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love and betrayal episode 45 & 46

🧡🖤Love and betrayal 🖤🧡
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🧡🖤Episode 45🖤🧡

From U.S Bah ❤✌🏽

It is evening.
The taxi stops and Eyram, Elaine and
Aunt Ruth get out of it.
They approach the beautiful bungalow,
and the front door opens and Rupert
Henderson steps out uncertainly.
He comes forward to meet them as
Eyram pays off the cab.
Elaine looks at Rupert hesitantly,
and there is sweat on her face, and
wordlessly she reaches out for her
mother’s hand.
Aunt Ruth puts an arm around her
daughter and gives her a loving hu-g.

It’s alright, my dear, it’s alright.

Rupert extends a welcoming hand.

Hello, Elaine.

Elaine only nods, and Rupert shakes the
hand of Aunt Ruth, and then he and Eyram hu-g briefly.
Eyram notices that he is very uneasy, and
she squeezes his hand [email protected]

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You’re good, my friend.

Do come in, come in! It’s chilly out here.

They enter his living-room, and Eyram
notices that the wedding pictures of him
and Barbara which had adorned the walls
are now off, and she raises a questioning eye at him.
The baby is lying in a beautiful cot, and
he is moving his pudgy limbs in an
irritated way.
Suddenly he begins to cry shrilly, and
Elaine screams and tries to leave the room, but Rupert catches her and speaks
softly to her, [email protected]

It’s okay, sweet Elly! He is yours, my
grandchild! He’s white, though, but he is
yours! I love him all the same!
No matter what colour he is. He is still ours.

Elaine is shuddering, she looks at her
mother with blazing eyes then she calms

Mom! He’s my son! My baby!

Yes, yes, Elaine! That’s your son, your
crying son! He’s never tasted his
mother’s br£@st milk, and I think he wants
it! Come, come near and see!

Elaine tries to shake her head and step back,
but Rupert holds her firmly and
brings her to stand beside the cot.
Elaine looks at her wailing son, and
suddenly an expression of tender love
crosses her tortured face.
Rupert, seeing it, reaches into the cot and picks up the baby, and then he
hands him to Elaine.
Elaine is trembling with fear, but she
takes the baby, and suddenly tears well
up in her eyes because the baby stops
crying the moment Elaine takes him, and his lazy curious eyes roam her face, and
then he grabs one of her f!ng£rs tightly.
The baby smiles and makes a funny
Elaine laughs, and cries, and smiles, and
then she sits down, and takes out her br£@st, and sticks it in the baby’s mouth!
She laughs up at them, and they laugh
back, and then she sheds tears of

(looking at Rupert)
You’re a wonderful man! You will be his

I’m his father, Elaine. I’ll always be. I love
him, and if you try to keep me away from him,
I’ll fight you. Don’t mess with me!

Elaine laughs and smiles at him with
tears in her eyes.

I want you to be there for him, Doctor
Henderson. I want you to be his father.
I want him to grow up with you!

(looking mischievous)
That’s the greatest news I’ve heard
today, Elaine. Plus, I received my legal
separation letter yesterday.
My wife is divorcing me, and I want it that way.
Eyram here is also divorced now, as at
this morning when the court granted her
application for divorce. The way I see it,
as soon as my divorce is over, I’ll propose
to Eyram, and we would all be one happy family!

Eyram stares at Rupert, her expression
amazed at first, and then her face looks
amazingly happy as she takes a step
towards him, grabs his shirt, pulls him
close, and then she plants a sweet long ki-ss on his l!ps.
The baby looks at them and splutters.
He sprays Elaine’s face with br£@st milk,
and they all laugh.

Well, I can say it now, I guess.
I love you, Eyram Kedem!

Well, I can’t say if I love you that much. I
mean, I positively do like you, a lot. I
know, though, that you won’t be
unfaithful to me, if I accept you,
and I’m definitely not going to be unfaithful to
you, so yes, I want to marry you, Mr. Vice
President, and fall in love haaaaarrd with

(cleaning br£@st milk from her face)
I’m sure you wouldn’t want me to stay with you, huh?

They all laugh again, this time longer,
and the happiness is real and sweet all around them.

🧡🖤Love and betrayal 🖤🧡
💔💔 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔
🧡🖤Episode 46🖤🧡

From U.S Bah ❤✌🏽

Steve Hollison sits at the gambling
table and watches his empty wallet.
He has been drinking and gambling for
almost two hours, and he is aware that
he has lost a sizeable amount of money.
He is wearing a blue shirt, and he cannot
even remember where he put his coat and tie.
He looks at the expensive Rolex watch
around his wrist and begins to remove it.
Jonathan Afful steps forward and grabs
Steve by the arm.

C’mon, man! Are you gonna gamble with
your watch too?

F**k off, Jon, you giver of bad and
dangerous advice!!

Jonathan looks at the croupier, and speaks tightly.

He’s out, pal. He’s not gambling

The croupier nods grimly and turns to the
other players.

F**k you, Jon! Who appointed you my
father, you son-of-a-bitch!!

Afful holds Steve’s arm and drags him
away from the gambling table.
He steers him to an empty table and
pushes him down.
The Club is full, already in the night
mood. Waitresses wearing only G-Strings
and high-heels move among the patrons
with fixed smiles on their faces.
Voluptuous women are dancing nak-ed in
[email protected] booths, and a buxom dark-haired
American singer is performing an off-key
edition of Whitney Houston’s “I’ll Always
Love You.”
A waitress bends over to take their orders,
and Steve orders more drinks.

Pull yourself together, man! You’re
getting pretty plastered here!

Steve glares angrily at him.

And what’s wrong with that, man? Of
course, I’m getting plastered! What else
is there to do?

Losing your wife is not the end of the
world, bro!

F**k you, di-ckhead!! Effe wasn’t a mere
wife I’ve lost! I messed up bigtime! And
too late, I realize that I can’t f**king live
without her! I love her, man,
I love her so much! And I miss her!!

I know you do, man! And losing her to
that Chris bastard is a croc, no doubt.
Guy turns out to be our boss, fires both of
us! I got served with my divorce docu-ments too, bro.
I lost my job too, Steve! But life goes on! I more than love
Eyram, but hey, she’s gone, probably to
screw that white buffoon of a doctor, but
that’s life, man! You wanna do something
to take your mind off the pain?
Come with me upstairs and meet those Chinese
little girls! They’ll b!0w your mind away!

(screaming at Afful)

Some bouncers approach their table and
look at them with raised eyebrows.

Everything cool here?

Yes, we’re cool here.

Then let your buddy keep his voice down.
He’s distracting other customers.

Yeah, cool. We’re good.

The bouncers move away. Afful orders
lamb chops and a drink. When they are
served they drink and eat in silence.
Steve looks at his friend, and sighs

We messed up, bro.

Yep. We messed up big time. You should
be lucky you’re not in prison.
That guy could’ve nailed you.

Guess he was scared. I told him Effe
asked me to poison his system. Probably
doesn’t wanna s£nd me to prison and risk
Effe being implicated.

I don’t think that’s true, man. I have
sources. I have been told that dude let
the cops arrest some crooked cops, one
Chief Inspector Danso Cuger and a
Sergeant McBaiden.
They’re now in police cells, man.
That boy can let you disappear.
Hell, he’s rich enough and
powerful enough to order your execution,
and you would’ve died. I think he wants
you here to punish you.

Punish me? How?

He’s gonna marry Effe, and have kids
with her. I don’t think you can stand that.

Steve’s face crumbles with abject
dejection and misery.
He shakes his head numbly, and his pain is like a living

No, I can’t take that! That will kill me!

So, what you gonna do? As for me I have a little saved up. Been talking to one of
the Chinese guys. Heard there are great
avenues and openings in China. Next
month I’m headed for China. Avenues
are open for doctors also. You can come
along, bro, and let’s chart new courses!

I don’t know, bro. I feel like I nee-d to fight
for Effe, you know, see if I can have her

Forget it. I see the way she looks at that bastard.
It’s the same way my Papa used
to look at my Mama, and she messed him
up big time, cheating on him left, right
and center. Growing up, I promised
myself I ain’t ever gonna look at a woman
like that, ever! It is the look of stupid love, bro.
She never looked at you that way.
Believe me, her heart is gone. You’ve lost
her, forever!

Steve drinks, and slowly tears fall down
his cheeks as Afful’s words hit him, and
make him realize that indeed,
he might have lost Effe forever.
After a while he fumbles out his phone,
and dials. It rings several times without
an answer.
He doesn’t give up. He calls again and
again, until finally she answers.

Hello, Steve.

Effe, honey. Just wanted to know. Is
there any chance for us, ever, at all? If I
decide to fight for you, will I eventually win you over?

There is a very long pause, and Steve
starts to entertain hopes; at least she is
thinking about it.

I respected you, Steve. This is not about Elaine,
or any other woman you cheated
on me with. I gave you my all, and I didn’t
know the difference between admiration,
and love. Seems what I had for you
wasn’t really love, Steve. What I feel
now, for Chris, is forever.
I may not marry him, but it’s over for you and me.

Oh, Effe! Forever?

Forever, yes. We’re friends, Steve.
Nothing else. I’m sorry.

(voice unsteady, pained)
I’m sorry too, Effe! For breaking the heart
of an angel like you. Forgive me, forgive

I’m not holding anything against you,
Steve. Good night.

The line goes dead. Steve sits still. He
looks at his phone for a long time, and he
cries silently.
Afful does not speak. He waits it out,
eating lamb chops and drinking. When he
has finished off his meal he empties his
[email protected]


(taking out a hankie and wiping his face)
Seems we’re headed for China.

Afful nods and smiles ruefully.

What about Elaine? Heard from her? Is
she still mad in the [email protected]?

Not mad, man, come off it. Yeah, heard
Effe went to see her at the asylum, and
she healed quickly. She’s now reunited
with the baby, but she doesn’t want to
see me ever again. Says she hates me.
Wasn’t going to see her anyway. I hate
her more than she does me. She wrecked
my marriage, man!

(with a silly chuckle)
Oh, yeah, I remember!
She was nak-ed and was chasing you and screaming
“bang me, Steve, make me pregnant”,
and then you tripped, fell down and
landed on top of her. Right?

(grimly) F**k you.

Afful laughs heartily and gets up.

Well, that’s pretty wrapped up then.
Eyram got her divorce and doesn’t want
to see me. I don’t give a f**k anymore.
Damn, there are millions of meats in the
world waiting to be hammered. As for my
son, well, she can keep him. The little
[email protected] even looks too much like her,
anyway. Maybe he’s not even mine.
Maybe I went somewhere,
and some man’s jui-ce got stuck on my di-ck and I
impregnated Eyram with it. What do you

Steve looks darkly at Afful, and his face
takes on a very pained expression that
makes Afful regret the joke.

You f**king di-ckhead! What was that for?

Afful claps Steve on the shoulder.

Sorry, bro. Maybe I’m just telling you it’s
time to get a damn circu-mcision, bro.
This royal line thing is f**king stupid, if you ask
me. If you go to China and use your kote
boto to take one man’s jui-ce and dump it
into another woman, charley, they would
Kung Fu your damn @ss! Get a damn
circu-mcision, bro.

Yeah. First s£nsible thing you’ve spewed
out all evening, Jon. I’ve booked an
appointment for it. Getting off the
foreskin this weekend.

Yoo! What the dilly-yoo! That’s [email protected]!
That means you will be out of action for
some time, bro, as the wound heals. Let’s
have a pre-cutting di-ck [email protected]
Wanna join me upstairs for some
Chinese thighs? You might as well get
used to China meat.

F**k off, Jon. I don’t nee-d any woman now.

He orders more drinks. Afful shakes his
head and walks away.
He ascends the stairs to the landing
above where a door opens and two
teenage Chinese prostitutes emerge out of a door and walk towards him.
He grabs the br£@sts of one whilst
ki-ssing the other one fervently.
They giggle and grab his crotch. He
grabs one’s bu-ttocks and squeezes ha-rd,
and then he fondles the other one between the legs.
He looks down over the balvstrade and
sees that Steve is crying bitterly again,
and he is holding a picture of Effe.
Afful shakes his head sadly and follows
the Chinese prostitutes into a room.

Steve!You di-ckhead. See what you’re
He watches as the prostitutes slowly
undress, and then they fall on the bed
and strike s£×y poses at him.
Afful flies out of his clothes and, nak-ed,
walks towards the bed.
The women reach out for him and start
caressing him. He positions himself
between the spread legs of one of them,
and reaches out for the br£@sts of the other.

Oh, the sweet things I have to do to heal
my broken heart!

To be continued….

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