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burning desi-re episode 6 & 7

desi-reS 😋
(Her l!ps and body…)

By, Mide Starr . D

CHAPTER 6&7 😋😋😋


Dian pov
“ Sir that….” she trailed
“ Shut up” I growled and she flinch

“ I think you don’t know who I am, Tiago let’s go” I said as I enter the car, I glance at her through the mirror and she give me a puppy eyes, I glared at me and she shot me a deadly glare immediately

Tiago enter the car then drive away, I glance back and I could see her staring at my car
“ Dian….”
“ Tiago I’m tired” I said immediately
“ Sorry Dian” he said

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“ What do you wanna say??”

“ Sorry for not defending you earlier, the girl was just too blunt” he replied and I look away facing the window.

“ Where’s Izzy?”
“ A minute..” he replied

I just can’t believe someone called me ugly, she insulted me to the lowest level, she just pray we should not meet again

“ Dian she’s in Lexington KY company” Tiago said and I just nod

“ Take me home and you can take the day off” I said lowly
“ But Dian you have a lot of work to do” Tiago said

“ s£nd it to me as a file, I will work on it at home”

“ Dian you are going home early, is everything alright cause this is 12pm” Tiago said
“ I just nee-d to relax and Tiago am I really ugly”
He glance at me then face front focusing on the road

“ Don’t tell me her words are affecting you” Tiago said
“ She spoke rashly to me, she really underrated me”

“ She’s a maniac and she’s super blunt so just forget about what she said” Tiago said and I sigh

Shortly, he slowly drive in and park the car in the parking lot next to Izzy Ferrari
“ Dian the key” Tiago said as I get down from the car

“ How will you get home??”

“ I will take cab” he replied
“ Take it home, I don’t nee-d the car and as you can see there’s a lot of cars in the compound”

“ Dian….”

“ s£nd file to me as soon as you reach home” I said and walk away, I wave at him then enter the Mansion

The Mansion is neat except from the dining table, I bring out my phone and dial her line, she pick the call immediately
“ Euna come over to my Mansion right now, the house is dirty”

“ On my way boss” I cut the call and take off my shoe then wear a foamy sl!ppers, I walk over to the fridge and bring out a cold bottle water, I sip a little then drop the rest on the couch

My mind cross back at that maniac, “ She’s a lunatic” I muttered, I went upstairs and bath
After bathing I wear a white short with a black hoodie, I went back downstairs and I was a lil bit surprised to see Euna standing next to the stairway

“ So fast”
“ I was nearby and I know you hate lateness” She said

Her memories are more accurate than what I expect
“ Stop acting like a stranger” I said and she chuckled

“ I’m sorry sir” I went to sit on the couch and cross my leg

She maintain a big distance as if I have a disease, she’s just trying to avoid trouble
“ When are you suppose to clean the house?”
“ Everyday in the morning by 7am” she replied

“ You’re yet to clean today, what happen??”
“ I wasn’t feeling too good” she replied

“ How are you feeling now?”
“ My body is getting better” she replied and I look away

“ Go and clean the room, the dining table and prepare lunch”
“ Boss is that all?” she asked

“ You know the house is not really dirty” I replied and she nod then walk away
“ Change the pool water too” I said and she nod as she walk away

When will she be back??, My phone ring and I picked the call
“ Tiago have you reach home?”
“ Yes, check your phone for the file” he replied

“ Thank you, I will double your salary”
“ I love you” he said and I chuckled, I cut the call then drop my phone in my pocket

The project, I nee-d to work on it, I hastily run upstairs heading straight to my room to take the laptop and I met Euna arranging the bed
“ Sir do you nee-d anything?” she asked as soon as she notice my pres£nce

[email protected] me the laptop that’s on that table” I replied and watch as she climb the bed and take the laptop that’s on the stool next to the bed in the other side

“ This is it” she said as she give me the laptop and I gladly collect it

“ Thank you” I walk away then went downstairs, I sit on the foamy rug and put the laptop on the table as I start working on it

After one hour thirty minutes, I close the laptop then exercise my f!ng£rs, I bend my neck and it made a sound.

“ Gosh I’m tired” I muttered
Euna came back to the living room then bow at me

“ Boss I’m done” she said
“ You can leave” I said and she nod then walk away

My eyes caught something and I hastily call her back
“ Euna your dress,,,,,,, is stained” I said lowly and she glance at her dress then cover her face in [email protected]

“ Sir….”

“ Follow me” I said as I stand and went upstairs, she followed me as we enter the room, through my room we entered another room

The dressing room

I went to wardrobe of new set of clothes, I unlock it then move away
“ There’s a sanitary pads down the wardrobe and pick any comfortable clothe for yourself” I said

“ Thank you boss”

“ Be snappy about that and don’t leave any trace” I said as I went downstairs, giving her space to change

As soon as I got downstairs, I heard the sound of the door as if someone is unlocking it
I glance at the door as I sit on the couch and the door open revealing Izzy face

“ Babe…” she called
“ You’re early” she said and I nod

“ Are you done with your shoot?” I asked and she nod smiling
She come over to my side then ki-ss my l!p de-eply, I reciprocate immediately

“ Baby I miss you” Izzy said as she move very close to me, I rest my hand on her small hip and she keep ki-ssing my l!p

“ Hey go and change” I said and she smiled

“ Give me a minute” Izzy said and she back me, I help her to unzip her dress and watch as she went upstairs holding her heels and bag

Then something cross my mind, immediately I close my eyes and heard a loud scream
“ Dian!!?” Izzy screamed my name and I heard another scream again

I stand and Izzy rush downstairs with Euna who’s half nak-ed

“ How dare you bring this bitçh into my house, don’t tell me you are hitting her too” she screamed and I shot my eyes then open it back

“ Oh goodness”
“ Izzy this is our cleaner Euna have you forgotten” I said

“ What’s she doing on our matrimonial bed???, Dian she’s wearing my clothes” Izzy screamed and she was about to rip the trouser off Euna’s body when I screamed.

“ Enough of all this madness” I snapped and she keep quiet

“ Dian do you just yell on me, do you just call this madness, I’m fight for my right” she yelled
“ Fighting for your right by bringing up a false allegation against me, Izzy I’m sick of all this madness” I snapped

“ Sir maybe I should just leave” I heard Euna voice and I glance at her then look away immediately, she’s wearing a skinny jeans but I could see her [email protected] and ßo-obs

Izzy already rip off the top that she’s wearing, Izzy and her false allegation

“ Leave here bitçh” Izzy shouted and Euna was about to leave when I hold her hand, she glance at me and I hastily remove my hand away from her hand

“ We’re leaving here together” I said as I run upstairs to take my car key and by the time I got downstairs I could not find her.

“ Where’s she??” I asked

“ I s£nt her out” she snapped
“ Hey why will you do that?” I snapped

“ Dian Singh you are a cheater, I can’t believe you are having s€x with our cleaner” she shouted and I breath out

She move closer to me and hit my chest, I push her off and she fell on the floor

“ Izzy don’t push me outside with this your annoying behavior” I said and went outside, there I saw Euna opening the gate with the security man staring at her

“ Euna…..” I called and she stop then glance at me, I could see tears in her eyes, I enter the car and drive out of the compound then gesture at her to enter the car

As soon as she enter the car, I whine the window [email protected] up

“ I’m sorry about that” I said
“ No it’s fine” she said and I take my l!p in

“ Check the back of the car you are gonna see a top there, I just hope it size you” I said and she stretch backward then take a white big top, she hastily wear the clothe and I glance at her

“ Thank you for supporting me” she said

” Don’t feel happy about this, don’t see yourself as someone special to me because I support you”

“ You’re always this cold and frosty so why will I feel happy for supporting me, situation made you do it” she said and I just nod
“ Don’t get offended by what she did” I said and she nod

Soon we arrive at her house and I park outside, I brought out some cash from the car
“ Take this, use it to get yourself some new clothes” I said

“ No sir it’s fine I don’t nee-d it”

“ Don’t worry it’s not part of your salary” I said as I drop the cash on her palm and she bow at me repeatedly

“ Thank you sir” she said and hastily get down from the car, she bow at me and I nod as I drive away

What’s all this, Izzy should not push me outside because she won’t like the outcome.

I went back home and soon I reach home, I park the car properly then get down,,,,,I enter the Mansion and I met Izzy pacing around
“ Dian…..” she called as soon as she notice my pres£nce and I just walk past her, I take the bottle water that’s on the couch and run upstairs

“ Baby I’m talking to you”

“ Okay fine I’m sorry for reacting like that”

“ Dian I’m talking to you”

“ Izzy what do you want” I said as I enter the room

“ Dian say something, are you mad at me, is anything going on between you and that smelly commoner”

“ Izzy watch your words, if you don’t have any important thing to say please just leave” I said and she move closer to me

“ Dian I’m sorry, I was just fighting for my rights, I don’t wanna lose you” she said

“ You don’t wanna lose me but with this character you are definitely gonna lose me” I said and went downstairs back

“ Baby I’m sorry” Izzy said as she follow me and I totally ignored her

“ Dian say something”

“ Izzy you are disturbing” I said

Sally pov
“ You have lose the job before the interview” Malia said and I rolled my eyeballs

“ It was not intentional, I totally forgot that I have an interview” I said

“ Don’t bother to go for the interview tomorrow because he can’t give you the job” she said

“ Maybe I will beg him”

“ Sally listen to yourself, remember you said you insulted him and I know you very well, your insult is very powerful so what’s the ess£nce of begging, that guy can never give you that job so just forget about it” Malia said and I sigh

“ Don’t discourage me, I will still go for the interview” I said
“ Do whatever you want” she said and walk away

I bring out my phone and dial Ivanka line, she pick the call immediately
“ Hey Sally…”
“ Ivanka I think I have cause a big trouble” I said immediately

“ What did you do?”

“ I bump into your boss and I insulted him” I replied and I could see hear her sighing

“ Sally why will you do that, have you forgotten that you have an interview there?” she said

“ I swear I totally forgot, what should I do??”
“ Come for the interview I will know how I will talk to him” she said

“ Thank you” I said and she cut the call
“ Sally your mouth have put you in trouble” I muttered as I hit my l!p non-stop

I drop my phone then went to my wardrobe to smuggle out a black suit, the suit is dirty, I pack it inside a black nylon then step out from the room

“ Malia..” I called and I got no response
“ Where’s she now??” I went outside and I met her talking to a tall dude

“ Malia…” I called

“ Sally I’m busy” she said immediately and I glance at the dude
“ Sorry who are you?” I asked and the dude smiled

“ I’m Raegan” he replied and I nod as I check him out

He was wearing a green pa-nt that’s filled with pocket, with a white top, his hair fall freely, there’s earrings in his ear and he’s kinda cute with his pink l!p

“ Malia who’s she??” I glance at Malia
“ This is my dirty sister, Sally Roberto” Malia said and I hit her head

“ Go and learn the word respect” I said and walk away

“ Where are you going to???” I heard his voice
“ That’s none of your business” I replied and walk out of the building, I went to the laundry room that’s next to the house and found no one there but the door is unlocked

I enter the laundry room and hastily open the washing machine, I throw my clothe inside the machine, I add soap to it then add a little water,,,I press the bu-tton and it start rolling
“ A new neighbor and I don’t know about it” I muttered as I went to sit on the chair then bring out my phone

I search for his name “ Dian Singh” on Google and it brought out an answer

“ Dian Singh, a 24 years old man, a billionaire who’s engaged to Izzy”

“ Is this Google kidding me or what??” I muttered
“ This guy is young and he’s a billionaire, no wonder he’s rude” I muttered

Suddenly I heard a footstep and I hastily off my phone then tilt my head to see the new neighbor staring at me

“ Why the stare??”
“ What are you doing here?” he asked

“ Robbing the bank as you can see” I replied
“ But this is not a bank” he said

“ Don’t be an idiot” I said and he chuckled
“ You’re blunt” he said

“ Whatever you think I don’t care” I muttered
“ Can I seat next to you?”

“ No cause that seat is taken” I replied

The machine stop rolling, I stand and went to press a bu-tton and it start rolling
“ Sally I heard you insulted your new boss” he said

“ Malia is such a talkative” I said and he chuckled

“ What’s funny?” I asked as I sit on the long bench and he bend in front of me staring at my face

“ Your expression” he replied
“ Are you not busy??”

“ Not at all” he replied
“ From your dressing you don’t look like a commoner, you look expensive” I said and glance at him

“ You’re right”
“ So what are you doing here?” I asked
“ I have project to do so I decide to come stay here since it’s gonna help me with my project” he replied

“ Which project??”
“ That’s a secret” he replied and I rolled my eyeballs

“ You’re boring, tch!”

“ Are you still going to Dian Singh company??” he asked and I glance at him
“ Malia have already spill everything to you so fast”

“ Are you still going to apply?” he asked
“ Definitely, I have to try my luck” I replied

The machine stop rolling and I stand, I went to bring out the clothe then rinse it, after rinsing it, I dry it in the machine then iron the clothes.

“ Let me help you out??” Raegan said and I glance at him, I drop the iron then watch as he take it then iron the blue shirt

“ You’re so good, I thought you are gonna be a lazy [email protected]” I said and he chuckled
“ Don’t judge a book by it cover” he said and I smiled

“ That sh**t is fake” I muttered
Soon he is done ironing it, he arrange it then drop the clothe on my palm

“ Thank you” I said
“ You welcome…” I walk of the laundry room then went back inside there I saw Mom and Malia peeling onions

“ Sally go and drop those clothes then come and join me” Mom said and I rolled my eyeballs
I went inside the room then put the clothe inside the wardrobe, I went outside back and I met them still peeling the onions, I peeled the onions, prepare her cooking ingredient and prepare dinner

That’s how I spent the whole of the day, I’m ready to pull off tomorrow


The next morning, I woke up early all thanks to Malia
“ Make sure you bath” Mom said
“ But mom there’s cold” I said and she glared at me

“ Don’t bath and see what I’m gonna do to you” she said and walk out of my room

I hastily went to the bathroom to wash my teeth, face and leg then step out from the bathroom

“ Sally there’s cold so don’t bath” I muttered, I apply lotion on my face and leg before wearing the suit

I wear a black fitted skirt with a blue skirt tucked in before wearing the black blazer, I carry my bag and put my CV there then rush out

My phone is inside my bag and I hurried out of my room
“ Sally have your breakfast” Malia said
“ No I’m good” I yelled as I rush out and bump into Raegan

“ Hey Sally” he called
“ Neighbor I don’t wanna be late for the interview”

“ Let me drop you off” he said and I froze then glance at him

“ Are you serious?? Where’s your car??”
“ I don’t have a car but I have a power bike” he replied and I scoff

“ And you are sounding as if you have a car” I said
“ Are you gonna hop in or not?”
“ Let’s go” I replied and we walk out of the building

He climb the power bike and I climb it wearing an helmet.
“ Hold me” he said and I hit his neck

“ Never!!!” he start the engine then start driving speeding very fast that I have to hold him tightly

“ I thought you don’t wanna hold me” he shouted so I can hear him

“ Shut up”

Soon we arrive at the company and I could barely see anyone

This is really serious

I get down from the bike then drop the helmet on his chest
“ Thank you for the ride” I said and enter the company

I bring out my phone and dial Ivanka line, she pick the call immediately

“ Where are you??”

“ I just enter the company” I replied
“ Come upstairs, the 7th floor” she said and cut the call, I run to the elevator side and press the bu-tton

The door open and I hastily enter the elevator then press the 7th bu-tton non-stop

The door close and it start reading, soon the door open and I step out, I flinch when I saw people, I mean jobless people like me and they are mostly females

My phone start ringing and I hastily pick the call without checking the id.
“ Sally where are you?” she asked

“ 7th floor” I replied
“ Enter the interview room” she said.
“ Ivanka…”

“ Enter right now” she said and cut the call

I enter the interview room and I could see people glaring at me especially those females
Geez I almost lost my balance when I saw that rude dude staring at me

“ Maniac” he said and I scoff
“ Rude peaco-ck” I said and he glared at me immediately

“ Dian Singh she’s here for the interview” Ivanka said and guy start going through some papers

“ Ma’am your c…..”

“ Sally Roberto a 21 years old maniac girl, she has apply for 20 companies and she failed the interviews woefully” the rude peaco-cksaid and I look away.

“ Ivanka no more interview, she’s hired” he said and I glance at him, he smirk at me.

“ Okay that smirk is scary” I said and everyone glance at me


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