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his encounter with a widow episode 1 & 2

🥀His encounter with a widow🥀
• (Love,lies and game)•

💦Episode One💦


🌷 Flora POV🌷

I was lying on the bed with my legs crossed while my whole attention was centered on the book in my hand.

I heard my door room opened and I glance up from the novel I am reading.

I couldn’t hide the frown that crept on my face as I look down to my novel again.

“How are you doing dear?” She asked as she stride closer and I scoff lightly.

She sits very close to me on the bed and place a hand on my leg; but yet I didn’t spare her a glance.

What does she want?

“Flora” she cooed.

I rolled my eyes and tossed the book aside.

“What’s it Mum?” I asked bluntly and she sighed;bringing her face down.

“Flora dear, you should know I’m doing all this for you; you..”

“What exactly are you doing Mum?” I butts in standing on my feet already.

“Haven’t you done enough?”
“You handed my hand in marriage at a very tender age, you gave me out at age Twenty Mum”I chided and she lifted her face to look at me.

“And now, my supposed husband is dead for the past three months and again;I am forced to be a widow for the next six month” i continued with tears welled up in my eyes.

She stand on her feet and come closer to me.
The tears are now rolling down my cheeks.

“So tell me, what exactly are you doing?” I questioned calmly and she slowly hold my hand.

“Flora” she called but I remove my hand from hers.
I am not in the mood to listen to her sermons right now.

“I’m tired mum” I wiped my tears with the back of my palm.
“I’m tired of staying indoors and wearing this ridiculous black dresses” I half yelled as I pointed to the black long gown I’m wearing.

“But you still belong to the Gabriel’s dear” she hushed and my expression switched to a quizzical one.

“What do you mean?” I mouthed under my breath.
She breath out heavily before tucking her loose strand of her hair behind her ear.

“Since your ex husband (xavier) is dead, you will get married to Ryder his younger brother; the Gabriel’s still wants you Flora” she explained and my eyes bulged.


“Mum, do you know what you are saying?” I asked hoarsely and she lowered her gaze.

“What have they done to you?” I questioned as I grab her arms.
“What on earth did they gave you?!”

“Why do you have to trade my happiness with their wants Mum?” I yelled.

“First is Xavier, and now Ryder?” I shook my head.

“For heaven sake, I’m Twenty-one mum. I’m tired of this marriage stuff.” I reminded plainly and she sighed.

“Flo..” she is saying again but I cut in rudely.

“You made me drop out of college all because of that marriage and thank goodness, Xavier is dead; I can start my new life afresh. And now, you are telling me I’m getting married to Ryder again!” I rasped.

“Ryder of all guys? You know how much I detest him from sight” I reminded and paused to catch my breath.

“Flora dear, you know I love you” she cupped my cheeks and I chuckled.

She loves me?
But doesn’t love my happiness.

“You will have to get married to Ryder, I know what’s good for you Flora” she said in a convinced tone and my heart sank.

I gently withdraw her hands on my cheeks.

“Whether you like it or not Mum, I’m never getting married to any body. Ryder or not” I said sternly and without sparing her one more glance, I slide my feet into my sl!pperss and stormed out of my room.


I stare blankly into space with my arms folded.

“Why’s she bent on ruining my life?” I mumbled as i made my way to one of the chairs in the garden.

Little introduction won’t be bad right?

I’m Flora winters, living with my single mum since teen.
I don’t even get to know who my father is, but there’s this particular male picture I often see with my mum and each time I tried to say something about it, she cut me off; reasons best known to her.

I was forced into early marriage at age twenty which me drop out of school; and all my mum could say to me was that ‘she knows the best’
She doesn’t really care about my happiness but yet, she doesn’t like to see me in a sad state.

Sincerely,the guy I got married to was not a bad guy, he didn’t accept the marriage as well but I guess he was left with no other choice.

But his family is one of a hell family, most especially his mum and his younger brother Ryder.

Heaven knows I can’t stand the sight of him.

He’s a monster;
who doesn’t care about what other thinks of him.

Each time he came to visit his brother, I always tried my possible best to stay clear away from him.

And if I mistakenly bumped into him, that smirk that run across him l!ps is what I hate most about him.

I really miss Xavier, even if we don’t act like a real couple; he was one of the best person in my life.
But no strings attached-so bad right?

I remember the day he wanted to have his way with me forcefully, but when he saw my tears; he withdrawn immediately.

May his soul continue to rest in peace.

But his death still seems strange to everyone, even their family doctor couldn’t detect the cause of his death.

We only live together for a year; and now he’s gone.

I’m not happy about it but I guess God doesn’t even approved our marriage.

“Ma’am” I felt a light tap on my shoulder and I flinched.

Oh goodness!

“I’m sorry ma’am,I’ve been calling you for some minutes now” a maid said with a light now and I sighed.

I was really lost in thought.

“What’s it?” I asked her.

“Lunch is served ma’am” She replied and I nodded.

“I will join you soon” I told her and she bow before turning to leave.

Yes.. I live lavishly.
Everything is wrapped around my f!ng£rs; even my marriage with Xavier was a blast and for a whole week, our marriage was the talk of the towns.

But I do not want all this, I want to explore.
I want to be free from all this craziness.

I drew in a long breathe and stand on my feet.

I think I’m really hungry-i thought as I strode into the dinning room.


🥀His encounter with a widow🥀
•(love and lies)•

🌺Episode Two🌺

Flora POV:


I came out of my room and shut the door behind me.

I was walking down the hallway when I saw my mum approaching me; I rolled my eyes and halted my steps.

I avoided her throughout since our last conversation yesterday- and i was glad she understood.

“Good morning Flora” she greeted with all smiles as she stand in front of me but I only nodded and look away from her face.

“Ryder is here to see you” she announced as I walk past her and i stop walking immediately.

“I didn’t hear you” I turned to her and she sighed.

“For goodness sake Mum; I’m still a widow!” I thundered and she slowly bring her face down.

“Why on earth is he here to see me?” I inquired coldly and she lifted her face.

“Just to pay you a visit and that’s all dear” she replied calmly and I huffed as I counted two steps closer to her.

“You’ve done enough mum, don’t think you can ever force me into getting married again; you will regret it” I threatened with clenched teeth and I watch as her eyes dilated in surprise.

I turned my back against her;
and finally walked down the hallway.

• Ryder POV•

I sit patiently on a single couch in the living room-waiting for her.

If you ask me why I am here?
I really don’t know, I just want to see her face I guess.

She never smiles to me but I can watch her gladly all day smiling with another person; that’s how much I like her.

She’s not aware though because I never show it;
besides she was my older brother’s wife so I have to respect that.

It hurts she ended with my brother but what can I do?
Xavier was the first child; he had to get married before me.

Flora’s mum and my mum are close friends and I’ve had my eyes on her since the very first day her mum brought her to our mansion.

Well.. it’s all good now since my brother is gone; I can have my Flora for myself alone.

I glance up to the stairs and see her climbing down the last stairs.

Until when is she going to stop wearing those black dresses- I thought with a secret eye roll and adjusted my grey shirt.

I watch her back as she stride out of the building and I crease my brows in confusion.

Hold on.. she didn’t see me or she decided to ignore me?

The thought of her ignoring me shattered my heart; no one ever does that to me.

I’m Ryder Gabriel.

I sprang on my feet and motioned to the door.

I pray she says she didn’t see me because I want to start acting being nice to her and that includes the reason I’m here this morning,and if she says she deliberately ignored me;
then I might lose it.

I got to the facade of the building and look around for her.

And my eyes landed on her back-standing very close to the garden.

I marched towards the garden; trying my possible best to control my anger.

“You didn’t just ignore me, did you?” I asked her immediately I got behind her.

She turned to me and stare at my face for some seconds before taking her eyes back.

What the?!

“Flora,I’m talking to you” I said sternly as I grab her arm and she turned to me with rage.

“What’s your problem Ryder?” She roared as she yanked her arm from my hand and I took a step backward as my eyes widened.

What’s wrong with her?
Where did she get the gut from?

“If you really think I’m going to get married to you;then I’m sorry to inform you that you are wrong, I will rather die being a widow than to end up with someone like you” she rasped and my eyes bulged at all I just heard.

Getting married?

“Flora” I called but she has turned and left.

I stand rooted as I watch her back till she step into the building.

What was that?
What’s she trying to say?
Getting married to me?

Oh no.. I guess she is affected by her widow state.

I barged into the living room furiously.
I still can’t believe Flora could talk to me in that manner.

I saw her sitting on the long couch- watching the TV screen.

I scoffed softly and made to ascend the stairs.

“You are back?” I heard her voice and turned to her on her seat.

Isn’t it obvious enough that I didn’t want to greet her.

“Ryder” she called me as I climb the first step.

What’s her problem?

“I have something important to tell you” she stand on her feet and beckoned me to come closer.

I rolled my eyes and slowly walk fully into the living room.

“Son” she cooed but I just stare at her-wondering what she’s up to.

She’s my mum but she deprived me the motherly love any child could wish for and gave it all to Xavier.
She doesn’t love me because I never listens to her- who cares tho.

And now that her precious son is gone; I don’t understand why she’s acting all nice to me.

“Uhm.. you see” she started and I watch her with my hands in my trouser pocket.

“You will be getting married to Flora in the next few months” she declared and I scoff looking elsewhere.

Hold on…

*If you really think I’m going to get married to you;then I’m sorry to inform you that you are wrong, I will rather die being a widow than to end up with someone like you*
Flora words reeled through my mind and I stand properly as I face Mum again.

“What are you saying?” I asked her coldly and she breathe in and breathe out.

“You dad and I suggested you should get married to her, since your brother is no more” she told me but I just watch her speechlessly.

So Flora was right all along.

“Then why are you just telling me, don’t I have a say to this?” I inquired.

“The same way Xavier was not chance to make his choice, you want me to go through that also right?” I added and she smile.

“We know what’s good for you son; Flora is the only girl for you..she’s a sweet girl right?” She said beaming with smiles but I just huff and turned my back.

I plonked myself tiredly on the bed as I lay on my back.

Of course Xavier was the only person they can easily boss around unlike me; I really don’t give a damn about them so I can easily turn them down.

But here is a chance; I mean I’ve always wanted Flora for myself right?

I smile broadly as I think about the whole thing again.

“Get ready for your new husband to be Flora” I muttered to myself as I rolled to the other side of the bed.


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