in his rhythm, taking her head in what direction he wanted her to move.

She was so hungry..damn hungry for his li-ps that she ended up dominating him already.

But her enjoyment wasn’t for long.

He su-ck ed her lower li-p, slowly dis£ngaging himself from her before staring into her brown eyes.

He was shocked seeing that anna was already showing signs that she was getting ripened.

She was now dominating him in kis-ses!.

His little anna doesn’t seem any little to him anymore. He was madly loving the new transformation.

Anna cheek puffed up like a ripened tomato. She looked down at her feet, extremely shy.

She had seen the look on justin’s face after she had kis-sed him and she knew what would have been going on through his mind.

She didn’t know why her body was starting to react wierdly to kis-ses.

Justin took her chin and made her face turn to look at his daring beautiful eyes.

” Which Erica were you talking about, the one i had finished dealing with already?” He asked, his brows were simply carved up.

Her eyes glimmered once again as if she had heard the most exciting news.

” You mean you__”

” I made you leave the room so that you wouldn’t see my beast side, anna. i had dealt with her and warned her not to cross path between the two of us.” He said.

” did?..” she whispered guiltily.

She realised if she could have waited to listen to him, she would have un-derstood him more better.

But she was such a big talktative that she ended up critizing him so much.

She was thankful that justin wasn’t like some men who would have taken her words [email protected] on her.

Justin leaned on the spare table he found next to them and held Anna’s wrist so that she could stand and face him.

” So what do you say, now?” He asked, his brows were carved up in expectancy.

” justin. I’m so sorry for talking to you that way. I guess i was very wrong about everything, i..i.. should have listened to you. I guess you’re the best!.” She said, her face was with a shy big smile.

Justin bit his lower li-p as he stared at her. He was so lucky to have found this girl.

He wondered how his life would have been if fate hadn’t brought them back together.

” Justin. When are we visiting my parent?” She asked.

” That would be tomorrow. Then the following day after tomorrow we head back to San mario and guess what we’ll be preparing for?”

” A game night with your friends?” She asked mockingly.

He spanked her cute bu-tt lightly.

” Our wedding, silly.” He said, he kis-sed the f!ng£r she had worn her ring on and then he spinned around.

The he drew her up so that she could sit on him as well, while they gazed up at the sky.



Justin hurridly paced down the stairs.

He had planned on visiting Anna’s parent that day but he couldnt find tiana anywhere around the house.

He got super confused. He asked the maids and cooks around but none of them knew who he was talking about.

He asked cheryl and ernold but they had no clue on tiana’s whereabout.

He wanted to ask on Anna but he remembered she had gone to the dinning to eat.

But as he approached the ground floor, he began to hear some strange noises coming from the kitchen.

He strode towards the happening duo and decided to find out himself, perhaps maybe it was tiana Or anna.

As he approached the kitchen, what he was expecting was totally different from what he was seeing.

The maids were struggling with Anna trying to make her stand on her feet.

They panicked seeing that she was behaving lifeless, like as though as her strenght had been washed off from her.

Justin quickly joined the play, his head creasing with terrible lines on his forehead.

He hoped what he was about to hear wasn’t a bad news.

” What happened to her?” He quickly asked.

” We saw this injected on her body.” One of the maid said, stretching a syringe to him.

Justin checked what type of syringe it was and his eyes removed from his socket.

”!!. Who did this!. Tell me who did this or l’ll chop off every living head in this mansion. Tell me who poisoned her!!!”

He angrily picked off a knife, he folded up his sleeve for action.

Tell me who did this??!!

Something terrifyingly will happen.

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