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arrange marriage with troublesome lamela episode 71 & 72

🥀🥀❇Arranged Marriage With Troublesome Lamela☸🎡
🖊Sunday Precious Ene

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Chapter Seventy One & Seventy Two

What happened mum? Lamela asked after her mum made the statement

I didn’t, i swear Mrs Camella mumbled after picking up the second call….Everything is a misunderstanding….Hello? Hello…She screamed as the caller hanged up on her

I said what happened ? Lamela repeated her questions

That was an investor from our company, he’s accusing us of bridging the contract She sighed…..The one from earlier accused us of withdrawing, my admin will do no such unless….

Unless this is all Doughlas doing, the docu-ments are with him….a smart card if you ask me Mr Duventus yammered….completing the statement on her behalf….

Exactly my thought Mrs Camella clicked her tongue……

This Doughlas of a guy came prepared Mrs Tabitha said

You’re right Lamela replied her

He came prepared but we are still ahead of him….the docu-ments with him ain’t the real deal Mrs Camella dropped the bombshell

Wtf! Charlie’s eye widened….wanted to scold you guys for keeping important docu-ments carelessly….

We aren’t that stupid Mr Duventus shrugged….we have a plan in mind…

Honey tell them He ordered

Alright….everyone come close Mrs Camella ordered and began whispering the plans to their hearing…..


Any action yet? Douglas asked one of his boys

None for now, the move must have hit them ha-rd Shooter replied

Ion think so….I want that woman admitted for Maxel’s sake…He shuttered, follow my order, tell them to continue withdrawing their deals and annuling their contracts, I wanna see what they work ha-rd for go down the drain and as for Lamela, i want you to watch her 24/7 and report her every move to me, the bastard who the chandelier fell on, i want you to find the hospital and end him for coming in the way…..Charlie, i want him dead…..anyone that comes in our way, i want you to pull a bullet through their rotten skull He purred

Roger that Shooter smirked and pulled a call across to their boys….

New order….continue withdrawing…Shooter ordered and ended the call…..before walking out of the red room heading to the car….

He made another call….

I want every details about the bastard who got injured at the party…s£nd it to me asap He ordered before hopping into the Roll Royce phantom parked in the garage…..He turned on the ignition and zoomed out of the mansion….his phone [email protected]

Great He smirked staring at the details s£nt to him


That’s risky, we might lose everything before everything ends Lamela panicked after hearing of the plan

Some risk are worth taking Mr Lolly Petty countered her….no matter what, we are behind you He @ssured Camella…

I just want everything to come to an end Charlie sighed….that bastard has some nerve, he even has the gut to revenge….some humans He hissed


Stella….Mr Macaulay called calmly…you broke a school rule, you shouldn’t be dressed this way for crying out loud…what do you want the students to say? They might think you’re breaking the rules because you made them He concluded

That ain’t it i swear Stella said and took her time to explain everything to him…

I’m really sorry Madam Stella, that’s de-ep Mr Macaulay mumbled after she was done explaining

You don’t have to Stella flashed him one of her sweetest smiles….by the way, is there any update? She changed the topic

Yea….a school election is coming up next week, s£nior students who are interested will be advised to purchase the form, it will cost about $250….Mr Macaulay explained

Wow! An election for what if i may ask? She inquired

To select our school Presidents….a male and a female will be picked after [email protected] the examination…….the students will be allowed to cast their votes after the exam has being [email protected] Her explained

I love the sound of that Stella smiled, can i contest?

Of course you can, you’ll have to purchase the form, fill it and submit, then you sit for the exam, the cut off mark is 75% if you can meet it then you become qualified for the first round, the second and final round gives the students the opportunity to chose their leader after their intelligence has being put to test He further explained

Wow! Just wow! Stella [email protected]….but the procedure is much? She pouted

Sorry, that’s how it’s done in Stella’s high right from the founding date which is 2004 till now, your mom made the room Mr Macaulay explained

Alright….i wish to win…..Stella as school president, I’ve always wanted that post She smiled

You’re intelligent, I’m sure you’ll [email protected] the first round Mr Macaulay smiled

Alright Stella mouthed

Students to the hall…..i repeat, to the hall Mr Macaulay spoke into the microphone and his voice echoed in the whole [email protected]


What could it be this time? Ariana huffed walking off with her friends

Maybe the school wants to announce an excortion who knows Serayah beamed

I hope so Valerie sighed….I’ll love some break from school, I’m tired of it She pouted

Sean walked past them that moment

Hi He waved at them and earned a glare from Ariana as always…..

He winked at her after receiving the glare and she scoffed….

That dimwit She cursed

He’s so cute Valerie and Serayah said in unison

You guys have eye problem Ariana huffed, he’s ugly….

Visit a doctor Ariana, your eyes are something else Serayah chuckled and their continued walking…..


Stella stepped out of Mr Macaulay’s office, she spotted Morgan waiting for her….

You are here? Stella smiled and continued walking swaying her hips rhymatically…..

Yea….wanted to talk to you He mumbled placing his left hand in his blue pa-nt….

Yea…yea you mentioned that earlier She chuckled, so what do you wanna talk about?

About my confession the other time, you are yet to give me a reply, seeing the new guy is kinda making me feel insecure He pouted….after Stella complimented Sean the other time, he had being having nightmare of them ki-ssing and doing stuffs, he made up his mind to bring down the topic today…

About that….Stella clicked her tongue and began playing with her nails….you aren’t bad so….She drawed it….

So? Morgan asked, he was feeling nervous

Ingrid continued peeking from the place she was hiding, grinning from hear to hear…..

Let’s date She announced after giving it a thought, seeing Alissa around is also making her to feel insecure, why delay it when she knows she feel something for him?

Yup! Morgan squealed…finally, no more sleepless nights He leaped

You dreamt of me? She [email protected]

Yea…always He smiled…i promise, i won’t disappoint you….got to tell my dad about this, yea….He jumped again….today was the most treasurable day of his life….

Your dad? You told him you like me? Stella chuckled

Yea i did He replied

Wow…one request though, can we take it slow, don’t wanna rush things….

Slow? Why not…..I’m just happy, thank you He drawed her into an hu-g

Yea…yea Ingrid squealed from her hideout….finally.

You….their mathematics teacher walked up to her

What are you doing here? Didn’t you hear the announcement? He glared at her

Busted She [email protected]…run he’s coming She screamed alerting the rest….

Stella heard her scream and ran with Morgan following the back entrance to the hall…..



An election? I can’t wait

It’s gonna be lit

Who do you wanna root for?

The procedure is much don’t you think?

Bobby for school president

No, the new guy should win, he’s cute

Are you kidding me? Morgan will be the winner

Students continued their bickering while walking into their various [email protected]

What do you think about the announcement? He ruined my mood Serayah pouted

I love the new, I’m gonna be the school president, will purchase the form by break Ariana squealed

The procedure is much, i can’t take it, the stress will be much Valerie sighed

What are the subject combination? Serayah inquired

Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry and biology for science students

Mathematics, English, literature, government and CRS/IRS for art students

Mathematics, English, Commerce, accounting and government for commercial students Ariana replied her

Mathematics? Physics? I give up Serayah sighed.

What were you expecting? Do you wanna read the english alphabet or count from 1-10? Ariana hundred


Morgan are you gonna contest for the post? Alissa asked once they settled on their seat….

Yea…Morgan shrugged

Alright, I’ll participate as well, i must be your @ssistant, it’s a must She smiled

The form ain’t free, can you afford it? Morgan faced her

I’ll tell my boyfriend about it Alissa shrugged

Wow! You have a boyfriend? He must be cute Morgan teased her

No…, it’s not that kind of boyfriend, this mouth She hit her mouth….I like addressing my male friends as my boyfriends She added

Whatever Morgan rolled his eyes

See the way she’s flirting with your boyfriend Ingrid hissed, i feel like breaking her chicken legs….

That’s hilarious Stella chuckled,she shouldn’t hear you or else…..

She’ll do nothing, the fact that she beat my sister doesn’t mean she can do same with me…Ingrid boasted, my sister is a weakling, I’m a complete opposite, powerful mama is my middle name she winked

Ingrid…..Ariana gritted her teeth from her seat on hearing her sister calling her a weakling…..

As i was saying Ingrid continued, we’ll contest, one of us must win……

Hello [email protected] Alissa stood up facing them….root for me as your female school president, i @ssure you that i won’t disappoint you She winked

Have campaigning started? Rice chuckled

Just root She pouted

Newbie wanna participate? ariana huffed

Mr Macaulay said it’s by intelligence and the students choice, anyone can participate Sean replied her

I wasn’t talking to you She yelled and the next thing a slap followed

Very aggressive Bobby hissed

Go and sit down chicken leg, you won’t win cause I’m also competing, the postion is for me or my darling Stella Ingrid screamed

Chicken leg? The [email protected] broke into laughter

First and last warning, dont ever slap me, i won’t take that shit from you, you’re lucky that i don’t hit ladies Sean warned…he hates it when he’s being slapped

I’ll slap you again Ariana gritted her teeth and raised up her hand again but he caught it this time…..

Don’t…..He said twisting her hands…..i hate repeating myself…..

The Marshall’s son has spoken Stella chuckled from behind

Wait, his father is a Marshall? Serayah turned to her

Yea….now face your front She rolled her eyes


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