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the slave 2 finale


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(Can a prince fall in love with a slave?? 😲😲)


Written by Authoress Ti Fe 💞📚


Nikita had no choice but to take care of Katika. After few days, she opened her eyes and met herself admits the ones she hated the most.

She felt so guilty and out of place but they all showed her love because of Mei’s sake.

Arjun came back to break the good news of their victory to the people and they were so happy.

They went back to the palace filled with joy. This time, no one was seen as a slave in the palace. Everyone meant something, someone special.

Niran who became to new king addressed the people by saying…

“I know my father has been a very wicked ruler, but I promise never to treat anyone the way he treated us because I now un-derstand that the same way a slave is born in the same way a child is born. No one would be called a slave and no one would maltreat or look down on anyone during my reign.”

The people of Maeko were so happy after listening to this speech. They would be free to do whatever they want.

Maya and the rest of Katika’s family and followers were buried far from the palace. That was the end of them.

Arjun and Akira, Hana and Aaron, Niran and Vanna decided to have their wedding party on the same day.

This day was so glorious that everyone in Medan was pres£nt at this wedding.

Mei and Katika finally found happiness and loved each other dearly. Though Katika never stopped feeling guilty for killing Arjun’s parents.

She also regrets having Maya as a sister after Arjun told her what Maya said before she fell off that floor.

She loved Maya with everything In her and even threw her a party. She never thought Maya would wish her dead.

The palace became full again. Happiness and Peace knew no bound.

Nikita, Aaron’s mother was seen as the mother of the royals. She saw them as her children and they loved her so much.

Akira was the first to open the door of babies, as she gave birth to a set of twins. A boy and a girl.

Arjun danced around the Palace this day and couldn’t stop smiling. Hana and Aaron hoped theirs would come too. And so did Niran and Vanna.

In nine months to that period, Vanna and Hana put to bed the same week and they both had beautiful baby girls.

They threw a party inviting the other cities.

And the royal family kept reigning over Medan for thousand and thousands of years.



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