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his short girlfriend episode 57

🌸 His short girlfriend 🌺

| A beautiful love story |

By melody


__Chapter fifty seven__


The box in justin’s palm got opened and the shiny diamond object in it began to glimmer in Anna’s eyes like thousands of shinny stars in the sky.

It was a ring made with raw crystal and diamond, a really beautiful and expensive one that might have cost the entire earth.

Justin finally cleared his throat, staring up at the dumb anna whose eyes had been longed glue at the ring.

It seemed like this was the first time she had seen such an expensive ring, or perhaps she was utterly shocked at what was coming her way.

” Anna. Will you be my wife and life partner for the rest of my entire life?..Do you want to journey with me into this deeper love life and say yes to this golden opportunity?” He asked, his eyes were simply hanging on to hope.

Anna’s chest rised up like as if the whole load of the world had been buried inside her.

She moved a step back, her head shaking with disbelief.

She was…”..”

No s£nsible word could describe her emotion. She was completely void and s£nseless at that point.

Her steps away from justin had began to make a long distance, she instantly turned around towards the direction of the tall cliff in front of her.

Her arms spread out, her aim was to jump right down the cliff but justin already caught her in his arms before she could act that stupid.

” What the hell are you trying to do, anna?…Don’t you know you could die?!” Justin panicked, his chest was beating faster than a dying patient.

” This is just too much. It’s too much for me, justin.” She cried, her palm were covering her w-et face.

Anna couldn’t believe justin was asking her to be his wife, this was far from what she had expected.

Tho, She was expecting it one day because she had become his fiancée. But today???

I mean..they just reunited two days ago!!. This guy was…

How can men be so selfish this way!!. They would let proposal be in a shocking incident to their fiancée.

Some even go as far as proposing inside a bathroom!. Tsk!.

Justin knew this was her first experience and women were meant to be emotional and embarr[email protected] when things like this happen.

Perhaps, his little fragile anna must have started to feel way worse.

His l!ps curved into a wry smile as he made her head rest on his chest.

He hugged her tightly and made sure her soft crying moans were gone before looking down at her.

He cupped her w-et cheeks and stared into her already red swollen eyes. Her l!ps were simply bent in a sad pout.

” it’s not actually a big deal, anna. It’s happens just naturally. It something that every girl must come across” He said, carresing her w-et cheeks with his thumb.

She looked down at her feet, her hands lifted to sniff her w-et nose.

” I..i..wasn’t expecting it, justin. I mean..don’t you think this is too early?” She whispered peeking at justin’s face.

Her question made him put out a funny throat chuckle. He couldn’t believe what his girl was saying.

” We aren’t kids any longer, anna. No matter how long we wait, I’m still going to marry you” He said, being very sure of himself.

Then he grabs her closer to himself, their forehead and nose were in one accord.

” But if i don’t marry you. Guess what I’ll do?” He asked.

” Stab yourself with a knife?” Anna just stupidly picked an answer that popped into her head at the moment.

” Nah. That’s incredibly silly. I’ll just be a nanny at your house and babysit your kids, while in the process of being your part-time husband” He said and the two couples burst into laughter.

Anna knew he was right anyways. He loved her and he would still marry her even if she agreed to wait.

But the other point of him mentioning himself as a nanny and being a part time husband was still absolutely clueless to her.

She would never leave justin to be with another man. She loved him and cherished him. He had made her love life the best and unique one in the world.

” I’m sorry i ruined your proposal” she said, her eyes lowering down to her feet again.

” Of course we can do it all over again. Let take action 2. Are you ready?” he asked, his hands were slammed together.

Anna giggled like a shy happy kid and she shaked her heads willingly.

” Okay. Here it goes.” Justin said and knelt back on the floor.

He repeated the same proposal speech and bit his l!ps anxiously, waiting to hear her reply.

” Yes, i will. I’ll be your wife!” She rejoiced, she stretched her hands forward and justin [email protected] her ring into her f!ng£r.

He stared at her hands, a big satisfied smile was on his face.

The ring suits her f!ng£rs alot, it had transformed her into a somewhat notable woman.

He was now the most happiest man on earth, or perhaps the happiest man in the entire universe.

He stood up and picked his angel waist, taking her up from the floor.

” Are you ready, sweetie?” He asked.

” Yes. I’m ready!” She replied feeling highly blessed and excited.

They took their gaze to the sky and waited to watch how the firework bullets were fired in the sky.

And just yet…BOOM!!!

The first fireworks was displayed like a colorful and alluring painting in the dark sky.

It scattered and hovered over the large beautiful bubbling city…

Justin turned to anna and placed his l!ps on her, and then he klzzed for the third time that night.



It was a beautiful morning the next day,,

At the dinning.

Clark picked up the cereals pack from Ace side and emptied the last piece into his plate.

” How come?” Clark asked, he was shocked to find the cereals pack already empty.

” Justin had brought in his foodie fiancée so what do you expect.” Ace said, simply munching on his fruit.

Clark let a tiring sigh escape his l!ps as he made his f!ng£rs run through his dyed blue hair.

Just then, the man of the house trotted into the kitchen like a cool young gentleman.

He was also on a call..a loud busy one.

He found his way towards an empty seat in the dinning table as he idled on himself on his phone.

‘ I really want a good wedding cake of about the height of a…oh yeah..yeah..that one’

‘ Are you sure my cake will be ready in three days time cus the wedding is on Saturday this week.

‘Fine..i want no mess, just a good wedding cake. Can i speak with your chef?”

While justin was speaking, it was as if the earth had stood still. His friends were left hanging in a complete daze state.

Justin finally cut the call and turned to look at his friends monologue expression.

They were shocked to the point that they were begining to disbelief things. What if today was not real?

” When have i become a screenplay?” Justin asked, his l!ps was curved up in a sly smirk.

Ace turned to look at clark and realised he wasn’t the only one who was lost.

Clark stared at justin like he had heard the most distraught phone calls ever. This news had definitely hit them [email protected]

The door to the kitchen got opened and the elderly cook walked in with her same old, humble and blooming face.

” Good morning, master. Still the usual food routine or would you like to eat something else?” She asked.

” Don’t worry at all. Anna agreed to make me breakfast.” Justin replied, His face was still glued to his phone screen but he waved his hands for the cook to leave.

The cook turned to look at his other friends just to be sure he wasn’t being mistakened.

She had been his cook for over a year, she couldn’t understand why he didn’t want to eat from her any longer.

She hid her shocked expression as she aimlessly ran out of the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Clark and ace couldn’t say any a word since they were probably too suprised to say anything.

They could had began scent what was happening between the two couples.

Wedding cake?..Saturday?. Everything was clear to them now.

Ace could only shake his head and continue back on his apple. He decided that he would act and care less from now on.

And clark, ganshed his way through his cereals flakes.

Just then, the door pushed open again and anna began to walk in to the kitchen.

She was still wearing a pink sweet night gown and her hair was packed in a small bun.

While she was walking in, she started to feel uncomfortable because some people stares were boring holes on her body.

She looked at justin’s friends face, confused of why they were both staring [email protected] at her that way.

Or perhaps, her f!ng£r.

However, she took her gaze away from them and decided to stare at her happy justin who had kept his arm wide open for her.

” Good morning, justin.” She greeted, hugging tight to his head.

Justin arm was wrapped around her body, he stood up and klzzed her small nose in a seductive way.

She giggled throwing her itchy nose away.

” Ew. Justin. Stop being too sweet.” She said, her back palm were rubbing her nose.

” I could klzz you anywhere i like, baby. Let me first start with your neck.” He said and thus, his l!ps began to form smooches on her body.

Clark threw his spoon back into his plate and stood up to go.

Justin took his l!ps away from Anna’s body and peeked his head to find the angry gra-pe leaving the room.

He grinned [email protected], his l!ps curving up in a victory smile.

He raised his head up and turned to stare at anna.

” How’s your night, baby?”

” How would it be fine when you couldn’t stop klzzing me!” She yelled, spawning an angry look at him.

He chuckled ruffling her head.

” Well i was not being too selfish. I was only doing my job. if i don’t klzz you tell me who will?” He asked, his face was with a big mimcry smile.

Anna snarled folding up her hand across her chest. She couldn’t count how many klzz she received on her face last night.

” Well..” justin continued. He turned her around so that she could back him. ” Come make breakfast for me..”

” Breakfast?!”

” Mn. Breakfast. I need to taste your handiwork. I want to eat spag and cheese” He said, he grinned [email protected] while hugging her from behind.

He took her to the kitchen and together they brought out all the cooking ingredient on a large table.

Anna thought he would cook with her, but her thought was so wrong.

” i hand over my kitchen to you, my lady. If you are done cooking just signify.” Justin said and leaned on the wall next to her.

He picked his phone from his pocket and threw his whole concentration on it.

Anna swallowed staring down at the heap of cooking stuffs on the table.

She believed justin was trying to test her abilities as his upcoming wife by telling her to make breakfast for him.

But unknown to justin, this girl was a chef expert herself.

She had learned different type of cooking cuisine from her mom, so cooking for her was no big deal at all.

She picked the knife and began to chop the vegetable faster, the pot was boiling with fire…

The ingredients were arranged and placed into the meal at the right time with the right quantity.

Justin head dumbly sprang up the moment he began to smell heaven.

This was the most glorious scent of food he had ever smelled..he almost felt like he would end up eating the air as well.

He walked towards the busy anna and let his hand freely wrap around her from behind.

He sniffed her skin..Huh?..honey.

” Geez, baby. I dunno know if its you or the food who’s driving me insane. Maybe I’ll just pick you for now since the meal isnt ready, huh?” He asked, his voice sounded really hoarse and wanting.

He made his shaky hand slid up her dress while it gently and slowly carresed her inner tighs.

Justin sighed with pleasure, closing up his wry eyes.

They were just the exact size he wanted, perfectly smooth and se-xy hips.

Anna couldn’t concentrate on her meal any longer.

She simply dropped her knife, and then began to look dumbly.

she didnt know why justin was acting all babyish since she received his ring.

She didn’t know why he had been wanting her so badly that he was also rushing off the wedding plans.

” Um..Jus..justin.” she whispered searching for his arm under her flay dress. She caught his arm still and heaved a sigh of relief.

” What’s the problem, sweetie?. You don’t like the way i touch you?” He whispered into her ear, his hot breath were menaced on her skin.

He stretched up his hands and now he was grabbing and cupping her little bre-ast so gently that anna felt herself moaning against her hot breath.

His teeth bit his lower l!p as he dined himself from her body pleasures.

” Anna. Would it seem crazy if we walk up to our room right now?” He whispered, his hoarse breath pinching her skin.

Anna’s face did not waste a second before it began to reddish with [email protected]

She couldn’t believe justin could ask such a kind of question when he fully knows what he was doing wasn’t appropraite to her at all.

” Um..i..i want to..i mean..I’m cooking but you keep distracting.. me~~” she said, biting her lower l!p.

She drawed out her words because justin had drew her dress handle and started to klzz her shoulder and romance her down there again.

Shit. she closed up her eyes.

His klzz on her shoulder was just deep and lvstful.

His l!ps was aching on all corners of her body, su-ck ing and taking all of it plane sweetness.

He roughly made her turn around to face him and then he klzzed her [email protected], focusing more of his pleasure on her l!p.

Anna couldn’t think straight any longer. it was as if her whole brain system had shut down completely.

Her whole life and body and soul was now focused on her l!p.

She tried to klzz him back but her body would fall weak again. Her body began to tremble with pleasure.

She had never felt this way before.His klzz had woken up all her five s£nses.

This was a total new different feeling and she crazily loving it.

justin wasnt taking consideration on his poor anna any longer. He was releasing all his crave for her.

He wasn’t gentle. His hands had gone in between her legs and now she had to spread her little feet and stand apart.

Her position was very awkward that she had to hold the counter table for support.

His hands swimed up her thigh like a forming lake until it was jiggling at the surface of her se-x.

She quickly closed up her legs in [email protected] after realising where justin was heading to.

She had even trapped justins hand inbetween her thighs, her eyes were wide open and round in shock.

Justin dis£ngaged his l!ps from her, he stared into her eyes and slowly traced them down to his stuck hands.

He realised it was caged into Anna’s tight legs and a mimcry laugh escaped his l!ps.

” I forgot that there was a police down there to stop me and tell me its not yet time.” He laughed.

Tho, inwardly, justin was scolding himself for not having his patience on her.

He hoped anna would not bother her little head thinking of what just happened because he had let loose all his se-xual feelings on her.

” Mn.W..what that’s smell?” Judtin said as he held up his nose.

Anna’s hand threw up to cover her l!p. She remembered She had left her sweet..sweet food on fire.

She quickly hopped towards the pot and pricked down the [email protected] controller.

She took out the pot cover and realised her food was had disappeared from the pot and what was left was ashes.

” Um..J..justin..i think we should visit the restaurant instead?”

. . .


Justin was wearing a simple ash sweat shirt and a white loosed [email protected]

A headphones were around his neck and he was holding up a mini luggage.

And anna who was always behind him, was just simply behind him behaving like she was his younger sibling.

She had a nice jeans jacket on and a short, along with soaks and snickers. Her headphone was placed on her head.

Now, she really looked like a young DJ player and justin was looking like a lazy sportman coach.

If they were interviewed by their looks no one would guess they were couples who were soon to be married in just few days.


Justin was trying to fix a flight for them to go back home to meet their parent for their rightful introduction but their flighr was suprisingly cancalled.

So they had to cramp in for the next flight which would be in the next one hour.

They returned to the [email protected]£ngers ward and sat down there together snuggling into eachother warmth like how normal couples did.

Justin body and soul was far from where he was sitting.

He was thinking about his mom and Ernold, he wondered how his mom was coping with ernold there with her.

Whenever he called his mother she would accept that she was doing fine but he knew his mom was lying.

He hoped that going back home after so many years, he would be able to sort out the family issues.

” Um..justin..” Anna woke up up from his gravious thought.

He quickly turned his direction towards her, his face still void and empty and grave.

” I really want to use the toilet. I’ll be right back.” She said.

” Be careful, sweetie” He said rubbing her hair before waving his hand for her to stand up and go.

Anna left him there and took the direction towards the nearby toilet.

She pushed the door open and met an angry lady in a seeming loud angry phone call.

She walked towards the toilet in aim of pulling the knob open but this woman angrily threw her phone towards her side for it to shatter to pieces.

Anna almost frightened with fear.

” Darn it!.” The woman screamed tugging her hair roughly.

Anna got really confused on why this woman was acting insane.

she wanted to ask if she was okay but she was scared of putting herself and others into her own shoes.

As soon as she bent to pick up the broken screen plate on the floor, she realised something strange.

This face was very familiar to her. ske knew this person from her highschool days but somehow she…

” Anna?” The woman called.


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