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Mending his broken heart episode 11


By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 11

“Where are you coming from and whose car just dropped you off now?” Scarlet asked

“I can explain. Just let me in first” Noel said

Scarlet moved aside and Noel entered then sat down on the couch

“Start talking” Scarlet sat down too

“Where do I start from?” Noel asked

“From who dropped you”

“Okay. It was Gray’s mother”

“What!!! How?” Scarlet was shocked

She wouldn’t have believed it but she always knew when Noel was lying

MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 11 – 30. Thingscouplesdo

“It’s a long story”

“Well,tell me” Scarlet moved closer

“You see…” Noel told Scarlet everything starting from when she met Gray’s mum for the first time till when they met at the grocery store.

“I think she likes you” Scarlet said

“Yeah. Which has given me an upper hand” Noel smirked

“Yes you’re right”

“I bought some foodstuffs” Noel smiled and dropped them

“Awesome. I’m eating those carrots now” Scarlet picked the nylon up and entered the kitchen

“Save some for me” Noel said



Scarlet was all dressed up for work and Noel was woken up by her phone’s ringtone. It was her mum calling

📞Good morning mum

📞Morning baby. Hope you slept well?

📞Yes I did. You?

📞I slept like a baby

📞Okay mum

📞Baby I nee-d your help with a delivery

Scarlet waved Noel goodbye and left

📞Okay mum. Where am I delivering it to?

📞You will be delivering it to Hans corp company. I believe that is where Scarlet works

📞Yes mum and she just left. You would have s£nt her

Noel pouted

📞I am sorry baby. Her line wasn’t going through

📞No problem. Who will I be giving it to?

📞The CEO

📞Okay mum. I’ll be right there in few minutes

📞Okay. Till you come

They hung up

Noel slid out of her pyjamas and took her bath. Did her daily routine and phoned Gray but his phone was switched off. She decided to call Austin and was lucky enough to reach him. She told him where she was off to and left the house for the bakery.

On getting there,her mum had already wrapped everything up and gave it to her to deliver. She hu-gged her mum and boarded a cab to the company. She opened her mouth in awe. She hasn’t visited the company ever since Scarlet started working there a month ago.

It was big and beautiful but Gray’s company was bigger.



She informed the security at the gate that she was here on a delivery. They called the manager and she confirmed that they let her in. She kept admiring the building and admired the lovely flowers surrounding the building too.

She came to the reception and met the secretary

“Good morning ma” Noel smiled

“Morning. How may I help you?” The lady asked smiling back

“I’m here with a delivery for…” Noel looked at the tag on the package and saw the name “…Mr Harry Cooper”

Why does that name sound oddly familiar? Noel thought

“Okay. Excuse me” The lady stood up and entered the office then came out later “You may go in”

Noel smiled and walked up to the door. She opened it slowly and then fully. She saw Scarlet busy on some files at the other end of the room. Scarlet waved and smiled at her giving her the “What are you doing here?” look

Noel smiled and walked up to his table

“Good morning sir. Here is your delivery” Noel smiled and he looked up

The smile on her face turned to a shock expression when she saw who it was.

“Mr Harry?” She called

“Wow wow wow. Who do we have here?” His l!ps curved into a sly smile



Gray was at the office and has stayed for almost an hour without seeing Noel. He kept checking his wrist watch and looking at the door but she didn’t come. He tried calling her but her number wasn’t going through. He became worried and bored. If she was around,the office would have been lively or they would have been bickering at each other. He sighed and called Austin

Austin entered the office few minutes later.

“Where is Noel?” Gray asked

“Oh sorry I forgot to tell you. She went to Hans Corp” Austin answered

“What? What is she doing in Hans Corp? That’s Harry’s company” Gray said remembering what Harry told him yesterday

“She said that her mum s£nt her on a delivery there. Its not that far from the company,she’ll be back before you know it” Austin said

“No Austin you don’t understand. Harry has his eyes on her” Gray ruffled his hair



Scarlet glanced at Noel

“Do you know him?” Scarlet asked

“Yes. We met yesterday. Nice to meet you again Mr Harry” Noel smiled

“The plea-sure is all mine” He shook her hand

“Here is your delivery. My mum asked to give you” She stretched her hand and gave it to him

“Actually it’s for Scarlet” Harry winked at Scarlet and she smiled

Noel arched her brow

“Huh?” She gave Scarlet the look that signifies “What’s going on here?”

Scarlet gave her the “I’ll explain at home” look

Noel nodded

“I have to go now. I’m almost late for work” Noel said

“Okay then. Bye” Scarlet said

“We’ll see some other time Miss Noel” Harry smiled

“My name is Noel not Miss Noel. Why do you guys like calling me that?” Noel glared at him

“But aren’t you a Miss?” Harry asked

“No I’m not. I’ve said it again and again that when my mother gave birth to me,I was named Noel not Miss Noel. There was never a Miss in my name so why call me one?” She nagged him

“Noel” Scarlet whispered her name for her to stop but Noel ignored her

Mr Harry could no longer suppress his laughter and burst out laughing

“Okay. I won’t call you Miss anymore. I’ll call you Noel. Happy?” He asked still laughing

“Now you’re talking. Byeee” She smiled and left

“Sorry about that” Scarlet apologized on her behalf

“No nee-d. She just made my day. I think I like her”



The school was a typical example of a magnificent high school. It was established with so many things a high school would nee-d. The [email protected] were conducive and the environment buzzed with students. They weren’t the type that wear uniforms.

Quinn just got out of Biology [email protected] and put her textbooks into her locker. She turned and saw Damien coming her way. She [email protected] and put her head into her locker pretending to look for something.

Then someone tapped her

“He’s gone. You can come out now” Snow,her bestie said

Quinn slowly bought her head out and sighed in relief

“How long are you gonna continue doing this?” Snow asked

“For as long as he is still in this school” Quinn replied

“Girl,if you like him,befriend him. You might never know if he feels same for you”

“Tell that to the birds” Quinn snorted

“Are you serious?”


“Then it would interest you to know that he asked about you yesterday. He asked me why you weren’t in school?”

“Then what did you tell him?”

“I told him you were down with a cold” Snow replied

“Then what did he say?”

“He said “oh” then left”

Quinn’s face fell

“Really? Oh was his reply?”

“Yes. It was even nice of him to ask. That rude friend of his didn’t mind at all” Snow frowned


“Yes Quinn. Miguel never asked of you”

“I don’t care if Miguel asked after me or not. All I care about is Damien” Quinn said

“Oh,look he’s coming this way again” Snow said and Quinn buried her face in her locker again


Noel was happy the ride from Hans corp to Gray’s company was a short one. She got down from the cab and ran into the office but was stopped by Silvia

“Hi” Noel smiled at her

“Don’t hi me. Why are you at work by this time?” Silvia asked

“I’m sorry. I went to deliver something” Noel replied still in haste

“To deliver something? Who gave you that right?” Silvia [email protected]

“Has it become a right to deliver a package?” Noel asked

“Why will you answer my question with a question? I can see you lack respect”

“Look lady or whatever your name is. This thing you’re doing is unnecessary. You’re not my boss so quit sticking your long nose in my bizz” Noel pushed her out of the way and rushed to the elevator leading to Gray’s office.

“I told you to let her be but you chose to be stubborn. Now see what it has cost you” A lady behind her muttered

“Urghhh she’ll pay for that” Silvia frowned


“Come on Gray. She’ll be back. Why are you worried anyway?” Austin asked

“Because Harry is a flirt” Gray replied and Noel entered

“Sorry I’m late Mr Gray. I went to deliver a package to Mr Harry” Noel said

“It’s fine. Just get to work” Gray said

“Before that,can I speak with her for some minutes?” Austin asked

“Seriously? She hasn’t been here since morning. Now she’s back and you’re leaving with her again?” Gray asked

“Yes. Now stop being a Mum and allow her come with me” Austin teased

“I’m not being a mum. It’s just not fair” Gray pouted for the first time and Noel laughed

He was so cute with that pouty face

“It won’t take time” Austin said

“Take her with you. 30 minutes” Gray said

Noel stood up and followed Austin outside. He took her to his own office

“Please have a seat” He pointed to the seat facing his chair

“Okay thanks” Noel sat down and he sat facing her

“You must be wondering why you’re here” Austin said

“Yeah” She replied

“I don’t want to go beating around the bush so I’ll go straight to the point”


“Noel,I nee-d your help”


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