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key to love episode 53

🔑🔑 KEY TO LOVE 💝💝💝
🔐🔐(It’s in your heart)❤️❤️❤️

💙💙💙Chapter 53💙💙💙

“If you are to introduce me to someone who nee-ds hair [email protected], what kind of ability will you tell that I possess?” Dean discussed as they both walked side by side out of the court, his hand rolling the ball on the tip of his f!ng£r, which Amelia finds captivating.
“I will speak good of you, then likewise advise not to lay head on your lap when you say so,” Amelia replied shrugging her shoulder nonchalantly which made him stop walking to look at her in dissatisfaction.
“Why will you do that?” He frowned at her
“How can I [email protected] the head without it being placed on my lap?” He queried as well finding her excuse offensive.

“Maybe not stopping them when they say it enough would have proved your ability perfect.” Amelia shrugged as she tried stopping herself from bursting into laughter, Dean’s eyes glare wasn’t welcoming.
“Wasn’t the head [email protected] that I gave you so fantastic that it s£nt your headache away?” “Tell me of the reason why you won’t just confess how good I am,”. Dean requested as he stood in her front, previewring her from going anywhere.
She shook her head tired before crossing her hands below her br£@st. Dean who saw her doing that forgot his anger then chuckled;

“Nothing is fun here!” Amelia stated annoyingly. The students were [email protected], some are sitting a few distances away from them watching the drama Dean is performing, after all the only reason they were watching was because of him, some were likewise watching because of Amelia, probably because of her beauty. Even with that doing the counting on whom they were interested In watching would have made Dean the reason why.
“Change your actions then I won’t laugh anymore;” Dean offered as he threw his hands in the air, unknowingly dropping the ball on the ground while doing that.

“The hell!!” He murmured as the ball rolled away from where he placed it on the ground. He ran hurriedly after it before he was able to get it, that didn’t stop it from creating a scene for everyone to watch as it went to hit a guy’s feet who was sitting close by.
“I’m sorry!” Dean apologized as he held the ball in his two hands. The young guy smiled sheepishly at him before he left.
His face was holding slight anger as he walked to where she was. She laughed uncontrollably while she held her tummy in her hand.
Dean watched her cluelessly for a few seconds before polling “Why are you laughing? Nothing is funny here,” He queried as he realized her making fun of him

“Change your actions then I won’t laugh anymore, such a mind-b!0wing drama you and that ball finished displaying,” Amelia said theain laughed, which made him raise his eyes at her, that was the same words he had used for her earlier, now she’s using it against him.
“Such a silly friend!”He murmured. After gawking at her like one who was about to explode. She continued laughing due to his expression, and in the next minute without saying anything to her, Dean turned around then started walking away.

“He’s angry!” She realized then ran to meet up with him, she called to no avail as he didn’t stop going, rather he increased his steps which made it difficult for her to meet up with him.
“I’M SORRY!” She yelled, the students who were watching them continued staring, not all were interested in the drama going on, some were waiting for the chance to devour every single bone in Amelia’s body as they couldn’t tolerate the sight of her beside the Young Heir.
A group of students who were all ladies gritted their teeth together in annoyance before walking out of the place. “They couldn’t tolerate what was going on as they have a hu-ge crush on Dean. He’s Charming! Aside from being the young heir”. Anyone interested was there watching, some were quietly eating the snack which they’ve gotten “It’s a lunch break, after all, everyone is outside to have a free period.”

Hearing Amelia’s pleas coming from behind didn’t stop him from going, rather he lowered his steps which made it easy for her to meet up with him. She increased her steps and was finally able to get to where he was.
Holding on to his arm as he wanted to continue going, she looked eagerly at his face that wasn’t giving her any clue about his expression as his face was cold and difficult to understand. Breathing heavily because she’d run earlier,
Dean threw the ball at a student who caught it happily before going away with it, his two hands went dip into his trouser’s pocket. Glancing around as well waiting for her to speak. She was still holding on to his hand. “He’s not upset, he only felt like teasing her.”

“Why are you angry? I only told you what you’d say to me earlier. Am I wrong with that?” She demanded as she set her l!ps into a thin line.
She waited for him to speak but he didn’t say a word, “I’m sorry,” She apologized again which made him smile softly.
“I wasn’t angry with you, I was just punishing you since you refused to admit that I am a good head [email protected]” He said more like whispering, tossing her hair before smiling broadly.
* * *
“Human beings choose to betray me when I didn’t expect,” Mina gibbered then she placed her elbow on the table.
Observing the two of them before saying: “I’m still wondering how you both ended up sharing the same seat, Carol was here before.” Mina queried which made her receive a ha-rd glare from Amelia, she knows but her busybody made her raise the discussion.
“I couldn’t wait to start tormenting Amelia, so I switched my seat with her seat partner after I spoke a few words with her” Dean replied then winked at Mina, who smiled sheepishly.
“Are you sure you did that just to torment her?” Mina questioned while taking the matter up to what she wanted.

“What other reasons will be there!? You enjoyed tormenting me. I’m sure Dean’s reason for coming here would make you happy.” Amelia who took her eyes away from the novel she was reading snapped.
“Isn’t it weird that she’s suddenly angry!?” Dean said as he eyed Mina. She understood his gesture then quickly added “Exactly what I was thinking. Wasn’t the basketball game fun?”
“I tried my best to make it fun but Amelia complained of having headache after throwing two balls.” Dean shrugged like a lady.
“I didn’t throw two balls, I threw more than that,” Amelia argued. “So how many goals did you get? Didn’t you get a headache?” Dean asked then her l!ps went firm.

“What’s the headache for? Have you gotten better?” Mina asked with concern as she forgot about what she was planning to do.
“It’s better, the aches reduced,” Amelia replied with a nod. “So fast! You took the drug for it?”
“I gave her a head [email protected],” Dean yelled before she could talk by herself, the students that we were able to hear him stretched their neck towards him before looking elsewhere.
Amelia tried hiding her red cheeks as she felt shy, “why can’t he keep that as a secret?” Mina who caught Amelia trying to hide her red cheeks chuckled without saying anything further.

“Briefing you on how my day went would be difficult as many things occurred in it. I will start by informing you that I am finally free from [email protected]’s punishment, that was good news right?” I’m aware also, I knew making it to Top Three would give me a helping hand.”
“When the news came to me earlier I wasn’t able to get the best of all happiness, as I don’t want Dean to find out what’s going on between [email protected] and me, maybe because of the reasons unknown to me.’ I rejoiced with Mina who was likewise happy for me, do you think [email protected] has another punishment for me after escaping this?”
“I have stopped attending the school during late hours, Dad got a new driver for us who always carry Arnold and Andrea. With that i won’t have any issue with [email protected] ” I’m thinking of informing Dad about going for the driving tutorial, learning it wouldn’t be a bad thing to do.”
“Tiana got into a fight with me today, I wasn’t surprised that she did, since I was already expecting her to show the bad side of her.” But I taught her little lesson, Mina’s displayed madness didn’t end up in vain.”

“I put them all into action today and got Tiana speechless. I’m still having headaches due to the fight that I had with Tiana, although it has subsided since Dean gave me helping hands by [email protected] my head.”
“He sometimes makes me feel lucky that we are friends, also knows how to get me upset.” “I thought Mina is the only crazy friend in the world, now that Dean has joined her, I don’t know where to run and hide.
“They are both pains in the neck, I haven’t finished battling with Mina, now Dean entered the game.” I can’t hide the fact I admire them actually, such sweet friends to be with. But you will always remain my forever first friend, I hope you aren’t jealous because I have new friends?”

“I miss studying on love.” “I doubt making a promise to stop studying until I can feel the love feeling is the right choice. When will I encounter someone who will give me the feelings?”
She discussed freely with her diary, and when she finished, she casually wrote:

“You visit my room whenever you want, what if I have a lady waiting in here for me?” He complained with a frown
“I’m aware you don’t have any, so I can come in whenever I want.” Damon scoffed also making fun of him.
“I will get myself one very soon, I can’t tolerate these harsh words anymore.” He stated offensively.
“You started it!” Damon shrugged nonchalantly, which made him roll his eyes like a lady.
“Must you finish it? He shrieked, which Damon laughed at.
“Maybe I am sorry!”Also, quit thinking about getting a lady to stay in this room, you can’t have a girlfriend anytime soon” Damon lighted the fire that was about quenching.
“The @ssurance? Getting a girlfriend isn’t a big deal for me.” Dean snapped
“You and I know that you only care about love, I don’t think you are ready to engage yourself into that.” Damon pointed out, he knew what he said was the truth. “He would never be with a girl he doesn’t feel anything for.”
“Whatever! Just give my room the respect that it deserves okay? Don’t go around entering anyhow, how will things go if I decided to bring a lady here? Is this how I would meet you eating snacks on my bed?” He nonetheless complained
“Jasmine s£nt her greetings, she wanted to come with me but I didn’t allow her,” Damon said as he ignored his words,
“She had talked about coming to visit but I didn’t take it serious. Tell me why didn’t you come with her?” Dean replied as he operated his laptop. “The P.A called him earlier and told him to check out a project which he didn’t care about.” He would just slide through it then tell her he’s done going through it.
“Don’t act like you will appreciate her pres£nce if she comes, I refused to bring because I don’t want her falling endlessly Inlove with you than she already has,” Damon replied
“She can’t do that, she’s just being nice to me as my sister,” Dean told as his f!ng£rs were operating the laptop which Damon didn’t bother to ask what he was up to.
“Learn skills on how to make your lies perfect, I’m sure you know how she feels about you.” Damon rolled his eyes irritatedly
“Maybe I do,” Dean agreed
” so what do you want me to do about that? Do you want me together with your sister?.” Dean questioned, taking his eyes away from the laptop to see him silent.
“Then, not now that you’ve started liking Amelia,” Damon replied feebly
“Aside from the fact that I can’t do anything of the sort with your sister, because I have always seen her as my sister. What does liking Amelia has to do here? Isn’t liking someone a usual thing?” Dean scoffed
“Usual when it’s still likeness, fewer when it turns to feelings,” Damon responded
“What are those parables for? You haven’t answered my question” Dean threw him a glare
“I answered but you were not listening. I won’t bother saying it again” He told to him, Dean shook his head tiredly at him before returning his concentration to the laptop. “His eyes looking at the words written, but he wasn’t concentrating, Damon’s comment about liking Amelia seems to give him tough thought.”
“So what will happen?” “Tell me how things have been between you and Amelia” He requested while adding more pressure to his thoughts.
Dean rubbed his hair tiredly before saying “Can you ever stop asking about Amelia? Are you trying to cheat on Lisa now?” He scoffed at Damon who only laughed at his silliness.
“Won’t you murder me if I tried wooing Amelia?”


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