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bound episode 41

[ # 2 in the DE LUCA SERIES]
♟️ Spark’s libary 2022



✍️By authoress lenity Faithful

Tags ☠️: Mafia ,arrogant , billionaire , EXLovers , Marriage contract .

©️ Copyright [ Do not copy or Repost without permission from me the writer or else …You’d not like my actions ]





” I can’t believe this ” Sergio said as he ran his f!ng£rs in his hair …

” I just …..” Dylan trailed off sadly …it was really a shock that he was a De Nero and now his mom happened to be the same woman that dared to ruin the De Luca’s happiness Countless times and failed Woefully.

” How’s it possible that you worked for the De Luca’s and had no idea About Lina ? I asked confused .

” Dylan only started working for us when he trained Grace , He used to work for Alfonso …before Yvonne brought him to train Grace ” Frederico said and I gave a nod .

” It’s okay Dylan We’re nothing like the woman that gave birth to us that’s the most important thing ” Sergio said and they both gave each other a Bro Hug .

” You know what …I want you to get rid of the DeNero’s name , I know you’re grown up and all but Santi and I would he pleased to formally adopt you into our family …as our son Dylan De LUCA” Giovanna said and Dylan became Quiet emotional as he cried she pulled him into her arms in a hug .

Such a sweet woman .

” How are you Aria ” she asked after unlocking from the hug with Dylan and I gave a nod .

” I’m fine mother inlaw ” I said and she chuckled sweetly .

After Dinner I Retired to our room on time to prepare my suprise for frederico .

Immediately he got into the room he smiled seeing me on the bed in his favorite nightwear .

” Wow ” he said teasingly and I chuckled softly as he joined me on the bed .

” I missed you ” he said and klzzed my l!ps softly .

” Frederico ” I called and he smiled Sweetly.

” I have a suprise for you ” I said teasingly and he stared at me curiously .

” A suprise …?

” Yup and I’m sure you’d love it ” I said and he gave a nod .

” Where is it ? He asked looking around the room for a clue .

” Right here , sitting in front of you ” I said and he wondered his eyes back to me naughtily.

” Oh I definitely like this suprise and it has not even started yet ” he said teasingly .

” That’s not it love ” I said and his neck …

” Oh , then what is it ? He asked and I took his hand and ran it on my stomach softly .

” Do you feel it ? Do you feel the life growing inside of me Fred ? I asked and he froze .

” Wait what ? He asked whilst trying to register what I just told him .

” Oh my goodness … Arianna ….you just made a father again I can’t believe this ” he said as I showed him the PT { pregnancy test}

“;I’d taking one immediately to confirm if I was really pregnant and not stress and it turns out we are expecting our second child frederico” I said and he klzzed me excitedly as he laughed out tears of joy .

” I can’t believe this my love at some point in my life I thought I’d lost you forever but I just …” He trailed and I klzzed him back .

” Shhhhhhhh …..let’s make the better of this sweetheart ” I said removing his belt.

Just like me he was eager for what I had planned for us as he ravished me sweetly .

” Baby ” I Called after our [email protected] encounter and he answered softly as I snuggled into him .

” Did you notice something between Sergio and that Neomi girl ? I asked and He shook his head positively .

” But I don’t think Sergio likes her , she’s Quiet Close to Dylan though ….and if Sergio thinks she’s no good for him , I have no issues if Dylan decides to Shoot his shot you know ” he said and I smacked him lightly.

” Oh please you De Luca’s have Zero s£nse when it comes to love you know it ” I said and his jaws dropped.

” It’s not like that ” he frowned .

” Then it’s like what ? He knew shes starting to get under his skin and decided to push her away ….” I said and he sighed .

” Not everyone believes in this love and relationship stuff okay , Sergio used to be fun ….but my little bro suddenly mature over night after realizing he was an illegitimate son …We De Luca brother’s might act like we are perfectly fine but we’re totally waiting to be loved and finding the right woman ” he said playing with my hair .

” Do you know Kris has a girlfriend ? I think her name was something Lana ” I said and he frowned .

” Kris ? Girlfriend ” he asked curiously.

” Yup …but he hasn’t defined their relationship yet , according to him he wants a woman like his current girlfriend ,a person who understands the nature of his job and allows him to be his workaholic self ,I find it disturbing you know” I said and Frederico sighed ..

” It’s his choice though .” Fred said .

” Oh please he just hasn’t been beaten by the love bug , don’t you know Meeting the right one eventually turns you into a completely different person …I didn’t even see the spark whilst he was talking to Lana ….they’re a terrible match frederico” I said and he groaned tiredly.

” Baby we are a perfect match right ? Then let’s sleep please” he said and I glared daggers at him.

” This is your brothers life were talking about Rico …” I whinned.

” Baby Kristov’s not a kid , he’s fvcking 26 and should be able to make his own life decisions ” he said and slept off .

” I still think him and lana are a terrible match” I said frowning and Fred pulled me into his Arms without opening his eyes .



Aria was being an and all about my siblings love life last night that I had to force her to go to bed before she makes me loose my mind .

” Fred what are you thinking about ? I just told you something” Kristov snapped and Dimitri Yvonne’s husband laughed behind him .

” What’s funny ? I snapped .

” Nothing man hahahaha ” he laughed.

[email protected] was sitted on the opposite couch with Aldo in his arms whilst Emelio had Axel .

” Heard you have a girlfriend ” I asked teasingly.

” Since when did you start Caring about my girlfriend’s ? He asked blankly.

” Hey chill bro it’s not like you’ve dated any interesting woman before , it’s always those [email protected] Barbie’s acting like prim and proper princesses…I don’t get cool vibes around such women ,they hide their real personality and 99percent of their characters fake ” Emelio said camly.

” I don’t see anything wrong with Lana c’mon she’s beautiful smart talented prim proper she’s good in bed and most importantly gives me my space , I can’t Date a woman who needs my Attention 247 ….” Kris said and [email protected] turned his attention to us .

” Women need our Attention Kris take that from a married man ” [email protected] teased him .

” A woman who loves you wouldn’t be comfortable with too much space from her partner ….you basically live like this Luna doesn’t exist ” I said and he shrugged.

” Lana bro ” he corrected me immediately.

” Whatever” I scoffed .

” Lana is basically my age she’s 26 …Also a doctor … We’re both successful …” He said again .

” That’s like the worse things to consider when finding true love ” I said camly .

” Whoever said I’m finding true love ” he asked closing his laptop.

” But you’re such a strong believer of love ” Dimitri chirped in .

” I do believe in love and respecting a woman ….” He sighed

” You contradict yourself then because you acting opposite to your believes ” [email protected] Added .

‘ can we stop talking about me ..” he asked annoyed .

” Aria is expecting our second child” I said and they screamed happily .

” Oh my goodness really ? Mom asked whilst coming down from the stairs and we chuckled

” I’m so proud of you my Boy ” she said excitedly .

” So you’re not proud of us ? Emelio Asked.

” Who ? Mom asked and their jaws literally dropped.

” Hey Mom that’s unfair ” kristov whinned .

” Y’all need to get married Emelio ….you’re getting old is it when you’re old you gonna get married ” she asked and Kris cleared his throat .

” Last time I checked I’m 26;…” He asked and she ignored them as she went upstairs …

” This is so unfair you know ” he said and we all burst into laughter .

” So Sergio Arianna was kinda curious about you and Neomi ? I asked and he rubbed his forehead .

” There is no us ….I cut her out of my life already “he said and [email protected] looked at him then laughed .

” What’s funny ? He groaned frustratedly .

” The fact that y’all acting like you’re not gonna get whipped soon ,you will get whipped soon and you won’t even know you’re whipped Already” he said and Kristov got up immediately .

” You know what , I’m feeling sleepy …” He said and escaped immediately.

” The way he tears love is shocking ” Dimitri said and we all burst into laughter.

” Hey mi amor ” I said to Aria as I [email protected]£d my hands around her waist .

She blushed red because she was with Grace and Yvonne .

” Can I steal my wife ? I asked and they gave a nod .

” Sure no problem ” They said and we went out .

We heard the Alarm in the Mansion and the guards became on high alert .

” What’s going on ? Aria Asked .

” Anna escaped , she …. escaped but she’s definitely in the estate …” Emelio said and Aria cursed .

” We should have killed that fvcker while we had the chance to ,how did she escape ? Aria asked Angrily .

” You should be asking that Question to your dumb self Aria …” We heard a familiar voice and There she was standing with a smirk on her face and pointing a gun straight at Red who just stood frozen in her arm .

” Let my son go Anna ! I said Angrily I was already fuming Crazily .

” You’re all stupid because since I know you’re gonna kill me anyways ,why shouldn’t I get the last laugh ? She asked and We felt someone shoot at her hand .

She struggled to get hold of Red but he ran over to us .

” Dylan ….
” She said shocked .

” My love…..”

” Don’t you dare call me that Anna ,I know you never loved me from the beginning I was just your stepping stone to get into the mafia ” he spat and she cried bitterly .

” I love you Dylan ….Can’t you see It my love….these people don’t love you they’re just ” she trailed and Dylan shot her twice at the stomach .

Her eyes froze as she stared at him blankly .

Aria snuggled into me as she cried bitterly and I rubbed her back .

Her body dropped lifeless on the floor and it was really a painful sight to watch as He walked over to her body and picked it in his arms as he walked out of the estate .

” Where are you taking …? I trailed as I asked him but [email protected] Pat his back .

He’d killed the one he loved that was the [email protected] thing for anything to do .

We just hope he’s strong enough to move on after this .

After the incident with Anna tonight ,we made a mental note to track Veronica and put an end to Veronica before she Attacks us .


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