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burning desi-re episode 8 & 9

desi-reS 😋
(Her l!ps and body…)

By, Mide Starr .D

CHAPTER 8&9 😋😋😋


“ Ivanka no more interview, she’s hired” he said and I glance at him, he smirk at me.
“ Okay that smirk is scary” I said and everyone glance at me

The Dian guy stand up and walk out of the interview room with a guy following him behind
Wait am I really hired, is this a dream???

“ Sally congratulation” Ivanka said and I glance at her

“ Yeah thank you but is he really okay???”
“ What do you mean?” she asked

“ I insulted him yesterday so I expect him to,,,,,you know s£nd me out like a dog” I replied and she smiled

“ Follow me let me show you your office” she said and walk out of the interview room, I followed her behind and I could see those skinny girls staring at me, they glared at me and I glared at them back

“ Dian Singh is your boss now I hope you know that?” Ivanka said and I nod
She press the elevator button and the door slowly open, we enter the elevator and press the 9th button

“ So reduce your craziness and don’t disrespect him, he doesn’t like it” Ivanka said and I nod
He doesn’t like it if someone disrespect him but he knows how to disrespect someone, rubbish!

That guy is annoying but I’m gonna keep my cool since he’s my boss, he should try that his rudeness on me again and he’s gonna see the real definition of maniac

The elevator door open and we step out, “ You will be following him anywhere he’s going and you must know all his schedule, Finally Tiago work is gonna reduce” she said

“ Sorry who’s Tiago?”
“ Tiago is Dian personal @ssistant” she replied and I nod

“ So what’s my job here?”

“ Only you and Tiago that must know his schedule and remind against if he forget, you will prepare him for meeting and meet our investors if he can’t make it, don’t worry he will explain everything to you” Ivanka said as we an office, the AC welcomed me and I move backward

“ Dian are you really employ this maniac that insulted you” Tiago said and I glared at him, a deadly glare

“ I will definitely employ her, Tiago your work is gonna reduce” Dian said and I glance at him, he stare at me and our eyes locked

“ You will be in charge of my schedule, my morning coffee or tea, proposal meetings” he said and I nod

“ Tiago you will follow me around and cross check my schedule to be sure this maniac is not making any mistake” Dian said and Ivanka glance at me

“ Have you guys meet before?” Ivanka asked
“ They have met before, it was a terrible meeting” Tiago said and I slowly bow my head
Why is she acting as if she does not know what’s going on

“ What did she do??” Ivanka asked.
“ She insulted me to the lowest level” Dian replied

“ Sally so you were serious” Ivanka said as she face me

“ It was a mistake, he was super rude and I can’t just take it” I said in defense as I shrug and Dian just nod like a reptile

“ Get to work, Tiago tell her the rules and project we’re working on, the celebrity project” Dian said and Tiago walk past me muttering something

“ Follow me” he muttered and I followed him as we walk out of Dian office and I saw an office table with chair next to his office

“ This is the landline and always make sure you’re here and do you know how to transfer call and make copies?” Tiago said coldly and I glance at him

“ Why are you cold to me but friendly to your so called annoying boss” I said and he take a step forward and I move backward immediately

“ Keep quiet and focus” he said and walk away, he open the drawer and bring out a book more like a diary

“ This book is gonna guide you” Tiago said as he drop the book on the table and walk away.
Lunatic are everywhere, his annoying boss did his own yesterday and now he’s doing his own today

I gently sit on chair and drop my bag on the table, the company is big, I stretch my neck to see if I can know what’s going on in his office but the [email protected] door is damn thick

“ Are they are doing anything funny” I muttered, forget it I can’t see anything, I rest back on the chair and stare at the monitor and keyboard
The color is so old fashioned, I nee-d to beautify this place to my taste, the diary book, I carried it then go through it

* I hate girlish color so don’t change the color of your office and computer

“ Is he crazy or something” I said aloud

* You must be punctual and neat, you must be in the office before me

“ Stupid rules, I should be in the office before you instead just tell me to sleep in the office”

* I hate laziness, my morning tea or coffee must be ready by 7am.

* The company image should be your first priority

“ This guy is really weird” I muttered

* I’m allergic to peanut, fish and shrimp

“ Perfect way to kill him” I muttered smiling

* If I have an official call, transfer it using the landline

My eyes move to the landline, a black landline with a short rope

“ How will I transfer it when the rope is short” I muttered and move my eyes back to the book

* Don’t enter my office without any permission and if I nee-d you, I’m gonna call

“ Stupid rules” I muttered and close the book then throw it back inside the drawer
What should I do now?? I tap my hands on the table non-stop humming a song

“ Today is really gonna be boring” I muttered and stand, I was about to take a step when the [email protected] door open and I saw Ivanka smiling as she come out from his office

“ Sally bestie” she called and I smiled, she drop a id card on the table and I glance at it
“ Ivanka what took you long?” I asked

“ He doesn’t wanna let go of me” she replied
“ Huh!! What do you mean?”

“ Nevermind enjoy your stay here” she said and walk away swinging her small hip
I keep staring at her back view when I heard a loud noise, I hastily bend down and hide but instead the noise become loud

“ Oh my goodness robbery is real” I whispered as I hide very well and I cover my face, I felt a hand touching my back and immediately I screamed loud

“ Please don’t kill me, I’m new here” I muttered as my eyes become misty

“ Who’s killing you?” that voice, I hastily come out from the hiding spot and I widened my eyes when I saw Dian Singh staring at me
“ Have you lose a nut in your [email protected], hope all is well” he said coldly and I nod

“ Nahhhhh” I muttered as I shake my head and smiled at him

“ I heard a gunshot”

He slap his forehead “ I was the one calling you through that landline, are you this….” he take his l!p in then walk away

Dian enter his office and I followed him in, the landline is weird like him

“ I never asked you to enter so go back and knock” he said coldly

“ But you just said you were calling me”

“ You did not answer so go back and knock” he said and I slowly turn around and walk out of his office, I close the thick [email protected] door then knock on it gently.

“ Come in” I heard his voice and enter the office
“ Sir do you nee-d anything?” I asked
“ Get me tea, I want it super thick, sweet and brown” he said and I nod

“ Where’s the lounge, where I can make the tea??” I asked
“ Don’t ask any stupid question, get out” he said coldly and I fist my hand gritting my teeth angrily

He glance at me and I hastily cover it with a smile, he rolled his ugly eyeballs and look away
I walk out from his office and I saw a guy, he’s coming over to my direction holding some papers

“ Are you his new secretary?” he asked softly and I just stare at him
His voice is cool and I don’t know when I start grinning from ear to ear

“ Hello I’m saying something” he said and I fl!p my eyelashes multiple times
“ Oh sorry about that, what were you saying?”
“ Are you his new secretary?” he asked

“ Yes, do you nee-d anything?”
“ Not at all” he said and walk away entering Dian office

This guy is still friendly and better than Dian and his so called personal @ssistant
I glance back at his door and face front, now how will find the lounge

“ Maybe I should just wait for that cool guy to come back” I muttered as I went to sit on the chair

He should be fast, I stamp my heels on the floor as I wait for him feeling impatient, my eyes move to the ID card that’s on the table
I gently take the ID card and I saw my name, picture and position there

Really so fast, I take the ID card and wear it hanging it on my neck, I stamp my heels and resume waiting for him
Soon he come out from the office and I stand immediately

“ Sir I will like to see you” I said and he glance at me
“ Do you nee-d anything?” he asked

“ I nee-d you to show me the way to the lounge room”

“ Dian want you to get him tea or coffee right??” he said and I nod
“ Just follow me” he muttered and walk away, I followed him standing behind him

“ Hope he’s not rude to you?” he asked
“ He’s super rude and frosty” I replied
He chuckled “ You have to bare with him cause that’s how he behaves” he said and I nod

“ I will try to bare with him but if he try nons£nse, I will make sure I break his bone” I said and he laughed

“ What’s your name?”

“ Sally, Sally Roberto” I replied
“ I’m Rory, Dian’s cousin” he said as we stop in front of a door

“ You guys don’t look like”

“ What do you expect, by the way this is lounge” Rory said as he point at the door then walk away

They’re cousin with different personality and face, what a small world
I enter the lounge room and I saw two ladies talking, their l!ps moving non-stop

Are they jobless or what???, I walk past them and bow, they just ignored me as I did not exist
Don’t worry next time is gonna come, let’s see if I’m gonna greet you

I gently take the [email protected] cup and pour milk with Milo inside it then add a lot sugar since he want it sweet

My ear suddenly start eavesdropping in their conversation

“ That Holly girl is annoying”

“ She’s too chubby and ugly”

“ She eat too much as if there’s no tomorrow”

“ I want Dian to fire her”

“ Nikki I just can’t believe he promote that chubby girl and now she’s Rory secretary”

“ Wait I heard she’s crushing on Rory”
The ladies said as they take their coffee and walk out of the lounge

“ Backstabbers” I muttered and I heard the sound of a door opening
I glance around and I saw a chubby girl coming out from a room, her eyes are soaked with tears

Wait is she the Holly that those girls are talking about???

The chubby girl come over to my side and stand next to me as she prepare a coffee
“ Hey let me help you” I said and she glance at me

“ No it’s fine” she said softly and I nod, I take a teaspoon and use it to stir the tea
After stirring it, I drop the spoon down and walk away but stop halfway when something cross my mind, I turn around and face her, my heels made a screech.

“ I know you are the Holly they are talking about but I want you to know something, be yourself and don’t let those annoying words to get to you, God created you beautifully so love yourself”

“ Holly those [email protected] are spitting gibberish so wave it aside, be yourself, [email protected] who you are so someone can love you for who you’re” I said and walk out of the room

They should be thankful I’m in a good mood or else I would have s£nd them into 2 years coma without caring to know their background, Holly should learn to [email protected] herself
I reach his door and I gently knock on it “ Come in” I heard his voice, I push the [email protected] door and enter his office

“ What took you long?” he asked coldly
“ I was busy looking for the lounge when someone refuse show me the direction” I said gritting my teeth and he glance at me

“ You took long so now I’m not interested in the tea” he said and I shrug

“ That’s exactly what I want” I muttered
“ Huh!!” I drink the tea, gulping everything down and he just stare at me

“ I never asked you to drink it” he said Icily
“ Then are you expecting me to leave it, beg you and let it waste”

“ Roberto…” he called
“ Dian Singh” I simply replied and he scoff
“ Get out” he said coldly and I nod

“ That’s your new line”

“ Get me another tea and I’m giving you five minutes to do that” he said

“ If you like refuse the tea I’m gonna bring to you, I will drink it and lick the cup”
“ Wait is this a threat?” he said

“ Good day” I said and walk out of the office
I hate rude, handsome, hot and frosty guys, tch!
so annoying

He want tea and he’s yet to tell me the project he’s working on, is this a job or what??,,,I went back to the lounge and I found no one there
She’s gone already

I prepare his tea and use a teaspoon to stir it then walk out of the lounge, I went back to his office

When I reach the door, I gently knock on it “ Come in” I heard his voice and enter his office
“ Sir your tea is ready”

“ Get me coffee, I don’t want tea” he said icily
“ Wait is this a joke”

“ Tally Roberto get me a coffee right now” he said coldly

“ My name is Sally not Tally”

“ Don’t care to know, get me the coffee” he said
“ I will be back” I said and walk out of his office, I drink the tea gulping everything down

“ Keep rejecting it and I will keep taking unlimited tea” I muttered, I went back to the lounge room and prepare the coffee for him
Dian if you like reject this coffee, I reach his office door and knock on it

“ Come in” I heard his voice and enter his office, I met him typing, his hands moving on the keyboard pretty fast
“ Sir your coffee” I said

“ Drop it and leave” he said and I walk away, I walk out of his office and I went to sit on the chair when the landline starting ringing
I carry the landline and shake it before taking the phone and bring it closer to my ear

“ Who…..”

“ Come over to my office right now” I heard his de-ep stern voice and I hastily drop the landline and went to his office

“ Sir you wanna see me?”
“ The coffee is bitter, get me another one” he said and I grit my teeth angrily

“ Dian Singh”
“ Tally Roberto” he said

“ For goodness sake my name is Sally and not Tally, I know you know that, S-A-L-L-Y” I spelt it for him and he just continue typing without saying anything

“ Sir…”.

“ Are you done shouting like a stray dog, do you think I’m dumb” he said coldly and I rolled my eyeballs

“ I will get you another coffee”
“ The coffee should be sweet, put ten cubes of brown sugar in coffee and it must be thick and brown” he said

“ Pity your intestines”

“ Get me what I want, now get out” he said and I walk out of his office

I went back to the lounge and prepare the coffee for him, I add ten cubes of brown sugar and make the coffee very thick
Hope he won’t reject this one, I went back to his office, I knock on the door “ Enter..” I enter his office

“ Sir your coffee”

“ Drop and leave” he said and I walk out, I went to sit on the chair resting my back as I close my eyes

“ Gosh I’m tired” I muttered and no sooner the landline start ringing, I pick the call
“ Come in right now” he said coldly and drop the call

“ What again??? This dude is frustrating”
I went back inside and bow at him ” Sir you called for me”.

” Get me another coffee, this one is too thick and sugary” he said and I don’t know when I screamed in frustration

“ You said you want a thick and sugary coffee, I prepared it for you and now you are rejecting it” I snapped and he stop typing then focus his attention on me

He rest his back as he folding his arm staring at me and I breath heavily
“ Do you wanna beat me?”
“ I wish to beat you but I’m considering the fact that you are my new boss” I replied

“ Then do what I want, stop screaming cause I hate noise” he said coldly
“ If you really hate noise then stop stressing me”

“ Are you here to work or you are here to play?” he asked
“ I’m here to work” I replied

“ Then stop complaining” he said
“ I won’t call that thing work”

“ Go and get me my coffee, now get out” he said coldly and I rolled my eyeballs, I glared at him secretly then walk out of his office

Dian pov
I watch as she walk out of my office swinging her thick body, thick and crazy hip
The coffee that’s on the table, I glance at it and chuckled

“ This is the beginning of your suffering, you are yet to see anything” I muttered and resume typing, my phone start ringing and slap my forehead then sigh heavily

I pick the call after checking the id, Izzy
“ Hey babe..” I called tiredly and I could hear her giggling

“ Guess what??”
“ You’re pregnant” I said

“ Dian no not that, I’m in the elevator coming over to your office” she said
“ Oh great” I sigh

“ I got something for you”
“ What’s that!” I asked

“ You will know soon” she said and cut the call, I drop my phone and rest my back on the chair, I heard a knock on the table

“ Come in” I said and the maniac girl enter the office, she drop the coffee on the table and bow

“ Sir your coffee” she said
“ You can leave” I muttered and bend my head on the table, geez I’m tired

“ Duckling are you okay?” I heard her voice and lift my head

“ Do I look sick to you” I said coldly
“ I think I will just leave” she said and walk away

“ Let’s check the coffee” I muttered as I drink the coffee and make the mmm sound
“ So she’s useful” I muttered, I drop the cup down and glance at the thick door
I could see two figures together, it’s as if they’re fighting or something

The door suddenly open and Izzy entered with Sally, I could see them glaring at each other
“ What’s going on?”
“ Dian who’s this bitçh” Izzy said and Sally glance at me

“ Excuse me young lady, I have a name” Sally said immediately

“ Really what’s your name bitçh??, What are you doing in my husband company”

“ You don’t have to know my name and you,,,,,,,you don’t look like someone that’s married, let’s start from your dressing before going to your attitude” Sally said and I just stare at them as they exchange word, shouting

“ Dian who’s this bitçh” Izzy said as she face me and Sally face me immediately

“ My new secretary” I replied lowly
“ Dian fire her, she’s rude to your wife” Izzy said raising her voice a little bit

“ Hey duckling I’m not rude to your so called wife that’s not acting like one, she just want to barge into your office and you know, I’m just abiding by your stupid rules” Sally said and I fold my arm

“ Dian fire this bitçh” Izzy said
“ Why should I do that” I said lowly

“ Dian don’t tell me you are hitting on your new secretary” Izzy said and I sigh
“ Why will I love a maniac” I said

“ If you love me not her then do the rightful thing” Izzy said

“ By firing me, seriously love is blind” Sally said

“ Don’t talk when I’m talking” Izzy snapped
“ Like seriously who the hell are you??? Are you my mother or sister that will be dictating for me” Sally said

I think I’m enjoying this live drama that’s going on here
“ You don’t know me, I’m Izzy Brown and I can turn your life upside down” Izzy said and Sally scoff

“ Hey you are blabbing” Sally said
“ Dian say something” Izzy said

“ Sally watch your words and manners, this is my wife and just like she said, she can turn your life upside down” I said and she laughed
“ Control is real, please who’s the husband between the both of you” Sally said

“ What!!”

“ The husband is following the wife order, crazy things are happening” Sally said and walk out


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