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mother in-law episode 38

👩‍🦳 #Wahala 👅👂💪

[ Find the right daughter in-law] 👀]


✍️By authoress Lenity Faithful

©️Spark’s libary 2022 🇳🇬

🌿A Nigerian American R0m-nce .🌿

Tags : love , R0m-nce , comedy
family and relationships


🍝 Episode 39

[ Lagos Nigeria 🇳🇬]


“Woah ! The background music played as we made entry into the Well decorated hall for the reception.

The guest had already started trooping in and it looked so colourful .

” Uncle Rich …help me ! Quincy said walking over to me whilst trying to raise his Agaba properly and I burst into laughter .

” What are you wearing ? I asked seeing he’d turned it upside down.

“It’s Dad he cursed it” he said frowning.

” You where looking fine some time ago ? I said suspiciously .

” Fine ..I went to ease myself ” he said blushing red in [email protected] .

” Oo and you couldn’t set it properly again ? I laughed.

“Would you stop laughing and help me ? This is a matter of my dignity I can’t be looking like this on my parents Yoruba wedding ” he said pouting .

Did he just say Dignity ?

I laugh in China .

” Kiddo …you know what it’s traditional marriage” I corrected .

” It’s the same thing just help me .

” Hahahaha you can’t handle your nephew man ..what happens to your own child ? Preston laughed.

” As if you can handle your daughter ” I teased and the guys burst out laughing at him .

We where all dressed in the Yoruba cultural attire .

” The Wedding has not started , I’ve eating three plates ‘ Clark licked his l!ps and his rubbed his hands .

” Hey what if you get a running stomach from eating way too much ? Caden said dramatically.

” You’d carry me home ” he grinned .

“We’d push you in a wheelbarrow and sell you off to the highest bidder ” Manuel laughed.

” I can now officially say heaven is very far from you ! I said and everyone burst into laughter.

” Do you guys Seriosely know all the people in this wedding ? Vincenzo asked wide eyed .

” Just wait and watch what will happen today , I’m pretty sure some of them are Aunt bummi’s church members remember she’s a prayer warrior in church ” I trailed .

” A prayer what ? Does her prayers even [email protected] the roof ? Marco asked .

” Remember she told us she fights against flesh and blood ” Manuel said causing us to laugh .

” I can see a lot of Nigerian delicacies …here …” Lucas trailed and I rolled my eyes.

” You guys have turned foodies after you came here

” You nee-d to get married Richie …you’re getting Old ” Clark teased and they laughed at me.

” Which culture is the bride following since it’s a Nigerian marriage ? Caden asked.

” Still Yoruba …” I answered.

” Wow ”

We all made way to escort the groom into the hall .

The wedding ceremony officially began as the [email protected] from both side began their talks ,

Some people had already started dancing to the drums whilst some planned how they where gonna eat their morning afternoon and evening foods .

Especially aunt’s invities …I can’t believe she invited her market friends too .

The [email protected] guests and foreign guests sat in their sits acting posh as the media covered the occasion .

” It’s time to dance in ” Feyi said to Damilare who took a de-ep breath .

My Dad and his him on as Manuel stood in front Dancing crazily with his agbada from left to right .

” Wait why is he dancing more than all of us ? Marco asked his

” Let’s just pray he doesn’t fall their wedding cake with his earthquake dance steps ” Feyi added .

His mom had invited one of their Yoruba distant cousin to act as the spokes man .

” Okay it is time for ” idobale” the man saidsaid

” What ? Ido …what’s that ? Are they changing Jackie’s name ? Her dad asked nearly getting an heart attack .

” It is a greeting custom of the yoruba people , whereby males prostrate placing their full bodies on the ground as a sign of respect and their chest must touch the ground” he explained smiling .

” What the fv¢k that’s punishment , I mean why do we have to lay on the floor ? ” Vincenzo frowned in confusion .

” What sought of tradition is that ? Clark added .

” Hey listen and listen well ….I’m Egbon all the way from ibadan ….”

” I’m Manuel from Italy ” Manuel said and shook his hands.

” Manuel ! We all scolded .

” What ? I thought we were introducing ourselves ? He asked confused.

” It’s a tradition we have to do it ” Dami’s Dad explained .

” His name looks like his face ” Marco spat as we all postrait on the floor .

The guys continued glaring at the man throughout the rest of the process whilst he asked different questions .

Soon We where permitted to take our seats .

The drums began again as the bride’s came out with her ladies who are wearing matching aso_ ebi ( members of the bridal train )

Mom and her sister ….Danced like their world depended on it …infact I kept praying Jackie’s mom didn’t fall face first from the heels she was wearing .

I couldn’t even understand Selena’s gele .

They move forward with the programme after doing the necessary she was asked to look for her husband with a wine bottle and when she saw him she placed a hat on his head and then he carries her the process known as (igbeyawo )

He places a ring on her f!ng£rs and as she does the same they’re pronounced married in front of everyone.

The music began again ? As we all started dancing in groups .

Infact they opened ground for the craziness to take place .

Hahahaha .

I joined the guys as we sprayed cash around the couple’s as they did their couples Dance .

This is crazy 😂



” I’m glad you’re finally my wife , and that our wedding didn’t get called off this time around ” Dami laughed as he brought my hands close and ki-ssed it .

” What are they doing ? He asked laughing as we stared at Quincy Dancing With his grandma and her sister .

” Having fun ….” I trailed and he chuckled .

” Dami …” I called.

” Hmmn ” he answered as I stared at him smiling .

” Love i know I’m handsome , but the way you’re staring at me ….” He said s£×ily .

” You still act like this when you’re already a father of two ? I teased .

” Baby I know you call me Daddy when we ….hehe … and all of that but ….we only have Quincy now unless you’re ….” He trailed.

” fv¢k …are you pregnant? He asked grinning happily and I laughed .

” Hahahaha ” I laughed.

‘ baby you’re pregnant ? This is the best wedding gift I tell you omg ! He said happily .

” I’m gonna be a father again ! He said excitedly and everywhere fell silent .

” Ah Oluwa oh ! My mother inlaw screamed happily and the drums began as mom threw her gele and twerked crazily with a champagne bottle in her hands .

” Mom ” I called as everyone laughed.

” I’m gonna be a grandma ! She said excitedly .

The wedding was the craziest event ever .

Quincy had left with his grandparents whilst Dami and I left for our honeymoon , The royals and morreti’s where gonna go back to their various destinations .

Richie’s wedding was coming up soon and we all wanted to prepare ourselves for the upcoming craziness .




” Richa-rd you don’t understand , Dad is furious okay …” I said as I rubbed my face .

We’d planned everything and gotten a date for him to see my parents but due to how cultural Dad is, he was furious about me being knocked up .

I wonder who told him because it’s definitely not mom , she’s strict but not when it comes to Richa-rd .

” Baby calm down …!

” Calm down … Richie I told you …now you don gimmi belle ” I said in pigin .

” Baby ….it’s not my fault oh …it’s both our fault ” he grinned.

” Seriosely now ? Its you who couldn’t keep your hands to yourself …now I’m gonna look like a drum on our wedding day ” I frowned .

” You won’t like a drum now …isn’t it’s just 4 months …you still look s£×y …infact it’s your ….” He trailed.

” I don’t want to here your sinful words thank you ” I frowned .

” I’ve talked to my kungfu Queens …” He said.

‘ so that’s what’s giving you mind richa-rd ? Have you met my father’s elder sister ? She’s something else ..oh …I’d die if she finds out I’m pregnant sef ” I said nervously.

‘ what Century is she from ? Babe don’t bother …it’s not our fault ” he said ki-ssing my shoulders with a smile

” Stop giving me s£×y smiles it’s all your fault …if I say Richie I’m tired you’d start …..” I trailed.

” Ah I’m innocent oh ” he smiled.

” Innocent my foot …that’s how you’d be touching me ….” I said as my cheeks turned red .

” Touching you …how ?

” Richa-rd Nna ehhhn you can lie ….so now you’re feigning innocence …when you see wahala ahead .
” I asked

” So You’ve let out your Igbo tongue just because of arguments ? He laughed .

” Richa-rd I’m dead oh ….” I said and he ki-ssed my l!ps with a chuckle .

” Dayo …its you oh Even if I say I’m not in the mood that’s how you’d s£nd your hands down there ….you’re a bad boy ….” I pocked his head as he laughed .

” Dera you know I can’t think straight when your pressing my Mumu buttons especially with this your figure …I’m officially a mumu when you’re around ” He said and I burst into laughter .

” Don’t worry I’m not scared of you’re people we’d overcome the Huddle’s ” he added as I snuggled into him .



” Doctor C” someone called and I turned to the group of nurses as I removed my gloves .

” Can you join us tonight …we’d be having dinner …” They trailed as they touched my hands flirtly .

” The other time at lunch was fun ” one of them said .

Lunch ? I wondered that was a business lunch .

” Feyi ….c’mon …we won’t take long …” The other one said and I heard someone clear their throat .

I turned and it was my fiancee I immediately removed my hands from their grip .

” Baby ” I said as I moved over to her and ki-ssed her forehead .

She looked at the girls and back at my face as she walked in front .

” Love you didn’t call me that you’re back from Paris I’d have picked me from the airport .

” You told me you where busy ” she said like it was nothing .

” I told you ….” I trailed.

” You told me you where busy Feyi … please Don’t get on my nerves I could see just how busy you where ” she snapped

” Adesua you can’t start that now I’m too tired for an argument …” I trailed and she ignored me throughput the ride to my place .

” Feyi just drop me off at home ” she said and I ignored her .

” Remember we talked about you spending the night at mine ? I asked .

” I’m not in the mood to stay over ” she said and I controlled my anger knowing how fragile she is with words…..

“Feyi ” she snapped as I drove into my compound .

” Feyi I said I want to go home ” she said as I got into my Mansion and Locked the door with her in.

” What’s wrong with you ? You’ve been acting stupid ever since you came back from Paris ! I snapped angrily

” Stupid? Feyi you just called me stupid ? Do you even here yourself ? She asked voice shaking at the edge .

” I said acting stupid !

” It’s the same thing …I don’t blame you after all you’re the one with female colleguges flirting around .

” What the fv¢k …Ade ! I snapped .

” Don’t you dare snap at me Feyi. …you’ve been acting unfeeling these days and it hurts ! She snapped .

” Don’t turn the tables …” I snapped angrily.

” Why ? Because I’m the understanding wife to be ? Feyi I keep up with you …! I call you and try my possible best to understand your line of work….even when you don’t show up for my shoes “she trailed crying .

” I just had the biggest show of my career without the love of my life there to support me but I fv¢king understood the fact that you had lives to save …!

” But did you call me back No …I spent two weeks in Paris Feyi ,you only called twice ! Twice for goodness sake …do you know how I felt ? Shit I still swallowed my pride and kept calling you through out ” she asked crying .

” I … barely had time for myself ” I trailed .

” Yet you had the time the have lunch with your s£×y friends ”

” Don’t you dare accuse me of cheating ” I said hurt .

” It’s in men’s nature ” she shrugged .

” Oh really ? ” I asked with a bitter chuckle .

” Adesua do you know how ha-rd ….it has been for Me to remain celibate ? Whilst you keep yourself innocent till marriage ? I could have easily se-duced you but I didn’t….

” I respect you to the point I’ve never even cheated on you ! And this is what I get in return ? I asked voice breaking at the edge .

” You think that’s the point? See take me home abeg I’m jetlagged …” She said trying to hide her tears

” I HATE fighting with you ! I said and she looked away as she cried bitterly .

” My love ” I called and she just continued crying

” Baby ”

” I’m sorry …I’m so sorry …I just missed you so much and ….” She trailed crying .

” I know you’d never cheat …it’s just …”

” Hey I understand … okay ever since Dami’s wedding I’ve been so fv¢king busy I know I hurt you ” I said and she stared at me with fat tears rolling outta her eyes.

” Feyi we nee-d to balance work and personal life. ..” she said sadly .

.” I promise I will and before you think nons£nse next time just know. …I have my eyes only for you. , It’s not my fault I attract female attention ” I grinned .

” You’re too handsome …it’s not easy being in a relationship with you …married and single women crushing on you anyhow. ” She said and I burst into laughter .

” My eyes only on the Queen of my heart ” I said and she ki-ssed me softly I pulled her close and de-epened the ki-ss .


Late and super Long .

Sometimes talking things out with our love ones avoids future damage .

2 more episodes and an epilogue .

Mouthwatering Comments please .

Igbo and Yoruba wedding loading .

ki-ss me in secret dropping soon …don’t miss out .


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