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lies of the heart episode 22 & 23

Lies Of The Heart

By: Ghaniyah.M.

Do not copy or repost

Chapter 22: Who Is Jupiter

The next day, Mr Connor went to an uncompleted building alone, he was waiting for Stone when a car drove in. He removed his sunshade and walked towards Stone.

“Boss” Stone called and now.

“Stone, there is a serious problem” Mr Connor said, gazing at him.

“Is it about your daughter that wants to find out about Jupiter’s death” Stone said.

“Yes” Mr Connor said and shook his head.

“You don’t nee-d to worry about that… there is only one thing we can do if you don’t want her to find out” Stone said and Mr Connor glanced at him.

“Tell me” Mr Connor said.

“I think we should kill her” Stone said.

“What?? I can’t do that… she is my daughter” Mr Connor said.

“If we don’t want us to kill her, what should we do?” Stone asked, gazing at him.

“I want you to monitor her steps” Mr Connor said.
“Okay” Stone said.

“Thanks, boss… have you found out where Jupiter twin brother is?” Stone asked.

“I don’t know” Mr Connor replied.

“Okay,” Stone said and entered his car.

“Be careful” Mr Connor said and Stone nodded then he drove out of the building.

Mr Connor also entered his car and drove off.

An hour later, when he got home he met Wendy sitting on the couch, watching a movie.

“Wendy” Mr Connor called but she was lost in her thoughts.

Mr Connor called her again and tapped her, she turned back.

“Oh, Dad you are back” Wendy said and faked a smile.

“I’m good, honey… sweetie, I wanna tell you something” Mr Connor said and she faced him.
“I’m listening, Dad” Wendy said.

“I have told the guards to find me the person that killed Jupiter” Mr Connor said.

“Really” Jupiter said and he nodded.

“Yes, sweetie… if they find the killer, I am gonna kill her or him” Mr Connor said.

“Thanks, Dad” Wendy said and hu-gged him.

“Wendy, you are not going back to China” Mr Connor said and she frowned.

“Why, Dad?” Wendy asked.

“I want you to study here… you will be attending the same school with your brother” Mr Connor said.

“No, Dad… I want to go back to China” Wendy said.
“You are studying and that’s final” Mr Connor said as he stood up then he went upstairs .

“No,dad” She grumbled.

Ruby was chatting with Bianca at the garden when Lizzy showed up. She walked towards them and greeted them.

“Hello… what do you want?” Bianca asked with a frown.

“I wanna speak with Ruby” Lizzy said.

“This is her so speak with her” Bianca said and glared at her.

“I mean privately” Lizzy said.

“If you wanna say something, say it in front of her too” Ruby said.

“Okay, if that is what you want. How should I begin…. Ruby, I want to apologize for everything I have done to you, please forgive me” Lizzy said.
Ruby and Bianca glanced at each other.

“I don’t trust… I think there is a reason why you are doing this” Bianca said.

“How did she know that I am only pretending” Lizzy thought.

“Hey” Bianca called and tapped her.

“Yes… Ruby,please” Lizzy pleaded.

Bianca was about to say no when Ruby said she would think about it.

Lizzy smiled.

“After I become friends with you, I will find every way to snatch Aaron from you… if I can get Wyatt then I should be able to get Aaron” Lizzy thought.

“Thank you” Lizzy said and was about to hu-g her when Bianca pushed her away.

“Ouch!” Lizzy screamed.

“Ruby, let’s go to [email protected]” Bianca said and glared at Lizzy.

Ruby nodded then they left the garden.
They were going to the [email protected] when they bumped into Wyatt.

When Ruby saw Wyatt, she smiled at him but he rolled.

“Wyatt” Ruby called but he frowned.

He was about to leave when Ruby held his hand.
“I think excuse you guys” Bianca said and Wyatt held her hand.

“You can stay… we don’t have anything to say so you don’t nee-d to leave” Wyatt said.

Bianca nodded slowly and Wyatt yanked his hand away from Ruby then he left.

Tears streamed down on Ruby’s face.

“Babe” Bianca called and pulled her in a hu-g then she patted her back.

“Stop thinking about Wyatt… Can you see he has forgotten about you and he has moved on, you also should forget about him and move on” Bianca said and shook her head.

“It’a alright” Bianca said and they dis£ngage.
They went to the [email protected]

When they got to the [email protected] they met Olivia sitting on the chair reading a novel.

“Babe”They called and Olivia frowned at them.
“Where are you guys coming from?” Olivia asked with a frown.

“We are coming from the garden” They replied and sat down.

“I have been searching for you guys” Olivia said.
“We are sorry” They said with a pout and Olivia chuckled.

An hour later they were chatting when a teacher entered.

“Hello, guys” The teacher greeted.

“Hello” They responded.

“I want to inform you that we will have two students tomorrow” The teacher said.

👥“New students, again “ The students said and the teacher nodded.

👩🏻‍🦰“I hope they are guys” a girl said.

“You will find out if they are guys tomorrow” The teacher said and left.

The students started murmuring.

“I heard Aaron’s sister has arrived… I guess she would be one of the students” Bianca said.

“I guessed too” Ruby said.

“She is an arrogant girl right?” Bianca asked.

“Yeah” Ruby said and her mind drifted to Jupiter.

“Bianca, I wanna ask you some questions and I want you to tell me the truth” Ruby said, gazing at her.

“Okay” Bianca said.

Olivia was only staring at them.

“Who is Jupiter?” Ruby asked.

Bianca was shocked when Ruby said that she took a glance at Olivia.

“Ruby, we know who Jupiter is… Jupiter is Aaron’s girlfriend so many things have happened before you and your sister came to this college” Olivia said.

“We heardJupiter and her father were murdered by someone” Bianca said.

“Oh” Ruby [email protected]

“I heard she had a twin brother but we don’t know where her twin brother and her mother are… Jupiter’s mother and father divorced. Jupiter’s father took Jupiter while her mother took her twin brother” Olivia said.

“I moved out of the country when I heard about Jupiter’s because I was so scared… Jupiter and I are best friends” Bianca said.

“Really… why didn’t the students recognize you again when you arrive” Ruby asked.

“That’s because I had face surgery” Bianca said.
“What is Jupiter’s twin brother’s name?” Ruby asked, gazing at them.

“We don’t know” They said.

“Okay” Ruby said.

“How did you know Jupiter?” Bianca asked.
Ruby narrated it to them.

“Oh, Wendy didn’t know Jupiter is dead” Bianca said and Ruby nodded.

“Okay” Bianca nodded.

Few minutes later, it was break time and they all rushed out of the [email protected]

Lies Of The Heart

By: Ghaniyah.M.

Do not copy or repost

Chapter 23: The Evils

An hour later Ruby and Aaron got home when they got inside, Ruby went to the kitchen immediately to drink to water. Aaaron was going upstairs when Ruby came out. She called his name.

“Yes” He answered, frowning.

“Aaron, can you give me some time… let’s discuss something “ Ruby said.

“I’m not in the mood to discuss anything with you” Aaron said and glared at her.

“Aaron, please” Ruby pleaded.

Aaron stared at her for a while then he nodded.

He climbed the stairs down, he sat down with her on the couch.

“Aaron,I know I should not interfere in this matter but I have to” Ruby said.

“If you have anything to say, just say it” Aaron said, angrily.

“I know you love Jupiter so much that was the reason why you are behaving this way… I have heard about her stories, why don’t we find out about…”

“Keep quiet” Aaron shouted.

Ruby shivered and moved back.

When she raised her head and glanced at Aaron, his face was already red.

“Don’t interfere in this matter” Aaron shouted.

“I’m sorry” Ruby said and Aaron glared at her then he left.

When he got to the room, he sat down on the bed and tears streamed down from his face.

“Jupiter, I love you and I miss you so much… I know it was my dad that killed you, please forgive me” Aaron thought.

He was in his thoughts when Ruby entered.
“Aaron” Ruby called.

“Leave me alone” Aaron said and stood up then She left.

Mrs Savannah was speaking with Lizzy when Wyatt entered, he glared at Lizzy. He was about to climb the stairs when Mrs Savannah called him.

“What is it?” Wyatt asked with a frown.

“Wyatt, sit down… let’s discuss something” Mrs Savannah said.

“Grandma, I am not in the mood for that” Wyatt said.

“Wyatt, listen to Grandma and stop being stubborn” Lizzy said and Wyatt glared at her.

“Wyatt, stop being stubborn and sit” Mrs Savannah said, gazing at her.

“Okay, fine… I am listening” Wyatt said as he sat down.

Lizzy smiled.

“Wyatt, you are not getting younger… you should have a girlfriend now, can’t you forget about that rich girl and move on with your life”’ Mrs Savannah said.

“Grandma, I can’t forget about Ruby… she is the only girl that I love” Wyatt said.

“You are so stubborn, the girl is married… Lizzy, told me you are still following the girl and you promised me that you will stay away from that witch” Mrs Savannah said, angrily.

Wyatt glared at Lizzy and she rolled.

“Grandma, I am leaving” Lizzy said as she stood up then she left.

Mrs Savannah faced Wyatt.

“Wyatt, I am doing this to protect you from those bad people that killed your twin sister” Mrs Savannah blurted out.

When Mrs Savannah was done speaking that was then she realized she shouldn’t have said that.

“What?” Grandma, I have a twin sister” Wyatt said, gazing at him.

“Y…No” Mrs Savannah stuttered.

“Grandma, tell me” Wyatt said.

“No, Wyatt… you don’t have” Mrs Savannah said and left the room.

“Grandma is hiding something away from Leah and Me” Wyatt said and ran upstairs.

He went to Mrs Savannah’s room when he got there, he opened her cupboard and searched everywhere. Maybe he would see anything.

He was about to leave the room when he remembered the picture that Mrs Savannah was holding the other day. He walked towards a small cupboard. He tried to open it but all in vain.

“Oh shit! I think she is hiding something” Wyatt said and stood up.

He took a pin and tried to open the small cupboard with the pin and opened it.

He saw a picture of a lady and a woman.

“Who are they?” He thought.

He was about to put the picture there back when a necklace fell down. He took the necklace and opened it, he saw a picture of a boy and girl standing beside a woman.

“This picture looks familiar” He said, holding the necklace trying to remember where he saw the picture.

He [email protected] out.


“Stone, I hope you are monitoring her steps” Mr Connor said.

“Yes, boss… your daughter is very smart” Stone said.

“I know that is the reason why I said you should monitor her steps” Mr Connor said.

“Okay, boss” Stone said and hung up.

Few minutes later Mr Connor was lost in his thoughts when Mrs Ava entered and called him.

“Mr Connor” Mrs Ava called again and tapped her.

“Yes” Mr Connor said.

“What are you thinking?” Mrs. Ava asked, gazing at her.

“Nothing” Mr Connor said.

“Are you sure?” Mrs. Ava asked and he nodded.

“You can sit… Are you done with the files?” Mr Connor asked.

“Yes” Mrs Ava replied and handed over the files to him.

“Mr Connor glanced at the files.

“Thank you, Mrs Ava” Mr Connor said with a smile.

“You are welcome” Mrs Ava said and stood up then she left.

Mr Connor was pressing the system when his phone rang.

“Hello, Dad” Aaron said.

“Aaron, how have you been?” Mr Connor said.

“Not good,Dad” Aaron said.

“What’s wrong? did something happen” Mr Connor asked.

“Ruby knows about Jupiter” Aaron said.

“What did she know?” Mr Connor asked.

“I think someone told her that Jupiter and her dad were murdered” Aaron said.

“Huh, what next?” Mr Connor asked.

“She said she wanna find out about Jupiter’s death” Aaron said.

“What? No way… tell her not to interfere or else I am gonna kill her” Mr Connor said.

“No, dad… don’t kill her, I won’t let her interfere in the matter” Aaron said.

“Okay” Mr Connor said.

“Okay”’Aaron said and hung up.

“Before it’s Wendy now it’s Ruby…If Wendy kept on finding the truth about Jupiter’s death… I think I will have to kill her, I don’t care if she is my daughter or not” Mr Connor thought.


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