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bound episode 42

[ # 2 in the DE LUCA SERIES]
♟️ Spark’s libary 2022



✍️By authoress lenity Faithful

Tags ☠️: Mafia ,arrogant , billionaire , EXLovers , Marriage contract .

©️ Copyright [ Do not copy or Repost without permission from me the writer or else …You’d not like my actions ]






” I’d be right back love ” I said and Sergio and I went with Dylan .

We knew he was pretending to be strong and didn’t want him to face everything alone .

Immediately he place her in the car ,he burst out crying badly .

” Hey c’mon” I patted his back as he cried bitterly .

” Hey c’mon man you’d be fine ” I said as I rubbed his back .

” Why did she use my feelings against me , why Anna ! He asked as he cried .

” I pulled the trigger on the one I love ,I shut her I fvcking killed Anna ” he screamed and Sergio pulled him into a hug .

” Be strong Dylan ,you did the right thing,she never loved you ,She would have led you to your Doom if you listened to her I’m proud of you bro ” Sergio said and he just gave a nod .

We joined him as he took her to the Cemetery for proper funeral .

We came back late and Sergio Decided to babysit him just in case ,he decided to do anything stupid .

” Hey Bro ” Kris said going out .

” Hey where you off to ? I asked and he rubbed his forehead .

” I’m good … Actually Mr Suarez Called again …normal routine ,I just have to check up on him I’d be back ‘ he said and I frowned .

” You still work for the Suarez ? I asked suprised .

Kristov had been Working for the Suarez right after he finished Medical school ,he was currently working in their hospital as one of the lead surgeon .

He’s also one of the best in the country .

” Sure say hi to the Old man ” I said and he shrugged as he left the mansion .

I’m guessing he wouldn’t be back tonight anyways .

” Hey princess ” I said immediately I joined Aria on the bed and she turned to me .

” Hey naughty guy ” she said teasingly and just before she could lean in for a klzz .

I heard a knock .

I groaned in frustration as she chuckled .

” Dad ” Red called frowning .

” Yes champ …” I said and he walked over to me with his iPad .

” Come over here I need your help ” he said and Aria laughed .

” You know I’m your Dad right champ ? I asked and he shifted his [email protected] properly .

” You’re not just my dad you’re my best friend too ” he said and that made me smile widely .

” Awwwwwwwwn ” I said and he made a face .

” Please don’t try to act girly ” he said Aria burst out laughing.

I joined him to do his homework and Aria joined us on the couch .

” Red ” she called as she ran her f!ng£rs in his hair .

” Mom ” he answered and I gave a nod for her to go ahead .

” We’re expecting a baby ” she said and he looked at the both of us in shock .

” Really Dad ? Like seriously oh my goodness” he screamed excitedly as he pulled the both of into a hug and we chuckled softly at his bubly nature .

I can’t believe I’m gonna be a big Brother , if he’s a boy I’m gonna make sure he’s smart and if she’s a girl … And keep all the boys away from her I’d …. ” He trailed .

” Easy young man the baby is not even born yet ” I said and he laughed .

” I can’t wait ” he clapped excitedly .

He left after his homework and I pulled Aria into my arms .

” Frederico you naughty hahahaha ” she laughed .

” You look more se-xy now that you’re pregnant Ari ” I said and she slapped my arms softly as we chuckled .

” I’d be going out tommorow ” she said and I frowned .

” Why ? What do you mean , where ! I asked pannicking .

” Hey chill , Grace and I are just gonna visit the hospital for A checkup I’d be fine ” she said and I Frowned .

” Why can’t you do it here ? I asked and she Chuckled .

” Don’t be silly ” she said and I chuckled .

” How about we have some fun …” I asked smirking and she pushed me on the bed .

” That’s my girl ” I said and she she made the Quiet sign as she took off her robe .

There’s no Dull moment with my angel ,she knew how to make things super Interesting in the bedroom and that’s one of the reasons why I’m crazy about her because she helps me bring out all my favorite bedroom moments in action .

I made a mental note to double the security on her tommorow because I can’t

Take chances with Veronica still on the loose ,that woman was super shameless and that’s just it .

We Changed almost all our guards after Anna escaped …we changed their Duties because We definitely had snitches in the team .

Emelio smartly Fish them out and the punishment for betraying the mafia of course was nothing other than death .



” So I can’t believe my brother shoot the shot already this is Definitely the sweetest news I’ve heard this season you know ….” Yvonne said as she wore her jacket properly .

” Ya me knocked up Doesn’t sound fun , other than the fact that I’d be a mother again ….,Reds Pregnancy was terrible ” i said and she laughed .

” Terrible ? C’mon that’s because you and Rico weren’t a couple back then ,now you both together to share all the moment together ” she said and I couldn’t agree more .

” You right ” I said and she clapped excitedly .

” I’m always right ,I told Grace she’d be crazily into [email protected] and today she can’t think of anything other than how amazing my cousin is ” she said proudly and Grace and I rolled our eyes .

” Let’s just get going so we can come back on time , Frederico and [email protected] has been on my neck because I’m going out with Aria ” Grace said and I blushed red .

Yvonne drove to the hospital and the security stayed discreet in other not to cause unwanted attraction.

The nurse checked my pregnancy and gave us positive results .

She was tall beautiful and looked calm ….so calm she almost seemed boring accept from her Charming smile.

” I’m Lana , Lana sereno ” she said and Grace smiled .

” Grace De Luca …”

” Aria Deluca ” I said and Yvonne just ignored us .

” De Luca’s ? You must be Kristov’s sister in-law , he told me you we’re coming for the check up .

She said with a friendly smile .

Please don’t tell me she’s the girlfriend , don’t get me wrong I know I’m not supposed to judge at first sight , but cmon She Sounded perfect exactly like kristov ….if this two end up together ,they’d be the most Boring stuck up

Couple alife …” I thought .

” Yvonne his cousin , and you are ? She asked and Lana smiled .

” Lana …his huh girlfriend ” she said and Grace rubbed her forehead .

” Nice to meet you ” i said as she finished the tests .

” Let me in I need to Fvcking kill that b* st*rd I’m just …..” We heard Veronica’s voice and she looked like she’s ran mad .

What’s going on !

” Veronica ” I said suprised .

The whole place was crowded and since she was a popular and We’ll known face the whole place had people mumuring ,some brought out their phones to take pictures as she Screamed dramatically .

” I’d kill her ! I swear ” she said and I stared at her in amusement .

” You ruined my life Aria …I’d fvcking ruin yours you’d never be happy I swear …” She screamed and brought out a gun but the security stopped her as they handcuffed her and took her out .

The cops came and we just watched as they took her away .

” Veronica is sick …I swear ” Grace said and I couldn’t agree more .

I’ve done nothing wrong to her and all she wanted was to make sure frederico and I pay for what she caused to herself .

” How are you ? Did she hurt you ? Fred asked immediately we entered the estate and of course we received a lot of Scolding for going out ..

The news was trending about popular model Veronica’s outburst and threatening to k*ll me in the hospital .

By the next morning , Sergio had released some of the heinous crimes her family committed on the internet and Evidence to prove Veronica was very much involved .

I felt sorry for her because she wasn’t gonna leave the prison anytime soon .

Too bad ….

Few months later .

” Happy birthday Rico ” I said excitedly as I klzzed his full cheeks while he slept and everyone chuckled softly .

” Come here baby girl ” he said and before he could pull me into the bed His Dad smack him Making everyone laugh .

” Ouch ….” He groaned .

” This is no time for romance son …we have kids here ” he said and Axel started blabbing sweetly.

” See Axel thinks so too Dad ” Red said and everyone laughed .

” Happy birthday son , remember when we thought we lost you ? I’m so proud you’re with us ” his mom said and [email protected] ruffled his head .

” Don’t do that bro ! ” He whinned immediately and Sergio joined .

” Hahahaha you’re no fun ” Kristov said and joined the Crew .

Emelio carried Red as they joined the game .

I stood next to Grace watching the De Luca brothers play crazily .

My mind went back to everything that had happened in between frederico and I are and where we we’re today .

Anna’s betrayal the DeNero’s and finally my family .

In all being said and done I was glad I still had Fred by my side …my son and most importantly a family I can call my own .

I’d thought Being bound to a Deluca was the worse thing that could happen to anyone but I was wrong and right now I’m Glad I met frederico and the De Luca’s .

Even though they’re all


The end

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