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love over blood episode 52


©Sir Zach


Aisha still got some time before her interview session. She was told that the interview will take at least more than an hour so she decided to polish her plans along with Caleb and Hunter.

She was about to visit Robert too but she was told by the butler that he was in vacation. Well, then she’ll deal with that man when he comes back then, so she instructed the butler to call her once Robert comes home.

“I’ll be dropping at the ancestral mansion for a while. I’ll come back later.” Aisha left Caleb and Hunter.

“Okay. Just make sure to call us when you arrived.” Caleb shouted before they lose sight of her.

“I will!” she yelled as she closed the door.

“Are we really going to keep the plan a secret? Aren’t you going to tell it to Archie or Rio?” Hunter asked Caleb.

“Let’s have it her way.”

“Ehm, okay.” Hunter went back to what he was doing. He was hacking the system of the building to where the interview will be held.

“Are you done with that?” Caleb saw his work.


After some more minutes, hunter was able to penetrate the system without raising any suspicions from the other party. He was able to see how good their I.T department is, but he is a genius! Ha-ha!

“You can stay there. I think that’ll be a good spot to monitor any suspicious activity.” Hunter pointed out a hidden place inside the building. “You will be able to see Aisha in every side.”

“Okay, good. I’ll get going then.” He tapped Hunter’s shoulder before he left. He nee-d to set up his tools before the interview even begin.

Caleb was used to missions like this so he was able to get inside the All Star media building without anyone noticing him.

Hmp! Small thing! He chuckled when he was able to get in as a janitor. He immediately took his sniper gun then headed to the place Hunter showed him. As soon as he was settled on his location, Hunter spoke using the earpiece he gave him.

“Nice, I can see you.” Hunter teased.

“I know.” He chuckled.

Aisha reached the ancestral mansion at around two in the afternoon. Eli blissfully run to meet her.


“Eli, sweetheart!” she ki-ssed him in the cheek then carried him in her arms. they went inside.

“How’s my baby? Were you a good boy to grandpa?” Aisha continued..

“Of course! I even watched over dad last night!” he was proud.

“Ah such a good boy!” she caressed his hair. Eli loves it when she muddled his hair. “Where is your grandpa?”

“He is in the veranda.” he answered.

“Oh okay, let’s go and surprise him then.”

“But mom, he saw you already.” He made a face.

Aisha chuckled, “Oh is that so, then let me just say hi to him, okay?” Eli nodded.

After a little chitchat with Master Omni, they headed to Ethan’s room. She was still carrying Eli with her. Master Omni accompanied them as well. Her heart suddenly throbs when she saw that he is still unconscious.

“What did the doctor said about his current situation? Do they know when he will possibly regain his consciousness?” Aisha asked the old man.

“They don’t know it yet. his heart is already stable. He is out of danger, but waking up depends on him.” He explained. Aisha frowned. How she wants to see Ethan’s smiling face for the last time. Even just for a second.

“Eli, come, let’s go out first. Let mom and dad have some time, okay?” Master Omni took Eli from her.

“Yes, Great Pap’s!” then they headed out. As soon as the door closed, Aisha sat on the chair beside Ethan’s bed.

She took Ethan’s hand and intertwined her f!ng£rs to his. She held it close to her cheeks.

“Ethan, This might be the last time that I will be seeing you and the last time you will hear my voice.” Tears gushed out from her eyes.

“I’m sorry that I lied to you. I’ve been pretending to be her – Stacy, all this time but I never thought that it’ll cause you danger. If I only knew then I would have declined their offer. I thought I was saving my sister’s life but I was also deceived. Maybe this is the price of what I’ve done to you.” she paused as she looked at his sleeping face.

“But before I totally disappear from your life, you nee-d to know some things. My person as Stacy is indeed fake, but all the other things I did are not. I did love you and Eli from the bott-om of my heart. Even Grandpa, amazingly, I love having tea time with him. I learned a lot of things because of him, his words of wisdom amazed me.” She chuckled when she remembered how Master Omni was so suspicious of her kind gestures at first.

“For a short period of time, I forgot that I was just borrowing my sister’s life but I have forgotten that you’re not my family at all. That thought devastated me. I didn’t want to de-epening the pain of saying goodbye so I tried to avoid these growing feelings inside me, but I can’t. I just can’t do it.”

She sobs for some seconds; her heart was aching so much that she can’t even breath!

“But you promised to find for me! To wait for me! I-I am your Erika.” She was breaking, “But I guess it was all my fault because I didn’t tell you about my twin sister.” she painfully smiled as tears kept flowing out from her eyes.

“But knowing the truth won’t change the fact that you fell in love with Emily, I guess. The truth doesn’t matter anymore, isn’t it? I’m so late!” Aisha stooped her head, touching the bed, her howls grew even more.

She was trying to calm herself. After some seconds, she took an enveloped in her bag.

“But it’s time to end this illusion.” She wiped her cheeks. “The anklet, I’m giving it back to you. I hope someday, you’ll find it in your heart to forgive me. I just want to let you know that I love you.” she bended and ki-ssed Ethan’s l!ps for the last time,

“Yes, Ethan, I have loved you yesterday, today and I will keep on loving you for the rest of my life. Nothing could ever change that.” She whispered when she released his l!ps.

Aisha stood up. She left the sealed enveloped that contains her message to Ethan, as well as the anklet at the table beside the bed. She wiped her teary eyes. She stayed for some more minutes to calm herself. Eli can’t see her with her swollen eyes.

“Good bye Ethan.” She uttered before she totally left the room.

But Aisha didn’t see the tear that escaped at Ethan’s eyes.

She was drenched in sweat. She kept rolling on her bed, a nightmare!

She was hiding in a big rock near a cliff when she heard gunshots. She immediately pulled up her pa-nts and peeked on the road where her husband parked the car, but she was rooted to where she was standing. The car was on fire!

The car that her husband has been driving for some hours became ash-colored because of the fire that engulfed it. Lucky for her, she went out to pee or else she’ll be consumed as well.

“No! somebody help! Please! My husband is inside! Please help!” she kept yelling hysterically despites knowing that no one can hear her. they were in the middle of a mountain road; the cliff’s end was a de-ep sea!

However, she was not as lucky as she thought she was. A man was walking towards her. She can’t see his face clearly. The man pointed his pistol to her.

“Please don’t shoot! Have mercy! My children are waiting for me.” She knelt pleading the man.

“Please, have mercy!” she was crying non-stop, fear engulfed her. but the man grinned evilly. Now she knew that she doesn’t have any chance of survival. She looked down the cliff. It’s high! She can die because of a bullet shot or she can try her luck jumping in the sea. Her chance of survival is 50/50.

She stood up as she slowly stepped backwards. The man seemed to know her plan since he smirked.

“Woman, if you are planning to jump over the cliff, I’m telling you, you don’t have a chance of living.” He chuckled, “but I have a proposition to you, surrender your body to me then I may consider your life, how about that?” the man eyed her full of .

The woman shivered, “Over my dead body!” she yelled.

“Woman, be careful for what you wish for!” the man laughed evilly. He was about to approached her but she ran towards the cliff. But before she even jumped off, he pulled the trigger.

BANGGGGGG!!!!! It echoed. He was sure that he got her upper back shoulder.

“Damn you! didn’t I tell you to take her alive!?” another man came into the scene.

“It’s not my fault! She jumped off!”

The man who just came landed his fist at the man’s face. He staggered backwards.

“You scared her away! Damn you!” then he shot him in the head. He was looking down trying to spot a body. Damn! He cursed under his breath then he jumped off.

“No!!!!!” the woman was screaming.

“‘Sherry! Sherry, wake up!” Silver shook her. She’s been screaming and big sweats were gushing out her body.

“Silver!” she [email protected] him as soon as she opened her eyes.

Silver caressed her back, “It’s okay, you’re okay. it’s just a nightmare!”

After some minute, Sherry calmed down. she broke away from Silver’s arms..

“Sherry, tell me, what was your dream?” Silver’s tone was a little bit off; she shook her head.

“I can’t remember, I just knew that it was terrible.” She lied. Silver was scrutinizing her. She can’t possibly tell him what her dream was, or else, he will force her to drink that capsule again.

“Sherry, have you been drinking your medicine? I told you, you can’t miss a day! that will help you with those unnecessary nightmares!” now he’s mad.

“I am!” she yelled. You’re even monitoring me, right?!” Silver soften.

“I’m sorry for getting angry at you. I’m just worried, you know that right?” Silver tried to explained. Sherry only nodded just to finish their arguments.

“Okay honey, take your medicine and go rest. I’ll just nee-d to finish some things in my office.” He waited for her to take the capsule before he left the room.

As soon as he left the room, sherry took a paper napkin and spit out the capsule that she hid in her mouth. She stood up and went to the bathroom and flush it away. Then she washed her face.

Her dream! That was definitely her! the one who got shot and fell into the sea. But she survived and she can’t remember how. She nee-ds to remember her past no matter what. Silver seems to be hiding something from her. then she remembered the man she met at the hospital, Demetrius!

He said he knew her. might as well asked help from him. however, she nee-ds to be careful not to be caught by Silver. He’s a crazy man once he gets mad!

Demetrius was planning to attend Aisha’s interview today. He was getting ready when he received a call from an unknown number.

“Rio speaking, who is this?” he answered the phone call.

“Hi, this is Sherry, can we meet?” The woman answered. Rio was stunned to receive a call from her. what’s happening? Is it Silver’s plan? Again?

“For what? Did Silver asked you to meet me?”

“N-No! he doesn’t know anything, I promise. I just want to see you, if you are not busy of course.” The woman stuttered.

“What business do we have?”

“I know it looks suspicious, but I just nee-d to talk to you. you said that you know who I am, right?”

Rio felt a cold shiver in his spine. Did she recall something? did she remember him?

“Ehm.” He answered.

“I want to listen to you, about me, if it is okay. 5pm at Lazemma Dine-in hotel. I’ll be waiting for you.” With that she hung up.

Rio was in de-ep thought. Is he going? But he was planning to speak with Aisha after her interview. He looked at his watch, it’s four-twenty. He can reach Lazemma in about 30 minutes.

“Rio, are you ready?” Archie came in his room.

“Archie, I’ll just go to Lazemma in a while, I’ll catch up before her interview ends.” Rio rushed outside where his car was parked. The last thing that Archie heard was the screeching of the car. He cursed under his breath.

She was wearing a black V-neck plain shirt and a simple skinny jeans paired with white sneakers. her long silky hair was loos£ned. She was wearing a denim jacket. She looks simple but gorgeous.

The reporter named Jess welcomed her. All cameras were focused on her. She can’t really see the audience since that area was purposely dimmed by the management

Jess, the reporter, started the interview by reading some positive comments from the people on social media about her trending encounter with the thu-gs.

“Ms. Williams, do you know that you have millions of fans who expresses their love and support to you?”

“I didn’t know, but thank you so much!” Aisha was de-eply thankful.

“Let me just read a few comments here. One says, I don’t see any negative about what she did. Is it a crime to protect yourself against those men? Another fan said, she is a good example of a strong woman. go girl, don’t let them get to you! then another said, Ms. Williams, just to let you know that you did a great job! you are my inspiration! I’ll get stronger just like you.”

Then he read more comments. It boosts Aisha’s confidence. The audience were also cheering for her.

“Thank you! thank you.” she kowtowed.

“Ms. Williams, since you have a lot of fans, could you show everyone some of your killer moves?

Aisha chuckled heartily when she heard Jess’ request, “Okay.”

She stood up. After a while, the mini-theater studio was covered with blood!


The Audience were screaming! Everyone was panicking! The reporter stood up immediately as she approached the woman who fell on the floor. Blood gushed out from her body. She was coughing with blood. as well.

“Call an ambulance!” The director shouted. They have forgotten to turned off the live cam. Everyone has been watching everywhere.

She was looking at the ceiling; she can see it clearly a while ago but why is it becoming blurry?

“I am a doctor! Give space!” Aisha heard a man who jumped up the stage. He was trying to give her first aid.

But Aisha’s eyelids were too heavy, then it was clouded with darkness. She can’t see nor hear anything anymore.

Then after a while, the man who claimed to be a doctor felt her pulse. He can’t feel anything.

She’s breathless!

He gave out CPR but it didn’t help.

“S-she’s gone. She’s dead!” he sat on his feet desolately. Grief enveloped the whole studio except for one person among them. She was silently [email protected]
RIP Aisha 😭😭😭


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