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bound episode 38

[ # 2 in the DE LUCA SERIES]
♟️ Spark’s libary 2022



✍️By authoress lenity Faithful

Tags ☠️: Mafia ,arrogant , billionaire , EXLovers , Marriage contract .

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🧁 ARIA 🧁

” Baby I …..” I stopped talking immediately I walked into our room and found no trace of frederico .

I bit my lower l!p in frustration as I walked downstairs whilst dailing his number .

I didn’t need a prophet to tell me Fred had left for the interview .

Why is he so stubborn ? Why Doesn’t he listen to anything We say to him ! I ru-bbed my forehead in frustration immediately I got to the sitting room.

” Babe is everything okay ? Anna asked curiously as she looked at me with concern.

” I’m trying to get to frederico but he hasn’t picked my calls yet ” i said and as if hearing my voice he picked up .

” You stubbornly left the estate” I said angrily immediately he dared to pick my call .

I can’t believe he even took our son’s bad dream for granted .

” Oh c’mon love you know I love you ” he said teasingly probably trying to get me to calm down.

” I’m mad at you ” I said softly and that’s when I heard a gun shut from the other side.

” fu-ck ” he cursed and I drove fast because I could literally hear the sound of his reckless driving .

” Fred what’s wrong ? Asked scared about his safety .

” I’m ….good ….I just …okay fu-ck …they’re on my trail ….baby ” he and I [email protected] my heart was beating crazily and I was already sweating badly .

” Don’t worry I’d just pull the break when I get to somewhere hidden. …” He said and I opened my mouth to say something both he cut me short .

” fu-ck …” He Cursed again .

” Sh*t” ….he cursed again

” What’s wrong Fred ……”I asked worriedly my voice was already raising .

” The breaks of my car stopped working Aria …the….” He trailed in pannick and I froze .

” What do you mean the breaks of your car’s not working Fred ….Fred ….! ” I said and I heard him scream and the line went dead .

” Frederico Fred hello Rico ! I screamed over the phone .

” What’s wrong ..? Sergio asked coming downstairs .

” Rico…..Rico …” I trailed as my hear Broke immediately my head felt light .

” Aria ! I heard Grace’s Voice and that was the last thing I remembered as I my head fell light .

“Is she awake what’s going on ? I heard Emelio’s voice in the background.

” Shhhhhhhh….
” Kristov’s voice followed .

” Fred …” I said softly as tears rolled outta my eyes .

” Where’s Fred …! I asked as I slowly regained my consciousness .

” Aria you need to calm down Sergio and Ma-ssimo have gone to look for Fred …they’d Definitely find him ” I heard Giovanna’s voice as she stro-ke my hair lovingly .

” Is Dad ok ? Red asked curiously .

” He told me the breaks of his car was failing …..he ……” I trailed my l!ps Quivering as I burst out crying badly .

” Oh come on ” Grace said pulling me close and Anna just stood there watching me sadly .

” Fred please be safe …I’d die without you I swear I’d fu-cking loose my mind ….” I cried sadly .

” Shhhhh he’s fine sweetheart he’s ….fine ” Grace said pulling me into a hug and Red snuggled into me too .

I had hope at least that frederico would be fine ,I had to be strong If not for anything at least for the sake of my son ….” I thought sadly .

” Have you checked the CC TV Camera ? We need to know who messed up with the breaks of Fred’s car ” Kris asked and I stood up.

” Check it ….. immediately I need to fu-cking know who thinks he or she can Betray us and live to tell the story ” Frederico’s Dad said coming downstairs.

His uncle Alfonso ,Dimitri and Yvonne also walked into the sitting room worriedly .

” I don’t think that’s neccesary …..I mean what if ….” Anna trailed .

” What if what Anna ? You think we shouldn’t check who the mole is ? Are you the mole ? Or is Dylan the mole ? I asked and she stared at me .

” What nons£nse Arianna I’ve been your friend for how many years and you doupt our friendship ? She asked and I shook my head as I fold my fist angrily.

” I don’t want to imagine you are the mole Anna because I love you too much to imagine such a betrayal from you ,you’re literally my soul sister ,My Family aside from the De Luca’s ….” I said and one of the men walked in that Moment with the footage of the time Fred left the mansion .

” Aria let me explain …” She said immediately the footage arrived .

” Explain what ? I asked as my voice shook .

” I’m sorry I’m sorry …I didn’t want to I just let jealousy and hatred get the better of me I …” She trailed and I slapped her immediately .

” How could you Anna how could you do this to us ” I screamed angrily as I kicked her face .

She fell to the floor and cried .

” I just love Dylan so much ….and the De nero’s they brainwashed me …they … offered me a better life they ….” She trailed with blood dripping from her nose .

” Do you know the Punishment for betrayal in the mafia Aria ? I asked and she cried bitterly .

” Ari …I love you I just ” she trailed crying bitterly .

” Take her away ….” I said and she cried and screamed as the men took her away .

Grace walked over to me and pulled me close as I cried Yvonne ru-bbed my hair .

We watched the footage and I whimpered in hurt as I saw frederico talking to Dylan who smi-rked at him .

Immediately he walked away Fred got into the car

” Nothing looks suspicious here ” Emelio said and Yvonne sat next to Kris as she took the video backwards and that’s where we saw Aria smiling around his favorite Car with the keys in her hand .

Oh my Goodness how did I not see this coming ,my heart hurt badly as I watched her mess with the breaks of the car .

” And where we’re all the men in charge of that part of the estate ? Santi Boomed .

It was obvious they really got to us ,they used Anna and this time it worked perfectly .

I knew it wasn’t gonna end well for Anna and Dylan at the long run ,I just hoped and prayed silently that my frederico was fine and alife .

The thought of loosing him and Ann’s betrayal was breaking me beyond repair .

I couldn’t sleep I waited patiently for ma-ssimo and Sergio to arrive with frederico at least .

I tried to call him several times .

” Ari I know this is tough for you but you need to Calm down frederico would be fine ….” Grace a-ssured me .

” Really Grace ? I have this bad gut feeling in me grace Fred’s not fine ….my husband is in danger or worse …..” I trailed off in pannick and Yvonne bit her lower l!p to stop herself from bursting into tears .

” Be strong Aria please be strong ” Grace said camly .

” Grace …..I’m trying to be strong ….I’m trying to not feel this pain but it’s cutting in me too bad I can’t even bear it …..I want Fred ….I want my husband ….I want to hear his voice please ! ” I cried badly .

They took my phone so I wouldn’t try his number again .

It was late night when Sergio ,the Don and some of the Guys arrived sadly .

” Ma-ssimo ” Grace called and I stood up immediately .

” Where’s frederico ? Where’s my husband ! Ma-ssimo where’s he ” I asked and Ma-ssimo just stared at me blankly .

” What’s going on Sergio ? You told me you where gonna bring frederico with you ! Did
…he still go to the Interview instead ? Why isn’t he with you ? Please say something say something De Luca’s I’m fu-cking loosing it already ! I bursted Angrily as tears rolled outta my eyes.

Sergio looked away as he sat down with a thud .

” Don ! …..Don Ma-ssimo please say something to me ,did he refuse to come with you ” I asked and Sergio cried from where he sat .

I froze .

” Ari we couldn’t find him ….some of our men …where watching him from a distance as usual and got into a fight with the De nero’s men whilst giving fred a chance to escape…. ” he trailed

” Yes ….yes what happened ? He escaped right ? I asked wiping my tears .

” Aria …he loosed control of the wheels after which ..
He drove his car straight out of the road and into the ocean” he said and I froze .

” Wh … do you mean ? When.m.m…..” I trailed as I felt my heart break into a thousand pieces .

” Aria ….We haven’t found Fred yet ….divers have searched everywhere there’s no trace of his car not even his body ” he said and I screamed .

” No …..! …
No please No it’s a lie …! It’s a bloody lie ” I Screamed .

” Aria ” Grace cried as she tried to pull me close but I kept screaming badly .

” Frederico ! ..
.. Frederico please come back to us don’t do this to me please don’t die on me like this ” I cried badly and Kris pulled Sergio who burst out crying with all of us .

Ma-ssimo walked out on us not wanting to espose too much of his emotions .

Emelio just stared at me blankly as I cried probably still in shock of the news .

” I don’t believe it Grace , Fred might be alive …..I can’t just believe that he’s left me
……he. .. promised to stay with us ….Grace ,he promised me ..



He …..” I trailed and my head felt light ….I tried to scream and realized my voice choked me and I was Slowly loosing consciousness.

” Ari ….Aria oh my God …
aAria ! Yvonne screamed as I pa-ssed out .

” How’s she ? I heard ma-ssimo asked as he walked into the room .

I was sitted on the bed with we-t cheeks ….Red was asleep on my laps too .

” She hasn’t said anything Ma-ssimo ….she wouldn’t eat too …I don’t know what to do anymore I can’t bear to see her like this ” Grace said crying badly .

” Aria ….” Ma-ssimo called .

” I know what I want ” I said and he looked at me .

” I have a plan …I want to avenge my husband’s death ,if really frederico lost his life because of the De nero’s then I must put an end to them too ” I said and Ma-ssimo ru-bbed his forehead.

” We already have a plan Aria ….I’m not involving you ,Fred wouldn’t want that for you …the least we can do now that we have no trace of him is to keep his wife and son safe …” he said .

” No I’m …also a part of this Mafia …I’m not a child I know what I want ” I said getting up …”

” It’s either you let me be a part of this or I do things my own way ” I said and he cursed un-der his breath. .

” I want Anna Dead first ….but after I get the information I need from her ” I said and Grace smi-rked .

You better be safe wherever you are frederico because I refuse to believe you’re dead ” I said as my eyes trailed my wedding band on my f!ng£r.



Hehehehe , where’s frederico ?

Things about to go dirty ….

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