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mother in-law episode 40

πŸ‘©β€πŸ¦³ #Wahala πŸ‘…πŸ‘‚πŸ’ͺ

[ Find the right daughter in-law] πŸ‘€]


✍️By authoress Lenity Faithful

©️Spark’s libary 2022 πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬

🌿A Nigerian American R0m-nce .🌿

Tags : love , R0m-nce , comedy
family and relationships


🍝 Episode 40

[ Lagos Nigeria πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬]

Semi finale

πŸ’ FUMMI πŸ’

So you’re trying to tell me The traditional marriage would hold at Abia state ? I asked my friend .

” Yes …we are going to do everything in her father’s family house there ” she said with a beautiful smile.

” Does your husband know already that she’s pregnant ? I asked.

” No ” she answered as she rubbed her neck nervously .

” The problem is not only my husband , but his elder sister , she’s not fund of Yoruba people …I don’t want her ruining the wedding with her drama ” she complained .

” Ah. … maybe she’s not heard that we right against flesh and blood , look at our faces …there’s no joy oh ….untill all the 3 boys have tied their knots ” Bummi said as she grinned at us .

” So we’re traveling to Abia ? That’s gonna be fun ….”

” Are the foreigners gonna come ? She asked .

” Yup …a lot of foreigners at that , due to who Richie and Dera are …in the entertainment industry .

” I think we should tell your husband though ….we don’t want him reacting at the Wedding day …now do we ? I asked .

” I think you’re right , I’d talk to Dera about it ” she grinned .

” Hey ladies ” Richie greeted immediately he walked in with some shopping bags .

” You went shopping ? I asked.

” Nope Dera went shopping for me …I was at the airport , went to welcome my friends ” he grinned.

” Waoh they’ve arrived already ? I asked suprised.

” They wanna be here through it all ” he said with a chuckle .

” Your fiancee is gonna tell her Dad today that she’s pregnant ” I said and he stopped laughing immediately.

” Wait what ? And she didn’t tell me ? fvΒ’k ” he cursed .

” Language young man ” I frowned .

” I understand ” he gave a nod .

I pat his back with a gentle smile.

” Where are you off to ? I asked with the way he rushed out of the house

” I’d be back soon ” he said and hurried off .

” Why is he running like he’s been chased ? His dad asked walking in.

” It’s nothing my love ” I said smiling innocently .

” I pray so ” he said arms folded .

” Why are you looking at me like that ? I whinned.

” I’m scared of whatever it is you’re planning ” he fired .

” I’m not planning anything ”

” Hehehehe as long as it’s the woman I’ve been married to for more than 25 years ….then you’re definitely planning something ” he grinned.

” I’m not planning anything ,not untill we get to the east Sha ”

” You’d do no such thing ”

” Did she say we’re doing anything ? My sister asked

” So help me God ”


πŸ’ RICHIE πŸ’

” A [email protected] ? Jackie this is early evening why do want me to [email protected] your feet ? We’re not even in our mansion ” my cousin said to his wife and she frowned .

” Are you saying no ? She asked .

” Am I mad ….? Did I say anything ? He asked the guy’s and they laughed.

” Thank God my wife is close to her due date …I mean …she packed into the toilet this few days and gladly told me she wants to start sleeping there …I nearly died ” he said adding to the laughter.

” It’s not my fault that I liked the sΒ£nt ” she Frowned.

” Of the bathroom bervely ? He asked her .

” Now let’s not talk of the times you kept me up all night ” he fired .

” You love me ” she said and snuggled closer to him

” Awwwwwwwwn ” the girls cooed .

” Hey guys ….wait what are you all doing in my house ? How did you get in ?;Feyi asked shocked .

” The bones of your bones and flesh of your flesh let us in , shes in the kitchen ” I said to which he blushed slightly.

” Welcome back guys ” he greeted the morreti’s and Royals .

” You’re away from your Dera today ? He teased me .

” She didn’t even tell me she’d be telling her Dad today …I just hope it runs smoothly , I’m worried about my baby ” I said and everyone burst into laughter.

” Baby hehehehe ”

” Heard her mom was strict. How come it’s her Dad now ? Kira asked .

” Well her mom is strict but Her Dad is more strict when it comes to morals .

” And you just had to knock her up Richa-rd ” Manuel said.

” It’s not our fault it just happened and children are gifts from God ” I grinned .

” I hope you’d say that infront of your father in-law ? Feyi teased making me choke .

“So what are your plans ? Preston asked .

” To get married to the love of my life or course ….”

” We’re going to the East ….!



I rubbed my forehead tiredly as I paced around the room .

” Hehehehe ….” My Twin brother laughed on the chair making me glare at him .

” Nonso you’re Annoying ! I spat .

” I know twinnie …but I didn’t advice you to get knocked up … that’s what too much m…ha-rder causes ” he said and laughed .

” The Day you go give woman Belle ehn ” I trailed in pigin.

” Is not gonna happen anytime soon …Chi ” he grinned

” Dera ” mom said as she walked downstairs with Dad behind .

Oh God 🀦

” Chidera ! He called

” Daddy ” I said as I bowed immediately .

I noticed mom rub his tense shoulders .

” You told me your fiance is coming to see our family and the ummuna’s so why am I hearing you’re pregnant ” he asked .

I opened my mouth to talk but …words couldn’t come out .

” Dad …..I don’t regret the life growing inside of me , but I’m sorry …for being a dissappointment …I know … ” I trailed as I cried .

” I had no Complains about your choice of work …I let you be independent and live in a foreign country and you got knocked up ? Whilst nonso refuses to take over the family business ” Dad snapped .

” Dad. …” Nonso whinned .

” Me chionu there ” mom scolded .

” I’m only letting everything slide because Richa-rds father is my good friend …else I’d have dealt with the both of you ! He scolded .

” I’m sorry ” I said sincerely .

” Tell them to prepare I’d make sure my kinsmen bill you guys well after this …..” He trailed.

” Una go here am ” nonso laughed in pigin .

” Shut up ” i scolded as I threw a cushion at him mom laughed at our banter .

If Dad reacts like this , how would his sister react ?

Plus she hates yoruba people …. we’ve never agreed oh … and now I fell inlove with a Yoruba guy …

Double wahala .

Since our wedding for next week mom and Dad decided it was best to go down to Abia state …first ….to await the groom and his people .


” Richa-rd Bamidele ? Isn’t that a Yoruba name ? My father’s sister asked walking towards us with the wedding card .

” Huh ….? Mom pretended not to here her .

” So Ujunwa ?this is what you have planned with your daughter Ehn ? she asked dramatically.

” Aunty ….’ I trailed .

“C’mon keep Quiet …look at you ..? All the rich handsome Capable young men you did not see 1. his in Yoruba land you saw a man qua ? She asked in typical ibo intonation .

” Richa-rd and I love each other ?

” You’re still has spoilt as I remember ! She scolded in ibo .

I just ignored her knowing just how dramatic she can get …I didn’t want her getting any sign of my pregnancy since it’s not yet as hu-ge . ..

” And you nonso …I’d introduce you to the beautiful girls here …you nee-d to get married …I don’t understand how you can do guy without a wife by your side. …..all those mami water girls would be walking in and out of your ….secret Chambers …” She said and nonso burst out laughing on the couch .

” Although I’m still mad at you …, I would over look because I’m sure that your innocence is still intact ” she said and this time even mom laughed.

” Keep on dreaming…” Nonso cursed in French .

” So you now speak in the white mans language ? She asked

” No Aunty ” he said immediately .

“The groom’s family would be coming to see us for the first traditional meeting of the two families ” Dad said coming Down again with a list .

” So you’re in support of the marriage to the Yoruba man ? She asked her brother immediately.

” Sister I don’t understand ” Dad frowned .

” What do you mean by you don’t understand ? Can’t you choose a proper groom for you daughter ….what had civilization turned this world into ? If all our siblings didn’t die ? …..they’d have definitely knocked some sΒ£nse into your block head ” she said Angrily .

” What has tribe got to do with two people who are madly in love ?

” Love doesn’t care the …tribe race or ..status. ….it just comes …” He said and smiled at me .

” I love you Dad ” I mouthed .

” That was exactly what you said when you married Ujunwa then sΒ£nt all your children over to obodo oyibo …what has happened now ? She asked Angrily .

” Nothing has happened…. Eliza …you’re being extremely mean right now , I’d really appreciate it if you don’t show this your character to our guests ” mom said .

” Uju are you talking to me ? As long as I’m in this house ….my niece would not marry a Yoruba man let them come ” she said Angrily.

” What sought of wahala is this one ? Who did I offend ? I wondered .



Aunt Did not show up on the say Richie and his parents showed up with his people to meet my Dad and his brothers .

His Dad did most of the talking and introduction …before they went ahead and asked if I knew him .

I said yes …to which they proceeded to talk about the bride price .

Richie kept eyeing me, his mom noticed that and pulled his ear .

” Ouch ” he’d [email protected]

” My friend don’t distract us ” his Dad scolded and everyone chuckled .


πŸ’ RICHIE πŸ’

” Are we paying the bride price Today ? I asked my Dad as the drivers drove into Dera’s compound and he chuckled .

” Nope we’re just going over to Meet the umana’s ” he said.

” Wait who’s that ? Feyi asked confused .

” Well you see they’re the bride’s extended family and her known as the umana’s traditionally .

” But I thought we already did that the other day …in her father’s compound ? When you told him we where in his compound to pluck the ripe mango ? Clark asked .

” We’re still gonna restate our purpose for being in there compound again and ….. finalize everything .

” You know a lot about the tribe …? I asked .

” I’ve attended lots of ibo marriages .

” Can we just get married Already I miss my baby ”

” You better keep quiet before you go their and [email protected] ouch in the middle of a serious conversation ! Dami scolded .

” It was mom now ” he frowned .

” So Traditional before the wedding ? Feyi asked .

” Yup ” I popped .

When we got there , Her kinsmen where already there ….Dad and Dami’s Dad followed by some of our relations started the payment after much discussion .

” Wait oh ….all those things in the list ? She they selling their daughter ? Clark asked .

” You have the money ” nonso said and smiled at me .

After everything was finalised Her Dad announced the date of the marriage from the printed card .

We had our bachelorette and bachelor party at a bar down town and got ourselves badly wasted .

Well accept the Pregnant ones .

I can’t wait to marry the love of my life .



” You cannot do anything Eliza I won’t let you ruin my daughter’s big Day …lie lie …! I heard my mom’s voice and frowned .

It’s the morning if my wedding / official traditional marriage and I’m they’re fighting .

When I got out everyone was gathered .

” I said Chidera would not marry a Yoruba man ….infact call everything off .

” Now I’m pretty sure you smoked weed ….! Mom. Said pointing at her .

” Omo…madam you’re making noise don’t allow us to change hand for you …kindly go tie your gele and join us …. because if your not for us you’re against us ” aunt Bummi said arms folded .

” I will never forget this [email protected] uju ” ate spat Angrily and left .


” Babe you’re looking gorgeous ….” Bervely squiled as they as they finished dressing me up .

” I can’t believe this is my Dera … finally tieing the knot ” Mona said and everyone awwwned .

They where all clad in their matching asoebi …

We got to the church and I smiled .

I was already feeling the bad urge to cry but kept pushing it back .

As the wedding bells and song began ….the door opened and hyms began as I made baby steps to the alter where my prince charming stood waiting for me .

HIs eyes met mine as my Dad walked me down the aisle I kept laughing out tears .

Thank God my makeup is water proof .

” Take care of my princess ” he whispered to Richie who gave a nod .

” We are here to witness the Wedding ceremony of Mr Richa-rd bamidele and miss Chidera ….” The priest trailed .

” Dera ….with this ring in my hand ….I promise to stand by you ….to be understanding …to care and to love you till death do us part ” he said and I smiled at him

” Richa-rd ….Richie …my love …The Best thing that had happened to me ….” I trailed as we made our vows I could see our friends wiping their tears .

Especially Selena it wasn’t easy for her anyways the last Royal was tieing the knot.


πŸ‡ ADESUA πŸ‡

The reception began and it was used as the open traditional marriage .

We’d laughed at Dera a lot when she was giving a [email protected] to go and look for her husband .

His friends nearly killed us with laughter

She did see him and feed him the drink ….and he put cash into the [email protected] before they went out to Dance .

” They’re about to Dance ! The crowd cheered and phones raised up to make videos .

Dera nearly killed us with laughter , who would believe she’s even pregnant ? With the way she was twerking crazily on her husband .

” I would love to sing a song to my wife …my love …my Ayomi ..” He trailed Making the crowd awwwwwwwwn as he hung his guiter .

” I can’t wait to hear you say I do ” feyi whispered to me and I blushed red .


I know I co-ckat ibo weddings … hehehehe.

Don’t miss out on Ade and feyi

Ibo people don’t roast me bikonu .

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