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his short girlfriend episode 58

🌸 His short girlfriend 🌺

| A beautiful love story |

By melody


__Chapter fifty eight__


Anna’s hand halted to a pause while she was picking the shattered screen that was mustered all over the floor.

She just heard her name. It came from the lady who was weeping at the corner of the toilet.

She definitely heard the lady call her by her name.

But that wasn’t the most exciting thing.

The lady actually had a familiar and frightening voice that seemed to make anna’s memory jot back to the past.

That hoarse, ga-y like voice.

Anna raised her head and was left to meet her greatest shock.

It was her friend, her one-worst nightmare.

Her highschool bully. Tiana Draco.

Tiana was leaning on the ground, her dark full hair was scattered and making an ugly nest on her head.

Her w-et tears had made her black eyelid mascara give a darker shade of black, making her look like those vipers in horror movies.

Her breath began to turn shallow and [email protected] as she stared up at anna in a deadly piercing way.

Anna’s mouth swung open in disbelief, her eyes went opaque.

She felt her heart jumped with fear. Why was tiana looking so bloodlvst?

She looked down immediately and continued to pack up the broken screen on the floor just to keep the time [email protected]

” Anna! Don’t you’s me, tiana.” She said, she covered her face and began to sob in an [email protected] way.

How would anna remember her after looking like an homeless run away criminal.

Anna paused again. She slowly turned her head to face the lady hoping she wouldn’t swallow her face this time.

This tiana was looking different from who she had known, almost impossible if not for the green eyes she had.

Tiana squirmed with pain as she lifted herself from the ground.

She held the wall from behind her and began to crawl up until she was now standing on her feet.

Her whole bones were weak and terribly twisted in pain but she was lucky enough to use the remaining joules of strenght in her.

There was now a hint of smile on her face. Her face was glittered with hope.

She had prayed so much for someone to walk through that toilet door.

And finally, God answered her prayers and brought her a notable helper in the nick of time.

Well, wherever anna had popped out from, She didn’t want to careless.

All she wanted was to get out of this mess she had found herself into.

She grabbed Anna’s fragile body into a firm and tight hug and there, she poured her tears on her shoulder.

” I’m so Glad that you are here, anna. I’m so freaking blessed to have found you.” she cried, soaking anna with her tears.

Anna couldn’t understand the scene that was currently happening.

Her eyes had become really bloated in shock and her arms were in midair, stopping herself from hugging tiana whom she just met now.

She didn’t know if this was a proper introduction or greeting to do after meeting someone in 6 years.

She didn’t expect tiana to crawl into her like as if they had been friends for a while.

” Um..tiana. I’m not meant to rude but…i really really need to know what’s going on. Why are you here and what’s making you cry?” Anna asked.

Her body had been squished so tight inside tiana’s embrace that she couldn’t even feel her own bones any longer.

Tiana finally let go of anna and then she casually turned around and headed towards the big sink.

That was when anna took a full view of what she was wearing.

She was putting on all black. Black head warmer, black boot, black jacket, black leggings and black skinny skirt.

Anna touched her chin thoughtfully, imagining if tiana must have turned into a gangster, or something even worse than that.

Tiana got to the sink.

She stood there staring through the mirror, into her bloodflooded eyes.

Then her eyes dared towards Anna’s direction, smoldering over her small and meek reflection in the mirror.

A creepy smile appeared on her cheeks but it faded away like breaking rocks within seconds.

She was looking like a devil’s daughter who had come down to earth to seek revenge and anna had started to panic from behind her.

Tiana turned on the tap and allowed the water to rush down fully.

she stared at the springs of water that was freely getting flushed up without being used.

Anna was finding her pretty..pretty strange. She wished she never had come across this girl or this incident.

Her wish was to run out of here and disapear into justin’s arm,,

But what if she grabs the knob in aim of running out and another full human copy of tiana walks in before her.

Or what if this wasn’t tiana, what if this was a monster who had come to hurt and bully her future.

Anna’s heart began to hit her cardio as lots of stupid and silly imaginary scene of tiana killing her were displaying in her head.

She was scared, she wanted to scream justin name at that moment but tiana voice stopped her again.

” Anna. It’s a long story but i can possibly brief it out for you” Tiana said, she was always whispering and her voice was [email protected] and hoarse.

She washed off her terrible looking face and arranged her nest hair before turning to meet Anna’s eyes.

” People are accusing me of my boyfriend’s death. Everyone is pointing the blame on me because I’m actually the most closest person to him.” She said.

she heaved another sigh and a tear drop roll down her eyes.

Her l!ps spawned sadly as she used the back of her hand to fix her tears.

” i visited a night club party two night ago. I, logan with some couple of other friends. We were all happy, dining and whining out our sorrows. But Had i know that…logan drink was poisoned” She whimpered.

She covered face in her palm and began to cry once again.

” Logan was my only home, my future and everything that life meant to me. Yet someone i call a friend envied us and killed him right under my nose!.” She jerked, her fist got tightened with anger.

She turned back at the mirror and gave that bloodshed eyes once again.

” I tried to board a flight back to my father’s home in Toronto but he was actually the one who called me now and made me smash my phone. Guess what he said?”

” Um..H..he..” Anna swallowed, looking all round and corners around the room.

She didn’t know what to say or perhaps her mind was far way possibly thinking of how to escape.

” He told me he would arrest me and lock me in jail if he set eyes on me!!” She yelled tugging her hair again.

” I’m homeless. I’m alone!. Why does it have to be this way!. Huh?..Anna do i deserve this?” She cried turning towards the direction of the little scared girl.

Tiana ran up to her again and gave her a hug, she buried her face on her shoulder and wept their for long.

” Anna..please i need your help. i have no where to family!!. Please, i can’t die here all alone!” She cried.

Anna made her l!ps turn into a thin [email protected] line. She carressed the poor girl hair gently hoping she would stop sobbing.

She could understand her perfectly well even though she kept yelling and sobbing through her words.

She wished she could help her but her greatest concern was justin.

Would justin be able to accept her company?

” I came here on a trip with justin. Maybe you could come with me so we could discuss the issue?” Anna asked.

Tiana nodded her head sharply as she quickly grabbed her luggage by her side.

She was ready to do anything to save her lost life.

Afterwards, the toilet was deserted.


[email protected]£nGERS WARD

Justin was being narrated the whole story by anna, But as usual his face expression was not changing at all.

It was as if he knewtaking this tiana into his home will bring huge confusion and bad omen.

Wouldn’t it seem great if he just rejected her now instead of taking her in just to spoil his entire marriage life with anna.

Or what if she had a plan set out already? He couldn’t possibly trust her.

“ it’s never going to work..I’m sorry but i wished i could help but__”

” It’s Okay.” Tiana said, covering her w-et flossy nose. She stood up picking her luggage.

” I’m not trying to force you guys. I know I can’t be trusted because I’m believed to be the bad person. It’s what i deserve even if I’m changed now.”

She turns to anna with w-et teary eyes.

” Thank you so much anna. I wish You goodluck on your marriage preparations. Bye..” she said turning around to leave.

” Justin..come on!. Please, let her come along as well. Okay?..She’s our friend too” Anna kept pleading.

Even taking up her hand and carresing his neck seductively just to whip him off.

” Baby, will you?” She pouted her l!pss cutely.

Justin [email protected] throwing his head backwards. He knew she was trying to seductively coax him.

” Come on, sweetie, we can’t possibly take her to our parent home. You Know we are going down there for a real business?” He said, his forehead made lines.

Anna’s cheek fell randomly. She didnt say a word afterwards.

Instead, she stared at her feet looking like the most cutest thing earth had ever produced.

A cheesy smile appeared on justin’s face as he raised his thumb to carress her cold tender cheeks.

He leaned down on her, staring down at her big curious eyes and then he closed his eyes making his l!ps overtake hers.

He really loves this girl alot and can’t possibly stop loving her. she was his only charm spell.

And being his only charm, she was able to make him accept willingly.

Anna was only being a good samaritan to tiana because she felt bad after listening to what she [email protected] through.

she had also wanted another female friend who will accompany her as well just to reduce the way justin would kill her with his touch.

” You will?” She asked after justin nodded his head for approval. ” Thank you so much!!” She hugged him.

When anna ran away to call tiana back, justin began to recall what had happened.

How the hell was anna able to coax him but just by looking sweet and cute.


At the end, their airplane number was called alongside with tiana.

Their ticket were collected and their bags were examined by the navy force before they could match into the airport space.

Anna eyes glimmered the moment she saw an airplane for her very first time.

Tho, she had seen them in movies but she hadn’t seen a real one in full view of her very own eyes.

She was too happy to be true, her grip on justin tightened as they strolled up theirs together.

Had justin know this was anna first airplane ride, he would have gathered the whole navy force to welcome her.

To welcome his forever angel.



Cheryl was in the livingroom of the incredible mighty mansion, the one which justin grew up in.

Her hair was being styled and brush by some young women while her toe nail was being polished and manicured.

She was wearing a wine evening dress that made her body look incredibly stunning and notable.

When she heard the sound of the mansion’s gate being opened, she already guessed who it was.

Her son was here!!.

It was made her feel glad but at the same time, her bones were begining to shake like a wounded skeleton.

She waved off all her designers away before turning towards the tall elegant girl on the other sofa.

The girl was busy reading through an adult magazine.

” Erica. Go upstairs and don’t come down until i tell you. Quick..quick!!. Please!” Cheryl begged, occasionally turning to stare at the unmoving door.

” Go upstairs?..Why?..I thought you told dad and i that he was coming today.” She hissed, while sipping through the [email protected] cup.

” Yes, he is but he’s coming with guest and i don’t want him to blast me with questions” Cheryl said.

” Ha!. So going upstairs will stop him from asking you questions about me. Of course he needs to know who i am and what i will be for him. I am never leaving here until i set my eyes on him.” She mused, her eyes rolling around it balls.

Cheryl stood up from the sofa and angrily strode towards the mean girl on the chair.

” This is one reason i didnt want to accept you in the first place”

” Who cares if you don’t, at least dad will” she hissed again.

” He won’t be happy to see you!!” Cheryl yelled.

” Madam, this is my job. I got this. So just take that your old bu-tt and sit before you crack a bone again.”

Cheryl shaked her heads panicking again.

She was left aimlessly, standing and watching this Erica girl have control over her and over her house.

She knew if she was strong enough, without ernold coming inbetween her decisions, she would have chased this spoilt brat out of her residence.

However, the door pushed open and two chaffuer came in along with some luggages.

The two women who have been arguing finally jumped to their feet, one with a curious face and the other with an almost panicked expression.

” Lady cheryl. Your son is here, along with his friends” The men said and like that, they walking away upstairs.

Cheryl breathed roughly, her heart hitting out of her chest while her f!ng£rs were probably fidgeting.

A manly shadow was seen, along with loud conversations and laughter.

Erica couldn’t just wait, she wanted to see him after all this waiting years.

Finally, Justin walked in his usual se-xy way causing a wide grin on Erica’s face.

” What a man” she dropped her hand and sighed with pleasure.

Her mood suddenly changed when she saw two other girls walk in with him.

She turned to jerk a questioning face at cheryl. Cheryl just sighed and looked away from her.

” I told you he was bringing guest.” She muttered.


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