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burning desire episode 89 & 90

(Her l!ps and body…)

CHAPTER 89&90😋😋😋

By, Mide Starr . D




“ Wang I want you to unlock this phone and the calculator app that’s on it” Malia said.

Sally stood as she watch him sit in front of three computers bending his f!ng£rs
“ It’s gonna be [email protected]
“ Are you not an hacker?” Izzy asked.

“ I will try to unlock it”
“ Wang I want the phone to be unlocked in the next 24 hours” Malia said.

“ I will try to unlock it”
“ Do it and I will pay you, any amount you want” Dian said and a smile appeared on Wang face, Dian stare at him with mixed expression.

“ Money??? Don’t worry I’m gonna unlock the phone”
“ Can we trust him???” Jane asked.

“ The phone??? Someone needs to stay with him” Izzy replied.

“ He can come over to my house and Malia will watch over him” Sally said
“ Why will you allow a man in your house” Dian said and Sally glanced at him.

“ Him staying here alone guarantee nothing but if he come over to my house, we’re gonna get a good result” Sally said
“ I disagree, I don’t trust him” Dian said and Sally held his hand.

She drag him out and when they got outside she cu-p-ped his cheek
“ We need to do this, trust me” Sally said.

“ There’s a small in the living room, I can move it to the room he’s gonna stay then connect it to my phone, I can watch whatever he’s doing” Sally said and Dian nod.

“ I don’t still trust him” Dian said
“ Dian trust him on this” Sally said and he nod looking away.

“ Let’s go inside”
They went back inside and Sally nod at Malia.

“ Pick any tool you’re gonna need cause you’re not gonna come back here until you unlock the phone” Malia said and he picked his laptop, he pack it inside a bag with it charger.

“ That’s all” He said.

“ Let’s go”
They went out of the building and the Sally’s enter Dian car, he ignite the car engine and drive out.

Jane’s car followed him and Sally bring out her phone, she check the footage and she could see the kids sleeping on the floor, she saw Jamila lying on the floor next to the kids and Leah on the floor too reading a book.

“ Are you checking on them??” His voice brought her back and she glance at him
“ I’m just worried about the kids” She said and Dian chuckled.

“ Don’t worry they’re gonna be alright” Dian said and Sally nod
He dial her line and she pick the call immediately.

“ Malia can I borrow your sister for tonight??”

“ Brother you have my permission”
He cut the call “ Are you trying to kidnap me???” Sally asked and he chuckled.

“ I want us to be alone” He said and she smiled.

He drove straight to his Mansion, the begining of their love story
Some minutes later he arrive at the Mansion and park his car.

“ The house is still the same” Sally said as she come out from the car
“ But inside is not the same” Dian said
He walk towards her and held her hand, they entered the house and Sally widened her eyes when she saw her picture all the living room.

“ Dian….”
“ I miss you” He said and she face him.

“ Dian….”
“ I know I have made a lot of crazy mistakes but you are the best thing that had ever happened to me” He said softly.

“ Dian I…..I miss you” said Sally
He cu-p-ped her cheek and kis-s her l!p de-eperly.

She staggered backward and he followed her
“ Don’t think about anything, just focus on me”
“ Dian the kids an….” He shut up with a hot kis-s.

“ Just for tonight” He whispered and Sally slowly raise her hand to his che-st
She slowly take off his blazer and unbu-tton his shirt.

She take off the shirt and roam her hands round the well built che-st, he break the kis-s and shower kis-ses on her neck, she staggered backward and he followed her.

She keep staggering till she fall on the couch
He move his hand to her jeans bu-tton and slowly unbu-tton it, he let his l!p do justice to her l!p and neck.

“ Take it off” He said huskily and Sally raise her bu-tt a little bit up as she drag the jeans.

The jeans fall on her ankle and she kick it off immediately.

He move his hand inside her top and bra as his hand squeeze her ripe orange
She m-oaned softly and he take off the top, he unhook the bra and mount his l!p on her cl£@[email protected]£.

He su-ck the left ßoobs and ma-ssage the right ßoobs, he already gat her we-t
He grind his teeth sweetly on the n**ples and she screamed .

He did justice to her clea-vage for some minutes and later he shower kis-ses on her tummy down to her bellybu-tton, he kis-s it and she watch as he trail his tongue down to her exp-osed pû**y
She watch as his we-t tongue tou-ched the wall and she rolled her eyeballs front and back.

“ Dian….”

He widened her thigh for more access, he kneel and tongue fuc-k
She held his hair and trap his face in between her thigh as she m-oaned crazily.

She fondled her hair as the pleasure become too much for her
“ Dian I’m cu-mmin” She screamed and shoot her shot on his face
“ Sweet..” He said.

He trails kis-ses up to her l!p and kis-s her de-eperly, he move f!ng£r down to her thigh, he widened it and thr-ust a f!ng£r in.

She m-oaned and he thr-ust in slowly, he increase it to two and she screamed
He kis-s her ti-ghtly, “ No one tou-ched you” He whispered and she nod m-oaning crazily as he thr-ust in de-eperly and fas-ter.

“ fuc-k Dian it hurt”
“ I’m sorry” He whispered amidst the kis-s.

He roam through her holes and Sally held him ti-ghtly
“ Unbuckle the belt” He said and Sally slowly held his belt.

She m-oaned as she un-buckled it and manhood sprang up immediately
He remove his f!ng£rs and tease her hole with his phallus.

“ Dian….”

“ Impatient??”

“ Please thr-ust in” She begged.

“ Can’t hear you”.

“ Dian please thr-ust in, I want you” Sally begged louder and a smiled formed on his face.

He put a tip in and Sally enwrapped her legs round his wai-st
“ It’s gonna hurt a little” Dian said and she nod.

He thr-ust in fully and she screamed, she dug her nails into his ba-re skin
“ I’m sorry” He said and pause waiting for her to adjust to his size.

“ Just like the first time on the floor” Sally said lowly and he smiled
“ Are you serious about that statement?? No baby??” He asked and Sally cu-p-ped his cheek.

“ I was just joking” She whispered and he kis-s her l!p lightly.

“ I love you”
“ Love you more than you do” Sally said and he resume thr-usting
He thr-ust in slowly and later he increase his speed.

The pains slowly fade replacing it with pleasure, they m-oaned crazily as they eat each other raw
Can’t get enough of each other, skin jamming each other become loud.

“ So ti-ght”

“ I love you”

“ Yes that spot”

“ Dian [email protected]

“ I want more”

He roam through her de-eperly and after some minutes she release on his phallus and it sl!pped out.

“ Let’s go upstairs”
He carried her up as one of his f!ng£r pene-trate inside her hole, she m-oaned and he increase the f!ng£r to two
They climb the stairs and she held him ti-ghtly as she f!ng£r**d her.

Her body felt exploding, a new feeling and pleasure she haven’t felt for long, she’s finally feeling it.

“ Mmm yes” She m-oaned
They entered the room and he’s already inside her with her soft a$s facing him in a crazy style.

He moved in and out of her in full force without giving her her breathing space
Dian went dee-per and she held the bed sheet ti-ghtly begging more and he’s giving it to her.

She could feel fire and hotness on her p**ssy and she’s not ready to close her thigh, she want him to herself every sec, minutes and hour.

She want tonight to be a memorable night for the both of them.

“ Baby fast”

“ Ahh fuc-k me”

“ Gawwd I love this”

“ Yes that spot”

“ I love you”

“ Ahh,,,,, Sally”

“ Yes [email protected]

“ Don’t stop”

“ Yes gimme more”

“ I want more”

“ fas-ter and rougher”

He pulled her and turn around around, he thr-ust in full force going in and out without giving her time to catch her breathe.

“ I’m on fire!!”.

He fondled her clea-vage with left hand and his right hand ma-ssage her l!p, he su-ck her left ßoobs and plant kis-ses on her right cl£@[email protected]£.

“ You sweet”
They can’t get enough of each other, eating themselves raw in pleasure.


He hit his hand on the bed softly and he could feel her, he opened his eyes immediately and saw no glimpse of her.
“ Sally ….” Dian called but got no response.

He get off the bed and enter his dressing room, he pick a short and wear it with a big shirt.

He went out of room and enter the washroom, no glimpse of her
“ Where’s she???”.
“ Hope it’s not what I’m thinking” He thought as he stood in front of the mirror in the washroom.

He take his toothbrush and apply toothpaste on it, he wash his teeth and his hand touch the other toothbrush
One of the toothbrush is we-t and he glance at his reflection in the mirror.

“ Sally…..”
He wash his teeth and rinse his mouth, he ran out of washroom and ran out of his room.

He ran on the stairs and stop on his track when he caught a glimpse of her in the kitchen.

“ Sally….”
He sluggishly walk towards the kitchen and stood at the door, he watch as she prepare breakfast.

His eyes move to her soft a$s that’s visible in the white shirt she wore
Sally move towards the second dining table that’s in the kitchen, she take her phone and dial her line.

“ Have you done it” She said
“ I will check it now” She cut the call and the CCTV footage.

She could see Malia waving at her and saw Wang sleeping on the king-sized bed.

“ Malia and her cuteness” she muttered and drop her phone on the table
She glance at the door and saw Dian staring at her.

“ Babes…” She said and Dian smiled as he enter the kitchen walking towards her.

He carried her and place her on the table, he rest his hand on her thigh and Sally rest her weight on her hand as she stare at smiling.

“ Your handsomeness is blinding my eyes” Sally said
“ Your l!ps and body is getting me intoxicated” Dian said and she stare at him with affection written all over her face.

He move closer to her and quench her dried l!p, they hungrily kis-sed each other as Dian grab her chin, she smiled amidst the kis-s and he chuckled.

“ You’re irresistible” He said and she wink at him.

“ You gat an hottie lady” She said and something cross his mind.

“ Lady???”
“ Baby mama” She said and he chuckled.

“ Sally…..”
“ I have three kids for you, no marriage so I’m your baby mama” Sally said.

“ A minute” Dian said and went out
Sally stare at his back view and sigh, “ It’s true, I’m just his baby mam” She muttered.

She get down the table and turn off the [email protected]
She dish the food inside a white small de-eper plate, she gently place the plates inside a white tray.

Sally was about to carry the tray when she felt an arm cl!pped round her wai-st
“ Dian…..” she pushed the tray forward and face him.

“ Your breakfast is ready”
“ I have a little gift for you” Dian said and she chuckled.

“ Are you angry about that statement??”
“ No…..”
He brought his face closer and she shut her eyes, he knelt in front of her and Sally opened her eyes when she felt something cold hitting her skin.

“ Dian….”
She glance down and saw a gold anklet on her ankle.

“ Dian….” She called and he kis-s her.

“ I love you”
“ I love you too” She whispered.

“ Sally, I plan on doing this after we’re done dealing with Chamina but I feel I should do it cause you’re getting the whole feelings wrong” Dian said and Sally cu-p-ped his cheek.

“ I retract my statement, I’m sorry” Sally said and he chuckled
“ Hey I’m not mad at you so don’t apologise” said Dian as he he held her left hand and kis-s her l!p as he slide a ring in.

She break the kis-s and glance at her, she saw a shining ring and opened her l!p slightly.

A liquid drop from her eyes and she cover her face with her palm.

“ Dian….”
“ You don’t like it??? Should I get another ring for you” Dian asked as he stare at her
He tried to un-derstand why she covered her face.

“ Are you embarra-ssed??”
Sally dropped her hands and Dian widened his eyes when he saw her eyes soaked with tears.

“ Babe what’s wrong???” Dian asked with care
“ I love the ring, I never imagined I will ever get a promise ring on my f!ng£r”

“ You already got one” He said and she hugged.

“ I love you”
“ When I’m gonna dealing with her, I will divorce her and make you my lady” Dian said and she nod as she sob in happiness .







Dian and Sally enter arrive at her house, she unhook the seat belt and was about to open the car door when Dian held her hand.

“ Sally….” He called
“ What’s wrong??? Anything??”
“ Thank you” said Dian and Sally chuckled.

“ You have said that over and over” Sally said
“ I need to appreciate the goddess sitting next to me” Sally peck his l!p.

“ Sugar coated mouth” She said and come out from the car
Dian step out and lock the car door, they walk towards the door and Sally unlock the door pin.

They entered the house and the triplet ran out of the kitchen laughing
“ Mama!!!”
Sally widened her eyes and the triplet dodge her hug
They ran to Dian’s arm and he laughed with them.

“ For real, they shade their mother aside “ Sally said and the triplet glance at her
“ Papa is she jealous” Jamila said.

“ Momma I love my Dad” Millie said
“ Momma for now let me stay with Dad, I will come back to you later” Billie said.

“ Don’t come back, I will get myself another baby” Sally said and went to the kitchen.

“ Another brother on the way” Millie shouted
“ Yes a new sister” Billie said.

“ I want a brother and a sister” Jamila said and Dian smiled at her
“ Have you guys join?” Millie asked and Dian chuckled.

“ They should have gum together last night” Billie said
“ I saw a ring on her f!ng£r” Jamila said.

“ I will be the priestess” Millie said
“ I will be the flower girl” Jamila said.

“ Billie will the flower boy” Billie said
“ Do you know that she cried when she saw the ring” Dian said and they widened their eyes.

“ Papa really??” Jamila said
“ She’s dra…..” Millie trailed.

“ You have forgotten the words” Billie said
“ Your mother is dramatic” Malia said as she appeared at their back and their clap theirs hands.

“ Yes drama” Millie said
“ My tongue is going to cut off with that big word” Jamila said.

“ Things is back to normal” Malia said and Dian nod
Sally came out from the kitchen holding a bowl of ice cream.

“ What are you guys talking about??”
“ Mom you cried” Jamila said and Sally choke on the ice cream
She cover her mouth with her hand as she coughed.

“ I’m sorry” Jamila said
“ No it’s fine” Sally said lowly.

“ You cried??” Millie asked and she glance at the Dian
“ What did you tell them” She mouthed
The statement got her confused cause she cried twice today.

“ They are not talking about make out session, they’re talking about the proposal” Malia whispered and Sally blink her eyelashes.

“ You’re wild like Jane” Sally said and walk away, Malia sniggered and went upstairs.

Sally went to sit on the couch and the triplet ran to her
“ Mom you cried?” Billie asked and she nod.

“ It was emotional” Sally said and they climb the couch, they held her left hand and check the ring with their mouth slightly opened.

“ Papa is rich” Millie said
“ Told ya’” Jamila said.

“ I want to be like Papa” Billie said and they smiled
Malia came back with Wang holding a phone with laptop.

“ He have unlock the phone” Malia said
They got downstairs and Malia sit on the couch resting her back, Wang sat next to her holding the laptop and phone.

“ Leah!!!”
She rushed out of the kitchen and bow at Sally
“ Take the kids upstairs” Sally said and she nod.

The triplet stood on the couch and Leah walk towards them
They lift their hands up and Millie jump on Leah back.

“ Billie….”
“ No it’s fine, we will walk” Jamila said
They sit on the couch and slide down, they stand and follow her to the kitchen
Dian feed his eyes with his kids, when they’re out of sight he went to sit on the couch next to Sally.

“ Malia have check the calculator app??” Dian asked
“ There are some evidences, chat and pictures” Malia said.

“ Take it over from there” Sally said
“ I will give it to a trustworthy person” Malia said and Dian glance at Wang.

“ Your payment?? Name your price” Dian said and a smile formed on Wang face.

“ Price???, Unlocking that phone wasn’t easy so gimme me one million won” Wang said and Malia glance at him immediately.

“ One million won?? Should I transfer it??” Sally asked
“ Sally hold it first” Malia said.

“ Malia….”
“ One million is too much” Malia said.

“ I will pay the money, I…..” Malia raise her hand at him and he kept his l!p shut
“ Sorry to interrupt, Wang have anyone ever tell you that a nut is missing in the head” Malia said as she stand and Wang slowly drop the laptop on the table.

“ Malia it’s not easy to unlock the phone”
“ I will give him the money, it’s not a problem” Dian said.

“ Gimme the money and Wang,,, if I give you ten thousand won, if you like don’t receive it,,,,I will take it and spend it on my beautiful face” Malia said.

Sally and Dian glance at each other then stand, they held each other hands and tip toe out of the living room.

“ Carry the cross alone” Sally mouthed.
“ Malia…” Wang called and she shot him a deadly glare.

He kept his l!p sealed and look away breathing heavily.

“ Dian the one million won” Malia said as she turn back smiling.

The smile slowly fade when she could not see a glimpse of Dian and Sally.


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