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his short girlfriend episode 59

🌸 His short girlfriend 🌺

| A beautiful love story |

By melody


__Chapter fifty nine__


Inside the mansion…♡

Cheryl had approached her guest and now she was welcoming them with heart-warming hugs and klzzes.

She wrapped her hand around justin and rested her head on his chest gently, for a hug.

She wished not to cry but she already did. She was more than excited to see her son again after four years.

Justin had refused to come home since the day he was informed of Ernold breakfree from prison.

Well, he once said that ernold was the cause of him turning into a criminal.

So he preferred staying away from him to avoid trouble.

The last time cheryl could remember he had visited LA was on the day of Allure’s wedding.

And even though he attended her wedding, he didn’t bothered to greet his dad.

And since then, it had always been on the phone.

” Finally!. i can hug you in my bossom, justin. It’s good to be back home to see mama after four years. I missed you” she said, her eye lid spewing with hot tears.

Justin gave a sigh smile while staring down at his mom.

He realised she had grown more elderly than usual, her body had began to leave out wrinkles.

He hugged her as well, klzzing her bun ash hair.

Undoubtedly, he had miss her more. He realised mother was the most special gift of nature.

He felt really blessed and safe whenever he was around her.

After they left hold of eachother, cheryl began to touch him unnecessarily and even blast him with questions about his life in the big city.

With Cheryl being the annoying interviewer and justin was the fed up, angry interviewee.

Cheryl laughed and finally left go of him before turning to the hot potato chips next to justin.

She had almost thought anna was invisible with the way she had hid behind him, seeming like a shy cute puppy.

The smile on cheryl even went brighter when she saw her long, lost little anna.

No longer little, but still with those cute face and everything!.

” Ohh..Justin you’ve made me the most happiest woman to have brought anna along” cheryl said.

She grabbed Anna’s cheek with her frail old hands and leaned down to put hot mighty klzz on her forehead.

Poor anna, her head had left a big pink bump on her forehead after cheryl was done.

Cheryl finally left her cheeks and grabbed her for a body hug.

” This is who i miss the more!” She laughed, patting Anna’s hair gently like a grandma welcoming her grand baby.

Anna peeked at justin and gave him a stubborn look, simply telling to him to get ready when they arrive at her parents home.

Meanwhile, cheryl was about to greet the third guest when Erica finally lost her patience.

She walked up to them, letting her heels take the better of their silence.

” Cheryl!. Do you want to spend the whole day welcoming your guest!. won’t you introduce me as well.” Erica mused, glaring at the poor old woman.

” I was gonna ask. Who’s she?” Justin bu-tted in.

Cheryl l!ps parted open to speak but her voice finally felt frail and empty.

She wanted to tell justin, but she was finding it specifically difficult.

She had been scared to explain this topic to justin since he was a kid.

Cus she knew who her son was, he could range and make this house fall to the ground if he should get upset.

After the birth of justin, She and ernold had agreed to get their son betrothed to the country’s richest daughter.

Just as how they got allure betrothed to the country’s richest mafia son, well that didn’t work out well.

But now, the past was getting more of the better of her.

Cheryl looked up at justin, a hot sigh escaped her l!ps before she finally decided to speak up.

” T..this is Erica. Um..she’ a family relative for now.” She said with a wide, convincing smile.

Justin brows creased as he stared at Erica. He never knew he had a female relative named erica.

He didn’t even had a cousin or niece or nephew. So he probably didn’t know where this pack of sardine was coming from.

” Oh..He’s here already.” A voice uttered from somewhere, causing all heads to turn.

It was Ernold.

Seeming like one universal king, he wore a colorful robe while descending the grand staircase.

A big bright smile was on his oblong face.

justin knew his smile wasn’t genuine, he was sure his heart carried a bad evil blood.

Justin couldn’t bare to stare at the hideous face of his. He wished he could crush him to precious stones.

Such an ungrateful man!…he thought.

Ernold was finally standing in their midst, his smile never unending.

He turned to greet Tiana and anna with an handshake, asking each of them their names.

Well to tiana and anna, he didn’t seem that bad. He was an old welcoming man, with a beautiful charming smile.

And then he turned to justin, he knew justin wouldn’t accept his handshake so he probably kept his hands to himself.

” Justin. I’m very pleased to see you home once again and__”

” I only came home to discuss something very vital to you and to my mother.” Justin said, he actually cut Ernold’s word off.

His eyes seemed as if he was strangling ernold to a spot and ernold would occasionally hide his gaze.

” Well, we could have a small dessert in the dinning while we listen to your vital information. I and cheryl also have something to discuss with you.” Ernold said.

Cheryl’s head snapped up, her legs trembling again. Her heart was melting up with fear, but ernold didn’t seem any bothered about telling justin the news.

Ernold had earlier told the cooks to prepare some nice meals for the family in a grand style, so before they could get to the dinning room the food had already been lavishly displayed in an appetising way.

Everyone found their way to the respective seat available, with Ernold sitting at the masters arena.

Now, Anna was about to pull out a seat next to justin but Erica had swiftly grabbed the chairs edge before her.

Anna stepped aback, staring up at the girl who was grinning evily with victory.

” Oops..i got here first. Don’t feel bad, there are still other chairs around.” Erica said, her eyes were shining with detest.

” i want Anna to seat next to me, not you” Justin calmly said, but his eyes were nothing close to calmness.

”’s okay. She can have the seat. I can probably go seat next to tiana.” Anna said and meekly walked away towards the next few chairs away.

Anna didn’t want to make troubles with anyone on this day that she had to put up a good wife character in front of justin’s parent.

Erica heaved a relief as she luckily pulled out the chair and sat comfortably next to him, she felt so proud..almost like the most honoured queen sitting next to her king.

Justin gave a tiring sigh as he stared down at his food, the meal prepared were quite mouthwatering.

But now that anna was far far away from hands reach, he felt as if the meal was now a bitter poison.

” You don’t like veggies?” Erica caught him up from his thought.

” I do. I don’t just have the appetite anymore.” He replied coldly.

He quickly covered his meal and turned to face everyone on the table.

” About my vital information i wanted to [email protected]” He said and soon, everyone left their meals to give a listening ear.

He gave a slight cough to clear his throat.

” I’m getting married in few days time.” He said and just that few words caused chaos from everyone.

” Getting married??” Erica mused, her thought was that perhaps he had come to marry her.

She bit her lower l!p se-xily as she smoldered gazes at the hot loll!pop next to her.

” You are getting married?” Ernold was turn to ask.

Then he turned to look at the two girls justin had brought home, he was so clueless on who he was referring to.

” Yes. To my fiancée over there, Anna” Justin pointed out,,

Ernold was simply shocked upon hearing him, his spoon dropped back into his plate.

Erica simply poured back the food in her mouth into a white tissue and picked up a cup of water to drink.

And cheryl just rested her cheeks on her palm, already expecting that these was what justin had come to say.

” mean you want to marry her?!!” Erica yelled, her veins had started to expand and pop out of her skin.

” Why does my news seem shocking to you all. Ain’t i hold enough to get married or does anything seem wrong about anna?” He asked.

Erica closed her meditating eyes, with her hands making a fist.

When she opened it up, she glared at cheryl so [email protected] that her looks could have kiiled the old peaceful lady.

” You haven’t told him yet?” She asked, her teeth gnashing against it canines.

” Tell me what?” Justin chipped in.

” That i am your betrothed wife!. You are currently my future husband!” Erica answered, her hands beating her bossom.

Justin was taken aback for a while, it only seemed like this was a joke or a drama prepared for him.

He laughed simply opening back his plate to eat, the news was too heavy for him that he might faint if the research was true.

But he wasn’t the only shocked individual who was hearing the news for the first time.

Anna had been left dumbstruck to the point that her mind and s£nses were working differently.

She slowly dropped her spoon and rested her back on the chair, breathing heavily and hoping this was not true.

” Justin.” Ernold finally broke the silence.

” Erica is totally right with what she said. I’m deeply sorry but you can’t get married to anna. Your betrot__”

” To hell with whatever you guys are trying to say. What rubbish is this!. How can you get me betrothed without my permission. Is this a joke or something!” Justin yelled, his hands angrily hitting the table.

Ernold turned to look at cheryl in a disgusted way, almost wishing he could just strangle the woman.

” Didn’t i tell you he needed to know about this since he was young…Huh?. Well go ahead and convince him now!” He yelled at cheryl was simply covering her face with her palm.

” And Didn’t i tell you the betrothal won’t work out just like how it did for allure. Why don’t we just let him be and let him have his wish.” Cheryl stormed back.

” And keep Erica’s family in a breakneck?!. Don’t you know we could be bailed for that!” Ernold yelled.

Cheryl sighed heavily. She dropped her tissue on the table and stood up on her feet.

” I am never ever going to have a saying on this any longer. You can perhaps solve this issue on your own. i am heading upstairs!” She ranted, her heels clacking on the tiles on her way.

Ernold turned back to look at justin who had been busy piercing his eyes at him, patiently waiting for him to turn to his side.

” Ernold. My wedding with anna is in few days from now. If you don’t attend, it would be the most happiest day of my life.” justin muttered.

He glared at Erica for a moment before leaving the table for them.

” Ernold. You Won’t say anything!!. Aren’t you going to stop him!!” Erica yelled, banging the table with her knuckles.

” I’ve tried my best. It left for you to do the rest” Ernold said, his hands were adjusting his large coat.

He picked his fruit juice and took a sip before standing up to leave as well.

Now, it was left the three young females who were still sitting around the table.

Anna heaved a sigh of relief seeing that the betrothal thing might not work as she had thought.

She was almost in the process of dying when the whole room was tensed an hour ago.

She decided to eat to regain the strenght she had lost, but someone who was sitting opposite her had dragged her plate away.

She raised her chin and saw it was Erica again. She knew this was definitely her death slash judgemental time.

” You think you can eat in peace after stealing my future partner..Huh?!..Who do you think you are..a witch!, a husband snatcher!!” Erica yelled.

” I..i..i..didn’t do anything wrong. Why would you call me a husband snatcher!.” Anna yelled back, she was trying to brave up but her braveness was zero percent.

” Shut up, witch!. I so much hate you now!. I’ll make sure justin hate you like crazy before you leave this house. I promise that you will never seize to forget me in your entire life!” Erica yelled, sobbing inbetween.

Tiana, who was just a seat away had been watching what was happening.

Tiana kicked her plate away after losing her impatience.

She had been trying to cooperate as a good hometrained guest but this she-goat had pushed her right socket.

Whenever her right socket was pushed unwillingly, she transforms into an injected lion.

She stood up and was now standing next to Erica with a folded arm.

” First, you mentioned she was a witch, then an husband snatcher..that wasn’t quite enough for you huh?..why then are you making evil promises!” Tiana yelled.

” I’m sorry but i didn’t remember mentioning your name or putting you into this matter!” Erica spat and turned to anna.

Tiana forcefully grabbed her hair and threw it down at her hot meal countless times.

By the fifth time, Erica’s face had turned pinkish and she found herself begging for pardon.

” I’m not done!” Tiana yelled and picked up the hot chilly pepper from the table.

She used her index f!ng£r to rub it deep into Erica’s eyelid and nostril.

Erica began to see stars and the eight planet.

By the time Tiana left hold of her, Erica began to jump and hop like a drunk frog screaming for help.

Anna who was sitting still and watching the drama ended up pitying the poor erica who couldn’t find her to the sink.

” Here’s some water.” Tiana said stretching up a bowl of stew sauce towards her.

Erica dumbly stretched her hands and found the bowl, she poured all the stew over her face.

Anna covered her l!ps, simply bedazzled with the way tiana was dealing with her offenders.

It was just…too much!.

Perhaps, she wished she could learn some tricks from tiana but when she stared at her hands they were as fragile as a baby.

She sighed standing up from the chair.

” I want to go check up on justin.” She told tiana.

Tiana was happily sitting on the sink like a king who was watching his handcuffed prey [email protected] through hell.

” Don’t worry. I can stay here all night till i make this fowl regret the word she used on you.” Tiana said, smirking [email protected]

Anna shaked her heads wishing she could go help Erica, but anyways she knew she deserved it.

She simply left, hopping away towards justin’s room.



Anna pulled the door slowly as she gently peeked into justin’s room.

She was scared not to bump into him if he was still in his bad mood.

Her eyeballs went in a circle until she finally saw him.

There he was once again, laying on the bed with his head leaning on the headboard.

His long legs were crossed on top of eachother with one arm over his forehead.

His gaze suddenly snapped towards the opened door but his boring face didn’t change even when he realised it was anna.

” I’m..sorry for disturbing you. Um..i..i…I’ll just excuse you if you aren’t in a good mood.” She said, she meekly turned around to leave.

She was about to grab the door when his voice made her halt.

” Don’t…cross the door. Come over here quickly” He said gesturing his hands, more like as if he was ordering.

Anna joined her palm together as she walked up to him like a shy puppet.

She was always like this when justin kept using his dreamy eyes to follow her everywhere.

She stood next to the bed and didn’t move afterwards.

Then justin turned his head towards her, his brows were up in expectancy.

” You look angry” she mouthed.

” Would you like to make me happy then?” He asked, his face was overly serious.

Anna scratched her hair.

” Um.Yeah.maybe.” she said, her head shaking with agreement.

” You’re sure you can handle it?” He asked, there was now a visible smirk on his cheek.

Anna looked at him dumbly, he was with that face again. That face meant danger.

Anna…run away!!.

Before her head could process anything, he had jazzed out of bed and now he was kneeling up infront of her.

He placed his hand on her slender perfect waist and kneaded his eyes deep…blindly into hers.

” Undress me. I really want you” he whispered, his voice was menacingly hot and filled with desire.

Anna’s eye shot out right of it socket. She could hear her heartbeat ring in her ears.

She looked at justin, he was damn serious..his was asking for everything she had.

She couldn’t do this..No.

She sl!pped her hands off justin’s shoulder and tried to move aback but justin had caught her wrist again.

He pushed her closer to himself and curled her small hands around his neck.

He had wanted to wait till wedding night but the situation he was caught up in had made him change his mind completely.

He wrapped his hands around her waist and pulled her beside him, towards the bed.

Her brown hair scattered everywhere on the duvet…

Her cloth had slightly pulled up above her knee..

Her sweaty forehead and neck…

Her big anxious and scared eyes…

Her fast heartbeat..

Everything about her was driving him crazy that he couldn’t just get enough of that view.

He leaned down to klzz her, his two elbow was on the bed trapping anna under him.

He klzzed her supple l!p gently so it wouldn’t cause a tear since she had a very soft l!p.

Her l!ps tasted more appealing than a lavishing dinner.

He could su-ck , lick and bite his way through her incredible small mouth.

He lifted one arm and began to take off his shirt bu-ttons, while his l!ps was still doing his business on her.

When he got to the last piece of bu-tton, he kneeled up and roughly took out his shirt off him.

Anna almost covered her mouth seeing those yummy chocolates Abs he got. But she wasn’t given enough time to admire him.

He rested his palm back on the bed and looked down at his angel.

Even tho he was far away, he could still hear her racing chest.

” Anna. I want to have you tonight.” He muttered, his thumb carresing her l!p.

Anna shaked her heads, telling him silently not to do it.

” But i’m actually this for a reason, baby. It for our own good” He whispered, leaning more closer to meet her face.

“The reason should wait. Cus..I’m not prepared..Oh please, I’m scared..i..i..” she closed her eyes and began to sob silently.

” Please..Not today. I beg you..” she wept, joining her palm together.

Justin looked down at her in an amused way. He gave a long throat chuckles escaped his l!ps.

This girl of his was a drama queen. He began to wonder if she would act this way on their wedding night as well.

Tho, he had planned to break her innocence today but her tears had tied up all his pleasure into one bundle.

He klzzed her forehead and simply let go of her before returning back at the headboard.

” i wish i was with a camera at that point when you were crying so I’d just make a video out of it.” Justin said, he threw his heads laughing.

Anna threw him a pillow and fell her body back on the bed.

“i can’t believe you justin, you are so naughty..Geez. You scared my ribs” she yelled, staring up at the roof.

” Well, i guess i enjoyed staring up at your cute face… and your drama was epic. You could win an award for that.” He said and just then, the door pushed up interrupting the couples chitchat.

Justin was shocked that the door was pushed open without a knock, he was forced to see who the hell it was.

Erica was standing there with a blue pillow wrapped on her chest.

Her eyes Wwere manifesting with danger and disgust.

” Who’s leaving?..Anna…or i push her out myself. I want to start sleeping next to my man, as well. And as for Your friend, tiana, she’s probably were she deserves” She hissed and began to walk towards the bed.

Anna quickly sprang up from the bed towards justins embrace.


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