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atrocities 3 episode 5 & 6


From U.S Bah ❤ ✌🏽

I laid on a stretcher in anger and disappointment as the team transported me to the company’s clinic.

They @ssessed my leg and told me there was nothing wrong with it.

But Doc, I’m feeling severe pain. I responded in shame.

It is psychological, miss Baaba, I think you need a private and personal [email protected] from someone dearer to your heart. The doctor teased.

I waited for several hours in the clinic for the CEO to pay me a visit, but to no avail.
I eventually thanked the team and limped out of the clinic into my office.

Finally when the day was over, I drove off to the restaurant again to wait for him.

Sooner than later, I saw him entering the premises.
When he sat down and made his order, I walked to him.

Hello sir, can I please join you? I asked.

Baaba, how is your leg? He asked.

Better sir, your team has really done well. I responded in smiles and sat down.

Sir, I actually came here to have supper and I saw you walked in. I added.

I can see you don’t like cooking. He said.

I do Sir, but my mom has lots of maids who do the cooking.
I’m saving my se-xy body for my future husband. I responded confidently.

I see, life is a choice so no one can prevent you from doing what will make you happy, but remember that, there is nothing se-xier than a woman who sacrifices her precious fragile skin in the kitchen to prepare for her husband. He responded.

The real definition of a se-xy woman is selfless woman. She goes the extra mile to make everyone happy.
A se-xy woman can be dirty for all she cares, as far as she is doing something to make her man or any other person happy.

What is the benefit of a toned body to a hungry man? He asked rhetorically.

Just when he landed with his words, the waitress brought his packed food.
Baaba, I must start going now, see you some other time. He said and stood up.

Alright sir, have a good night. I responded in shame again.
God, why does this man keeps dragging my self confidence down? I thought.

Anyway, what matters is that, I have had the chance to sit with him on the same table in a restaurant.

Wow, he looks more than good.
Gradually, we are getting closer, and by the time he realizes, I will be in bed with him as his wife to be. I thought.

When I stood up to leave, two female colleague workers approached me.
Hello madam, can you spare us a minute of your time? One of them asked.

Sure, I’m all ears. I responded.

Madam, we’ve been seeing you at the workplace and we were told you are the new marketing manager.

Madam, what we want to find out from you is how you’ve all of a sudden built friendship with the CEO who gives blind eyes to every woman in the workplace.

Madam, what is your secret? Have you casted a spell on him? She asked.

No madam inquirer, I have not casted any spell on him.
I am Miss Baaba Benson, the beautiful daughter to the renowned lawyer Benson Hayford.

I am that lady who gets everything she wishes for, and I must tell you that, the CEO and I will soon be getting married. I bragged.

Really? They chorused.

Yes really, just watch out for us soon. I responded confidently and walked out of the premises.

I drove home happily.
Mom, I’m almost winning the CEO’s heart. We had a chat today at the restaurant. I said happily.

This is a real good news Baaba, I just knew you were going to win. Mom applauded.

Mom, the man is so handsome like daddy.
He has daddy’s masculine chest and se-xy l!ps.
He’s rich and influential as well. I complimented happily.

Baaba, thanks for complimenting my husband, I didn’t know you also see him as I do.
Since when did you start seeing se-xiness in your father? Anyway, I wish you the very best in your hunt for the so called CEO who is handsome like my husband. Mom responded coldly.

Come on mummy, everyone knows daddy is handsome. Please don’t get jealous. I teased and walked into my room.

I slept soundly like a baby.

Early the following morning, I went to wake daddy up for jogging since it was a Saturday.

He dressed up and we jogged out of the house happily.

When we came back, mummy was still in bed.

Mummy, no breakfast for us? I asked.

Baaba, you are old enough to prepare something for yourself. Just get into the kitchen and do it. She responded harshly.

Come on mom, why are you sounding this harsh?
Anyway where are the maids? I asked.

I’ve not see them Baaba. Please leave my matrimonial room and allow me to have some quiet time with my husband. Mummy responded harshly again.

God, what has come over mummy?
I hope she’s not reacting to my compliments towards her husband last night?
Anyway, whether she’s angry or not, my father is se-xily handsome. I soliloquised.


From U.S Bah ❤ ✌🏽

Anyway, whether she’s angry or not, my father is se-xily handsome. I soliloquised.

I searched around the compound and I found the maids doing laundry at the backyard.

Good morning all of you, why haven’t you fixed breakfast? I asked angrily.

Sorry Miss Baaba, mummy said you will come and fix it yourself. One of them responded.

Interesting. Anyway, get into the kitchen and fix two cups of Tea with scrambled eggs and and toasted bread. I instructed.

Alright Miss. She responded and walked into the kitchen.
Soon, she was done with it.

Miss Baaba, breakfast is ready. She alerted.

Thanks, but please, don’t tell my mother that you were the one who fixed it. I warned.

I went to call my father to join me.
Mmmm Baaba, who prepared this food? It is sumptuous. Daddy complimented.

I did it myself daddy, I just wanted to surprise you. I responded happily.

Just then, mummy came out of her room.
What is happening here Baaba? Who cooked this food? She asked in a bit of anger.

I did it myself mom, I wanted my father to have a wonderful weekend. I teased.

That is bullshit Baaba, since when did you start cooking in this house? Since when did you start feeding my husband? Mom asked angrily.

What is happening here honey? Why are you fighting Baaba over nothing?
Is it wrong for her to cook for her father? Daddy cut in.

Ask that again daddy. I just don’t know what has come over your wife. She seem to be fighting a lost battle. I responded sarcastically.

How dare you insult me you evil girl. Mummy yelled angrily and tried to slap me.

The both of you stop it! What has come over you? Why are you quarrelling like enemies?
If it’s because of this food, I’ve stopped eating it. I think that will make you both happy. Daddy scolded angrily and walked out on us.

Mom, you see what you’ve caused? What have I done to wrong you?
Simply because I complimented daddy last night, you’ve suddenly developed unnecessary hatred for me. I never knew you were so weak and jealous. I insulted.

Yes Baaba, I am jealous. I am jealous because I know what an atrocious girl like you can do if you find handsomeness in a man.
I know how you can manipulate your evil ways to sleep with men. Mom insulted.

Mummy, thanks so much for throwing my trust back into my face. I thought you were my mother, that was why I confided in you in everything.
Now listen to me, if I am atrocious, you are my accomplice.

I plan all the evil with you and we achieve them together.
If you think you can tarnish my image, then get ready to loose yours.

If you’ve declared war, then I am ready for it. I responded angrily and walked out on her.

I threw my angry self on the bed.
So if anyone will betray me, my own mother too?
I swear I will deal with her! Nobody steps on my toes and go free. I thought angrily.

I got so close to my father just to make my mother jealous.
I began giving him surprise visits in his office, and started buying him gifts.

I was indeed enjoying the game and I nearly forgot about the CEO.

One day, I was in my office when Mr Ansah walked in.
Baaba, how far with you and the CEO? He inquired.

Nothing new Mr Ansah. I decided to give him some space for a while. I responded.

Baaba, the CEO will be embarking on his Europe trip with the award winner next week, you must do everything possible to win him before he goes. He explained.

So soon? Anyway thanks for the information, I will do my best and meet him today at the restaurant. I responded.

Immediately after work, I drove off to the restaurant and waited patiently for the CEO.

To be continued…

Written by Miss Lincy Gyamfi

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