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a bet episode 24 & 25


Episode 24

Unknown POV

Ahh! Finally, things are going my way. I’m going to make sure I get money out of both of them and travel to a far place to live my life in luxury.

I know both of them think I’m foolish but I’m not and I’m going to show them the stuff I’m made of.

My plans will be executed soon enough. Just little more patience, I mean little and everything will fall into place. ☠️☠️

Khloe’s POV

I’m getting sick of that new maid my Dad employed. She’s becoming too clingy and I might get her fired if she doesn’t know her place soon.

She’s always crying and telling me some make-belief stories probably so I can pity her.

If she needs money, she should make it known and I will give her lots and lots of money but pretending to be who she’s not is really irritating.

I got to school with that thought occu-pying my mind but seeing Aubrey brightened up my mood. I wonder what magic that girl has that makes me like her this much.

We were still discussing as friends when Liam suddenly appeared out of nowhere ruining my happy mood. I can’t believe I was once all over him.

He greeted three of us but I pretended not to hear. Aubrey was giving me a suspicious look but that doesn’t move me, I stopped caring about anything that has to do with Liam and his friends long ago.

“Uhhm….. Aubrey, can I see you for few minutes?” he asked Aubrey making me turn to him

I was expecting Aubrey to turn him down but she left me in a shocked state when she agreed to go with him.

What? She’s just going to leave us and go with Liam. I’m sure she won’t do that.

I stood there watching Aubrey to see what she will do and at the same time, I was glaring daggers at Liam.

Aubrey left with Liam and it took everything in me not to break down.

Remembering how he used me without even feeling remorseful, those feelings hurt like hell.

I slowly turned away and walked sullenly to the library.

“Khloe, Khloe! What’s wrong?” Natalie kept asking but I just ignored her until we got to the library.

I picked a book and sat down. Natalie was about taking a sit beside me but I stopped her.

“I want to be alone, please”

Natalie being a gentle girl just left me alone without saying a word. I guess I will just apologize to her later.

“So which subject are we reading this morning?” Aubrey asked cheerfully when she got to the library

I know she seemed kind of happy today but her happiness has increa-sed now that she met Liam.

“Khloe, Nat, what’s wrong? Why are you sitting separately?” she asked obviously confused

“Khloe wants to be alone and I kind of want to be alone to so maybe you should just read a book for the few minutes we have left. We can discuss during lunch” Natalie said not even raising her head to spare a glance at Aubrey.

“Ohh… okay” Aubrey said and sat down quietly going through her books

After the supposed time, we all headed to the hall where our devotion is to take place but we didn’t say a word to each other.

Everyone was probably lost in his or her own thoughts.

We had almost gotten to the hall when Min Ju and her crews or should I say my old friends double crossed us. Oh no! Not again!

We’re not even in a good mood. Can’t this girl just let us be for once?

“Look whom we have here. Khloe Robert” Min Ju said sm-irking

“Yeah, what do you want this time?” I asked tiredly

“Nothing much. Just came to inform you that your doom is near”

“Are you done?”

“How dare you?” she said obviously annoyed by the fact that I’m not moved by her words

I shoved her away and went to the hall with Aubrey and Natalie.

Good riddance to bad ru-bbish!

Min Ju’s POV

I’m going to put Khloe in her place very soon and she will have no choice but to beg me.

She thinks I’m a piece of thrash she can just trample upon right? I will show her the real piece of thrash soon enough.

I walked away with my crew but suddenly stopped when I remembered my plan.

“I will take it alone from here girls. Catch up with you later” I told them and scurried off

I searched through the crowd for Min Seok and my l!ps curved into a smile when my eyes landed on him. Just great!

Luckily for me, the space beside him was empty so I quickly went there and sat down before any bitch would try to sit there.

“Hi” I smiled showing my white set of teeth but he just huffed and looked away.

Huh? What’s with the attitude?

“Are you still mad at me for what I did? I’m really sorry but I couldn’t control my feelings anymore. I’ve always had a crush on you but you didn’t notice me so I thought that was the only option I had left” I said faking little tears because I didn’t wanna ruin my make up.

“I’m here for devotion, not to listen to your love confession” he said through gritted teeth

“I won’t let you concentrate until you agree to be my friend” I said with all seriousness

“Are you a demon s£nt to me or what? Why won’t you let me be?” he asked angrily which didn’t move me one bit

“I love you and I’m not even asking you to date me now. Just agree to be my friend and everything will be fine”

“Alright. Can I now listen to what the teacher is saying without any disturbance from you?”

“Of course” I beamed happily

It won’t be too long before I achieve my plans.

Min Seok’s POV

I wonder what I’ve gotten myself into by agreeing to be friend with that girl. I’m sure she’s going to frustrate me but then I had no choice.

After the devotion, she held hands with me and marched proudly out of the hall.

Truth be told, when she asked me to be her friend, I just thought about Aubrey and how she will be if she sees I and Min Ju together but now that I think about it, it’s actually insane.

I mean, why would I want to make a girl that doesn’t even know if I exist or not jealous? It’s not even possible.

She won’t feel a thing because I’m a nobody to her.

“What are you thinking about and don’t even lie to me” Min Ju said snapping me out of my thoughts

“Ohh… It’s nothing actually. You’re really beautiful” I said earning a blush from her

“Thanks” she answered shyly

“You’re welcome. I guess we have to part ways now. We don’t sit together”

“That’s because we weren’t friends before. Come on, let’s sit together” she said pulling me along with her

I guess I’m stuck with her now because of my foolishness.


Episode 25

Min Ju’s POV

Finally, my plan is falling into place. It’s just matter of time before Min Seok becomes mine.

Khloe’s nude pictures will soon be given to me and every single student in this school will know who the boss really is.

I don’t know why I hate Khloe so much. Apart from the fact that she kind of embarra-ssed me publicly on my first day, I just dislike everything about her.

Besides that, she’s also really beautiful but of course her beauty cannot be compared to mine.

I pulled Min Seok over to my seat and the lecture for the day began. I didn’t listen to what the teacher was saying, I just kept stealing glances at Min Seok.

He’s just too handsome and I’m totally confused on who is more handsome between he and Liam.

“Miss Min Ju, can you please stand up and answer the question I just asked now?” the teachers voice rang in my ear jolting me out of dream land.

Ohh goodness! What have I gotten myself into? All eyes are on me and I suddenly wish the earth would just open up and swallow me.

“I didn’t get the question ma” I finally said after a long pause

“How will you get it when you were busy gawking at Min Seok? You should have at least listened attentively, then you can do whatever you want after cla-ss.

Let’s continue cla-ss. You may have your sit” she said reffering to me.

*Lunch time*

“You couldn’t even defend me back then” I said to Min Seok on our way to the cafeteria

“Should I have stood up to the teacher because of you?” he asked through gritted teeth

“Are you still mad at me?”

“No” he answered simply

“Then why this cold attitude?”

“I don’t know. I guess that’s how I’ve always been”

“No, that’s a lie. You were really sweet and gentle the day I tried to se-duce you but ever since you find out my true intentions, you’ve been treating me like a piece of thrash.

I said I’m sorry right? Forgive me, please?” I pleaded pouting my l!ps

“Fine. I’ve forgiven you”

“Thank you”

I linked our arms together and off we went to the cafeteria. Min Seok, you are MINE!

Aubrey’s POV

Khloe has been unusually quiet today and I don’t know what happened.

I mean, we were having a good time as friends until Liam came into the picture. Could she be thinking I’m dating Liam?

But even if that’s the case, she and Liam are no longer together so I see no reason why she should me jealous.

Maybe I’m over thinking things. Just maybe.

After we finished with the last subject we had before break, three of us proceeded to the cafeteria.

We placed our order and ate our food quietly.

I and Natalie kept stealing glances at Khloe. I know Nat must have also noticed her quietness.

“Why are you staring at me like I’ve suddenly grown horns on my head?” Khloe said breaking the silence

I and Natalie dropped our spoon and focused our gaze on her.

“You’ve been unusually quiet and we know something is wrong somewhere so just spill it” Nat finally said

“I’m fine. I just feel like being quiet today

“Is it because of Liam?” I blurted out

“L.. Liam. What about Liam?” she stuttered

“Stop pretending because you know what I’m talking about. Ever since Liam came to us in the morning, you’ve been moody and withdrawn. Do you peharps have feelings for him?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about. I will be in the restroom” and with that, she left.

I and Natalie stared at each other before shrugging it off.

*After school*

“Aubrey, should we give you a ride home?” Nat asked

“No. I’m fine” I smiled and waved at them

Khloe was still quiet. I just hope it will be different tomorrow.

I walked to the school gate and was about going out when someone suddenly held my hand.

I looked back to see Liam smiling at me.

“How was school today?”

“It was fine” I replied simply

“I’m sorry I didn’t talk to you in school today but it looks like Khloe doesn’t wants me around and I wouldn’t want to be the one to ruin you guys friendship”

“It’s okay, I un-derstand” I said giving him a small smile

“So… you’re heading home now, right?”


“Should I give you a ride home?”

“No, thanks”

“I knew you were going to decline my offer but it’s okay. Will you give me your contact? I just want to have it with me since we’re friends”

I gave him one of my numbers and we bade each other farewell before parting ways.

*At home*

Sam stood at the door like she had been expecting my return.

“I was beginning to think you were going to sleep in school” she said with an eye roll

“I actually changed my mind when I remembered you will be awaiting my return” I replied sm-irking

“Really, Aubrey?”

I stuck out my tongue at her and went in through the back door.

“Make sure you don’t come out of that bathroom because I’m going to beat hell out of you” Sam said from my room

“You know you’re no match for me so don’t even think about it”

“You and I know you’re just blabbing. You can’t beat anyone. Weakling” she teased

“Just wait until I’m done” I said and quickly hurried with my bath

“What were you saying about being a match for someone?” Sam asked immediately I entered the room

“Errm… I didn’t say anything. You know I was only joking” I said with my hands raised up in surrender

“Good girl. Now, get dressed. You have some practice to do” she said winking at me

“I’m not a l£sblan” I muttered

“Did you say something?” she asked smiling sweetly

“Of course not” I answered returning the smile


“Crazy girl” I said loud enough for her to hear and ran out of the room after I finished wearing my clothes


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