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love over blood episode 45


©Sir Zach



“Open the television, quick!” The man demanded from the men slouching on the couch. His voice was autocratic, enough to make his companions shudder in fear. One man took the television remote then turned the television on. The Big boss’ eyes were glued on the TV screen. Then a young woman came in and stood beside him.

“Looks like we have found our Queen.” The big boss uttered with his l!p raised in [email protected]

They are watching a live interview from a man who was allegedly married to a gangster. When the man entered the hall, the reporter showed the video of a woman fighting with some men, not just one encounter but two times! On the video, the woman was surrounded by big guys but she beat them all!

It wowed the other viewers but not the bounty hunters!

“Prepare our men. We will take her as soon as possible,” the big boss ordered the woman who was standing beside him.

“Yes boss.” Then she went out.

She disguised herself as a cleaner just so she could enter the building without drawing much attention from the media. That would be her least concern for now.

Aisha knew about the article. That morning Hunter called her to let her know about the media’s plan. She doesn’t know how hunter got that confidential information but with his skills and abilities, it’s not possible. Also, he has some connection all over the country. No wonder.

It was Sophie who waited for her in her office. She was the one who fixed her– from outfit to make-up– as always, she’s reliable at all times. It was her main purpose when she said to Ethan that she will be a bit late. It’s a relief that Ethan took the bait. When she went to get Ethan at his study room, she saw a crumpled newspaper. She has a hint about the content but she shrugged it off completely. She’ll be able to handle it, she knew it. If she can’t pull it off later, then she’ll just go with what fate wants to do. come what may, her mind sang.

Aisha held her trembling hands. They must not see it or they will definitely criticize her more. She [email protected] herself. She was holding the microphone. The screen was playing the fight she had with Angel’s men before. But the other one was a shock! It was a quick cl!p from her old fight with a bounty hunter! How did they manage to get that?

“Ms. Stacy, can you tell us what this fight is all about?” One reporter asked.

“Is it true that you are a gangster? Or should we say a member of the Mafia?” another reporter step in.

“Where and When did you learn your fighting skills?”

“Judging on the men who attacked you, it seems that they are as skilled as you. It’s just that you are more advance. Can you tell us why were you attack?”

“Is your life in danger? But why?”

“Who do you think are your enemies?”

Aisha didn’t know how these reporters were able to enter the hall but it seems that they are as sneaky as her. They were asking her all at once.

“We received an information from a reliable source that you are a gangster, is that true? Are you really involved in an illegal organization?”

“Are you receiving support from a Mafia organization?”

The questioning continues. The people inside was in uproar. Flashed flickers everywhere. Whoa! They are live on TV! They really want to get her since the beginning!.

“Don’t you think your questions are a little bit off?” The people heard a cold tone coming from somewhere.

“Ethan!” Aisha gulped. He was walking towards her.

“If a woman knew how to fight, is it right to label her as a gangster? Don’t you think you’re overstepping your rights as reporters? Isn’t this a kind of [email protected] to her as well?” Ethan spoke in an angry but still in a professional manner.

The reporters suddenly hushed. Ethan went near Aisha. one of his arm held her waist, while the other hand took the microphone from her sweaty hands. He gazed lovingly at her eyes, he smiled at her as if giving an @ssurance that everything will be okay. Aisha’s eyes glittered in tears but she held it. She felt secured all of a sudden.

Earlier, when she decided to attend the event, she already prepared herself for any possible conflicts. But the video cl!p was beyond her wildest imagination, that’s why she was caught off guard when she saw it.

But seeing Ethan beside her was a relief. She felt protected. Her strength that was sapped earlier slowly came back. The confidence was built up. She felt lucky to have a man beside her who acted as her knight in shining armor when she felt all alone at that stage just a while ago.

“I believe we have more women in our society who knew how to fight. Don’t you think she should be appreciated for not crumbling in front of this wild men? If she didn’t fight for her life, do you think that she’ll be alive right now?” Ethan continued to lecture the reporters.

“But how could she be a target of those strong men? Don’t you think it’s odd?” one of the reporters knit his brow in confusion. “If you study the men’s abilities, they are not your typical street fighters. They are mannered. Some are even professional. They look like men ready to murder. I wonder what’s with Stacy that she is being targeted by skilled men.” The guy seems to implicate something.

“Don’t you think this will greatly affect your company Mr. Williams? Having a mafia wife, don’t you think your investors will question your management?” another reporter bu-tted in.

“I don’t!” Ethan was about to speak but someone from the crowd interrupted. “I don’t think I can entrust my children’s future to a woman constantly being targeted by some thu-gs.” It was one of their business @ssociate.

“Me too.” Another investor raised his hands.

“I think this issue will definitely bring the company down.” others started arguing with each other.

Unknown to them, someone in the crowd was enjoying the show. He was loving the sudden fl!p of the show. Ethan was now being implicated because of the woman beside him.

“We can’t afford to lose our ha-rd-earned money because of this simple problem.”

“But we have a solution for that.” Someone from the crowd shouted for everyone to hear. Everyone looked at his direction including Aisha and Ethan.

“Silver!” Ethan’s fist balled. “What are you doing here?” he looked at him furiously.

“What else? I thought this event was designed for all investors?” he laughed contemptuously.

“How did you became an inves —-” Ethan didn’t finish his statement when he saw a woman approached the man.

“Ms. Gray?” Ethan was surprised while Aisha looked at the woman indignantly.

“‘Ethan Saphiro Williams, I want you to meet my wife, Sherry. Sherry Gray.” The man seemed like he was enjoying taunting Ethan.

“Since all the investors and some important people are pres£nt in this event, don’t you think change of management is the best solution for this great scandal?” Silver continued.

“You!!!!” Aisha wanted to go down and strike the man but Ethan shunned her.

“Whohoho! Lady, relax! We can’t possibly beat you since we have seen what you can do. what I am suggesting is just for the betterment of the company and the future of the people here, right?” the man was trying to win the people. Babbles filled the hall. Almost everyone was arguing internally and was trying to weigh their options.

“Yes, let’s vote instead!” someone shouted. Then others followed like a thread.

Uncle Archie was with the crowd when the uproar happened. He saw it all. He was trying to dial Rio’s number but to no avail.

“Come on Rio! Answer the damn phone!” he was already aggravated. Damn! What is happening!?

Aisha kept rubbing her palms. She was anxious. Ethan and Aisha came down and sat on one of the table below as they watch the host [email protected] on the big box. The people decided to cast lots.

This is the very first time in the company’s history that something like this happened. No one ever imagine this day would come. Ethan looked at the anxious Aisha.

“Calm down. everything will be okay.” Ethan fastened his hand onto her.

“I’m sorry. I’m truly sorry!” Aisha eyes was about to rele-ase some tears but Ethan wiped them away.

“It’s not your fault to begin with.” He gave out a comforting smile. Aisha was so guilty that she [email protected] him tightly. Ethan ki-ssed her hair.

Aisha didn’t expect the sudden upturned of the events. She had a perfect plan earlier but she didn’t anticipate the video cl!p that ruined her plans. She was looking around as if expecting a superhero to show up and save the night. Well she is expecting one. It is her last resort now.

“Dad, where are you?” she was restless. Ethan kept caressing her hair.

“Will dad be coming?” she texted uncle Archie.

“I don’t know. I can’t reach him.” he replied. Aisha’s countenance became pale. She trembled silently. Will she end her pretensions tonight? Is she ready to tell the truth not just to Ethan but to the world? Guess it can’t be help. To save Ethan and the company, she nee-ds to sacrifice. She already made up her mind. If the ballot favors the opponent, then she doesn’t have a choice but to reveal her true identity.

The ballot is being counted. Aisha straightened herself up as she holds Ethan’s hand tightly. She looked at their hands intertwined. She faced him and gave a faints smile.

“Ethan,” she was looking at their hands.

“Yes?” he answered. Aisha detached her hands from his grip then took something in her pouch. She took Ethan’s hand and handed him a [email protected] her bu-tterfly [email protected]!

Ethan’s brow knitted. Aisha can see his qualms.

“Ethan, I want you to have this. whatever happens tonight, whatever revelations you will hear tonight, I want you to remember me as your childhood friend- Erika.” Aisha teared up.

“Why do I feel like you are saying your last goodbye?” his faced cringed in annoyance.

“Just remember what I am saying to you right now, okay?” she can feel her heart twirled in pain.

“I don’t know what you’re up to but I’m telling you, don’t do anything stupid tonight!” his voice has a hint of anger. Aisha suddenly pulled him closer then ki-ssed his pursed l!ps to silence him. Tear escaped her eyes. Ethan was caught off guard but after some seconds, he responded to her advances.

“Ethan, I love you and I will always do.” She uttered affectionately when they parted. Foreheads were touching each other. Ethan cupped her cheeks as she wipes her tears away.

“You told me to remember you as Erika right? I want to let you know that I have loved you as my Erika. then, now and forever. Always remember that, okay?” Ethan spoke softly. “Erika, I love you and I will always do.” He ki-ssed her again.

The counting of the votes was almost done. The host went up the pulpit as she picked the microphone.

“In just a minute, the result of the votes will be announced.” They heard the host spoked. After a while, someone stood up and handed a sheet of paper to the host. The result is out!.

“Ethan, I screwed up a lot of things and this is the time for me to iron things out.” Aisha faced in front to listen to the result. Ethan just stared at her. he’s not sure about Aisha’s plan but he wanted to know what she had in mind.

There are seventy investors including the board members who nee-ds to vote for the future of the Saphiro Gentz Empire. They nee-d to have at least thirty-six people to be on the Williams side to win the company. However, the people seems to underestimate the Williams ability. The result showed that among the seventy people inside, only twenty people remained loyal and faithful to the Williams. The rest had their alliance to Silver. Victory was written all over Silver’s face as well as his underlings.

In a way, this event confirmed the real people who supported Ethan. It also determined the traitors inside the company. Ethan smirked as he meets Silver’s defiant gaze.

When the result was about to be announced, Aisha stood up. She was about to go near the host.

“where are you going?” Ethan stopped her by holding onto her arm. Aisha shrugged his hands. She looked at him sympathetically.

“Allow me to make things right.” Then she continued. She was stunningly beautiful on her outfit. It’s impossible for anyone not to look at her. The cameras were focused on her. she took the microphone from the host politely. As soon as the host handed the microphone, she came down the pulpit. Now Aisha was standing alone in front of everyone, cameras were focused on her and there was silenced.

“Everyone, I apologized for this great commotion.” She kowtowed for almost a minute. “I greatly apologized that this well anticipated annual symposium turned into a chaotic event. Again, I want to apologized for the people who truly prayed for the event’s success.” Once again she bowed for the second time. She looked at everyone. Her meek appearance earlier suddenly turned wild. She is now emitting a fierce aura. She was standing in front like a ferocious queen, fearless and vicious.

“I won’t deny that I am the woman behind that video cl!p. In order to save my life, I nee-d to think and act quickly. Who wouldn’t save their lives when they are in great danger?” her voice seems like she is accusing them for their ignorance. The brethren sat in silence.

“But where did you learn your fighting skills? It doesn’t look like a self –defense though.” One of the reporter asked.

“Where else should we learn how to fight?” Aisha returned the reporter’s questions. Her eyes looks like she was conveying the reporter’s ignorance. “Anyone in this generation can learned how to fight anywhere. YouTube is accessible anywhere and anytime.”

“Ms. Stacy, is it true that you are a gangster? Or should we say a Mafia heiress?” one of the reporter stepped in. the people inside didn’t expect to hear a crisp laugh from the woman in front.

“And What if I am? How is it important to you?” Aisha suddenly burst.

“then is that a Yes?” the reporter, as well as the people inside were waiting for her answer. She smirked.

Guess telling the truth can be help. She have to.

“Who cares if she is? How is it related to this stupid voting scheme? dethrone the Williams?” he scoffed loudly for everyone to hear. His icy voice echoed all over the event hall. It was loud enough to cause the men and women to turn their heads around. Even Aisha whose about to reveal her true self paused at the familiar voice that she heard. Her heart thumb wildly.

A group of old men were standing confidently at the hall’s entrance. They look like a formidable pillar. The people realized who they were, the reporters flew in front of them. Fierce men in black stopped them from coming near.

Kings! No, Emperors was the right term to use. These men were powerful figures in the business world.

“Was that Mr. Demetrius Mikasa? The so-called king of the North?” Some asked in confusion.

“I’m not sure. No one ever saw him publicly but he fits the description.” Others said.

“But what is he doing here? He’s even with the other so-called kings in the business world?”

“How come they’re here?”

“Is that Master Omni?”

Mr. Katana of Japan, Mr. Schreninger of London, Mr. Salemander of Russia, Mr. Mikasa of the North and the Legendary old man, Master Omni. These five people were the most controversial and most powerful in their own worlds. Having one of them in the company is a great opportunity! How come they’re here? Were they possibly here because of this woman? Some people inside looked at the woman in front of them.


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