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ray is in love episode 94 & 95

By Beckylove

Chapter 94

Dorris did not noticed that the man f!ng£r shook as she cleaned her tears and walked out of the room.

The man on the bed hand shook again. He creased his brow and his hand shook again then he opened his eyes and close it back almost immediately.
The alarm in the room went off.

The doctors and nurses rushed into the patient room.
After some minutes, the patient’s condition stabilized.
Ray opened his eyes for the second time.
The first thing he saw is white. He looked around the room and saw men and women in white.
“Contact the patient family”, one of the doctor said.
Hearing this Ray opened his mouth. One of the doctors noticed him.
“You want to say something?”, he asked.
” Don’t “, was the only thing Ray said.
” Pardon?”, the man asked.
“Don’t call…my family”, he said.

Jerome entered the ward. Ray was drinking warm tea. He couldn’t eat any solid food for the time been. Moving his hands around was even difficult for him and he couldn’t even move his legs yet. They are just too heavy to lift.
” Boss”, Jerome called.
When the hospital called him, he was in disbelief but seeing Ray now he couldn’t explain what he felt.
“You are finally awake”, Jerome said.
Ray smiled.
” How is everything?”, he asked. “My wife and others?”, Ray asked Jerome.
Jerome updated him on everything he has to know.
” So I have a son?”, Ray asked.
“Yes, you do. President Dorris had also been handling things at the office. She is quite good at business”, Jerome replied.
” She is no more working at the agency?”, he asked.
“She stopped been an artiste years ago”,
Ray swallowed an unknown lump. How can he sleep for that long.
” Did my parents give her a difficult time?”, he asked.
“ha-rd time? Did something like that happened? President Dorris had a good relationship with your parents. Mr and Mrs Dalton also doted on the young master”, Jerome answered.
Ray was relieved.
” Do you think Dorris hated me for leaving her alone all this years?”, he asked.

“I don’t think she will hate you. She longed for you all this years_I think”, Jerome said.
Ray sigh.
” Should I call and let her know?”, he asked.
“No not yet”, Ray said.
He can’t afford to face her yet. He felt that he was a coward. They were supposed to hold their wedding ceremony. He was supposed to be there for her during her pregnancy! But what did he do? He slept for over four years.
” Your son birthday is in three days. You should attend”
Ray chest tightened.
He should attend that birthday party. His son birthday.
He owed Dorris too much. He is afraid to see her.

“Don’t tell anybody I woke up. Get a shadow body guard. Whenever someone wants to visit me, he should inform me so that I can pretend I’m still on life support. Get the doctors too and tell them to shut their mouths. I have to give everyone a surprise.”, Ray said.
” And get me a nice and comfortable wheel chair. I can’t use my leg yet”, he said.
“Yes boss”, Jerome said.


Dorris face turned pale when she saw him. Is it an illusion? Is she hallucinating?
And he flashed her a smile.
Dorris heartbeat start beating fast.
Everyone turned to look at what Dorris saw and they were all surprised.
Dorris ran to him and threw herself at him. He is on a wheel chair and Jerome is holding the wheel handle.
Dorris sniffled in his scent.
“It’s really you”, she said and allow her tears to flow freely.
“It’s really you. If this is a dream then I really don’t want to wake up”, Dorris said.
Ray was patting her back muttering.
” I’m sorry. I’m sorry”
Dorris, “of course you should be sorry. After all, you did leave me alone for so long”
Looking at her delicate and clean features, Ray smiled.
His wife is so pretty. Her style is still the same. To him, she didn’t change at all.
He felt @ssured when he heard what she said.
After some minutes, Dorris calmed down.
Friends surrounded Ray.
“Man, when did you wake up? We are all surprised to see you”, Harry said.
Guy fist tightened. He don’t know if he should be happy for Dorris or not. He is actually planning to ask her out again. Who knew her husband will wake up at this critical moment. Maybe Dorris and him were not fated to be together. Looking at Dorris smiling and loving face as she look at Ray, he knew there can not be any space for him in her heart. Ray has occupied all the vacancy in her heart.
” I woke up three days ago. I wanted to give you guys a big surprise “, Ray replied.
” Well you did surprise us”, Ray looked up when he heard that well familiar voice.
“Dad?”, he called.
” Congratulations son”, Mr Dalton said.
A high pitched feminine voice puts in.
“Today is my grandson’s birthday. My Raymond is the main character for today not someone who left his mother alone for years”, the woman said. Immediately she said that, tears she had been holding back fell. She had held on well. Each time she saw Ray at the hospital, she will remember her son who died in a plane crash and her chest will tighten. Thinking that she might lose another son in a car accident is really heart-aching. A wife who lost her husband can get another husband. A child who lost his or her parents can have foster parents or step parents to replace the dead parent but a mother who lost a child can not get it back especially an aged woman like her. She stopped visiting Ray in the hospital when she couldn’t take it anymore. She will only ask about his condition from those who went. No one knew how she lost sleep for several days after her son’s accident.
No one knew how the old woman suffered from nightmares. No one knew what she felt each time she remembered her last encounter with both of her children before their accident. If she had known, she would have treated them well. If she knew she would have been more considerate.
She always think about her children. She is their mother after all and she didn’t wish evil for them. She only want the best for them.
Her husband patted her back as she cried.
“I’m sorry mum”, Ray said.
Mrs Dalton shook her head.
“No. I’m the one who is sorry”, the woman said.
She bend down and hu-gged her child.
A tiny voice interrupted.
” Dad?”

Chapter 95
(Happiest wife on earth)

Ray looked at the little boy before him, he is quite chubby but not fat. He looked like a healthy young master.
Ray recognized his son the moment he saw the boy. He looked so much like him.
” Aren’t you the dad that is sleeping in the hospital?”, Raymond asked.
Ray smiled. His son knew him. Does that mean Dorris had introduced him to her?
“I woke up son”, he said, gazing at his son lovingly. ” I attended your birthday to show you how important you’re to your dad”, Ray added.
The boy smiled.
“Really? Sleeping daddy likes me so much? Will you go back to sleep again?”, Raymond asked Ray.
” No. I will never go back to sleep in a hospital again. Never!”, he told his son.
“Does that mean I got a dad like the other kids?”, Raymond asked.
Ray was happy.
” C’mon. You always got a dad”, Dorris told the boy.
“Let the party began. Please be careful around the park kids. Do not hurt yourself or someone else”, Dorris said and the kids dispersed to play around the park.

Dorris pushed her husband into the living room. She had called Miss Preya earlier and had asked to decorate the house warmly to welcome someone back home. Miss Preya was very happy.
” Welcome back home young master”, Miss Preya and the maids greeted.
Ray smiled. The little boy was excited since he talked to his daddy.
“Miss, meet my daddy. He had been sleeping in the hospital for so long but he had decided to stop sleeping and come back home”, the boy said.
Miss Preya smiled.
She turned to Dorris.
” Dinner is ready. You should all take a shower first”, the woman said.
“Yes, we will. Did you clean the guest room for me? We will sleep down here for a while till Ray will be able to walk again.”, Dorris said.
“We cleaned the room ma’am”, Miss Preya replied.
” Thanks”, Dorris said, her smiling face radiant. Miss Preya had not seen her this happy for years.
The couple really loved each other.

After dinner, Dorris helped Ray get on the bed.
“Sorry for stressing you. I will be able to walk by myself soom”, he @ssured her.
” Are you sure you should really be apologising for such an insignificant thing?”, she asked him.
Ray sigh as Dorris got under the covers with him.
The woman cud-dle into him.
“Dorris I’m very sorry. Even I am ashamed of myself. I knew that I’ve let you down. I’m sorry for not being with you all this years especially when you are pregnant of our son. I will forever make it up to you. I should have seen you since I woke up but I am too ashamed to face you. I will never leave you again”, he told her.
Dorris snuggled closer to him.
” You don’t really nee-d to apologise to me. What matters is that you’re here for me”, she told him.
Ray was glad when he heard what she said. His wife didn’t blane him after all. That’s what matters.
Until he heard what she said next.
“Just get better so that you can make it up to me. You have to take responsibilities for the lost years”, she said.
” I will”, he said.
He will gladly try to make it up to her.
“I will try even through I knew that it is not something that could be made up so easily”, he told her.
Dorris yawned.
She is sleepy.
Today had been a long day.


The story is coming to an end soon.
Thank you for always reading.
For those that always encourage me, thank you.
Stay glued.
You will love the coming episodes

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