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his encounter with a widow episode 3 & 4

🥀His encounter with a widow🥀
•(love,lies and suspense)•

🌷Episode Three🌷

Stella POV:

“How have you been Stella?” Marigold asked immediately we both settled down on a couch in the living room.

“I’m okay” I replied sweetly and she nodded with a smile.

“Let me get some refreshments before lunch is served” I say to her standing on my feet and she shook her head.

“No Stella, those can wait -right now we nee-d to talk” she said and i shrugged before returning to my seat.

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“What do we nee-d to talk about Marigold?” I asked her and she adjusted on her seat.

“What else Stella? It’s about Flora and Ryder” she said impatiently and my countenance change.

“Marigold, don’t you think about what people would say? Two brothers with one lady? Let’s think about it carefully” I tutor and she frowned.

“What are you saying Stella?” She half yelled.

“People should feel free to say whatever they want, I don’t give a damn!” She rasped and I sighed.

“Hold on Stella,I hope your promise is still intact?” She asked in more like a whisper and my eyes bulged.

“Don’t you dare forget that Stella, otherwise..” she snapped her f!ng£rs and stand on her feet.

“Flora is getting married to Ryder, whether you like it or not” she said through gritted teeth.

I just stare at her speechlessly and after shooting me a final glare;she carried her blue handbag and stormed off.

I breathed out heavily immediately she slammed the door ha-rd behind her.

Oh my goodness!
She still had that in mind?

“I’m sorry Flora, but you will have to get married to that criminal son of hers” I mumbled and sighed loudly.


🌹Flora POV🌹

I tremble on my feet after eavesdropping to all they just discussed but hold onto the big round pillar I’m hiding behind -preventing me from tripping on my feet.

I watch my mum’s back as she muttered the last part to herself.

Oh no!

I carefully tiptoed over to the stairs and ascend the stairs slowly- pulling my black long gown a little.

I lay flat on my bed as I gaze at the ceiling.

Why does she have to agree to this?

If you don’t want to do this, then you should run away. My subconscious mind whispered and I sit upright.

Of course yes, I really want to runaway from this madness-
but how?

The gatekeeper would definitely be a problem.
Before I was forced to marry, he never allow me to step out unnecessarily.

Such an old fool.

I look around my room and my eyes landed on my mirror drawer.

I sprang on my feet and strode to the drawer and pulled it open.

I found it.

This would definitely help; it’s sedation pills.

My mum gave it to me some months back when I had complained to her that I couldn’t get enough sleep.

I place my foref!ng£r in between my l!ps as I stare at the pills in my hand.

How do I give this to him?

“Yes!” I yelled happily as an idea creep into my head.



I silently open my mum’s door room and peep my head inside.

She’s sleeping already?


“Do you nee-d anything ma’am?” A maid asked as I approach the kitchen.

“Get me two [email protected] of orange juice” I ordered and she bow before turning away.

I walk to the dinning and sit on one of the chairs;
I just hope this works.

The maid returned after a short while with the two [email protected] of orange juice.

She place the tiny tray in front of me and stepped back a little.

“You can leave, thanks” I told her and she bow again before leaving.


“Flora you should go in now, it’s getting late” the gatekeeper urged me in his dozing state but I chuckle and shook my head.

I gave one [email protected] of jui-ce to him-the sedated one though and keep one for myself.

He was surprised at first but I told him I just wanted to have a moment with him.

And without hesitating, he gulped the content at once and I smile triumphantly to myself.

Good job Flora.
You are leaving for good tonight.

“So tell me more about yourself Mr Carson” I told him and he brushed his face with his right hand and sit properly.

One would know he’s fighting the sleep.

“Mr Carson?” I called as I glance at black gate but he only ‘hmmm’ as he slowly doze off.

I jumped on my feet and smile broadly.

I adjusted my ponytail and tiptoed to the gate direction; without looking back.

I slowly pull the gate open; and after giving the house and the useless gatekeeper a final glance, I stepped out of the compound.


Without glancing back, i run as fast as my legs could carry me into the dark night; cursing the long gown loudly.

I really don’t know where I am heading to right now- but I am glad I’ve left that house for good.

I got to the main road and stop to catch my breath.
Why does everywhere seems silent? I thought.

Oh no.. not even a single person?
A car should approach already.

I keep darting my eyes everywhere; feeling very scared already.

I marched my left feet on the floor as I exhaled exasperatedly.

I heard the sound of a car and I swiftly turn to the direction.

Thank goodness.

This opportunity must not slide. I thought as I run to stand on the road.

The car honks repeatedly but I didn’t budge as I stand rooted at the middle of the road- and the car screeched to an an halt.


🥀His encounter with a widow🥀
•(love,lies and suspense)•

💫Episode Four 💫

Zayn POV:

I honked repeatedly but the person doesn’t make attempt of moving.

Someone wants to die.

I stepped on the [email protected] and push the side door open.

“Do you want to die?!” I roared immediately I stepped out of the car.

I marched furiously towards the person and to my surprise;
It’s a lady.

A lady dress in black.

“Please I don’t want to die” she said frantically and I huffed.

“Then get the f**k out of my way!” I yelled and she cringe a little.

“Please help me sir, I nee-d to leave this place” she begged as she rubbed her palms together.

“And who do you think I am?” I asked nonchalantly and she slowly look away from my face and counted her step backward.


I walked back to my car and pull it open; I look towards the lady direction and breathe out.

I shut the car door and stride towards her again.

“Where are you going?” I asked her-trying to sound cool.

“I don’t know sir, I just want to run away from them; I’m tired of being a widow and I don’t want to get married again” she rushed her words- fighting her tears.

“Hold on.. you are a widow?” I asked her and she nodded curtly and I swallowed.

Even through the darkness, I could tell she’s still very young to be a widow.

“You will explain more further later but for now I’m in a hurry; so let’s go” I urge her and walk ahead.

Are you really going to help her? My subconscious mind whispers to my ear and I scoffed softly.

I got behind the wheel and ignited the engine but lady in black is not yet to come in.

I whined down the [email protected] and saw her standing like a plaque close to the car and I frown.

“Do you want me to change my mind?”I asked her hoarsely and she quickly pull the car door and hop in.


I parked the car carelessly and shove a hand into my hair and turned to lady in black on the [email protected]£nger seat.

“You should wait here,I will be back” I instructed her and step out of the car.

I adjusted my red jacket and walk towards the building.

“You are late Zayn” Reid says as I approach him on the stairs.

Yeah.. I met a lost widow on my way here and decided to help her.
I rolled my eyes at my suppose answer.

“Where’s he?” I asked him instead as I climb the stairs.

“He’s in the guest room” he replied as we both ascend the stairs and I nodded.

Reid opened the door and we both walk in.

A smirk run upon my l!ps immediately I sight him on a chair with his hands tied to his back.

“You are going to regret this Zayn” he snorted and I let out a small laugh.

I sat on a stool across him and dug my left hand inside my jacket trouser to fetch my cigarette pack.

I pull one of the cigarette and place it in between my l!ps as I collected a lighter from Reid.

“Are you threatening me right now?” I asked him as I puffed out the smoke to his face and he let out a small cough.

“I’m only giving you ten seconds buddy, if you don’t tell me who the f**k gave out the information to William then I won’t have a choice but to b!0w your dumbskull ” I threatened and he laugh.

Reid and I exchange a look.
Is he okay?

“Even if you place a knife to my throat right now, I will never tell you” he said bluntly and i shook my head.

I stand on my feet with the cigarette in my hand.

“You really have nothing to say right?” I asked him but he just stare at him.

“I knew all along you will prove this stubborn but don’t worry, your case is closed already” I told him and stretch my left hand to Reid without looking at him.

“Zayn you should calm..”

“Give it to me Reid” I butt in and he sighed before placing it in my hand.

I place the cigarette in between my l!ps and co-cked the short gun.

“And for the last time, do you have something to say?” I asked him as I place the gun to his head but he just glare at me.

“Alright then, you should rest in pieces” I told him as I pull the trigger and he fell to the floor with the chair.

“You shouldn’t have killed him Zayn, we can still persuade him. How do we get to know the person now?” Reid says frantically and I huff.

“F**k that Reid! Does he look like someone who was ready to confess?” I asked him agitatedly and he slowly shook his head.

“Take care of his corpse” I instructed as I ran a hand through my hand.

I smoke from the cigarette and stepped out of the room.



I sit patiently in the car as I wait for him.

He should come out already everywhere is damn silent.

But hold on.. where’s this place?
His girlfriend’s house?
Is that reason he asked me to wait behind?

Cut the crap Flora and think. My subconscious mind cautions and I breathe out.

Someone opened the car and I jolted out of my thoughts.

Oh.. it’s him.

He has a lighted cigarette in his l!ps.
I watch him as he pull his red jacket and toss it backward.

What’s he doing?

He remove the cigarette from his l!ps and throw it out from the window of the car.

Hold on.. his arm is inked.

He puffed out smoke and I couldn’t help but coughed loudly but he doesn’t even spare me a glance.

He ignited the car and speed into the dark night and I watch him as he drive like a maniac.

This won’t be good.


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