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atrocities 3 episode 3


From U.S Bah ❤✌🏽

Cut the crap and please tell me how you are going to link the CEO and I. I responded in anger.

Eeerrmm Baaba, I will s£nd you to his office tomorrow to give him some docu-ments. He responded.

Ah, just that? I asked in disappointment.

Yes of course Baaba. Do you think it is that easy to get an opportunity to enter into his office? You must be funny.
Anyway, wear your best dress tomorrow for the task ahead. He responded.

Hmmm. If you say so.
I’m only praying this is going to work. I responded.

Yes Baaba, I can give you another plan to facilitate it if you give me a second round of se-x. He responded seductively.

Mr Ansah, why at all are you doing this? What have I done to offend you? I asked sadly.

Baaba, nothing really.
It is your se-xy body that keeps insulting me, and I want to punish it for that.

He got closer to me again and began touching me all over.
Tears began spewing from my eyes.

He pressed my b©©bs as if he was mashing Kenkey and it hurt really bad.

I burst into a loud cry.
Mr Ansah please, I’m begging you. Don’t do this. I pleaded.

Baaba, be strong for the task ahead.
Allow me to ejaculate the “can do it spirit” into you. He said whiles penetrating me.

Aaahhh Baaba! Mmmm!
Remember no one goes to the CEO except through me. Just remember.

He groaned out loud whiles talking.

My legs began to tremble with pain.
Simply because of my future husband, look at how this ugly thing is fu-ck ing me. I thought.

Finally, he finished and I drove home.
I met mummy seated in the sitting room.

Good evening mummy. I greeted.

Good evening Baaba, you don’t look happy these days. What at all is bothering you? She asked.

Nothing mom, I’m fine. I responded.

I won’t accept that Baaba, just talk to me. I am your mother and I promise to do anything to help you. She insisted.

I burst into tears.
Mom, I’ve fallen in love with my CEO, and I don’t know how to approach him. I responded sadly.

Come on Baaba, this is nothing to cry about.
I have told you times without number that every man will fall for your looks.
Remember you are so beautiful.

Now listen to me, just take a bold step into his office and se-duce him. Mom advised.

What if he turns me down mummy? I asked.

He can never turn this beauty down. Who is he? An angel?
My dear, stay positive and do what I’ve just told you. Mom said.

Alright mom, I will try my best. I responded.

Please do.
I will personally come into your room early tomorrow morning to select what to wear for that seduction task.
He must fall for you at all cost. Mom said with all seriousness.

I was so happy hearing those positive words from my mother.

The next morning, mom came into my room as discussed and chose a dress for me to wear.
It was a mini skirt with a blazer and inner.

I looked so hot.
Wow Baaba, you are good to go.
Just go and get what belongs to you. Mom encouraged.

I drove off to the workplace with shoulders high.
When I stepped out of my car, all eyes were turned at me.

I walked straight into Mr Ansah’s office.
Wow Baaba, you are looking hot.
You simply look like a goddess. He complimented and stood up to touch me.

I pushed him so [email protected]
Get your @ss down you greedy thing. Today is not your day, today is your boss’s day. I said teasingly.

Anyway, where are the files? Just s£nd me with them. I said.

Come on Baaba, the CEO has even not reported to work yet. Just go into your office and relax. He said.

I walked into my office and waited patiently.
An hour later, He came to call me.


From U.S Bah ❤✌🏽

I walked into my office and waited patiently.
An hour later, Mr Ansah came to call me.

Baaba, the CEO just arrived, get this file and submit it to him
Tell him I asked you to bring it for signing. He said.

I picked the file and walked like a model to the CEO’s office.
I used the door bell and he asked me to come in.

I walked majestically up to him and greeted.
Good morning sir, please I am Baaba Benson, the newly employed marketing manager of this company.
Mr Hayford Ansah asked me to bring this file to you for signing. I explained confidently.

Oh yeah, this name rings a bell.
I think I’ve heard you couple of times marketing our products on radio stations.
I even asked the accountant to tell you to slow down with the buying of airtime from the various radio stations but I was told you were using your own money to do that.

You are doing very well and on behalf of the company and I say thank you. He complimented.

Instantly, my head got swollen.
That is no problem at all sir, since I am the daughter of the renowned lawyer Benson Hayford, money is not a problem. I responded with over confidence.

That is alright, but why didn’t Mr Ansah bring the file himself? He asked.

He is busy doing other things sir. I responded.

Alright Miss Baaba, you can leave now. He said and collected the file.

Just when I was stepping out of the office, he called me back.
Miss Baaba, please come back. He said.

I began thanking my stars.
Wow, what a dream come true. Mummy is indeed a prophetess. I thought quickly as I walked back to him.

Miss Baaba, in as much as we appreciate your [email protected] work and dedication towards this company, you can’t take the company for granted.

We instill decency and morality into our workers as well, so I am gladly informing you to review your way of dressing. It is indecent. He said bluntly.

Alright sir, I’m sorry.
I responded in shame and walked out of the office.

I didn’t even know how I managed to walk out.
I was so confused and [email protected]

Tears dropped off my cheeks as I walked back into my office.

Mr Ansah soon joined me.
Baaba, how did it go? He inquired.

Mr Ansah, the man has really [email protected] me.
He doesn’t seem to be interested in me. I responded in tears.

Come on Baaba, there are other plans. I want you to be strong and get ready. He said.

What other plans? I inquired.

Do you remember I told you he patronizes that restaurant every now and then?
You can stalk him there. He suggested.

That evening after work, I went to sit at the restaurant waiting for the CEO.
I waited for so many minutes but he never showed up.

I called Mr Ansah severally but he also didn’t respond.
I got so confused and sad.
Eventually, I had no option than to drive home.

Mummy was patiently waiting for me when I got home.

Welcome back Baaba, how did it go? She asked.

Nothing good mom. The man is dismissive. I responded sadly.

Cheer up Baaba, you must win him at all cost.
When is he embarking on the Europe journey with the stupid award winner? Mom asked.

Somewhere next month mom. I responded.

Good! You have enough time to make him notice you.
I suggest you stalk him. If that one fails, you will walk up to him boldly and propose to him.
Baaba, start choosing your wedding dress because, you will marry him at all cost. Mom @ssured.

Thanks for the advice mom. I promise to be strong. I responded.

The next morning, I dressed up decently and nicely and drove to the office.
I hanged around the stairs, waiting for the CEO to come and [email protected]

I stood there for so many minutes before I finally saw him climbing up.
I quickly laid down on the staircase as if I had sl!pped and fallen down.

What is wrong with you Baaba? He asked when he got to me.

I have fallen down heavily sir, I think I’ve even twisted my leg. I responded as if I was in pain.
Sir please help me up. I pleaded.

He quickly removed his phone and made a call to the company’s health team.
They rushed and came to pick me up.

The CEO wished me well and walked into his office.
I laid on the stretcher in anger and disappointment as the team transported me to the company’s clinic.

To be continued…

Written by Miss Lincy Gyamfi

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