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his short girlfriend episode 54

🌸 His short girlfriend 🌺

| A beautiful love story |

By melody


__Chapter fifty four__


Justin was carrying a heavy shopping bag in two hands while stepping down the stairs.

Anna who was behind him, was busy with a big bowl of ice cream, spooning each scoop into her milky l!ps.

They had both gone for a little shopping, or perhaps, justin decided to finally waste his money on his new ‘fiancée’.

They were looking like newlyweds who normally went to the mall to get finished groceries.

The night was not young anymore and the city had just started to bloom like fireworks were being played in the sky.

Justin dropped the groceries bag at the back seat and went to open the front car door for anna.

He turned around expecting the girl that was behind him to quickly jump in but he was suprised she wasn’t following him any longer.

She was already walking up to the popcorn joint, her eyes glittering like ten thousand sparkling stars.

His jaw dropped frantically.

He couldn’t count how many stuff he had bought for anna today just by her pointing her tiny f!ng£rs at her choice.

Not counting the other stuff that he had planned to get for her that day.

He slammed back the door angrily and to began stride towards her.

” Anna. am not getting popcorn for you. Like seriously? still have an unfinished icecream in your arm.” He said, his brows were bent with worry.

She brought out his palm and dropped the ice cream on them.

” i want popcorn now. I’m tired of the ice cream.” She said, her eyes were without constraint.

Justin wished someone could fan him right now because he could feel his wallet was on fire.

He bit his lower l!p, his hand was running steadily into his front hair.

He knew he was the main cause of everything.

He had told her that after they left the hospital, he would drive her to the mall to get her the whole world!.

He knew if he should buy everything his girl wanted, he would slowly start turning his little angel into a spoilt and pampered pet.

” No. I’m not going to buy you a popcorn. That will be for next time.” He said and grabbed her hand.

She quickly used her other hand to grab the popcorn truck.

” No!. Leave me alone!. I want popcorn..Three sacks!!” She yelled, she was sheepishly crying like a toddler hugging the steel connected to the truck.

Justin grabbed her waist and began to pull her along.

Poor justin, he was pulling her along with the popcorn truck!.

The fat chef who owned the truck began to run along with them, simply yelling for them to return his truck.

When justin got to the front of his car, he stopped pulling anna and the fat chef also halted to a stop.

He leaned on his kneel, trying to catch his breath for a while.

” me.. run to catch my own truck!” He yelled, his white corners turning red and brown.

He was glad that this guy who dragged his truck didn’t run farther than the gate unless he would [email protected] out on the floor by then.

” I’m sorry for the wreck. You can have this as compensation and for drug to release your weight” He said stretching some dollars towards the chef.

A huge smile appeared on the chefs face as he collected the dollars from him.

” Thank you sir!” He scouted his arm happily.

Truly, tonight was a blessing in disguise for him. He dragged his truck and whistled away.

Justin watched the chef walk away for a while before turning around to look at anna who had been hiding behind him.

His eyes were totally covered with hint of disappointment and anger.

He kept looking her with that same aura until anna couldn’t bare stare at his face again.

She pursed her l!ps as she looked everywhere but him. Her f!ng£rs were twisting with her dress edge.

He is angry with me!. Her head panicked. She never knew that a small drama could make him rile up.

This was the first time he showed her that expression, it was the most scariest anger looks he had emitted.

” Get ready for my punishment.” was all justin said before he opened up the door for her.

She hastily ran into the car and made herself comfortable before looking up at justin.

He was still leaning on the car door which was widely open.

But there was something about his eyes, his face wasn’t emitting anger or disappointment any longer.

It had been washed off and a fishy creepy look was then plastered on him.

He finally closed up the door and turned to seat on the drivers seat.

” Seat belt.” He told her as he swung out the belt from it frame towards the plug.

Anna did the same and rested back on the headrest before she gave a sigh.

During their car ride back home, Anna’s head was forming invisible calculations in the air.

She was thinking of what justin meant by punishment and what kind he was actually talking about.

His face impression showed that her punishment won’t be easy, infact it was going to be a unique though one that needed woman task.

She was an adult now so why would he think of punishing her.

When the car got to a halt, anna raised her head and saw they were finally at jencita house.

She heaved a sigh of relief and quickly picked her bags to prepare her departure.

” Wait..” Justin said, he was looking far away.

Anna stopped and raised her head to look at him.

” Your punishment..” He trailed, his f!ng£rs tickling on the car handrest.

Anna’s heart jumped the moment she heard him.

She heard him clearly but she wished he could repeat that word ten thousand times more.

” My punishment?” she asked.

” Yeah..your punishment.” He replied, his face was darn serious.

She sat up on the chair letting curiousity grab and tie her around.

Justin f!ng£rs lazily flickered on the radio station infront of the car screen.

He kept flickering on the bu-tton and anna did nothing but imagine what punishment he would give her.

Perhaps, He might tell her to karaoke a popular song on radio or even worse, make her dance to the music.

He stopped moving the bu-tton when he arrived at a hot rhythmic music.

His f!ng£rs left the radio bu-tton and went up to his necktie.

He swiftly opened up the bu-tton like a machine and dropped his tie at a corner in the car.

He went for his shirt bu-ttons and began to reveal his perfect [email protected] tone abs.

Anna spawned her l!ps up and covered her eyes with her two small palm.

” this punishment!!” She yelled, she shaked her heads as well.

Before she knew it justin had raised her up from her seat and now she was straddling him, sitting inbetween his legs.

” This is your punishment, anna” Justin said, he was grinning [email protected] at her.

” Um..b..but this is..not how to punish someone” she whispered, her heart was shooting out of her chest.

” Well, then get used to how i make my punishment.” He said.

He leaned closer while his eyes began to close up. His l!ps touched her crazy soft, supple l!p and his desire hit level 5.

He klzzed her, so hungrily and so [email protected] that anna saw real stars.

He was so in love with her l!ps and all he could taste was just sweet…sweet icecream.

He su-ck ed his way through her, having a share of the sweet flavour.

In the process..

His hands were roaming on her beautiful thighs, he carresed them gently and slowly just to grasp how frasy they were.

She was sitting on right on top of his torso. She could feel his bulge from beneath her slowly move and turn [email protected]

He drew his l!ps out of her and drooled them on her skin until he got to her nape..the deep shallow bone on her shoulder.

He klzzed her there and anna hands flew to justin’s hair…she bit her l!ps, she moaned gripping and running her f!ng£rs into his hair.

Her body hijacked up, swimming in the realms of pleasure.

This justin guy was already making her reach cloud 9 when it was just merely a car klzz.

He’d be undoubtedly be a master in bed. He would drive her more crazier and make her scream for help.

He reached her l!ps again, he klzzed her [email protected] and anna could almost taste faint of blood.

Anna moaned. She grabbed his coat. She leaned forward to klzz him back.

Her sweaty body was brushing on his bare chest and the rad music background was only making things off the chain.

They kept on moving in same friction and their bodies raised up burning heat.

It went on and on..

A buzzing phone woke the awareness of this two couples.

Anna left hold of justin has they both stared at each other [email protected] for breath.

They had been klzzing hungrily that they forgot to take a breath break.

Justin stretched his hand to pick his phone. He looked at his screen and saw it was a call from clark.

He knew clark was already feeling worried that he wasn’t back home at 11 sharp.

He cut off the call and drew down the volume of the radio before turning to the red tomato infront of him.

She was sweeter than potato chips.

He grabbed her face with one of his hand and his other palm rubbing her thighs very gently like he was seducing her again.

” i don’t think i can bare this patience with you any longer, sweetie. I just wish i could..”

” Go home” she cut his words short.

He let out a throat chuckle as he stared at her in disbelief.

He was about to say make love with you, but he guessed his angel knew his mind already.

It seems she was already learning alot just today since they met.

” Let me help you with this” Anna said, she stretched her hands to bu-tton up his shirt and cover him up.

He stopped her hands, grinning at her se-xily.

” Why are you scared of staring at my body. Huh?..Don’t you know it belongs to you, now?” He asked, he was smirking.

Those smirks..they were so breathtaking and incomprehensible.

” I..I to..Huh?” She looked down not knowing what to say.

Beads of sweating were running from her forehead down her neck to scoop around her shoulders.

She was looking like a hot sweet potato and justin was getting blinded again.

He quickly dropped her back on her seat before he would loose his control.

He quickly put on his shirt and turned off the car.

” Let go down” he told her, he opened up the car door and got out.

He picked the groceries from the back door and took her hands towards the door post.

He didn’t want to waste any time and keep her in the dark so he just hand the stuffs to her and klzzed her goodbye.

” I love you!. Bye!” She hopped up, waving her hand in the air.

She couldn’t just wait to explore what was inside this full bag.



🍽 Dinning room 🕸

” Why were you late?” Clark was the first to question justin during his dinner.

” This is almost like one in the morning and you were just driving in. Do you know the huge suspect you put us in?” Ace chipped in, he was tugging his hair angrily.

Justin gave an inward chuckled.

He picked another full spoon of his meal and stared at it for a while, smile craving up in his cheeks.

He ate and didnt say a word, simply acting like a quiet gentleman he didn’t want trouble.

” justin won’t you explain yourself?..Did anything happen?” Clark asked, he was getting worried for his poor friend.

” Dude!. Is he even listening to us?. He keeps smiling at his freaking meals like they are the ones speaking to him.” Ace complained.

” Clark. Ace.” Justin suddenly called their names without any emotion.

They almost jumped up with fear with the quirkiness of his voice.

Finally, he had transformed from ‘Mr quiet’ to ‘Mr freak them out’.

” My fiancée is moving in with me as from tomorrow.” He said.

He was looking farther away lost in another thought of his.


Ace: “……”

Clark: ” !!!”

They were so shocked that they would look back and forth from justin to eachother.

Ace finally snapped from his daze and began to laugh hilariously.

His laughter filled the room and justin slowly turned to look at the idiot who was running sideways in the kitchen.

Clark was still standing at a spot just staring at the unbelievable justin.

He knew his friend has never had a girlfriend or even a female friend..

How come a he has a fiancée?. Where in what world?. He would like to see this fiancée of his.

Before he could ask anything, justin had already stood up from his chair.

” it wouldn’t be a joke anymore by the time we get married. After our wedding, you guys would need to leave this house because it wouldn’t be compartible for us when i start to make my own family. I hope you read my l!ps well.”

And just like that, he adjusted his robe and walked up to his room.

The atmosphere turned cold and tensed. There was a proximity of toxic silence.

” Who the hell is that girl that bewitched him?” Ace said sl!pping to the floor.


There will be war soon. Big war🥁🥁🎷

Clark get ready to see his fiancée,,

I hope this episode is not boring.🪣

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