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a bet episode 28 & 29


Episode 28

Min Seok’s POV

I’m getting really tired this days because of the numerous concerts I attend. I wonder how Byeol is able to cope because I think she’s just fifteen or sixteen and she’s also a student like me.

I went to the cafeteria to eat lunch with Min Ju following me around like a pest. I just dislike this girl completely. Remind me how I became stuck with her.

We got to the cafeteria and started eating after ordering for our food.

Not long after, I noticed Liam walked up to Aubrey. He said something to her after which he sat.

So their relationship is no longer a secret? I took my eyes to Aubrey and noticed her blushing already.

Why is she blushing? ru-bbish!

I angrily threw my cutleries on the table and walked out of the cafeteria with Min Ju trailing behind me.

“Hey Min Seok, what’s wrong?” she asked when I stopped walking

“It’s nothing. I just want to be alone”

Why am I even angry? Aubrey isn’t eveny friend not to talk ofy girlfriend so I have no right to get angry at what she does.

“Are you keeping secrets from your friend? It’s obvious something is wrong so please tell me and if it’s something within my capacity, I will definitely do it for you”

“No, thanks. Sorry I overreacted. The bell had been rung already, let’s just return to cla-ss.”

“Sure thing”

Khloe’s POV

I stayed at the school garden throughout the period for lunch. I won’t deny the fact that I feel bad about my behaviour towards Aubrey and Natalie but I can’t help me.

Liam choose Aubrey over me and it hurts a lot. I know I have no choice but to forget him even though he’s going to remain in my heart forever.

He was my first love so it’s going to be really difficult but I guess we were never meant to be.

When the bell was rung, I wiped my tears and went to cla-ss.

“Zoey, are you okay” Aubrey asked showing she was genuinely concerned

“I’m fine Aubrey and I’m sorry for the way I acted towards you and Natalie earlier”

“It’s okay, I un-derstand” Aubrey answered smiling while Nat just rolled her eyes and ignored me

“Natalie I know you’re upset but I’m really sorry and I promise it won’t happen again”

“Yeah, I’ve heard you” she said without looking at me and I sighed.

We finished our lessons for the day and headed home. I and Natalie baded Aubrey farewell and left the school.

Aubrey’s POV

After Natalie and Aubrey left, Liam walked up to me smiling.

“How are you doing Aubrey?”

“I’m fine. You?” I replied smiling too

“I’m fine too. Can we stay behind for few minutes?”

“O…..kay” I answered not so sure

We went to an empty cla-ss nearby and sat down staring at each other until Liam cleared his throat.

“Uhhm…. Aubrey, do you have a boyfriend?” he suddenly asked out of the blue

“No, I don’t have one”

“Okay. Is there anyone you love?” he asked again

I have to be careful with my answers so as not to ruin things with my own hand

“I don’t think so” I replied after giving it much thought

“Alright” he said and silence took over again

“I…. I…. I” he was stuttering and I was really anxious to know what he wants to say when someone suddenly interrupted

“Liam, what the hell are you doing with her alone in an empty cla-ssroom?” Min Ju asked coming closer

What’s her business with Liam anyway? Whoever he talks to and whatever he does is none of her business

“It’s none of your business. Leave” Liam said coldly

“Ohh.. I will, but first I have to tell her who I am to you so she can know where she belongs” Min Ju said confusing me more

Who is she to Liam? I haven’t seen them together before

“Kim Min Ju!” Liam growled

“Choose wisely. Should I leave or should she leave?” she asked smiling sweetly

“Leave now Min Ju before I loose it” Liam said again

“Fine then, you leave me with no choice” and with that said, she diverted her attention to me

“Liam is…. ” she was saying when Liam cut her off

“She will leave” he growled

“I’m sorry Aubrey but you have to leave now. We will talk some other time” Liam said leaving me in shock

“There will be no next time” Min Ju said

I took my bag and left them.

*At home*

“Why are you looking like that Aubrey?” Sam questioned noticing the look on my face

“Nothing. I want to sleep” I said and made to walk past her but she pulled me back

“What’s wrong?” she asked again and I had no choice but to explain to her

“That was what happened. I thought he was beginning to like me but I was wrong” I concluded

“You feel bad right?”

“Of course”

“Now I’ve confirmed that you are in love with Liam. Anytime he tries talking to you again, pretend to be mad at him and walk away. You can talk to him next week but make sure you ignore him this week”

“It’s going to be [email protected] Sam. I’ve gotten used to him and besides, I can’t think straight whenever I’m with him”

“I know it’s going to be [email protected] but you have to let him know you are not a cheap girl and you shouldn’t make it too obvious that you love him”

“Okay, if you say so. Thanks bestie”

“Anytime baby” she said making me blush

When will I ever get used to her fli-rts?

Liam’s POV

I feel like strangling Min Ju right now. Just when I thought my plans would be carried out, it had to be interrupted by the witch I’m supposed to get married to.

“What’s the meaning of that?” I asked her when Aubrey left

“I’m your fiancee Liam so you have no right to fli-rt around with other girls”

“Really? What about you and Min Seok? Or you think I don’t know just because I didn’t say anything?” I asked and I noticed the shocked look on her face before she covered it up.

“Min Seok is just my friend, there’s nothing between us”

“So who told you there’s something between I and Aubrey?”

“You guys were extremely close so why won’t I think that way?”

“There’s nothing between us and from today, don’t get involved with anything that has to do with me.

We are not yet engaged, we were only informed of the contract. Get that into your skull and mind your business” I said coldly and left her there.


Mary’s POV

It’s night time and I can finally remove the camera from Khloe’s room. If I’m able to remove the camera without getting caught, the rest will just be a piece of cake for me.

I tiptoed to Khloe’s room and gently closed the door behind me.

I quietly opened the bathroom door and took the camera. My heart was in my mouth but I have to do this to survive.

I took the camera to my room and checked the contents.

Truth be told, Khloe has a really great body but sadly, it will be posted online for all to see and I feel bad for her.

I don’t have a choice anyway. It’s either I do these or I remain a pauper for life and I don’t want that.

I will call Min Ju tomorrow to inform her about the change of deal. Smart me!


Episode 29

*Next day*

Khloe’s POV

I’m having some kind of feeling I don’t un-derstand. It’s like something bad is about to befall me but what could that be?

I’m in good terms with everyone. Everyone except….. Min Ju but does this mean she’s planning to harm me or what?

I shrugged the feeling off even though it wasn’t easy and I went to the bathroom.

I got into the bath tub and took my bath after which I wore my clothes and took a light breakfast before heading to school.

Just when I was about to get into my car, someone called my name.

“Have a nice day at school miss Khloe” Mary said and I turned back to stare at her for a while.

The feeling came again and it was stronger this time. Does she have any intention to harm me?

I know I’ve always been suspicious but then I haven’t wronged her in anyway. Fortunately, she’s not among the maids that cook my food so she can’t poison me.

Getting that thought off my mind, I got into my car and went to school.

Aubrey’s POV

I got to school a bit earlier than usual so I can read for few minutes. Khloe and Natalie were also just coming to school. Hmmph, perfect timing!

“Good morning guys” I greeted them cheerfully

“Morning Aubrey”

“I guess we all choose to come early to school” I said with a light chuckle

“That’s right!” Natalie nodded

“So……we should read right?” I asked them

“Sure. Our exams are fast approaching”

“Alright then”

We headed to the library but just when we were almost there, Liam double-crossed us

“Good morning guys” he greeted but only Natalie responded to his greeting

Both Natalie and Khloe turned to look at me like I’ve suddenly grown horns but I care less.

“I will be in the library” I said and made to leave but Liam stopped me

“Aubrey please hear me out” Liam pleaded

“Let’s go Natalie. Meet us when you’re done Aubrey” Khloe said and left with Natalie leaving me alone with Liam

“What do you want? I wouldn’t want your girlfriend to see us together” I blurted out without thinking

Samantha told me not to make it obvious I love him but that’s what I just did now. Shit!

“Are you jealous?” he asked sm-irking

“No, why will I be?” I said trying to cover up

“I just don’t want to be the cause of any break up between both of you”

“She’s not my girlfriend” he said and I felt really happy within be but I didn’t show it.

“Whatever! I just want to be alone for now. Besides, I was with my friends when you came so excuse me” I said and walked away

“How come you’re done with your lover so soon?” Khloe asked when I got to the library. Is that jealousy I s£nse in her voice? Whatever.. it’s better she confesses her feeling before it’s too late because if Liam asks me out, I will agree without thinking twice

“He’s not my lover Khloe, he’s just a friend” I answered her rolling my eyes

“Alright then. Let’s read”

We read for about an hour before we went for devotion after which we went to cla-ss for lectures.

*Lunch time*

I and my friends (Khloe and Natalie) kept our books and wanted to go for lunch when Liam suddenly showed up.

“Hi Aubrey. Can we have lunch together?” he asked

“No, I’m going with my friends” I answered smiling innocently

“Ohh … Next time then” he said dejectedly and left

Ahh! It’s really going to be [email protected] for me to listen to Samantha’s advice.

Min Ju’s POV

Mary called me when I was receiving lectures after lunch and I wonder what she has to say.

Since I s£nt her on that mission, she has never called me so I’m really surprised and anxious at the same time.

Has she carried out the job successfully or does she wants to quit?

I won’t be able to wait after school today because I have to call her back as soon as possible and I don’t want anyone to hear my conversation with her or suspect me.

I bade Min Seok farewell and got into my car heading home.

When I got home, I went into the bathroom to take a cool shower so as to be calm a little because I was really anxious.

I took in a de-eper breath and dialed her number.

“Hello Mary, I missed your call. Any update?” I rushed my words

“Yeah. I’ve finally gotten the pictures”

“Wow! That’s so great and kind of fast”

“I told you I won’t fail you”

“And I can see you kept to your promise. Let’s meet by 5pm tomorrow in my mansion. I will give you the remaining $500 as agreed and you will also go on a vacation”

“Sorry but there’s a change of plan. If you can give me $2500 and the three months vacation in South Korea instead of South America, then trust me, I will s£nd the pictures to you right away”

“What?” I shrieked “that wasn’t our agreement”

“Yeah I know, but I decided to change it. Deal or no deal?”

“Are you for real?”

“Of course I am”

“Fine, I will think about it”

“Good and don’t try to play dirty with me. If you are thinking of s£nding someone else over to do the job, I will exp-ose the person so think twice before you take any action and don’t even think about trying to harm me. Have a nice rest” she said and hanged up

Ahhhhhhhhh! I’m so going to kill this girl.


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