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atrocities 3 episode 15


From U.S Bah ❤ ✌🏽

What is happening here? Daddy who is this woman? I asked in pretence.

I am the woman whose husband is sleeping with you.
Last night, I was with my husband in bed when he sneaked out of the room.
I woke up in the middle of the night searching for him but I didn’t see him.
Just when I returned to bed, he sneaked back into the room and joined me in bed quickly.
I just knew he was up to something, so I decided to monitor his movements today too.

I pretended to be de-eperly sleeping this night when I saw him sneaking out again.
I followed him quietly and I saw him entering your room. The woman explained.

Madam, are you sure you saw your husband entering this room? My father asked in shock.

Yes sir, my husband is in this room, I swear!
I saw him with my [email protected]£d eyes. She responded.

Alright then, let’s search this room. My father said.

No daddy, please don’t dance to her baseless tunes. I said in tears.

Step aside Baaba, I want to sue this woman for this baseless allegation. Daddy responded.

I tried preventing them but my father pushed me aside and went ahead with the search.

Sir, look, this is my husband’s boxer shorts on the bed. The woman picked it and showed it to my father.

Daddy stared at me from head to toe and asked :Baaba, if the man is in this room, don’t waste my time, just call him out.

Daddy please, there is no one in this room. Please believe me. I said in tears.

They searched the wardrobe and finally entered the washroom and found the man hiding there in his [email protected]£dness.
The wife instantly gave him dirty slap-s that landed him on the floor.

Baaba! You have disgraced me! How could you sell off your Virg-inity to a total stranger? Daddy asked in pain.

And to you Mr man, for breaking my daughter’s Virg-inity, I will hand you over to the police. Daddy threatened.

Sir, please, your daughter was not a Virg-in, she had broken it before I made love to her last night.
In fact, she was even the one who seduced me in the male’s washroom yesterday.
She gave me a b!0w job even. The man tried to vindicate himself.

The woman dragged his husband out of the room in his [email protected]£dness whiles I stood there in tears.

Baaba, I will never forgive you for fooling me to this extent. I promise to deal with you.
No wonder your mother is scared of you around me. I strongly believe she also knew about this atrocious attitude of yours.

Just pack your things, we are leaving here first thing tomorrow morning.
I thought I was doing my best to make my daughter happy, not knowing it was the vice versa. Daddy lamented angrily and walked away.

I laid on my bed in tears.
How could I be this careless?
My mother is my enemy and my father will soon be too. God what have I done? I thought.

Early the next morning, I packed up everything and joined my father to the airport.
We picked the available flight and came back home.

Mummy was very sick when we got home.
I walked sadly into my room and I could hear my father apologising to her.

Gifty, I am very sorry for the unnecessary stress I’ve put you through.
I never knew Baaba was evil, I wouldn’t have followed her to cause you pain.

Daddy explained everything that happened in South Africa to my mother.
And I could hear my mother adding up.

Mr Benson, you trusted your daughter too much, even if I had told you anything, you wouldn’t have believed me.
Baaba is simply a who-re who is even capable of sleeping with you. Mom explained.

I stayed in my room in tears.

The following day, daddy left for work and mom walked into my room.
Baaba se-xy! Baaba winner! You see where your atrocities have landed you? So you thought you could simply snatch my husband from me right? You lie bad!
Now listen, I will make this house a living hell for you till you repent. Just bet me. She threatened and walked out.

I still stayed in the room and tears and sorrows until one day, I heard mom making a phone call.

Hello Eve, I can’t wait to meet you both.
I hope he is handsome and rich? Mummy asked happily.

Damn, Eve is bringing a man home.
Upon all my beauty, why is no man interested in me? I thought sadly.

A week later, Eve arrived from the States.
Everyone was happy in the house except me.
I overheard them making merry in the house but I still stayed in my room unperturbed.

Eve came into my room to greet me.
Baaba, haven’t you heard I’m inn? She asked.
Anyway, I brought my fiance to introduce him to the family so please come and say hi to him.

Eve for-cefully dragged me out to the sitting room and I nearly fainted.

CEO! Is that you? I asked in shock and pain.

Yes Baaba, this is me. How are you? He asked.

Do you guys know each other? Eve asked whiles mom looked on.

Yes honey, she was working in our company. My father’s company I mean. He responded.

I tried my best to hide my pain and exchanged pleasantries with him before walking back into my room.

This must not happen! I was the one who first saw this man, Eve can never take him away from me. I soliloquised angrily.

To be continued…


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