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atrocities 2 episode 7 & 8


From U.S Bah ❤✌🏽

Immediately after work, I drove off to the restaurant and waited patiently for the CEO.

Few minutes later, I saw my two colleague female workers also entering the premises.
Immediately they saw me, they approached me.

Hello CEO’s wife, it’s been quite some days now since we met you.
As usual, are you here to meet your Prince Charming? One of them asked sarcastically.

Of course yes. He will be here any moment from now. I bragged.

Alright then, let’s leave you to have fun. See you. The other person responded and they both walked to a different table to place their order.

Few minutes afterwards, I saw the CEO entering the premises.
I quickly stood up and walked towards him.
Welcome sir, can you please join me on my table? I asked.

Join you? Since when did the both of us start having supper together?
Baaba, I’ve observed how you cheaply cross my path always, and I must say I’m not liking it.
I simply hate women who throw themselves at men.
Baaba, let today be your last day of ever stalking me! He warned harshly and walked out of the restaurant.

I didn’t know when tears began falling from my eyes.

The colleague ladies rushed to me to console me.
Miss Baaba please take heart. We saw how the man just [email protected] you and we must say it is painful. Please take a seat and calm down. They consoled and offered me a seat.

I sat down in shame and my tears kept flowing.

Miss Baaba, please tell us, did you sleep with Mr Ansah? One of them asked bluntly.

Instantly, I raised my head to look into her eyes.
What makes you think so? Why that question? I asked in shock.

I’m only asking Miss Baaba, because that is how he slept with almost every woman in the company all in the name of connecting them with the CEO. She explained.

Please talk to me, how did you know that? Has he slept with someone you know? I asked.

Hmmm, someone we know?
He rather slept with the two of us here, I mean, my friend and I.
That was how we even became friends. She explained.

I burst into uncontrollable tears.
Oh God! Mr Ansah has killed me! He has killed me! I wept.

Miss Baaba, the very day we saw you with the CEO, we just knew you had slept with Mr Ansah.
We just knew he was the one giving you false @ssurances. One of them said.

Ladies please help me expose him! Just help me to expose him to the CEO. I said in tears.

That is a cool deal Miss Baaba.
Just pay us some cool amount and we promise to bring you evidence to expose him. She responded.

I walked into my car and brought them 1000 Ghana cedis.

Wow! We promise to get back to you tomorrow in your office. They @ssured and walked away.

I also drove home unhappily.
I met my mother in the sitting room but I refused to greet her.
I just walked [email protected] her into my room.

The next morning, I waited patiently in my office for the ladies but they were not showing up.
I began to worry. Are these ladies genuine or some desperate survivors? I thought.

Minutes later, I heard a knock on my door. It was Mr Ansah.
Hello Baaba, any progress? He asked.

Yes Mr Hayford Ansah, I’m still on it. I responded.

I wish you well Baaba, but please, be informed that the CEO has a meeting with all the staff tomorrow at 2pm at the auditorium. Please don’t be late. He said and walked away.

You idiot! You think you can outsmart me. I will deal with you miserably. I thought painfully.

Few hours later, the ladies came into my office with a pen drive containing a se-x scene.
It involved Mr Ansah and one of them.

Wow! This is great! How did you get this? I asked.

I videoed him the second time he was sleeping with me, but I needed money to edit my face out of it.
And thankfully, you paid us the huge amount yesterday to do that. She explained.

That’s great, so what do we do now? I mean what’s the next plan? I asked happily.

I am going into the CEO’s office in tears and show it to him.
I will tell him that, My Ansah slept with me to offer me the job. She explained.

Wow! You are such a genius. I complimented.
But hey, don’t you think your job is at stake? I asked.

Yes it is Miss Baaba, that is why I need 5,000 cedis from you before I proceed to the CEO’s office. In that way if I’m sacked, I can get a business doing with the money. She responded smartly.

Alright then, wait for me right here, I will be back. I said.

I drove on top speed into the house and broke into my mother’s room and stole the money from her wardrobe.
I drove back into the office and gave the money to them.

I then followed her till she finally entered the CEO’s office and tiptoed back into my office.


From U.S Bah ❤✌🏽

I then followed her till she finally entered the CEO’s office and tiptoed back into my office.

I waited patiently for the outcome.
An hour later, all the departmental heads were called for an emergency meeting.
As the head of marketing, I joined them and sat down comfortably waiting for the agenda to be disclosed.

The CEO then stood up to talk.
It is a pleasure having all of you here this afternoon.
Unfortunately, the agenda for this emergency meeting is a painful and dirty one which can cause our company a great distruction. He said.

I was in my office this afternoon when this lady here (he pointed to my evidence colleague who was also seated among us in crocodile tears), walked into my office in tears.
Her mission is that, Mr Hayford Ansah, the general manager for this renowned organization has slept with her.
She alleged that, Mr Ansah slept with her before offering her a job and the act has been hunting her since then.
She said, she has never been herself after she got employed.

And the most painful aspect is that, she has an evidence to back her claims. The CEO narrated.

Quickly, Mr Ansah got up on his feet.
This is not true Sir! The lady is simply framing me up because she threw herself cheaply at me and I turned her down. He alleged.

Really? Mr Ansah, are you daring me to show everybody the evidence? The CEO asked angrily.

Yes I’m daring you sir. Just go ahead and show it to us. Mr Ansah responded angrily too.

The CEO slotted the pen drive into the giant digital television screen on his office wall and began showing us the video.

Whoops! Mr Ansah the connection man was busily fu-ck ing the lady in his office.

Everyone at the meeting screamed in shock.
Eeeeiii Mr Ansah! What a disgrace!

He bowed down his head in tears and shame whiles I looked on happily.

On this note Mr Hayford Ansah, you are dismissed from this company with immediate effect.
Please see the accountant for the necessary arrangements.

And to you madam victim, whoever gives bribe is as guilty as the one taking it. You are also dismissed from this company. You should also see the accountant for the final process of dismissal. The CEO pronounced and dissolved the meeting.

Whiles walking into my office, I saw Mr Ansah entering his office in tears.
I quickly followed him there.

Hello Mr fu-ck ing Hero Ansah, how does it feel to loose a battle? I teased.

What do you mean Baaba? He asked angrily.

What I mean is very simple you @sshole, no one crosses my path and go free. I responded.

Oh I see! That means, you were part of the plan to expose me right? He asked in tears.

Exactly Mr Ansah!
Do you know how it feels like, to sleep with someone you don’t love, and still doesn’t gain anything out of it?

You almost slept with all the ladies in this company, all in the name of the CEO.
Well, your cup is full, and I made sure, you drink everything in that dirty full cup of yours. I teased.

Thanks so much for this pain Baaba, but I must @ssure you that, you will never get the CEO.
Even if he agrees to marry you, I will confess to him how I cheaply slept with you in my office as well. Mr Ansah threatened.

Hahahahahhahaha! I bet you to dare!
No one will believe you because you don’t have an evidence.
Anyway, see you soon on the streets hunting for another job. I teased and walked out on him.

I walked into my office with happiness and satisfaction.
No one dares Miss Baaba Benson and goes free. I soliloquised.

Finally when the day was over, I met with the ladies and we celebrated our success.

Ladies, I am very grateful for helping me out on this one. God bless you. I said.

Don’t mention Miss Baaba, we will meet somewhere someday for a better business deal. She responded.

We parted ways and I drove back home.

I was in my room relaxing when my mother bumped into me.
Baaba, who took money from my room? She asked angrily.

I was the one mom, is there any problem? I responded.

How dare you take something from my room without permission? She asked.

Mom, every money you have today is as a result of my father, so I will pick it anytime, any day. I responded harshly.

Baaba, your father is my husband, why don’t you go out there to find a husband of your own, rather than throwing your cheap self on other people’s men? She insulted.

I stared at her in anger.
Mom, I am giving you the opportunity to walk out of my room freely because you are my mother, but the next time you walk in here to insult me like this, I will beat the hell out of you. I responded angrily and pushed her out.

God! So this woman has the guts to insult me right?
I will deal with her squarely. I thought angrily.

To be continued..

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