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bullet episode 21 – 23


Setting: Korea.

Genres/Tags:Action, R0m-nce and Betrayal

By: Ghaniyah.M.

Chapter 21: Who Is The Murder

★ ★ ★ ★

Angela was walking home from the pharmacy when she heard some footsteps, she turned back but see no one. She kept on walking, the person was about to hit her when Lydia kicked him then Angela turned back.

“Lydia” Angela called.

“Don’t worry, sis… I will deal with him” Lydia said and hit the guy.

“I can’t leave you alone” Angela said and hit the guy on his neck then he [email protected] out.

They ran away.

Immediately they got inside, Lydia locked the door.

“This is the drugs” Angela said and gave Anita.

Giselle got them some water.

Brody used the drug and it relieved the pain.

“Brody, how do you feel?” Angela asked and sat down with him.

“Little better” Brody replied.

“Two groups are after us” Bryan said and Angela nodded.

“Who are those guys” Lydia thought.

“I think we nee-d to go to the Mansion where Mr Ayden and his wife were killed” Bryan said.

“Yeah, you are right” Giselle said.

“That’s what I am also thinking… we must find who the murder is” Lydia said and they nodded.

“Guys, we nee-d to be very careful” Anita said.

“Giselle, I want you to set up a camera in the mansion when we get there,” Angela said.

“Only two people can go there… remember that we nee-d to be very careful” Giselle said.

“Don’t worry, girls… Bryan and I will go there tonight” Brody said and they glanced at him.

“Brody, you can’t go” Angela said.

“I’m Bullet, I must find out the person that murder my parents by myself” Brody said.

“But babe…”

“Don’t worry, I will be fine” Brody said and touched her cheek.

Angela nodded slowly.

“What do you wanna eat, I will prepare it myself” Angela said.

“Guys, remember that we are here” Giselle said and Angela rolled.

“Anita, we nee-d to talk” Lydia said and they went to the training room.

Giselle went upstairs while Bryan went to balcony.

“Are you hungry?” Angela asked and he shook his head.

“Babe, why don’t we also find out the person who killed your parents” Brody said and sit up.

“Gently” Angela said and held him.

“Hey babe, no time for all this… the mission nee-ds to start” Brody said.

“You are shot so don’t stress yourself now, when you get better…”

Angela didn’t complete her statement when Brody placed a f!ng£r on her l!ps.

“I’m fine, okay” Brody said and she nodded.


Mr Cole was having a discussion with Stone and Levi when Adrian showed up.

“Adri… Adrian” Mr Cole stuttered.

“You are shocked to see me” Adrian said as he sat down on the couch.

“No, I am not expecting you” Mr Cole said.

“Oh, sorry about that… won’t you sever me something” Adrian said as he crossed his leg.

“What do you want?” Mr Cole asked, gazing at him.

“Juice… if you like you can poison me” Adrian said.

“You know I dare not” Mr Cole said.

“Okay, Cole… where is my money?” Adrian asked.

Mr Cole ordered Stone to get him a jui-ce then he faced Adrian.

“Your money right?” Mr Cole said.

“Answer my question and stop all this” Adrian said.

“Adrian… don’t worry, I will give you your money” Mr Cole said.

“Cole, you know I don’t joke with my money… where is the money?” Adrian shouted.

“My dad doesn’t have…”

“Levi, keep quiet… I will give you your money, Adrian” Mr Cole cuts in.

“I give you two days to give me the money or else you will wave your hand at your son” Adrian said.

“Meaning you will kill my son… Just because of money” Mr Cole shouted.

“Did you say JUST, don’t you kill your friend because of money” Adrian said and Mr Cole was speechless.

“I will pay you your money” Mr Cole said.

“Better… my guy told me you went to your son’s school to kill someone but the person escaped, who is the person?” Adrian asked, gazing at him.

“It was the guy that we killed his parents,” Mr Cole said.

“Oh, it’s not Angela” Adrian thought.

“It was a girl that made Brody escape or else my guy would have killed him” Mr Cole said.

“Is the guy your friend’s son?” Adrian asked and Mr Cole nodded.

“I see… Do you know who the girl is?” Adrian asked.

“No” Mr Cole said and shook his head.

“The girl is Angela, she is the daughter of Mr White” Adrian said.

Mr Cole was shocked when Adrian mentioned Angela’s dad.

“She is the daughter of White… I thought you said you wanted to kill her, why haven’t you killed her” Mr Cole said.

“This is the juice” Stone said and Adrian collected the juices.

“I can’t kill her now because I haven’t got what I want from her” Adrian said and sipped his juice.

Mr Cole nodded.

“What do you want from her?” Mr Cole asked, gazing at her.

“I can’t tell you” Adrian said as he stood up.

“You are already leaving” Mr Cole said and he nodded.

“Before I forget my money” Adrian said.

“Stone, give him the briefcase” Mr Cole said and Stone gave the briefcase to Jagger.

“If the money is not complete, you will see what am I gonna do to you” Adrian said and left with Jagger.

Mr Cole sat down on the couch.

“Stone , go and collect my money from Felix if he doesn’t pay, kill him” Mr Cole said and Stone nodded then he left.

“Dad, I can’t allow you guys to kill Angela… you can kill Brody but you can’t kill Angela” Levi said.

“What’s your problem, Levi… forget about the girl” Mr Cole said.

“I can’t, she is my first girlfriend” Levi said and went upstairs angrily.

Mr Cole sighed.


At night, Brody and Angela left the Mansion and went to Mr Ayden’s mansion maybe they would find any clue of the person that murdered his parents. They jumped in through the fence, immediately they got inside, Angela on the touch light. They started searching everywhere.

An hour later, they didn’t see anything.

“Brody, don’t you set up Cctv cameras in the sitting room” Angela said.

“We set it” Brody said and he went upstairs.

When they got inside, he switched on the systems.

“What’s the date the incident happened?” Brody thought.

“Don’t you remember the date the incident happened?” Angela asked.

“I remembered” Brody said and searched for the date.

“Stop… this is it” Angela said and Brody clicked on it.

They watch as Mr Cole removes his mask.

“What? So it was Mr Cole that shot my parents and the other guy standing beside him… who is him?” Brody said.

“Zoom it” Angela said and Brody zoomed in.

“I have seen this wrist watch from someone before” Angela said.

“Angie, who is it? Try to remember where you see the wrist watch” Brody said.

“I don’t think I remember” Brody said.

“Don’t worry, I will later remember” Angela said and he nodded then they went back to the sitting.

They were about to leave when they saw a gold ring, Brody took the ring and then they left.


Setting: Korea.

Genres/Tags:Action, R0m-nce and Betrayal

By: Ghaniyah.M.

Chapter 22: Who Is The Boss

★ ★ 22&23★ ★

When Angela and Brody got to the Mansion, they met Bryan and Lydia in the sitting room, discussing. Brody sat down on the chair while Angela went to the kitchen to drink water.

“How is it? Do you guys find out who the murdered is?” Lydia asked.

Brody nodded.

“Who was the murder” Bryan and Lydia asked.

“Cole” Brody replied.

“I said it, as if I know it is him… he killed master and his wife because of the contract” Bryan said.

“He killed my parents because he wants all the money for himself” Brody said and Bryan nodded.

Brody hit his hand on the table.

“What’s that?” Angela said as she ran out of the kitchen.

Brody’s hand was bleeding, Angela sat with him and she ordered Teresa to go and bring the first aid box.

“Brody, why are you hurting? We have find the murder so you don’t nee-d to hurt yourself” Angela said and held his hand.

“Babe, that wicked man killed my parents because of money… I promise I will make him pay for all this, I am starting the mission” Brody said.

“Brody, you can’t… it’s not yet time” Angela said.


“This is the first aid box” Lydia said and dropped it on the table.

Angela treated his injury.

“Angie, I’m fine” Brody said and she shook her head.

She bandaged it.

“Before I start the mission…”

“We and not I…. we are going on the mission together” Angela said and Brody smiled.

“Before you start the mission, we nee-d to relocate to a new place and stop schooling” Bryan said.

“Yeah, you’re right” Lydia said.

“We are moving out of this mansion tomorrow” Angela said.

“Angie, is there any training room in the new mansion we are moving to tomorrow?” Brody asked and Angela nodded.

“Then we are good to go” Brody said.

“We should get ready for tomorrow… Lydia, inform Giselle cause we would be nee-ding her” Angela said.

“Okay” Lydia nodded.

“Babe, let’s go and train” Brody said as he stood up.

“Brody, you can’t train today because of your hand” Angela said.

“I will manage… I don’t care about the injury, I want to make sure I kill Cole and all his loved ones”‘Brody said.

“Okay, fine” Angela said.

“Brody, are we…”

“No, I’m Bullet and not Brody again” Brody said and faced Bryan.

“Okay…How are we gonna make the plan” Bryan asked, gazing at him.

“I will let you know, tomorrow” Brody said and went upstairs with Angela.

Bryan sat down on the couch.

“Two lovers on a mission” Lydia said.

“Yeah… Cole is dead already cause Brody will make sure to kill him” Bryan said and Lydia nodded.


The next day, Mr Cole a went to Alonso’s place with Killer. When they got inside, he met some ladies sitting on his lap.

“Alonso” Mr Cole shouted.

He turned back and smiled.

“What is it, Cole?” Mr Alonso said and blew out the smoke of the cigarette.

“Tell them to excuse us” Mr Cole said, pointing at the ladies.

“You girls should go upstairs, I will meet you in the room very soon” Alonso said and one of the girls ki-ssed him then they left.

“So, why are you here Cole? Wait… how did you know my place? Did you ask you guys to trace me when I came to your place” Alonso asked and Mr Cole nodded.

“Okay, tell me the reason why you come to my place” Mr Alonso said.

“I don’t think I can kill Angela again” Mr Cole said and Mr Alonso glanced at him.

“You say what? You must be joking” Mr Alonso said and inhale the smoke of the cigarette.

“I can’t kill her and there is a reason “ Mr Cole said.

“You can’t kill her because Adrian told you not to kill her” Mr Alonso said.

Mr Cole was shocked when Mr Alonso mentioned Adrian’s name.

“Are you shocked?” Mr Alonso asked and Mr Cole nodded.

“Don’t be, I know you and Adrian are working together” Mr Alonso said.

“How did you know?” Mr Cole asked, gazing at him.

“I’m air so I am everywhere” Mr Alonso said.

“Now that you know… let’s cancelled the deal” Mr Cole said.

“I can’t, the deal is the deal… you want to kill Brody, I want to kill Angela so we are working together and if you insist that you want to back off, I will kill you” Mr Alonso said.

“You must be joking, you can never kill me” Mr Cole shouted.

“Cole, let’s kill Adrian and work together” Mr Alonso said and Mr Cole [email protected]

“You know we can’t kill Adrian” Mr Cole said.

“Why? Is he not a human” Mr Alonso said.

“I’m not saying he is not a human… If we kill Adrian, you can’t kill Angela because it is only Adrian that knows where Angela live” Mr Cole said.

“Don’t worry about that, there is only one person that can help me with that” Mr Alonso asked.

“And who is that” Mr Cole asked.

“Vivian… Angela mom sister” Mr Alonso replied.

“Oh, that means we are good to go” Mr Cole said.

“Yes and no, do you think it is easy to kill Adrian… we nee-d to make a plan before killing him” Mr Alonso and Mr Cole nodded.

“Move closer” Mr Alonso said and Mr Cole moved closer to him then Mr Alonso whispered something in his ear.

“Yeah, that’s good” Mr Cole said.

“We are good to go” Mr Alonso said and Mr Cole nodded.


“Poppy” Adrian called but she didn’t answer.

Adrian moves closer to her.

“Poppy, I’m sorry” Adrian said and Poppy glanced at him.

“Adrian, did you just apologise to me?” Poppy faced him and he nodded.

“I only apologise because I still nee-d you to do some task for me” Adrian thought.

“Adrian” Poppy called, drifting him from his thoughts.

Adrian stares at her.

“Have you forgiven me?” Adrian asked and she nodded.

“Thanks babe” Adrian said and ki-ssed her neck.

“So, what are you planning to do to Kennedy” Poppy asked.

“I will kill her” Adrian said and Poppy smiled.

“I love you” Poppy said and ki-ssed him.

They were still ki-ssing when they heard a knock on the door.

“Who is there” Adrian shouted.

“It’s Ace, Boss” Ace said.

“I’m busy… what do you want?” Adrian asked.

“Boss, I have some information about Mr Cole” Ace replied.

“Okay, leave… I’m coming” Adrian said.

“Okay, boss” Ace said and left.

“Don’t tell me that you wanna go and meet him” Poppy frowned.

“Babe, it’s urgent” Adrian said and ki-ssed her.

“Adrian, I want you” Poppy said and hu-gged him.

“Spare me some minutes” Adrian said and faced her.

Poppy shook her head.

“Poppy, leave me” Adrian said and left the room.

When he got to the sitting room, he met Ace waiting for him patiently.

“So Ace, what is it?” Adrian asked as he climbed the stairs down.

“Boss, you asked me to monitor Mr Cole’s so I did… he went to Mr Alonso’s place today”’Ace said.

“Huh… what did he go there to do?” Adrian asked.

“I don’t know, Boss” Ace replied.

Adrian sat down on the couch.

“Is Cole and Alonso working together now… I nee-d to be very careful now” Adrian thought.

“Boss, what should I do?” Ace asked.

“Leave, I will get back to you” Adrian said and Ace left.

“Cole is ready to die right… he doesn’t know who I am, I will show him who I am” Adrian said and stood up then he went upstairs.

Episode 23
★ ★ ★ ★

Angela took whatever she would nee-d in the new Mansion and went out with Brody. Bryan and Lydia also followed them, when they got outside Angela and Brody entered a car while Lydia and Bryan entered another car then they drove off.

An hour later, they got to a big Mansion.

“I miss this place” Angela smiled.

She got down in the car with Brody.

“Let’s go in guys” Lydia said and they nodded as they went inside.

When they got inside, they met everywhere already tidied up. Angela sat down on the couch with Brody.

“Angie, show me the training room” Brody as he faced her.

“Okay, let’s go” Angela said and they walked towards the door.

“We must enter a [email protected] before we can get in, right?” Brody asked and Angela nodded.

She types the [email protected] and the door opens.

“Welcome here… you can go in”

Angela and Brody enter when they get inside Brody [email protected]

“Wow, this is amazing” Brody said, glancing around.

“Do you like that motorcycle ?” Angela asked and pointed at the motorcycle that was rolling.

“Wow, I love it” Brody said.

“Thanks, babe… we should prepare for the mansion, no time for crazy stuff again” Angela smiled.

“Yeah, let’s practice tonight” Brody said.

“Let’s go out” Angela said and Brody nodded.

They were about to walk out when Brody saw Mu ren azeng, the wooden dummy… it is a Chinese wooden stick and it is used to practice kung fu

“Babe, is that not a wooden dummy?” Brody asked and Angela turned back.

“Yes, babe… if you want to learn a martial art, I can teach you with it” Angela said.


Angela chuckled.

“Are you scared” Angela asked and Brody shook his head.

They left the room.

When they got inside the sitting room, they met Bryan hu-gging Lydia.


“Wow” Brody smiled.

Immediately Bryan saw Angela and Brody, he moved back. Lydia turned back.

“Are you guys in a relationship?” Angela asked, gazing at them.

“N..o… no” Lydia stuttered.

“Hey, sis… tell me the truth, if you guys are in a relationship let us know” Angela said.

“Yes, are you guys in or not” Brody asked, gazing at them.

They shook their heads.

“Okay, fine… if you don’t want to tell us” Angela said as she sat down on the couch.

Brody sat down with her.

“Bryan” Brody called and Bryan answered him.

“I want you to find out everything about Cole and who Levi is so I can know how I am gonna make the plan” Brody said.

“Okay, young master” Bryan said.

“Starting from tomorrow” Brody said and Bryan nodded.

“Bryan and I will do that” Lydia said and bites her l!ps.

Angela and Brody exchange glance.

“And you said you guys are not in a relationship” Angela said and Lydia nodded

“Okay” Angela smiled.

“Babe, let’s go upstairs… I nee-d to rest through out today” Brody said.

“Don’t forget that we are practicing tonight” Angela said and Brody nodded then he stood up.

He went upstairs with Angela.


Levi was sitting alone, smoking a cigarette when Moira entered. Immediately he saw Moira he dropped the cigarette and Moira smirked then she sat down with him.

“You don’t nee-d to drop it…. Wait, when did you start smoking cigarettes?” Moira asked.

“Stop asking me those kinds of questions… Where have you been since this?” Levi asked, gazing at her.

“I was in Dad’s second Mansion with my boyfriend” Moira said and collected the cigarette from him.

“Give me that back” Levi said.

“No” Moira said and smokes a cigarette she collected from him.

“When did you start smoking?” Levi asked.

“I don’t remember but it’s been long” Moira said

Levi’s eyes widened.

“You have been smoking” Levi said and she nodded.

“Can you tell me the reason why you are smoking and drinking alcohol?” Moira asked, gazing at him.

“It’s none of your business… leave me alone” Levi said and lit up another cigarette then she smoked it.

“Levi, I don’t think you are in your right mind… What’s wrong with you?” Moira said, and touched him.

He yanked her hand away.

“Leave me alone” Levi said as he stood up.

He fell down.

“You are drunk Bro” Moira said.

“I’m not… leave me alone, I want to be alone” Levi said.

“I’m gonna tell mom when she is back from traveling” Moira said.

“I don’t… fu**k… fu***king… care” Levi stuttered.

“I’m gonna leave you” Moira said and pushed him away.

An hour later Mr Cole came in, he was shocked to see Levi laying on the floor.

“What’s wrong with him?” Mr Cole asked and rushed towards Levi.

“I don’t know, dad… maybe you should ask him,” Moira said as she climbed the stairs.

“Levi, what happened? Why do you smoke and drink to the extent that you get drunk” Mr Cole asked.

“Dad… leave me… alone” Levi said and vomited then he [email protected] out.

“Killer, take him upstairs” Mr Cole ordered.

Killer carried Levi upstairs.

Mr Cole sighed and sat down on the couch.

“Stone, get me water” Mr Cole said and Stone went to get him some water.

Mr Cole gulped it.

“So, when I told you to deliver drugs for Mr Henry did he pay you” Mr Cole asked and Stone shook his head.

“What did he say?” Mr Cole asked and faced him.

“He said he would pay later” Stone replied.

“What? And you agree… you know I don’t joke with my money, Stone” Mr Cole said, angrily.

“I’m sorry, boss” Stone apologised.

Mr Cole glared at him.

“Go back and collect my money, if he doesn’t pay… kill him” Mr Cole said.

“Okay, Boss” Stone said and left.

Mr Cole rubs his face.

He was going upstairs when his phone then he picked.

“Hello” Mr Cole.

“Cole, how have you been?” Adrian said.

“Good… why did you call, Adrian?” Mr Cole asked.

“Nothing much, wanna know how you are” Adrian said.

“Okay”’Mr Cole said and hung up.


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