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mother in-law episode 37

πŸ‘©β€πŸ¦³ #Wahala πŸ‘…πŸ‘‚πŸ’ͺ

[ Find the right daughter in-law] πŸ‘€]


✍️By authoress Lenity Faithful

©️Spark’s libary 2022 πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬

🌿A Nigerian American R0m-nce .🌿

Tags : love , R0m-nce , comedy
family and relationships


🍝 Episode 37

[ Lagos Nigeria πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬]

πŸ’ JACKIE πŸ’

” Is he okay ? Dami asked the doctor worriedly .

” He’s fine sir but still unconscious …the abuse on his neck was pretty serious ….but he’s out of danger now….what happened to him ? He asked curiously .

” She tried to kill my grandson …! How could you be so heartless ! Dami’s mom screamed at Damini as she cried and mom pulled her close .

” I didn’t mean to hurt him m…” She cried .

” You didn’t mean to hurt him ? You fvΒ’king hit him on the neck …did you see how much blood he was splitting what if the innocent kid had lost his life ! Dami asked and she cried .

” Damilare I love you ….” She said crying as she moved forward to touch him he shifted backwards .

” You can’t love Me and attempt to kill our son Damini , your own flesh and blood all because of obsession ” he said in dissappointment .

” I ….Dami don’t leave me please …I’d die I’d k*ll her I swear ” she said pointing at me she looked almost insane .

” I lived 8 years waiting for us to finally be together , I kept the pregnancy …I loved and trained Quincy to finally get you …..and you both chose Jacqueline over me …how could you !she screamed with pure hate dripping from her words .

” I’d k*ll her ….I’d k*ll her ” she cried as everyone stared at her in shock .

What mother would hurt her own flesh and blood all because of a man she claims to love ?

” You’re under arrest madam for the attempted murder of Master Quincy Kings ” the cop said and she immediately started crying .

” Damilare don’t let me go to jail …Dami I love you ….Dami …Dami ! She kept screaming his name as they took her out .

I watched her leave as tears rolled outta my eyes …I knew just how much Quincy loved his mom and he’d heard her say he was just her pawn to get his Dad …..

I felt bad for my poor baby .

He didn’t deserve any of this 😭

” Is he okay now ? Adesua asked immediately she joined as Her fiance gave a nod .

Everyone looked tensed about the situation .

Damini went too far for a love she’d already lost .



” Love I think you should go home already , aren’t you tired ? I think you should rest ” Dami said as he rubbed my arms.

” I can’t dami …I nee-d to be here when my baby wakes up ” I said and mom smiled at me .

” I didn’t think I’d see the day you act this responsible baby ” she said as she carressed my cheeks .

” She’s my daughter after all ” aunt bummi said as she side hu-gged me .

” It’s still shocking anytime I see you guys acting sweet with each other ” his dad said and we all laughed .

” Please who’s Jackie ? The patient is asking for her ” a nurse said

” I’m Jackie ” I said getting up immediately ..

” Hey calm down ” Dami said as we moved in immediately

” Baby ” I said as I moved over and ki-ssed his cheeks and forehead .

” How are you son ? Is your throat still hurting ? Are you hungry ? I thought I lost you ” i said in one go .

” I’m fine ” he said softly and Dami ki-ssed his forehead .

” Mom ” he called.

” Hmmn ” I said emotionally as he’d called me mom again infact tears ended up rolling outta my eyes.

” You’re crying ? Did she hurt you too ? He asked in pannick .

” Of course not …we’d have beat sΒ£nse into her head immediately …” His grandma said coming in .

” Grandma ” he said as she carressed his cheeks .

” You’d be fine sweetie ” she said and he smiled .

The doctor did a few check up here and there and told us we where free to take him home .

I was so worried about Quincy that even after dinner I’d sat with him until he fell asleep .

” Babe yes asleep already ” …Dami said and I stared at him .

” I nearly lost it love ….Quincy …is my son …I might not have bore him from my loins But he’s mine too …” I said and he sat next to me and held my hand .

” I know princess …I’ve seen and felt just how much Quincy means to you …and I appreciate your love ” he said and I smiled.

” Dami ” I called.

” Hmmmn…” He trailed.

” Let’s get married …I want us to get the custody of Quincy …” I said and he gave a nod.

” We will love I promise ” he said and ki-ssed me softly .

We both watch Quincy as he slept peacefully .


πŸ’ RICHIE πŸ’

” She’s been acting different Dayo …are you that blind ? My mom scolded and I froze in shock .

” I don’t think so mom ,Dera would never hide something like that from me ….” I said with a chuckle .

” So you’re trying to tell a typical Nigerian mother that she doesn’t know a pregnant woman ? She fired .

” Mom I didn’t say that ” I said and Feyi laughed as he washed his hands .

” Don’t you see the way your girlfriend has …added this few days …” She asked.

” Dera said she’s sick ” I said defending her immediately .

I mean why would Dera hide it from me If she’s pregnant …? She knows how much I love her

” Why Don’t ask your girlfriend first ? Feyi asked and I stormed out angrily .

” Hey man ” Clark waved immediately I walked [email protected] them .

” Richie ” Lucas called .

” Ya ” I answered as I turned .

My eyes where red and I was hurt ,my brother is a doctor and mom wouldn’t say something like that if she’s not sure .

Besides I realized Dera Didn’t see her periods last month or the month before .

I know when she does because of bad cramps .

” I’d see you guys ” i said as I walked [email protected] her .

” Dera ! I called and she turned to me .

She was sitted with Jackie and the others whilst talking about the upcoming wedding .

Her girls team had magazines on their laps .

” Love ? She asked and that’s when I realized the changes .

Her b-oobs looked fooler …she’d added a bit .

” Richie ‘” she called and chuckled .

” Dera we nee-d to talk ” I called and the girls looked at us worriedly .

” Is everything okay ? She asked and I ignored her as I matched into the mansion .

” Richa-rd ….!

” Dera …why are you sick ? I asked and she frowned .

” I’m no longer sick , I told you right ? She asked nervously .

” What was Making you sick ? I asked and she rubbed her neck nervously something she does when she’s in pannick .

” I said it wasn’t something to worry about Richa-rd ” she said and my jaws literally dropped .


” I ….” She trailed in shock .

” I’m sorry ‘ she burst out crying immediately .

” You’re sorry Dera ? What’s going on ? Why did you hide something so important from me? Or is it not mine ? I asked hurt .

” How can you say that Richa-rd ? I’ve only ever been with you ” she asked hurt .

” You’re asking me that ? How do you think I’d felt when the woman I love with everything….is carrying my child and didn’t bother informing me? I snapped angrily and she burst out crying.

” Richa-rd ….I was scared …I was scared of loosing you ….” She said crying and I looked at her in confusion .

” Loosing me ? How would getting knocked up by me make you loose me ? I f*cking love you and you know it ” I snapped .

” I know okay …I just , Richa-rd you said you didn’t want kids remember ….! And with your parents pressuring you to tie the knot , I ….I didn’t want pregnancy being the reason you unwillingly walk down the aisle with me …I just ‘ she trailed as she cried

” I said I didn’t want kids ? When did I say that ? I must have been joking around as usual Dera ” I sighed softly.

” Wait is that why you’ve been super careful when we make love ? Dera ! I called and she cried Making me pull her into my arms .

” I’m sorry ” I said rubbing her back as she cried .

” You should have told me your fears Dera and who told you ….you’d be forcing me to tie the knot ? I already had plans of doing that ” I said and she looked at me as she sniffed back tears but the rolled down followed by snurt .

” I hate feeling like a cry baby ” she said crying .

I walked over to my nightstand and came back with a box .

” Richa-rd. …” She said suprised .

” Chidera ” I called as she cried .

” Dayo ….”

” I’ve practiced just how much ….words I wanted to say whilst doing this ….” I said as I chuckled out tears .

” But they all don’t seem enough to explain how you make me feel … and the symbol of what we feel for each other in your womb just adds up to that. …” I trailed as we both cried .

” I want to wake up every morning besides you …..Grow old together …” I trailed as I cried and she chuckled out tears .

” It’s always been you Dera even when I’m angry ….my heart still knows only you …’s always been you now and till eternity ….

” So my love ….my Queen …will you marry me ? I asked and she cried .

” Say yes Dera ! Mom screamed and i turned with a chuckle seeing everyone .

” Say yes ”

” Dera !

” Yes …..yes I’d marry you Richie”she said and I pulled her in for a ki-ss .

I hu-gged her as my tears wΒ£t her neck .

I loved her….and it’ll always be Dera and no one else .



πŸ’ JACKIE πŸ’

” They’re having a Traditional / church wedding …on the same day that one is the best ” my mother inlaw said excitedly and the kungfu Queens gave their support .

” I’m not against that , my problem is we initially planned to do only the church wedding ” mom said.

” Without a traditional marriage , Dami has not married now ” she said arms folded .

” Let’s just do what makes the both of you happy ” Dami said to the both of them

” Leave the Dishes to TIMI’s KITCHEN ” aunt fummi said .

” We’re all wearing the same uniform …the kungfu Queens ….join us Selena ,you too ” she said to mom .

I can’t imagine the craziness on my wedding πŸ˜‚

After Richa-rd proposed to Dera , my mother inlaw and her sister have been on cloud nine πŸ˜‚

With our friends ,the preparation for the wedding has been fun so far .

And this time around there’s no calling it off .

” Jackie come on ” Daniella said as she grinned at me .

” What’s wrong ? I asked .

” Our plan is two steps ahead of working ‘ she grinned .

” How” I asked

” Franco and Kat ” Nicole grinned .

” He still hasn’t shifted her womb ? He’s slow ” Celine frowned as she munched the snacks In the fancy bowl .

” I want your bachelorette party to be the night they hit it rough ” Benita said and my jaws dropped .

” Does Katleah know your plans ? I asked.

” No if she knows it won’t work ‘ Nicole said and I burst into laughter .

” These girls are crazy .

” C’mon we also nee-d to shop for the party babe ” they grinned and bervely whistled in the air .


β˜… Bachelorette party

πŸ‡ ADESUA πŸ‡

It’s a night to Jackie and Damilare’s Wedding and where turning the heat up crazily in Her Dad’s mansion .

Her parents where crazy enough to get a mansion during their stay here .

Arcording to her mom since her daughter would start a family here it’s only better they get a house here .

” Woah …….! We all hyped as the loud music banged in the background .

” So it’s time for Games ” bervely clapped excitedly as she raised the fancy bowl making everyone hail her .

Arcording to Dera she’d been a really shy girl before fame , but well I see know shyness in bervely she’s crazy .

” So …pick a ship …” She said and we all picked .

” Jeez bervely ” Danny whinned.

” What ? She smirked.

” S*x questions ? Clark has spoilt you rotten ” Kira teased .

” So ….. Adesua ” she said and I chuckled ..

” Wrong girls I know nothing about s*x …you see we haven’t eaten from the forbidden yet ” I said and their jaws literally dropped.

” Wait you mean you’ve been starving our Feyi ….wait how do you walk around that Sinfully gorgeous man without jumping on him ? Celine asked .

” Celine ” the girls bursted .

” What ? I only asked a question I mean …after Stefano and I ….ulala ….I couldn’t stop myself we’d go from the bedroom to him kitchen …his office ….gosh even in the elevator ….oh my Goodness ….! She said and our Jaws dropped .

” That’s when I raised my hands this is it ! ….this is it Stefano ” she said and we where a laughing mess already especially the bride .

” What’s your question ? She asked Jackie .

” Favorite S*x Position ” she grinned .

” Do you guys have any innocent questions ? I asked .

” Mine is definitely Reverse cow girl ….” Bervely trailed.

” BERVELY ! Everyone said as they burst out laughing .

Whatever happened to their filters .


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