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into my world episode 17

🌁🌺🦋…… Into
My World ……🦋🌺🌁
(She’s real)

Authoress FG…



Everyone arrived at the racing stadium.
Deena looked at the crowd, hoping to sight Tristan from where she was standing.

“Deena what are you looking at? You nee-d to focus, the race is about to begin” Ryan reminded and Deena nodded putting on her gloves.

“Deena you’re not just here to win victory for yourself, you’re here to win victory for our country. You’re repres£nting China so please give it your all” Ryan advised and Deena nodded.

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“Good luck” They both uttered and Deena walked to her car.

Tristan watched her from the crowd. He was on disguise, he was putting on a black nose mask and a black hoodie. It was impossible for Deena to recognize him in that.

You can do this Deena. Best of luck Deena. Tristan uttered in his head with a smile on his l!ps.

Deena was standing next to her car on the track.

This isn’t the first time I’m on championship but why am I so nervous? This is so unlike me. Anyways let’s not think too much and give it my all. Deena said in her head then she entered her car, putting on her helmet.

She looked at her opponents from the window.


I walked down to the sitting room from my bedroom and everyone’s concentration was on the TV.

Deena was on TV.

I guess the racing is about to begin. I muttered in my head then joined them.

“This is her first time leaving the country to go compete outside, do you think she will be fine?” Mum asked worriedly and I rolled my eyes.

“Mum why are you worried about her? I also had my first time so everyone has his first time in everything. It’s not a big deal” I scoffed and Dad looked at me.

“I’m pretty sure, Gu is putting all his hopes on her but do you think she will be able to beat my daughter on this” Dad said sarcastically and I smiled.

“Dad you’re only watching because you want to gossip on her victory. That’s too cold” I smiled.

“Gu is always competing with me, I also want to see why he’s always proud. Deena looks pretty in the camera” Dad said and I frowned.

“She’s not prettier than me. People keep comparing her to me, I’m way past her level” I mumbled.

“Don’t say such about Deena, you’re cousin’s for goodness sake. You can’t compete with her just like your dad does with his brother” Mum scolded and I pouted.

“And why’s that, when it always feels like I’m competing with Deena on everything. Sometimes I even feel I wouldn’t be in my current position because of Deena” I said seriously.

“Of course that’s true. Why are you making it sound like it’s not true when we all know the reason why Deena dislocated her elbow and who was responsible for that” Dad said seriously.

“Dad” I called out almost in tears and he smirked.

“Silent. The race is about to begin” Dad cut in and I frowned.

My phone started ringing and they both stared at me.

“Excuse me” I said stood up leaving the sitting room.

“Who do you think is calling her for her to go outside completely?” Dad questioned.

Of course I can’t bear to see you get suspicious of me. I uttered in my head then took the call.

“Have you done it?” I asked curiously.

“Yes ma’am, I did it exactly the way you instructed” He said and I smiled.

“Very good and what I asked you to find out about Tristan. Did you get any clue on where he went weeks back?” I asked curiously.

“Ma’am he actually traveled to Hainan with a lady” He said and I frowned.

Tristan really traveled with a woman but why did he lie about traveling to Beijing if he was going to Hainan and who’s this lady? Standing up against me.

“Alright, thanks for the good work. I will transfer the full payment and that will be all till I’m in nee-d of an insider” I said then hung up.

What’s this feeling? Deena also traveled to Hainan. Her trip was mysterious as well. Is there any possibility that Tristan and Deena traveled together? I questioned in my head.

“There’s no way that’s possible. They don’t even know each other. Layla you’re being worried for nothing” I waved it with a smile then went back to the sitting room.

Everyone in the sitting room was so tense.

“What’s going on?” I asked as I sat down on one of the couch.

“Shhhh!” Dad said placing his index f!ng£r on his l!ps.

I looked at the TV and Deena was losing focus on her tracks.

“Deena you’ve got to get back on your track. You’re being left behind” Mum screamed with her full concentration on the TV.

“She doesn’t look well” Dad said slowly.

Deena’s opponents have drove [email protected] her.

Now who’s the best between us. I uttered in my head with a smirk.

“Will she be able to win this race?” Mum asked worriedly and I sighed crossing my legs.

Suddenly Deena came back on track and drove past two of her opponents remaining just one opponents at the front.

“Wow, that was fast” Mum complimented with a smile.


Deena maintained her speed but the track was becoming blurry in her eyes.

Deena put yourself together. You’re almost there. She encouraged herself with sweat pouring down to her neck from her ears.

You can’t lose focus, you’ve got this Deena. Tristan uttered in his head anxiously.

Deena drove [email protected] the opponent in her front.

“Victory must be ours” Deena uttered faintly as she was getting closer to the finishing line but everything went blank so she fell unconscious losing control of the car.

“Deena!” Everyone screamed as her car crashed at the edge of the race track.


“Deena!” Gu and Sansan screamed in shock as they watched the race on TV.

“Darling I have to go to Spain right now” Sansan uttered holding back her tears as she stood up and Gu grabbed her into his [email protected]

“Do you think you will be able to do anything if you get to Spain. The nurses will do their jobs” Gu said and Sansan broke the hu-g.

“At least I will be there for her. Her crashed in a very fatal way what if something serious happened to her? What will have to my Deena? Nothing should happen to Deena” Sansan said and boost into tears.

Calls came in through Gu’s phone.

“Hello, yes. Any updates on my daughter? How’s she?” Gu asked curiously.

“What’s her current condition?” Sansan cut in anxiously.

“I’m sorry sir, I couldn’t take proper care of Deena. It’s all my fault for not taking proper care of her” Ryan said over the phone almost in tears.

“It’s not your fault. We all know how Deena is, she properly worked herself out but what’s the current situation right now?” Gu asked concerned.

“Deena had a high fever and that’s why she [email protected] out and the crash was quite severe” Ryan said slowly.

“What do you mean severe? How bad is it?” Sansan asked worriedly.

“Deena has a leg fracture” Ryan announced sadly and tears roll down Sansan’s cheeks uncontrollably.

“How did she end up getting that hurt? How is she supposed to complete the remaining competition with a broken leg?” Gu asked curiously and Sansan glared at him.

“You don’t care about my daughter’s health, all you care about is this stupid championship. Do you have any idea how much pain she’s going through right now?” Sansan yelled.

“Sir the rest of the competition will be done by her teammates” Ryan said slowly.

“None of them is as good as my daughter. She’s the best among all of them. Ryan you have to make sure my daughter is given the best treatment. She mustn’t get any complications on her leg, her legs are very important in this line of profession” Gu said seriously.

“Hello, Dave book a flight to Spain. I have to fly to Spain today, make it quick” Sansan said over the phone to her secretary and Gu looked at her in shock.

“Ryan I have to go now, any updates on Deena don’t hesitate to inform me” He said then hung up.

“Sansan you can’t fly to Spain. We have a lot on our plates at the company” Gu reminded and she glared at him.

“What could be more important than my daughter’s life? I’m flying out to look after my daughter. I can’t feel at ease if I don’t do this so take care of things here” Sansan said and stood up.

“Whose fault is it that she lost control of her car? She knew she was going for the championships and she didn’t take care of herself properly. Is it my fault she didn’t take proper care of herself? She was almost there. She would have won the race if she had hold on a little more” Gu said with a frown.

“Do I look like I’m in the mood to listen to all that? I will go pack up my bags” Sansan said seriously and head to her room.


“How come no one noticed she was having a fever before the race started?” Michael uttered seriously.

“That’s so unlike Ryan. How come he didn’t notice Deena was having a high fever? He claims to be her coach and he didn’t even notice this little thing?” Layla’s Mum questioned with a frown.

“You can’t blame Ryan for this. Deena knows her body best and she still couldn’t do anything about it when she noticed she was having a fever. Whose fault is it that she didn’t take proper care of herself? She’s an adult now so she should make her health her first priority. Is she planning on beating me with something like this? She couldn’t even win this little championship” Layla scorned.

“She’s still your cousin. Don’t you feel bad for her? Do you have any idea how much pain she’s going through right now?” Her mum asked obviously disappointed in Layla.


I rushed down to the hospital Deena was brought to.

Deena you have to be strong. I uttered in my head worriedly as I got into the hospital then ran to receptionist.

“Please what’s the room number of Deena Gu the patient that was rushed in here minutes ago?” I asked curiously and she looked at me.

“What’s your relationship with the patient?” She asked.

“I’m a reporter and a relative. Here’s my ID” I said showing her my ID and she wrote something down.

“She’s undergoing surgery right now but the surgery will be over soon. Here’s her room number” She said giving me a little paper.

“Thank you” I said and left for the elevator.

I feel I’m partially responsible for what happened today? She couldn’t even take proper medication because she was way too much under pressure. I’m so sorry Deena. I uttered in my head holding back my tears that was threatening to fall.

The elevator dinged open and I got into. Tapping the floor number.


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