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mother in-law episode 39

👩‍🦳 #Wahala 👅👂💪

[ Find the right daughter in-law] 👀]


✍️By authoress Lenity Faithful

©️Spark’s libary 2022 🇳🇬

🌿A Nigerian American R0m-nce .🌿

Tags : love , R0m-nce , comedy
family and relationships


🍝 Episode 38

[ Lagos Nigeria 🇳🇬]


” Ha ….. Here we go ” Manuel said as he raised his hands and we all looked at him jaws Dropped.

” This is crazy” I said and we chuckled.

” I brought a suprise ….” He trailed pointing at the fancy house in front of us built with palm fronds .

” O …” I said and Clark laughed.

” This is your last night as a single guy ….” He said and I pannicked .

” Wait did you bring women ?I asked and they the doors opened .

” What the F*ck ” Marco cursed as put came Richie Caden and Preston clad in swimming pa-nts .

We all burst into laughter .

” The s£×y ladies have arrived ! Vincenzo hailed and we where all laughing mess already .

” Richie you nee-d help ” feyi said as we laughed .

After that the guys made Franco sit down as we played the truth or dare game .

” What ! He said shocked .

” Just 4 bottles ” Marco smirked .

” 4 bottles ? You know I have zero tolerance for alcohol. .. no ! He said and they winked at me .

” It’s either this , or We give you something else ” vincenzo said smirking .

He glared daggers at us he started drinking the guys laughed at him crazily .

“Woah ” the guys hailed as he as he drank .

By the time we where done ,Franco was drunk as hell …

” I know ….what you guys are up to ! He said with a chuckle .

” Maybe alcohol would make you bold ” Marco teased him .

” F* ck I’m bold , I’m the boldest morreti ” he grinned and we all burst into laughter .

” Guys ” the girls team hailed as they joined us .

” What happened to him ? Katleah asked confused as she Walked close .

He stared at her with want Making everyone chuckle .

He pulled her close and whispered something in her ears .

” You’re drunk ” she laughed.

” I’m not drunk …..I’m just tipsy ” he said as they bid us goodnight .

” Have fun ! Manuel hailed and he turned and gave him the fv¢k you sign which made us laugh .

The night did end with a lot of craziness from our side .

” Caden ” I said as I saw him standing alone whilst staring into space .

” You’re not sleepy yet ? I asked and he laughed .

” Nope ” he popped and rubbed his face .

” Heard you hooked up with Valerie ? I asked .

” Just once ….” He said sincerely .

” I hope you’re not using her to forget Claire …? Clark told me about it ” I said and he rubbed his neck.

” No …of course not …. Valerie …let me take her innocence .. she’s special to me and I wanna see where this takes us ” he said camly .

” You’re both different , Race and all …it won’t be an easy journey you’re both still young ….” I trailed .

” She’s different ….she happens to be the best thing that’s happened to me….I’m willing to take the risk of feeling something even if it leads no where ” he said and I Pat his back

” Valerie is a nice girl’d be good for each other” I said and he chuckled .

” It was nice talking to you man ” he said and I grinned .

” It was nice talking to you too .



” You knew you have zero tolerance for alcohol and you went drinking with your brothers Franco ? I scolded him and he blushed .

” I’m sorry …” He said and I rolled my eyes .

He’d stopped smoking after we started dating …infact Anne and Anna … couldn’t stay near him anytime he’d smoked so he stopped it .

He’d stayed off alcohol for quiet sometime I was even suprised when I saw him drinking tonight .

” Baby it’s Marco and vincenzo … especially Manuel they set me up ” he said pointing at the door .

I fold my hands and he smiled .

” Katleah ” he called .

” Hmmn ” I answered as I removed my jewelry , I felt him close .

” Franco ” I called as his hands played with my zip and brought it down .

” Franco are you …..”

” I’m sure ” he answered as he sealed his l!ps with mine .

” Babe wait ,I hope you’re not drunk …” I trailed and he laughed .

” I’m just tipsy …I’m not as drunk as before …” He said as he trailed ki-sses on my neck .

” Franco .. ” I [email protected] as he led me towards our bed.

We made out on the bed whilst getting rid of the barriers between us .

” Katleah …I know I planted a bad memory of our first time together …f*ck I know you’re supposed to be treated like a queen and I messed up…..” He trailed as his voice shook .

” Shut up ….! I caught him shut as I ki-ssed him making the ki-ssing heated .

I was done with his apologies , we had our daughters and families with us … and I loved him way too much I don’t wanna waste our time together regretting the past.

Let the past stay in the past .

” Franco ” I [email protected] out as he filled me up .

” I love you kat ” he whispered softly as we became one in all s£nse .



” Hey he has done it for me !

” Eh God has shamed my enemies ” mom said dramatically as the kungfu Queens hailed her .

” Grandma you have enemies ? Quincy asked confused and I chuckled .

He was already dressed in his little groom uniform and the guys where all in my room teasing me as mom helped me knot my tie .

I can’t believe I’d be finally getting married to Jackie and mom wouldn’t try to stop the wedding dramatically with her wahala .

The time I’ve spent with Jackie has thought me what true love is all about .

The sacrifices she made in other to learn how to be the best woman ….for Me .

I know she still has her flaws … like being Quick to anger and all

But that’s what makes her special ,that’s what makes her Jackie ” i thought with a smile.

” In still remember how Marcoroni had gotten cold feet on his wedding day hahahaha …! Manuel laughed .

” Why do you find plea-sure in eating my [email protected] ? Marco asked .

” Your lives would be boring without me in it and you know that hehehehe” he added .

” Hey guys …” Franco said as he joined us Making the guys grin at him .

” How was last night ? Vincenzo asked .

” Don’t ask me ” Franco said.

” fv¢k man , are you blushing ? Marco asked.

” I hope she can still walk. ….” Marco said and they all burst out laughing at him ..

” You all nee-d Jesus ! …stop talking nons£nse in front of my grandson” mom scolded as she smiled at us Making everyone laugh .

” c’mon it’s time to walk your wife down the aisle ” mom said .

” And he’s getting married ! Richie said Makin the guys laugh.



” I can’t be having a running stomach on my wedding day ! I said with a frown and mom chuckled.

” It’s God’s wedding gift to you Jackie ” she said and I blushed red as the girls squiled.

” You’re lucky the morning sickness didn’t hit you ha-rd , I can’t believe they both knocked up their women the same time…you’re lucky you and your man are celibate else he’d have knocked you up …to ” Danny said pointing at Adesua .

” Adesua that’ll get Pregnant a week after her wedding ” Dera teased .

” Hey that’s not true ” she said.

” It’s true oh , the way you’ve starved feyi , get ready for All night …” She added .

” He’s want for you would be like an unquenchable fire …” Bervely said.

” Ha … talking from experience babe ” Dera said pointing at bervely and we all burst into laughter.

” Katleah! They screamed immediately she got in .

” You girls are crazy ” She said as we laughed .

” Oh my baby is looking gorgeous ” mom said as she ki-ssed my forehead .

” C’mon c’mon we don’t wanna leave the groom waiting ” mom said as we all made our way out .

We had lots of guests and media at the event , and as my Dad walked me down the aisle , tears of joy rolled outta my eyes .

After everything I’ve experienced true love and relationship with my one night stand .

Dami was right when he says … sometimes it takes just a moment to meet the One .

” We are all gathered here tonight to witness the wedding ceremony of Mr Damilare Kings and miss Jacqueline May …” The priest began .

I could see The kungfu Queens b!0w us flying ki-ss especially my wahala mother inlaw.

” Jackie ….I’ve stood in front of my mirror trying to write out the best vows I wanna say to you ….but I just ….” He said and we both chuckled .

” Know I co-ckat words …but I just wanna let you know that I love you and you mean a lot to me …I promise to stand by you to support and to understand you for as long as I live till death do us part .” He said and wore me the ring .

” Dami ….My Nigerian …prince ” I said and the crowed awwwwwwwwned at us .

” You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me…You’ve made me realize a part of myself that I never knew existed ….Dami I love you and I promise to stand by you through thick and thin ….for as long as I still have life in me ” I said and wore him the ring .

” You may now ki-ss the bride ” the priest said and Dami didn’t waste time to seal our l!ps hungrily .

” Woah ! The crowd hailed .

” That’s my son ” I heard his mom scream.

” Na church …o …! Richie screamed making me chuckle as he ki-ssed my forehead .

This was just the beginning of our lives together .

We all got ready and headed to the reception.


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